Top 25 Best Restaurants in Davie, Florida

You might be thinking, where is the best restaurant near me in Davie. In terms of a food adventure, Davie would never let you down. Sunshine-filled Davie, Florida, has the best restaurant scenes that are just as alluring as its attractions. You don’t need to worry because this article has listed the top 25 restaurants in Davie that you shouldn’t miss.

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About Davie

Many people may not be aware of Davie, a little Florida town located just north of Miami and Hollywood. 

Davie is a vibrant community with plenty of things to do between the Everglades and Francis S. Taylor Wildlife Management Area to the west and the sugar-white sands of Las Olas Beach.

However, the restaurants in this city are the true draws.


More Things to Know

It’s not surprising that some truly outstanding restaurants have popped up in Davie over the years given the volume of traffic in the community. 

We’re going to take you on a thorough guided tour of Davie, Florida’s food scene since there are some incredible eateries here that you must try.

Therefore, continue reading further to see this beautiful collection of Davie’s top restaurants. We assure you won’t be dissatisfied.

Best 25 Restaurants in Davie

1. Mustard Seed Bistro

In Florida, the Mustard Seed Bistro stands out as a posh restaurant providing New American favorites.

You are welcome to dine somewhere else besides one of Davie’s top restaurants. Additionally, it is the location of many highly sought-after wine brands.

To start your supper on a light tone, tantalize your taste buds with some grilled sea scallops. 

Try the great mariner pasta with shrimp, scallops, and other traditional ingredients if you enjoy seafood.

2. Juana La Cubana Café

Visit this café to experience family-style fare that emphasizes Cuban cuisine. The speedy service in this restaurant would be ideal for folks who may be in a rush.

Consider trying the renowned Cuban sandwich, which is filled with ham, roast pork, cheese, mustard, and pickles.

Pernil, or roast pork marinated in sour orange, wine, and spices, is another popular dish.

3. The Field Irish Pub & Eatery

The Field, which opened its doors in 2001, contributed to the spread of Irish culture in the South Florida region.

The unique activities, shows, and performances held here draw many people. A popular choice is the chicken pot pie, which comes with sautéed vegetables.

You should also taste its crème Brulee and famed bread pudding, two of the best desserts in the world.

4. Pho Bar Vietnamese Kitchen

With its Vietnamese food, Pho Bar became one of the greatest restaurants in the city. The menu is uncomplicated and offers a variety of meat and vegetable options.

Additionally, this restaurant aims to add fresh elements to traditional dishes to improve their flavor. The popular pork chop and rice dish with eggs, tomatoes, and vegetables will fill you up.

Durian coconut, beans, and jelly provide a unique yet tasty dessert to balance things out.

5. Wolf’s Steakhouse

Wolf’s Steakhouse is one of South Florida’s locally owned and run restaurants. Do you desire more than just great eating in Davie?

To get to this equally swanky steakhouse in Cooper City, you’ll need to drive for a while. It’s unquestionably the spot to go if you’re looking for food with unique styling.

The house delicacy, shrimp parma rosa in a creamy pink wine sauce, should never be missed. 

For a cocktail with white wine, syrup, lemon, and strawberries, grab a glass of the Happy Wolf.

6. Choong Man Chicken

Near Wolf Lake Park, there is a well-known Korean eatery called Choong Man Chicken. This establishment is one of the most well-liked places to eat Korean food.

You must try this one out because of the raving online evaluations of its crispy and flavorful chicken.

If you love spicy food more than anything, order the red-hot pepper chicken. To make things better, try specialty flavors like the lemon spring onion chicken.

For sides, don’t forget to include cheese monster fries.

7. Flashback Diner

If you’re hungry for brunch, this diner counts as one of the best restaurants Davie has to offer.

You won’t be able to resist the sophisticated culinary quality but it still has a relaxed atmosphere.

Get a bowl of quinoa with sausage, sautéed peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes. There are already two eggs on top, but if you want it that way, you can choose to add more.

8. Cinque Terre Italian Restaurant

Cinque Terre serves as a down-to-earth spot for people desiring Italian classics in Davie.

Italian food enthusiasts rank this restaurant among the top dining options in Davie. Just as you enter, you’d be enveloped in an upbeat atmosphere that’s truly unique.

Given the exquisitely arranged foods, you’ll have a feast with both your eyes and your stomach.

The gluten-free burrata with mozzarella cheese, vegetables, and tomatoes is a delicious way to start a meal.

Follow that with the spinach ravioli shrimp scampi as well as lemon chicken. Seal a sweet ending by having a deconstructed tiramisu with ladyfingers, espresso, and Kahlua.

9. Zabb Thai & Sushi

Who says you have to travel far to experience Thailand? You can also learn about Asian cuisine at neighborhood restaurants in Davie.

Fresh ingredients are used in particular by Zabb Thai and Sushi to produce that genuine flavor.

Begin your meal with the vegetable spring roll with cabbage, carrots, celery, and noodles. Warm your stomach with the seafood Tom Yum soup which originated in central Thailand.

Have a prawn sunrise, one of the signature dishes, for the best lunch in Davie. Just make sure to add fried rice to leave this place with a happy tummy.

10. Tijuana Taxi Co.

Tijuana Taxi Co. has been the go-to spot for any food enthusiast looking for Tex-Mex cuisine since 2004.

One of the top-rated restaurants in Davie is Tijuana Taxi Co. It gained notoriety for its authentically prepared starters, main courses, and desserts.

Try the delicious fresh guacamole while dipping some salty Mexican chips in it. If you want to try one of the restaurant’s most popular meals, order the Havana Steak.

To complete your dining experience, sip on a cocktail called a margarita.

11. Kristof’s Kafe

In order to serve typical American fare to Davie, Kristof’s Kafe opened its doors to visitors in 2010.

Do you currently have a round of golf under your belt at Pine Island Ridge Country Club?

If you want to check out the restaurants around you, take a three-minute trip to this café. Many people come here for the brisket and bacon jam melt for a satisfying morning meal.

Some people also enjoy the Brisket Benedict, which has hollandaise sauce, onions, and two eggs on top.

If there is any remaining room in your stomach, make sure to add chicken and waffles.

12. Ally’s Comfort Café

Ally’s Comfort Café has been serving made-from-scratch dishes to the Davie area since 2009.

Woke up early but am not sure where to eat in Davie? Have no worries because this unfussy diner has got you covered for your breakfast favorites.

Additionally, it makes lunch specials to accommodate visitors who want to arrive at noon. Sample the bacon egg and cheese sandwich along with a cup of hot brewed coffee.

A plate of Western omelets with ham, onion, and peppers is also available.

13. Vienna Wine Bar

Vienna Wine Bar boats amazing wines and specialty dishes from North Europe and America.

Nobody would battle that this wine bar considers one of the most outstanding spots to eat in Davie.

Besides the fact that it gives the ideal matching of food and beverages however it likewise keeps stylish energy.

Begin your dinner with the fan-most loved chilled shrimp and avocado.

A Filet of Beef Stroganoff would likewise be an ideal entrée to taste for a delightful lunch.

It would likewise be perfect to attempt Chicken Vienna with spinach, tomato, tricks, lemon margarine, and potatoes.

14. Ceviche 595

Unfamiliar flavors have forever been an integral part of Davie’s eats. Ceviche 595, among the top Davie cafés, made a name through its great dishes.

Wines are moreover accessible to supplement the fabulous food holding up in this diner.

Inside, a comfortable air anticipates so you’d doubtlessly see the value in the involvement with this spot.

Make your mouth water with the choros a la chalaca or steamed mussels for canapés.

You may likewise need to attempt the Ceviche de Pescado or marinated fish in lime juice.

15. Laspada’s Original Hoagies

Five locations in South Florida offer mouthwatering hoagies thanks to La Spada’s, which opened its doors in 1972.

Are you a fan of handhelds? If yes, then La Spada’s could be one of the good restaurants in Davie to start with.

You won’t have to wait long because La Spada’s staff makes your hoagies and sandwiches quickly.

Stick to the classics with the Mama Laspada stuffed with turkey and genoa salami. Patrons also praise the Italian deli sandwich that contains ham, salami, and capicola.

Try the monster salad platter to taste a mix of ham, turkey, and roast beef while you’re here.

16. Francisca Charcoal Chicken & Meats

This is a Venezuelan café that we trust you’ll cherish. They are situated inside the Tower Shops off of South University Drive where you’ll track down other extraordinary spots to shop.

It’s an ideal spot to eat when you really want a break from your shopping binge.

The way that you can arrange an entire chicken from Francisca Charcoal Chicken and Meats is very great.

17. Chez David & Sons

Right across the road from the Publix Super Market at Paradise Promenade off of Stirling Road is another of Davie’s best cafés, Chez David and Sons. 

This astounding Caribbean café is best in class with regard to flavorful Caribbean food.

Two top proposals here are the fiery creole chicken alfredo and the oxtail. Both of these dishes took my breath away when I attempted them, and presently I make want more and more.

18. Twin Peaks Restaurant

Twin Peaks Restaurant is a well-known chain that everybody knows and loves. It’s the final location for watching the major event close to a solid serving of brew and wings. 

There are nitty gritty about this spot, just great times.

They have 8 distinct kinds of wing sauce you can have yours covered in, as well as 2 delectable dry rubs for the people who don’t need the wreck.

Look for Twin Peaks inside the Tower Shops off of South University Drive, in the middle of between the Chick-fil-an and Miller’s Ale House.

19. Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine

Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine is another family-run foundation that you will cherish, particularly assuming you appreciate genuine Cuban food and supporting neighborhood organizations.

What makes this one of my number one eateries in Davie, Fl is that they have such a gigantic determination of scrumptious food.

It’s an incredible spot to go in the event that you’re searching for a marvelous value for your money.

20. My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

Under two miles around the bend from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, FL off of Griffin Road is My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.

Nobody knows how to celebrate like the Greeks, and My Big Fat Greek Restaurant totally embraces that way of thinking. 

Notwithstanding incredible food and beverages, they have unrecorded music and hip twirling at the ends of the week, so most certainly come here when you need to party.

21. Bangalore Bhavan

If you ever make the decision to visit Davie, make sure you stop at this restaurant. They are known for their delicious dishes and warm atmosphere.

Many people who have visited this restaurant have given a good report and you shouldn’t let this slide.

22.  Miami Hot BBQ

Are you a lover of barbeque? then you should stop by this restaurant to dig up their special barbeque.

The treat here is topnotch and you will never leave dissatisfied.

23.  Hard Rock Cafe

Many restaurants will over time have to prove what they stand for but hard rock cafe has little or no complaints when it comes to its services.

Their sole aim is to make sure that customers’ first visit is worth them coming back over and over again.

24. Two Brothers NY Bagels

Over the years, this restaurant has been making people value dishes made in Davie. 

If you are still yet to try their varieties of foods here, you should not wait anymore because there is a lot to feed on.


25. Sweet Love

Anything from a wedding cake to two or three hundred pounds of hand-cut french fries, this is the ideal location. 

Caterings, enormous or little from a business lunch to a patio wedding. Birthday celebrations and dark tie meals.

On our everyday unique board, you’ll track down natively constructed soups, sandwiches, and anything from their Pad Thai Salad to a Flatbread Pizza. 

They likewise cook what you long for and they have loads of fun with it.

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You now have around 25 reasons to travel to Davie, Florida if you’ve never been there before. I know you’re going to love all the exciting things to do and delicious restaurants in the area around Dave, Florida, so come check them out. Find anything lacking? we’ll read your comment below and get back to you as soon as possible.

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