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If you are looking for Products Testing Websites, here is an opportunity to get free stuff and even make money by testing the products. You may be interested in tester jobs for the products. This Article got you covered.

Products Testing Websites

The testing of the products is a lucrative business. Brands pay people hundreds of dollars to review their products and complete surveys before they launch new products onto the market.

Also known as the Pilot Testing process, which allows companies to know if their product has a potential market.

Companies are conducting product evaluations to get an idea of how the target market will react to the product. It helps them to know whether customers want the product or ditch it.

How Product Testing Works From Home

They typically conduct product testing in two major ways:

  • as an in-home product test or
  • as a central location test.

In terms of market analysis, an in-home product test often called an IHUT–an ‘in-home use test’, is performed at the home of the product tester.

The product tester will deliver the product straight to their door and will be charged with returning their input to the testing firm as an online survey, a video diary, etc.

In comparison, the central location test is where customers compare a product at a specific location. It may also be called a ‘hall test’ and can include walk-by participants testing the product at a booth in a shopping mall.

For example, or trained product testers are asked to meet at a particular location to perform the test, such as a test center or market research facility.

Home use testing or product testing is done in the consumer’s own setting and is most frequently performed for items like food goods, small appliances, and electronics.

If the product is perishable for food safety testing, such as milk, frozen pizza, or ice cream, the courier will commonly ship the products in an enclosed box packed with ice packs.

This will prevent the item from spoiling, which will keep it fresh and on a store shelf as you can expect.

Best Products Testing Websites for Free

Do you want to be supplied things to test, keep, and perhaps earn money by writing reviews about them?

We go over the greatest product testing sites, including advice on how to get the high-value items, as well as places where you may get paid to test products or collect for free.


BzzAgent is a great forum for you to try out products, connect with other customers and share online product reviews. You’ll get invitations to take part in online surveys enabling you to gain BzzScore.

The higher the score, the more likely you are to get free feedback and personal uses of items.

To become a BzzAgent, live in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, or the United Kingdom. If you sign up for an account, take a few surveys that will help the company tailor the goods to you.

Once you have signed up, you will begin collecting Bzz, which will be added to the BzzScore. Review the product and create a BzzReport on your social media accounts and Bzz about the product.

Example of Testing items includes Hershey’s bar, P&G shampoo, L’Oreal beauty products, Nestle chocolates, etc.

This site is one product Testing Websites


UserTesting is fantastic, as it allows you to test websites for money. Although you won’t be researching physical goods, it’s very fun, it pays well, and you’re amused by the variety of places that you get to visit.

You sign up for the exam and you complete it. If it all goes well, then from time to time you are sent places for analysis.

You then get paid $10 to your PayPal for every review you do, with each one only taking around 20 minutes.

UserTesting is a trusted site and the number of test reviews you can do on there depends on factors like your quality rating and demographic.

This site joins the league of Products Testing Websites. 

Alba Science

With a focus on cosmetics, Alba Science gives away goodies such as shampoos, conditioners, facemasks, and fake tan.

Most products arrive in anonymous packaging, so forumites have fun trying to work out which brand they’ve blaged–often posh ones.

Trials are posted on Alba’s site, so check it regularly–you can sign up here. For tip-offs on new trials, worth liking Alba on Facebook and following it on Twitter.

Alba says ‘home trial’ freebie products have been safety-tested and many are already on the market–it’s just trying to substantiate marketing claims and get consumer opinion.

The company also offers paid research studies separately and makes it clear when products are at the earlier stages of testing.

Best Option for Products Testing Websites.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is part of Nielsen-one of the most respected market research firms in the world.

It is mainly a paid survey platform, while opportunities for product testing are piling up repeatedly. Most of you’ll have the ability to test food, drink, or beauty items.

Products Testing Websites

The selection method for the product is well-coordinated, and it is one of the more limited memberships.

Before being accepted to test goods for this company, expect to be on the waiting list for a while.

But the upside of this is that you are much more likely to be selected to actually test a product once you have been approved as a participant.

With every product tested, you get to keep the item and you’ll be compensated up to £3 to answer a survey about it. They can redeem payments via PayPal as gift cards, or even as a cash payment check.


Ipsos I is one of the longest-lasting research firms in the industry. It has been tracking customer views since 1975 and has had about 3 million members worldwide.

While it does not provide as many chances to respond to surveys as some of its rivals do, it regularly offers members the opportunity to test items.

In exchange for participating, like YouGov, you can expect to receive cash rewards or a gift card for your efforts.

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Brooks’ website is for fitness enthusiasts who want to try the new running shoes and clothing at the groundbreaking. During morning work, you will get the gear you need to test in the sun or snow.

You must sign up and apply for testing of the Brooks product. If they deem you suitable for the product, testing the company will contact you.

They will ask you as a tester to include an impartial analysis of sports shoes and apparel.

The company will use the knowledge to develop goods for Brooks Sports.

Example of testing items includes Brooks running shoes, Brooks treadmill shoes, Women and Men sports apparel.


Pinecone is an outstanding and widely regarded platform for survey and product research and is one of the highest paying.

The only problem with them is those invitations are difficult to come through. And we only get them now and then (check through the link below).

You may sign up to Pinecone to answer surveys. You will be asked to test a product from time to time.

Examples include beauty, food, drink & more.

The Pinecone products are a little more limited than other sites. But as you have fewer users to contend with, the chances of getting a product are actually higher.

This is one of the best Products Testing Websites.


This is the new kid on the test block of the product-at least in the UK. They are already well-establish in Italy and have a unique spin on testing products: apps.

If you love to discover the latest and biggest smartphone apps, you definitely should be paid for it.

Once you have signed up for Crowdville and completed your profile, you must join a mission. From there, they will send you all the details!

Products Testing Websites

They even have a step-by-step guide that shows you how to test the apps. That is how to capture screenshots, report a bug, fill out a survey, and everything else.

Example testing items are Apps. The best option for Products Testing Websites.

As Crowdville is so new, we can’t quite say how often you’ll be selected for tests. Still, there’s no harm in signing up and finding out, right?

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