10 Best Places to Get Cheap New and Used Books for You

– Cheap New and Used Books –

Is reading your hobby? And you often run out of cash when it comes to buying new books, here is a list of places to buy cheap new and used books.


Cheap New and Used Books

Cheap books are not only for casual readers though. School and university students purchase cheap old books, as well as collectors.

Best Places for Cheap New and Used Books

Better World Books

“Better World” is not just a name — a book is donated to someone in need (more than 13 million so far!) for every purchase made on BetterWorldBooks.com.

These online librarians also work with libraries and college campuses to collect used books, many of which are donated to non-profit literacy around the world.

Besides all their reuse and recycling, you can even go paperless-Better World Books is one of the few discount sites selling eBooks. Need this now?

You can opt for eDelivery — any physical book can be scanned and sent to you in a digital format in as little as two hours.


Amazon ranks top-notch online books but cheap. And why don’t they? After all, in July 1995 Amazon started out as an online bookstore.

Cheap New and Used Books

The single largest online store in the world continues its history of selling cheap used books until now.

Amazon sells books in all genres. You can read reviews of the novel, too. Amazon also collects and sells used books. In addition, some of the books are available for Amazon Kindle free or cheap in digital format.


Biblio.com describes itself as one-stop shopping for true bibliophiles, with collections carefully selected by independent booksellers.

Many are dealers who concentrate on unique niche interests, antiquarian books and rare books and you can also browse by the seller as well as search for titles and authors.

Check the “Exclusive Specials” section for deals from the different indie shops!

Your selling helps to do good! Both sales are offset by carbon credits. The business also has a charitable arm, BiblioWorks, which uses the proceeds from the platform to create libraries in South America’s rural communities.

Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is a beautiful online and brick-and-mortar bookshop where you can purchase new inexpensive used books. The Company runs its Portland, Oregon bookstores.

However, through their online bookshop, you can buy cheap new and used books from Powell’s from any place. The City of Books in Powell hosts more than 500 author events each year.

Thus you can find opportunities to attend talks by your favorite author or meet them personally.


AbeBooks.com is another website combining its own operation with several independent salespeople. The site is easy to search but it gives you the feeling of a virtual independent bookstore by clicking around.

There is a page where you can see photos of all the cats living in the indie shops that sell via AbeBooks, and read the bios. They also have several click-worthy curated lists, according to the British, ranging from Best New Books to Funniest Books.

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble stocks more than six million book titles. They operate nearly 630 bookstores in every US state. It is also a company with a Fortune 1000. And also they have an online bookstore.

On your first order, Barnes & Noble offers a flat 10 percent off. Also on their website are daily coupons for discounts on books. You can become a member of B&N Club at a $25 annual fee.

The membership gets you $60 discount coupons and several other online and in-store shopping benefits. They also sell a discount of up to 80 percent on used textbooks.

Thrift Books

ThriftBooks.com, based in Washington, is committed to helping the environment, working with libraries and other vendors to ensure that used books wind up in good hands, rather than in the trash. Any items that they receive not being able to sell go directly to a recycling plant.

Their prices are extremely low, and they also offer three-book deals that allow the bestselling authors to make extra savings on sets of books.

You are getting an extra 50 cents off for every additional book you buy from the same seller. Free shipping in USA on any order!

 John K. King Books

John K. King Books has over one million books on sale, new and used. In fact, John King’s bookstore in Detroit, Michigan is famous as “North America’s largest and strongest collection.”

That’s because John K. King buys all kinds of used books for sale.

Some of their books are very rare, worth several thousand dollars. John K. King, however, also has an online bookstore where you can purchase all sorts of used books.

The firm is most notable for its rare collection of books.



BookMooch.com is gratuitous. If you’ve signed up, you’ll submit a list of the books you’ve got you want to give away, and make a wish list of the books you want to buy.

You ship it to them when someone asks for one of your books (that is the only cost involved), earning you one point.

You can then use your point to ask someone else to make a text. BookMooch is an international network, so it’s a particularly useful resource to track books not published in the U.S. or in a language other than English.


In addition, you can buy online cheap used books on eBay. You may actually come across some rare books on this online store at throwaway prices.

Even eBay is an outstanding website if you are searching for textbooks and educational content from college or university.

Around the world, hundreds of students sell their discarded textbooks on eBay. You would also be able to find some foreign publications on eBay in various languages. Visit and check their books section.

Cheap New and Used Books

If you are a bookworm, and sometimes fall short of money, try these great places to buy cheap used books. They have some of America’s Best Sales.

You can also support other readers by selling your books from several of these websites, in return for others.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone you think will appreciate the information and kindly drop your comment below.

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