Best Places to Buy Cheap 3-Bedroom Houses in the UK

Best Places to Buy Cheap 3-Bedroom Houses in the UK.

Buy Cheap 3-Bedroom Houses in the UK: Londoners don’t know that it’s actually cheaper to buy a 3-bedroom house in any other UK city, except Birmingham. Keep reading to find out the best places to buy cheap 3-bedroom houses n the UK.

 3-Bedroom Houses in the UK

Sticking to a tight budget but hoping to get your foot on the property ladder can prove to be really difficult these days.

But below are some of the cheapest places to buy 3-Bedroom houses in the UK, so hopefully, regardless of your budget, you will be able to buy a house and turn it into a home.

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What to Consider When House Hunting

Do you want a short commute? Somewhere close to your friends and family? Somewhere near good schools, a park, or lots of shops? You’ll need to take some time to think about which factors are most important to you and narrow down your options from there.

For those whose jobs are of a mobile nature, there is a plethora of counties and towns with affordable yet standard housing in the UK.

The UK’s Top 10 Most Affordable Regions:

  1. North Tyneside
  2.  Stanley, County Durham
  3.  Croydon
  4. Liverpool
  5. Bradford
  6. Newham
  7. Stoke-on-Trent
  8. Newcastle-under-Lyme
  9. Lewisham
  10. Greenwich

1. North Tyneside 

Whether it’s enjoying a slice of cake in one of the traditional English tea rooms or having a go at surfing, this North of England town appeals to a diverse range of residents.

Even if the English weather lives up to expectations, there’s still plenty to do – North Tyneside doesn’t rely on its beaches for its only appeal.

If you want to settle down here in a one-bed flat, you’ll need around £68,713. The sea views are free of charge, and some of the best you’ll find in the North East.

2. Stanley, County Durham

Stanley has been on hard times economically for much of the last twenty years, and local house prices reflect this. A basic three-bedroom terraced house can be bought here from around £55,000.

There has been some serious investment in the town in recent times, including improved leisure facilities, a new swimming pool, and a solar-powered bus interchange.

More improvements are planned, the town has a good sprinkling of supermarkets, and there is a twice-weekly market, held on Thursdays and Saturdays.

3. Croydon

Croydon’s renaissance continues, attracting buyers with its low prices, ever-improving amenities, and easy access to Central London. £359,336 is the average price of homes in this borough in 2020, and it keeps reducing since 2018.

4.  Liverpool

Apart from being the home of the Beatles and the seat of one of English football’s biggest names, lively Liverpool, with all its musical and artistic heritage, has a generous supply of reasonably-priced three-bedroom terraced houses.

The lowest-priced examples I came across in this area are being offered at a little under £70,000, and there are a number of attractive, basic properties available in the Liverpool, Netherton, and Bootle areas in the £75,000 to £85,000 price bracket.

In recent years, shared ownership schemes seem to be popular in this region, and many reasonably priced brand-new homes come to the market offering 25% to 75% shared ownership.

5. Bradford

Ahhh! West Yorkshire… Home to cobbled streets, traditional Victorian buildings, and great theatres – there’s more to this town than what meets the eye!

The town of Bradford has worked hard to shed its somewhat negative reputation, largely created as a result of poor relations with the neighboring Manchester and Leeds.

If you can look beyond the bad press, Bradford has a lot to offer its residents. If only to prove this, you can buy a one-bed flat for £64,768!

6. Newham

Average prices in Newham have grown to £370,525 in 2018 – a significant 4.97% increase over the previous year.

Popular areas such as Stratford and Custom House offer a wide variety of affordable new-build properties with transport links provided by the DLR as well as Central and Jubilee tube lines.

7. Stoke-on-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent is well known for the numerous potteries that grew up in and around the town from the 17th century onwards. Wedgwood, Minton, and Royal Doulton are among the more famous china manufacturers from this area, and the potteries, together with abundant local supplies of coal and iron, ensured the prosperity of the region for several centuries.

A three-bedroom terraced house in the Potteries area, in towns such as Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-Under-Lyme, can be bought for as little as £65,000 to £70,000. These lower-end homes are often tenanted buy-to-let properties with a renter already in situ.

A basic, untenanted semi-detached home, in good order, sells from around £75,000. Prices in this region have climbed steeply in the last few years.

8. Newcastle-under-Lyme

Sitting just outside of Stoke, here you’ll find a number of friendly locals running at their own relaxed pace, making it an appealing place to settle down.

The city is home to a number of traditional, real-ale pubs and vintage festivals. Plus, the current employment rate sits at 78.0%, which is higher than the national average.

Knowing average house prices is one thing, but how can you know for sure if you’ll actually like living in the area? Arm yourself with more information! You’ll want to know crime rates, neighborhood

9. Lewisham

Covering a large area of east London, Lewisham includes historic Blackheath, fashionable Deptford, and the popular residential areas of Brockwell, Forest Hill and Sydenham.

With average prices at £397,335, this borough offers great value homes in a wide variety of attractive neighborhoods.

10. Greenwich

This Royal Borough is named after the World Heritage Site of Greenwich, with its Naval College, Observatory, Royal Park, and many other attractions for visitors.

Although Greenwich has some really fancy average suburbs, house prices in Greenwich are now £372,803, making it an appealing prospect for buyers too.

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