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Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards Online Except Amazon

– Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards –

Stores like GameStop and Sam’s Club will meet your demands if you’re a Pokémon card player searching for some more, low-cost cards to add to your collection.

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

The selection in each of these stores appears to be different.

Continue reading to see a list of online and in-store locations where you can buy Pokémon cards and decide which one is best for you.

Though certain trends come and go, Pokémon cards appear to be a constant among the world’s young.

At recess, we can find students trading cards or taking part in duels in front of an audience.

Outside of the game, though, Pokémon cards have developed a cult following among collectors looking to make a quick buck.

Rare cards appreciate in value over time, with some fetching over $375,000 in appraisals. It all boils down to what you’re after.

If you’re looking for a few high-value cards to resell, online marketplaces like Troll and Toad and TCG Player might be your best bet.

What is a Pokemon Card?

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (ポケモンカードゲーム), Pokemon Kdo Gmu, “Pokémon Card Game” is a collectible card game based on the Pokémon property.

It is abbreviated as PTCG or Pokémon TCG. It was first published in Japan by Media Factory in October 1996. Wizards of the Coast published it in the United States at first.

Although, Nintendo later gained the license to The Pokémon Company, which has been publishing the game since June 2003.

However, the game has sold approximately 34.1 billion cards worldwide as of March 2021.

Types of Pokémon 

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

For the trading card game, they took a simplified type system from video games.

When Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced the Dark and Steel types in the video games,

They introduced:

  1. Black and Metal types
  2. The Dragon-type was introduced in the Japanese Dragon Selection set,
  3. They introduced the Fairy type in the Japanese XY set to correspond to its introduction in video games. But was removed for the Japanese Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield sets. 

While most Pokémon only have one type, EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua, which introduced dual-type Pokémon, XY.

However, Steam Siege and the HeartGold and Soulsilver era sets are three exceptions.

Also, they used dual types on Pokémon Legend cards to stress the fact that the mechanic has many Pokémon in the HeartGold and SoulSilver sets.

In August 2016, the XY Series’ Steam Siege expansion restored dual-type Pokémon. This time with ordinary Pokémon, as well as EX Pokémon, being multiple types.

Although, Poison-type Pokémon in the game is now Darkness, rather than Psychic, as of the Sword & Shield expansion set Sword & Shield.

Also, Poison-type Pokémon in the games were converted to Psychic starting with the Diamond & Pearl expansion pack Great Encounters, they were originally Grass.

Moreso, Dragon-type Pokémon in the game is now Dragon, rather than ColorlesS, as of the Black & White expansion set Dragon Vault.

What are the Different Card Types?

Pokémon cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

They categorized the cards according to the video game they correspond to.

Green grass cards, red fire cards, blue water cards, yellow lightning cards, purple psychic cards, brown/orange combat cards, and black darkness cards.

Silver metal cards, gold dragon cards, pink fairy cards, and white colorless cards are among the various cards.

The letters C (common), U (uncommon), R (rare), RR (very rare), SR (super rare), and UR (ultra-rare) are written in a bottom circle in the corner to show the card’s rarity.

There are also secret rare cards with rainbow or single-color imagery covering the full card.

List of Pokémon Trading Card Game Sets

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

This is a list of Pokémon Trading Card Game sets, which were first released in Japan in 1996 as collectible card games.

There were 74 card sets released in America and 68 in Japan as of September 2017. The Japanese sets have 6,959 cards, while the English sets contain 9,110 cards.

Non-holofoil duplicates of rare cards included in English sets that are not printed in Japanese sets account for the big variance. Worldwide, 23.6 billion cards had been shipped as of March 2017.

They divide the sets into two categories:

  1. one for the first line of Wizards of the Coast cards
  2. The second was after Nintendo’s acquisition of the card game Wizards.

First Generation Sets of Pokémon Trading Card Game 

  1. 1998 Pokémon Demo Game Plastic Pack
  2. Pokémon Base Set
  3. Jungle
  4. Fossil
  5. Base Set 2
  6. Team Rocket
  7. Gym Heroes
  8. Gym Challenge

Second Generation Sets of Pokémon Trading Card Game 

  1. Neo Genesis
  2. Neo Discovery
  3. Southern Islands
  4. Neo Revelation
  5. Neo Destiny
  6. Legendary Collection
  7. Expedition Base Set
  8. Aquapolis
  9. Skyridge

Third Generation Sets of Pokémon Trading Card Game 

  1. EX Ruby and Sapphire
  2. EX Sandstorm
  3. Also, EX Dragon
  4. EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
  5. EX Hidden Legends
  6. Moreso, EX Team Rocket Returns
  7. EX Deoxys
  8. EX Emerald
  9. And, EX Delta Species
  10. EX Legend Maker
  11. EX Holon Phantoms
  12. Further with EX Crystal Guardians
  13. EX Dragon Frontiers
  14. Additionally, EX Power Keepers
  15. EX Unseen Forces
  16. EX Fire Red and Leaf Green

Fourth Generation Sets of Pokémon Trading Card Game 

The terms “Diamond and Pearl,” “Platinum,” “HeartGold SoulSilver,” or “Legends” appear in the names of all Fourth Generation sets.

Referring to the video games Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon HeartGold, and Pokémon SoulSilver.

  1. Diamond and Pearl Base Set
  2. Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasures
  3. HeartGold SoulSilver Base Set
  4. Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders
  5. Diamond and Pearl Great Encounters
  6. Platinum Arceus
  7. Diamond and Pearl Majestic Dawn
  8. Diamond and Pearl Legends Awakened
  9. HeartGold and SoulSilver Unleashed
  10. Diamond and Pearl Stormfront
  11. Platinum Base Set
  12. Platinum Rising Rivals
  13. Call of Legends
  14. Platinum Supreme Victors
  15. HeartGold and SoulSilver Undaunted
  16. HeartGold and SoulSilver Triumphant
  17. Japanese Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver sets
  18. Heartgold and Soulsilver Collection
  19. Heartgold and Soulsilver special decks
  20. Lost Link Mini-Series
  21. Heartgold and Soulsilver Revived Legends

Fifth Generation Sets

The words “Black and White” appear in the names of all Fifth Generation sets. owing to the presence of the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White video games in these sets.

On April 6, 2011, the first set was launched, and it featured codes that allowed buyers to play online with an identical deck.

These are Generation Set No. Name Release date Details

  1. Black and White April 6, 2011
  2.  Emerging Powers August 31, 2011
  3. Noble Victories November 16, 2011
  4. Next Destinies February 8, 2012
  5.  Dragons Exalted August 15, 2012
  6.  Plasma Storm February 2013
  7. Plasma Freeze May 2013
  8. Boundaries Crossed November 2012
  9. Plasma Blast August 2013
  10. Legendary Treasures November 2013

The generation goes up until eight generations. For more extensive reading on the generations of Pokémon Cards, visit Pokémon Trading Card Game sets.

How Can You Tell If a Pokémon Card is Valuable?

The Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) verifies the authenticity of games and collectibles and determines their worth.

According to PSA, the rarity of trading cards determines their value. For example, if only 100 copies or fewer of a particular card exist, it will be worth more because of its scarcity.

Another key consideration is the state of the vehicle. Cards in good shape preserve their value over time. But cards that have deteriorated physically or have not been properly cared for lose their value.

Another consideration is the type of card. Characters who are well-liked will be worth more money, whilst characters who are less well-liked may not be as valuable.

Because Charizard, Mewtwo, and Lugia are such popular characters, cards portraying them may have a higher value.

A PSA of 10 represents the highest potential value, while a PSA of 0 or 1 represents the lowest possible number.

It all comes down to supply and demand in the end. If you want to check the value of your collection, you can consult PSA’s online price guide.

Also, some local auction houses will even appraise your cards for free. It is not only Pokémon fans in the market for new cards now. But also millionaires and billionaires looking to make a profit on the rarest cards.


Why Have Some Stores Stopped Selling Pokémon Cards?

Walmart and Target were two of the most common places to buy Pokémon cards.

However, because of the fierce competition among Pokémon fanatics, both stores stopped selling the cards.

A fight broke out inside a target in Wisconsin between two people vying for the last package of Pokémon cards.

The pandemic’s supply chain issue has resulted in low supplies of Pokémon cards in some places, much to the chagrin of die-hard fans.

Target said that it will no longer be selling the popular cards in-store after the brawl turned violent, and Walmart quickly followed suit.

They are, however, available on the websites of both stores.

Amazing and Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

1. Pokémon Center

Because the trading cards come directly from the source, the Pokémon Center is one of the greatest places to buy them. Some items are only accessible to these authorized locations.

TCG Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box and Sword & Shield Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box are two examples.

There are also collector’s chests and a plethora of other items available.

The items are accessible on the Pokémon Center website, as well as at a few physical locations in major cities.

2. Best Buy

Although Best Buy is best known for its electronics, they also sell Pokémon cards.

Given how many other businesses have ceased selling cards online or in-store owing to the supply chain issue, they have a remarkably decent supply of cards.

In-store supplies will fluctuate based on local demand and location.

The Celebrations Collections Box, VSTAR Special Collection, Evolving Skies Sleeved Booster, Fusion Strikes Sleeved Booster, Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box.

And many other card alternatives are available on the Best Buy website.

There are more alternatives online than in stores, and shop supply may vary based on region.

3. Family Dollar and Dollar Tree

Family Dollar is an unexpected but dependable source for Pokémon trading cards.

This is a fantastic alternative for collectors looking to expand their collection at a low cost.

There isn’t much variety, but it reasonably priced the diverse packs at around a dollar.

Pokémon cards are also available at Dollar Tree, but you must visit the store in person because they are not available online.

4. Costco is Among the Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

People leave the Costco store with shopping trolleys full of groceries At its many branches. Costco, a well-known wholesale shop, sells games and collectibles.

Costco has a decent range of Pokémon cards for anyone looking to expand their collection.

The disadvantage of purchasing here is that they packaged the cards in secret packages, so the cards you receive are entirely dependent on luck.

The cards are currently unavailable online, however; they are available in select locations.

5. GameStop

For all gamers, GameStop is the place to go. Of course, they sell Pokémon cards and a range of related products.

But given their popularity with games, GameStop may be one of the first to sell out of new cards when they are introduced.

Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage Booster Pack, V-UNION Special Collection, Dragonite V or Hoopa V Box, Sword.

and Shield Evolving Skies Sleeved Booster Pack, and more may be found on their website.

You can also phone your local store to inquire about what they have. For all gamers, GameStop is the place to go.

Of course, they sell Pokémon cards and a range of related products but given their popularity with games.

GameStop may be one of the first to sell out of new cards when they are introduced.

Sword and Shield Vivid Voltage Booster Pack, V-UNION Special Collection, Dragonite V or Hoopa V Box, Sword.

And Shield Evolving Skies Sleeved Booster Pack, and more may be found on their website. You can also phone your local store to inquire about what they have.

6. eBay Also Rate for Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

eBay is a hit-or-miss. Their inventory is completely dependent on what individual vendors put up for sale.

On the plus side, collectors will find a plethora of exclusive, limited editions.

You can also acquire sets of cards for very low costs from folks who wish to get rid of their unwanted collections.

It’s worth noting, however, that because these orders are delivered by resellers, the condition may vary.

7. TCG Player

TCG Player is a fantastic alternative for collectors seeking high-quality cards. This is a website for dedicated gamers only.

You can order products ahead of time and place some collector’s cards on hold.

TCG connects buyers and sellers on a global scale as the premier online collectibles platform for the gaming industry.

Again, because independent merchants deliver most orders rather than TCG, the quality of the cards cannot be guaranteed.

The website, on the other hand, has a solid reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations and catering to dedicated gamers who refuse to settle for anything less than perfection.

The website has a large selection of Pokémon cards, including discontinued sets, single cards, limited edition booster boxes, and more.

This website is excellent for serious players because it provides precise search possibilities for those looking for a specific card type.

You can look for cards by set name, card type, rarity, energy type, price, and a variety of other criteria.

Because these cards are frequently rarer than collectors’ cards, can be more expensive.

8. Barnes & Noble

This is something to think about if you’re looking for an area that’s known for books.

Bareness & Noble handles collectibles, and while they’re best known for their figure sales, they also offer Pokémon cards.

You can find them on the internet or at their stores. The only drawback is that it isn’t accessible everywhere, so check to see whether your local retailer carries these cards.

If not, it’s time to see what’s available on the internet!

9. Channel Fireball

This is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell practically any popular card game.

They have everything from Yugioh to Dragon Ball Z to Pokémon and MTG.

Also, they do sell straight from local game retailers, so they’re definitely your best bet if you want to support local game stores.

They also have everything you need if you want to buy cards to play with, and every seller is trustworthy, so you won’t be disappointed.

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards and Gear Online 

There’s Pokemon The Card Game, as well as video game titles, TV shows, and films. as well as other collectibles such as figurines and stuffed animals!

Some stores have a larger selection than others, particularly when it comes to rare items.

As a result, we thought we’d put up a quick list of all the finest sites to get some fantastic Pokemon stuff.

1. ToyWiz Best for Cards

ToyWiz is one of the greatest places to go if you want to pick from one of the largest collections of Pokemon Trading Card. Game single cards, booster packs, boxes, decks, and more.

They also feature limited-edition and one-of-a-kind card packs, such as the new Pokemon Celebrations series.

There are also possibilities for pre-order card packs that will be available shortly or that have not yet been released.

2. Etsy–Best Custom Gear

Etsy is a great place to go if you want something custom-designed or personalized.

And there are plenty of Pokemon-themed goods there as well.

Stickers, nameplates, Pokemon-themed terrariums, T-shirts, and more are among the items available.

3. Pokemon Center Best for Accessories

Pokemon Center features the best collection of fan-favorite accessories, including backpacks, purses, plushies, clothes, figures, pins, and more.

There are stylized drinkware and coffee mugs, as well as wall art and even garden statuary, to choose from.

There are a lot of products sold out or out of stock right now, so if there’s something specific you want, keep checking back!

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards and Other Trading Cards Online

There’s also the option of purchasing trading cards on a website such as eBay.

However, you must exercise caution in this area because fakes are even more common.

Instead, buy your cards from one of the sites listed below, and you’ll know you’re getting a pristine card from a reliable vendor.

1. Card Cavern Trading Cards

Card Cavern sells Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Weiss Schwarz cards, among other things.

You can check through both sealed and single cards for each card game.

However, you may also find Pokemon Trading Card Game Online codes to use in the game for Pokemon cards.

You can also browse the On Sale section of the website for a variety of reduced items. Although there isn’t as much choice as on other sites, the rates on this site are often fairly good.

2. Troll and Toad

Another site with numerous cards to choose from is Troll and Toad. The most popular card games on this site are Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon.

However, you may also find Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Super, and even sports cards.

They have various sports cards, including MLB baseball cards, NFL football cards, and NBA basketball cards, if you’re seeking them.

Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck are among the companies that produce them.

Single cards, sealed cards, and equipment to protect and display your cards are all available.

If you wish to buy numerous cards at once, you can locate them in lots and bundles.

Although the prices in this store are a little excessive, you might be able to find cards here that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

3. Cool Stuff Inc

Cool Stuff Inc is a great location to go if you’re seeking a specific card or type of card.

You may use the site’s sophisticated search tool to find exactly what you’re looking for in any major card game, such as Pokemon or Magic.

The pricing on the site is cheap, and you can frequently pre-order new releases of card games through this site.

4. Untapped Games

You may also gain big-name trendy trading card games on this website.

Category organizes the cards, making it simple to identify both common and uncommon cards to buy.

Single cards, booster packs, tins, boxes, and other goods are available.

If you live in the United States, you can get free delivery on all orders over $5 when you purchase through Untapped Games.

In addition, the prices on this site are generally reasonable. As a result, it’s a wonderful spot to start looking for trade cards.

5. Full Grip Games

Pokemon, Magic, and Digimon, as well as deck boxes and sleeves, are all available on Full Grip.

For each game, there are single and sealed card packs available. This site has a vast selection of Pokemon cards, ranging from the first base sets to the most recent editions.

Full Grip also provides a large assortment of Magic the Gathering single cards, including stand-alone, limited edition, and promo cards.

With a large assortment and fair costs, Full Grip is a good shop if you’re primarily seeking Pokemon or Magic cards.

6. CCGCastle

CCGCastle provides a variety of trading card games, including some that are hard to get by elsewhere online, as well as the more well-known brands.

The pricing for cards is cheap, and they have such a large assortment that if you’re having trouble finding one, this is the place to go.

7. Card Cavern Trading Cards

Card Cavern sells Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Weiss Schwarz cards. You can check through both sealed and single cards for each card game.

You may also find Pokemon Trading Card Game Online codes to use in the game for Pokemon cards.

However, you can also browse the On Sale section of the website for a variety of reduced items.

Although there isn’t as much choice as on other sites, the rates on this site are often fairly good.

Ways to Buy Pokémon Cards

While not every location is ideal for purchasing, there are a few options for purchasing Pokémon cards, whether in person or online.

1. Online

Another location to get them is online, where you can typically find some decent cards.

The issue with buying things on the internet is that many of them aren’t worth it, and you’re dealing with scalper prices.

Target’s online assortment is still available, and it’s worth checking out if you’re seeking to buy something. The only drawback is that these tend to sell out quickly.

However, it will not be available everywhere due to a variety of factors.

If you’re interested in purchasing them in person, we recommend calling to check if they have any available, and they may be able to assist you.

2. In-person

Because of the violence and fighting that have erupted as a result of this, many merchants have stopped doing in-person sales.

Target, for example, does not sell it in stores because they only sell it online. However, there are a few stores that still sell Pokémon cards in person. Since GameStop has it, it’s a decent option.


FAQs on Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards

Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards


Buy singles, we can find singles in a variety of places online, and local shops frequently have Pokemon cards on display.

This is probably the most cost-effective method of obtaining the precise cards you want to add to your deck.


The current world record holder for the most pricey Pokémon card is also one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever created.

Pikachu Illustrator was first granted to winners of promotional contests organized by the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic in 1997 and 1998.


OnBuy has a magnificent collection of Pokemon cards if you’re seeking the finest site to buy them in the UK.

Browse our vast online shelves to locate your ideal bundle in a matter of seconds!


They’re an excellent investment for children. They are an excellent way for children to begin investing.

Also, they can be purchased for a low price and then resold for a higher price.

Due to the rarity of particular cards, collectors might profit handsomely if they have one or more in their collection.


All Ultra Rare cards will have a holographic sheen to them, as well as wording after the Pokemon’s name to identify it as one of these unique cards.

These cards may also include special artwork that covers half or even the entire card.


Other large retailers, such as Meijer, HEB, Costco, GameStop, and Sam’s Club, are also worth checking out if they’re available in your area.

However, your local gaming store is one of the most significant sites to get Pokemon cards.

You could go to a local card shop or a place that sells tabletop games.


A deck of ten cards. Each booster pack contains six common cards, three uncommon cards, and one rare card in random order.

Among the ten cards in each booster pack, there is a parallel foil card, as well as the possibility of a premium foil card.

Each booster pack always contains at least one foil card!

More Details on FAQs on Best Place to Buy Pokemon Cards


102 one-of-a-kind. The first Base Set of Pokémon cards included 102 unique cards based on the franchise’s initial generation of Pokémon.

Featuring cards like the first edition holographic Charizard, which are now among the most costly Pokémon cards in existence.


Pokemon cards only retain their worth if they are kept in perfect condition.

A PSA 10 Charizard loses 80% of its value if it deteriorates to a PSA 9 while in your ownership.

Rare treasures are in high demand, yet it’s a capricious market.


They stock dollar stores and convenience stores with repackaged Pokemon cards.

Unlike ordinary booster packs, these repackaged cards frequently sell for less.

while also including some sort of bonus, such as additional cards or smaller packs containing solely rares.

Is it true that all 1st edition cards are shadowless? This might likely be a question.

Well Yes, All 1stedition cards are shadowless if we flip the subject around!

However, you have some of the most valuable cards in the game if you own or can get your hands on them.

The lone exception to the rule is Machamp from the 1st Edition Base Set. 

We hope you consider this article insightful. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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