Times Square Pizza Spots for Your Next NYC Visit

If you’ve been asking, what are the best pizza places near me? There are many fantastic locations to get pizza, which is one of the best qualities a city can have. No other city on the planet knows delicious pizza like New York City, especially in Times Square. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best pizza in times square.

best pizza places near me

The Best Pizza in Times Square

Everyone should try eating at some wonderful New York pizza Square (also known as the Theater District), among the never-ending crowds, bright lights, and neon signs at least once.

However, it’s vital to go to the right pizza joints so you can ensure you receive the finest of the best.

We compiled a list of the top pizza joints in Times Square so that you’ll know exactly where to go each time you’re in need of a New York slice in order to aid all of our fellow pizza lovers on this trip.

1. Patzeria Perfect Pizza

The first restaurant on our list of the top pizza joints in Times Square is Patzeria Perfect Pizza, which is situated off West 46th Street near the 4-star Paramount hotel.

Because Patzeria Perfect Pizza is exactly what we picture when we think of a traditional New York City pizzeria offering real NYC pizza by the slice in a quaint, over-the-counter sidewalk setting, we adore them to the moon and back.

The best part about Patzeria Perfect Pizza is that you may drop by any time between 7:00AM and 11:00 a.m. to enjoy their delectable breakfast items, which include pancakes, French toast, and eggs.


2. Carnegie Pizza

The next restaurant on the list is Carnegie Pizza, which is located off West 41st Street and serves some of the best pizza near Times Square and Madame Tussaud’s New York wax museum.

Amid all the street activity, it’s challenging to locate Carnegie Pizza, but once you do, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded with some of the tastiest pizzas in the city.

We particularly adore Carnegie Pizza’s fresh mozzarella Margherita pizza, but their Sicilian pizza is a close second in our book.

3. Paul’s On Time Square

best pizza places near me

That Paul’s on Times Square is so close to the lovely Bryant Park also makes it one of the top places to eat pizza around Times Square.

If you want a mouthwatering piece of pizza with an amazing view of Times Square, go over to Paul’s, one of our favorite spots to get pizza in NYC. However, they truly specialize in all Italian cuisine here.

One of the best things about Paul’s On Times Square is that they provide fantastic specialty pies in addition to all the traditional pizza toppings like sausage and pepperoni.

4. Famous Famiglia Pizza

Next, visit Famous Famiglia Pizza, which is a pizzeria and is one of the top restaurants in Times Square.

Since they have so many choices when you don’t want to buy an entire pie, we always come here when we’re in the mood for some delectable pizza by the slice.

We frequently get a few great slices of pepperoni or buffalo chicken pizza, but we almost never leave without also getting some garlic bread or garlic knots.

5. Radio City Pizza

Next is Radio City Pizza, which is a short distance from the magnificent M&M’s World and the opulent Crowne Plaza Times Square 4-star hotel. It is situated off West 49th Street.

One of our favorite spots in NYC to get pizza, calzones, strombolis, and any other Italian-American classic that NYC is famous for is here!

6. 99 Cent Express Pizza

One of the top pizzerias in Times Square is 99 Cent Express Pizza, which also has one of the greatest meal prices in all of New York City.

We don’t know of anywhere else where you can receive a hot, fresh slice of pizza for only 99 cents combined with a bottle of water or a can of soda for only $1 more, and 99 Cent Express Pizza definitely lives up to its name.

7. Famous Original Ray’s Pizza

We believe Famous Original Ray’s Pizza to be one of the top pizza places in Times Square/Theater District.

It is located directly across the street from the 7th Avenue subway station and just a few blocks from the renowned Broadway Theater and Ed Sullivan Theater.

The pizza at Famous Original Ray’s Pizza is fantastic, but they also serve other traditional fares like pasta, parmigiana, and even some incredible New York cheesecake.


8. Pasta Lovers

Despite being a full-fledged Italian restaurant with a wide variety of other mouthwatering food options, Pasta Lovers is the next establishment on our list of the top pizza places in Times Square.

When you exit the 47-50th Streets Rockefeller Center subway station, Pasta Lovers is the ideal place to buy pizza because it’s just off West 49th Street and a few steps from the famous Rockefeller Center and the Radio City Music Hall.

9.2 Bros. Pizza

You can find 2 Bros. Pizza providing some of the best pizza near Times Square off of West 46th Street, a few blocks south of the renowned Rockefeller Center and the Nintendo New York video game store.

They have a lovely white pie and Hawaiian pie for our fellow pineapple fans, but we always love to get one of their meat supreme pies, which is basically like a meat-lovers pizza and comes with sausage, ham, and other vegetables.

10. Unique Sandwiches & Pizza

The finest spot to get pizza after seeing a Broadway musical is at Carve: Unique Sandwiches & Pizza, which is situated off of 8th Avenue and surrounded by fantastic Theater District landmarks.

 l like Carve because you can have pizza by the slice or the pie here, but what truly stands out is their selection of unusual toppings that we haven’t seen at many other restaurants.

They have turkey bacon, chicken cutlet, broccoli, and even jalapeno peppers for a little additional spice.

11. Little Italy Pizza

Last but not least is Little Italy Pizza, which is, in our opinion, one of the best pizza joints close to Times Square and an all-around fantastic pizza restaurant with really good cuisine.

You can get authentic New York pizza that is quick to prepare and fresh across the street from M&M’s World and the lovely Renaissance New York Times Square 4-star hotel at Little Italy Pizza.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Una Pizza Napoletana, located on New York City’s Lower East Side.

Portland, Oregon

While Dominos gives you a better taste, Pizza Hut gives you much larger portions for your money. 

Margherita Pizza

With extra pepperoni and melty cheese on our signature thin crust, Football Pizza is thin crust and served un-cut.

New Jersey

In our opinion, there is no location in the world that makes a finer pizza pie than New York City, which is known for its renowned pizza culture.

You’ll know just where to go for the best pizza in the city according to our fantastic guide to pizza in Times Square.

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