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20 Best Pizza Near me in Tampa, FL

While they may not be known for pizza, Tampa Bay is rich in genuine cuts. Whether you’re only searching for conveyance on a sluggish night after work, or a spot to cool down after you leave the clubs in Ybor, this article has provided the 20 best pizza near you in Tampa, FL that you should try out.  

best pizza near me

Tampa, Fl, and Pizza

One of the exemplary settler populations of Tampa is the Italians. They initially came to work in the cigarette manufacturing plants of Ybor City.

They carried with them their thoughts, their way of life, and particularly their food.

In any case, it was only after one more transfer populace, New Yorkers, began settling in here that Tampa began truly making magnificent pies.


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An exemplary model is Eddie and Sam’s situated in the core of downtown. At this relaxed, opening in-the-wall they treat their pies exceptionally in a serious way. 

However, new York doesn’t have the market cornered with regards to pizza in Tampa. There are still some Chicago transfers making their renowned thicker style pies in and out of town.

Best Pizza Near me

1. Cappy’s 

Soul-warming NYC-and Chicago-style pizzas are presented in this shop.

2. Corner’s Pizza

These square pies make it a corner-piece-sweetheart’s heaven.

3. New York New York Pizza

This is a roadside pizza shop that gives enormous, delightfully oily cuts inside and from a stroll-up window.

4. Eddie and Sam’s

food take out

This Italian joint makes its pizza with NYC water.

5. Crafty Squirrel

Pizza, macintosh ‘n’ cheddar, wings, and stacked fries presented with drinks in pitchers and tea kettles are served here until late.

6. Paul’s Pizza & Subs

This counter-service joint serves New York-style pies, hot and cold subs, pasta dinners, and fresh salads.

7. Ava

The house-restored meats and high-quality pasta mirror the obligation to serve true, occasional rural Italian food.

8. Bavaro’s Pizza Napoletana & Pastaria

A Downtown Tampa restaurant is known for its Neapolitan pizza and other hand-crafted Italian passage.

9. Hampton Station

A laid-back feasting spot in Seminole Heights with scrumptious laid-back chow.

10. Mirro’s Pizzeria

The dough is always fresh, and there’s a solid beer list and a wine selection that can be ordered.

11. Toby’s Original Little Italy 

best pizza near me

This joint serves its pizza, subs, and cheesesteak sandwiches over the counter.

12. Magdalena’s Pizzeria

They are popular for their hand threw pizza.

13. Due Amici

This family-possessed joint and pasta bar serves pizza by the cut and pie.

14. Lee’s Grocery

Lee’s Grocery changed over completely to a pizza and specialty larger eatery a long time back.

15. Mamma Mia’s Pizzeria

This relaxed spot additionally offers servings of mixed greens, wings, and calzones.

16. Old Northeast 

This is where you go to satisfy your most profound pizza wants cuts, pies, stromboli, and calzones.

17. Mario’s New York Pizza

This help counter joint has been presenting New York-style beginning around 1995.

18. Cristino’s Coal Oven 


Italian admission like appetizers, risotto primavera, gelato, and, obviously, coal-terminated pies from the café’s block broiler.

19. Post Corner 

This relaxed, family-style joint appreciates breakfast toward the beginning of the day and returns for your pies in the early evening.


20. Pizza Box

This café represents considerable authority in natural and handcrafted food. 

Finally, there are so many pizza places in the Tampa Bay region that it can feel like a complete bet while you’re attempting to pick the perfect one. Whether you like stacking thicker style of sassy, messy Chicago-style delightfulness, this rundown makes certain to have the spot for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Place has the Best Pie?


2. Does Nigeria have Pie Places?

Yes, they do.

3. What’s the Best Pie City in the US CNN?

Portland, Oregon.

4. Does Arizona have Good Pie?

No, they don’t.

5. What Restaurant has the Most Popular Pizza?


6. What is Sicilian Style?

It is a thick-hull, rectangular pies that is like focaccia bread.

7. What is on a Grandma Pizza?

It is generally finished off with a layer of new mozzarella cheddar and spots of pureed tomatoes or cut tomatoes.

8. What is Brooklyn Style?

Brooklyn style is a lot crispier and has the garnishes completely out at the edge of the hull.

We sincerely hope you find this article helpful. You should take a seat at a table with a glass of wine and have your pies served to you at a favorite spot and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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