Where to Get Amazing Pastries & Baked Goods in Philadelphia

Where do I get the best french bakery near me? Has this been your concern? You should know that Philadelphia is the best location to be if you’re wanting delicious meals.

best french bakery near me

This town has a terrific place for whatever you’re searching for, whether it be a place to dine, a bar, a coffee shop, or anything else.

But did you know that there are also a ton of fantastic dessert shops? Pastry stores here have everything wonderful, including German treats, french pastries, and more. 

Best Pastry Shops in Philadelphia

After reading this list, you’ll know where to go for everything, from wedding cakes to croissant cravings to cookies and cannolis for yourself. 

There are pastries for every taste, with delicacies from all different cultures. Read on to discover a little bit more about each pastry business.

1. Varallo Brothers Bakery

Varallo Brothers Bakery is a local fresh bakery that is worth visiting. Two Italian brothers founded this pastry store in 1981. 

It’s not surprising that people adore this location so much given that it’s an award-winning shop.

The Varallo Brothers Bakery sells a wide variety of bread, gelato, and pastries from Italy. 

Try pasticciotti, coda daragosta, chocolate ricotta cannoli, or three traditional Italian treats. On your way out, be sure to pick up some homemade gelato.

2. Termini Bros Bakery

Since this family-run business first opened its doors in 1921, you can trust that they have mastered the art of making pastries. 

A tradition passed down through three generations, is the foundation of this shop.

You may find anything you’ve been craving here, including specialized pastries, cannolis, and more. 

Marble cheesecake, baba rum, cannolis, and red velvet cake are top picks.

3. Essen Bakery

The pastry business has a 4.9-star rating on Google, which suggests that it is almost flawless. 

Jewish sweets are served by the locally owned and run Essen Bakery out of a compact and welcoming structure. 

You’ll discover the freshest baked goodies here, with pastries created from scratch every day.

Essen Bakery also sells freshly baked bread and sandwiches in addition to pastries. 

The challah, cinnamon roll, babka, or black and white forcookies are well worth trying. Don’t forget to stop by at some point for a sandwich.

4. Isgro Pastries

Isgro Pastries is a well-known pastry bakery in Philadelphia that has been baking pastries since 1904. 

The pastries at this neighborhood restaurant are guaranteed to be great because it has received numerous accolades. 

The restaurant appears to be the talk of the town, with over 700 reviews.

Here, you may discover every kind of delicious delicacy you can think of, including cannolis, cakes, cookies, and more. 

The cannolis, Italian rum cake, tiramisu, or butter cookies are our top picks. They also produce cakes for other special occasions including weddings.

5. J’aime French Bakery

J’aime French Bakery is the place to go if you prefer French pastries. 

It’s obvious that customers adore this pastry business because it has a 4.8-star rating. Reviewers lauded the place’s service, ambiance, and pastries.

This is a one-stop shop for all of your baked food requirements, offering pastries, crepes, and even bread. 

6. Best Cake Kosher Bakery

People adore this pastry shop’s kosher selections and warm service.

You may get everything delicious here, from upscale cakes and pastries to traditional Jewish foods like challah bread. 

Try the pound cake, any of the cookies, or the Jewish apple cake. If you want to buy a particular cake, be sure to call beforehand.

7. Haegele’s Bakery

You won’t want to miss Haegele’s Bakery, a traditional German pastry bakery that has been serving the Philadelphia region since 1930. 

Based on traditional recipes, this family-run business offers traditional German baked items. 

You’ll always have something new to try here because the menu changes every week.

You truly can’t go wrong with the custom cakes and homemade pastries offered here. 

Cream doughnuts, hazelnut torte, beefcakes, or butter biscuits are our top picks. Since this is a cash-only restaurant, make sure you bring cash.

8. Cake Life Bake Shop

Given that Cake Life Bake Shop was a three-time participant in Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, you may already be familiar with this bakery. 

Two buddies who love pastries manage this neighborhood business. These baked products are really amazing since they combine European and American traditions.

You’ll want to sample a variety of high-quality cakes, pastries, and other items offered here. 

Try the red velvet cupcakes, coconut espresso cake, honey sea salt tart, and flourless chocolate cake as well.

9. Beiler’s Bakery

This is a well-known shop that offers a range of doughnuts and Pennsylvania Dutch pastries. Nearly 500 reviews have praised the service and pastries at this establishment.

Beiler’s Bakery offers other sweets, but the donuts are true show-stoppers. 

Blueberry fritters, red velvet cake donuts, salty caramel donuts, maple bacon donuts, oreo creme donuts, as well as the key lime pie donut, are all highly recommended.

10. Tartes

Tartes is the ideal place to indulge in a sweet snack because it offers a variety of American and French pastries. 

It is understandable why customers frequent this location with the pleasant personnel and reasonable costs. 

Since the pastries are freshly prepared every day, you’re sure to like them. Tartes offers pastries, tarts, biscuits, and miniature cakes. 

Make sure to sample the chocolate crème brûlée tart, Milanese, pear pistachio, or lavender pound cakes. If you desire a certain type of taste, remember to place your order in advance.


Do you feel like a pastry right now? Undoubtedly, you should. This list makes it quite evident that Philadelphia is a fantastic location for finely crafted pastries. 

These places have got your back whether you’re purchasing baked goodies for a special occasion or a daily indulgence.

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