Our Favorite Items on the Panera Menu

While we partake in a ton of the items on the Panera menu, it doesn’t imply that they’re all similarly delicious. A few dishes range from OK to great, while other menu things are genuinely first class for a chain eatery. We don’t believe you should arrange a dinner you won’t enjoy, so we’ve chosen to rank probably the best things on Panera’s menu. Check anything that sounds great. No one can tell what new flavors you’ll find all the while.

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About Panera Menu

The pioneer behind Panera was truly onto something when they chose to put a bistro, bread kitchen, and store all into one helpful area.

 It’s the sort of spot where everybody, even your fussy colleague in the following work area over, makes certain to find something they’ll appreciate.

The menu is broad, brimming with enticing treats and hot sandwiches you can blend and match however much you might want. 

It’s simply balanced by an accommodating person. Panera needs to offer a lot of assortment, so you have heaps of choices past the rudiments.


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Obviously, that doesn’t imply that each determination on their menu is worth exploring. Like most eateries, Panera has the odd meals to order that are on the menu.

Be that as it may, how about we go through some good meals on the Panera menu in this article, of which there is quite a large number.

To make your lunch a more unbelievable undertaking, we’ve gotten together the best Panera menu things for you to attempt. 

There’s a pleasant assortment of soups, mixed greens, and sandwiches to consider every contingency, in addition to a sweet treat toward the end for dessert.

Our Favorite Items on the Panera Menu

1. Kitchen Sink Cookie

There is no genuine kitchen sinks in this recipe. All things being equal, it’s stacked with semi-sweet chocolate, caramel pieces, and a drop of salt for an exquisite sweet meal.

The Kitchen Sink Cookie is the perfect size for you to partake in without help from anyone else.


2. Toasted Frontega Chicken Sandwich

One more well-known choice you should make is visiting the Toasted Frontega Chicken Sandwich.

The bread decision Black Pepper Focaccia is a great decision to help the entirety of that tastiness, adding a flavorful kick that slices through the wealth of the chicken and mozzarella.


3. Margherita Flatbread

Pizza lovers could contend that flatbreads are not a legitimate pie.

This one checks every one of the crates, flaky flatbread, tomato chime pepper marinara, fontina mozzarella mix, grape tomatoes, much more new mozzarella, and new basil heated to fresh flawlessness.

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4. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

In the event that Panera’s soup menu had a loveable mascot, their Broccoli Cheddar Soup would be a good area people should consider trying.

Perhaps it’s the good aiding of delicate broccoli pieces or the fondue-like underpinning of thick cheddar soup, yet this is one of the most amazing Panera menu things.


5. Breakfast Sandwich

It’s truly difficult to get a morning meal sandwich wrong. You really want some egg, meat, perhaps a cut of cheddar of some sort or another, and that’s essentially it.

Being the bread organization it is, Panera saw the chance to advance in its main subject area.

They offer exemplary bacon or wiener alongside fried eggs and cheddar.

All things considered, you’ll invest your energy picking between excited Artisan crusty bread with its awesome chewy outside layer or yeasty, somewhat sweet brioche.

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6. BBQ Chicken Salad

You can’t turn out badly with delicate chicken on a bed of romaine lettuce, dark bean and corn salsa, apple juice vinegar BBQ sauce, and fresh frizzled onions.

This salad is really a demonstration of the way that the best food at Panera is the stuff that you’d never consider placing in a serving of mixed greens, yet it some way or another simply works.

It’s no chocolate croissant, however, it is an exquisite, light lunch with a lot of lawn grill flavor.

chicken salad

7. Mac & Cheese

The café helps customers to go for shells, which is consistently a great decision for macintosh and cheddar.

They likewise leave out the fine, handled stuff and on second thought let those still somewhat firm shells blend in tart white cheddar sauce that puts some other macaroni we’ve been eating to disgrace.


8. Asian Sesame Salad

There are roughly good recipes online for Panera’s Asian Sesame Salad, which is a strong marker that individuals are large fans.

Maybe it’s the way that this salad comes cleaned up to perfection with delicate, white-meat chicken, new cilantro, toasted almonds, sesame seeds, and fresh wonton strips, all got into a bed of fresh romaine lettuce.

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9. Bacon Turkey Bravo Sandwich

Panera redesigns the quintessential turkey sandwich by adding smokey bacon, exquisite smoked Gouda, emerald greens, ready tomatoes, salt, pepper, and a shower of their unique sauce between two bits of interesting Tomato Basil Bread.

Indeed, even the bread is something you will long for, the appetizing non-abrasiveness waiting long after you’ve subtly licked the last piece off of your plate.


10. Grilled Cheese

This new meal of “connoisseur barbecued cheddar” is tomfoolery and all, however, it can never beat the work of art, and melty tastiness of the OG.


Panera’s Grilled Cheese stands apart as a worldview of all that this sandwich should be cushioned white bread, toasted to a brilliant fresh on the two sides, and gooey liquefied American cheddar.

grilled cheese


Panera is a simple spot to cherish. Stroll in the entryways, and you are quickly barraged with the sorts of scents that would make an animation character float over the floor, enticed by the coaxing smell of the espresso, cakes, and obviously, new heated bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

JAB Holding Company

He auctions off Au Bon Pain and gave every one of his assets to The St. Louis Bread Company.

No, it is not.

Panera bread is cheaper.

“bread basket”

Yes, they do.

No, they don’t.

Yes, they have stopped selling potato soup.

Autumn Squash Soup, Baked Potato Soup, Black Bean Soup.

No, they don’t.

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