The Ultimate Guide to Korean BBQ in San Diego

So you are asking, where do I get the best Korean bbq near me? San Diego, California, is a beautiful city with the fifth-largest Asian population in the country, which is wonderful for its culinary culture. In San Diego, Korean bbq is a tremendously popular cuisine subgenre, and the city has seen an influx of warm, best Korean barbecue eateries.

best Korean bbq near me

Best Korean Barbecue in San Diego

On the following list of restaurants, you’ll discover the dining experience you’re looking for to enjoy the greatest Korean barbecue in San Diego. 


1. Buga BBQ Restaurant

Since its opening in 2003, Buga this BBQ has been providing the Clairemont neighborhood with authentic Korean food.

Each family can have a more private dining experience in the elegant yet welcoming dining room’s sectioned-off seats.

Even the uncooked meat you grill yourself is served at the Buga Korean restaurant on beautiful plates with tasteful garnish bouquets.

Additionally, they cook a delectable Korean seafood pancake.

2. Taegukgi Korean BBQ

This place offers a fun ambiance in which to take pleasure in a family-style lunch.

Every table has a personal grill as well as a fan to prevent the family members seated across from being enveloped in smoke

The varied menu packages include a cooked and raw beef, hog, and chicken pre-fixe meal for lunch and supper.

3. Jeong Won BBQ Buffet

You can gorge yourself on freshly made Korean veggie dishes and great bbq here.

The buffet offers a variety of side dishes, and each table has a grill where you can prepare the meat of your choice.

A selection of imported Sake and Korean-inspired cocktails are also available at Jeong Won. 

4. DJK Korean BBQ (Dae Jang Keum)

At DJK BBQ, there is a grill in the middle of each table where families can customize the cooking of the meat dishes. 

The whole family will enjoy the authentic Korean practice of interactive cooking.

In addition to offering meal combos for groups of two to eight individuals, DJK also offers a variety of other traditional Korean dishes.

5. Manna BBQ

The only bbq chain in San Diego is called Manna BBQ, and it has outlets in Convoy, Chula Vista, and Mira Mesa.

Manna BBQ, which opened in Convoy in 2010, offers a hip, laid-back, and sociable setting for dining.

The finest meat is used by Manna BBQ to produce the best assortment of bbq. 

6. Prime Grill AYCE Korean BBQ & Restaurant

This Restaurant is a casual family restaurant with a large menu of Korean and Japanese favorites that is situated in Kearny Mesa.

Prime Grill is a terrific place for celebrations and big gatherings because of the welcoming service and spacious eating area.

The standard all-you-can-eat menu of grilled meats, dipping sauces, and sides are available.

7. Chon Ju Jip

The only BBQ chain in San Diego is called Manna BBQ, and it has outlets in Convoy, Chula Vista, and Mira Mesa.

Manna BBQ, which opened in Convoy in 2010, offers a hip, laid-back, and sociable setting for dining.

 A total of 46 meals are offered on the all-you-can-eat menu, in addition to lettuce wraps, fried rice, fondue, and dumplings.

8. Gen Korean BBQ

Gen BBQ House is a massive, hip yet welcoming bar and Korean restaurant that teeters between Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa. 

It has a massive covered patio to take advantage of San Diego’s fantastic weather all year round.

You may have a BBQ at any time because they are open really late and offer a fantastic happy hour and lunch service.

9. Handoo Korean BBQ

This place serves all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue in a modest setting with nice wooden tables and a heated terrace.

A buffet of conventional stews, veggies, and noodles is available, and there is a special selection of lamb kebabs.

To order one of their fantastic combos, we advise attending with family and friends.

10. 356 Korean BBQ & Bar

The trendy cocktail, sake, and soju bar and Korean BBQ bistro 356 and Bar are located in the Westfield Mission Valley Mall.

More so, the young adult demographic is especially drawn to Bar since it offers bar and patio seating in a romantic and modern setting.


11. Olleh CONVOY Korean BBQ

Olleh Convoy BBQ is a family-friendly, informal, and reasonably priced Korean eatery with a sizable, no-frills dining area.

The welcoming and helpful staff does a fantastic job of making visitors feel at home.

They provide some of my favorite tofu stew and kimchi fried rice. Kids also get to eat for half off.


The Kearny Mesa district, a real Koreatown, is where you can discover the most authentic foods and eating experiences when it comes to Korean barbecue in San Diego.

There are also modern options that offer a fully stocked bar, TVs, and a more Americanized ambiance.

Any of the fantastic restaurants on my list will provide you with the best Korean barbecue and an engaging experience grilling meat, whether you want to adhere to tradition or try something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A method of cooking cuts of marinated meats.

The meat itself.

The smoky richness of Maillard-charred meat and rendered fat.

Rice, cucumber salad, and kimchi.

Ssamjang, Sesame oil, salt and pepper sauce, and Wasabi and soy sauce.

Kongnamul Muchim

Korean Spinach

Spicy cucumber salad

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