Best Romantic Hotels in Paris 2022 for Couples to Have A Great Relaxation

– Best Romantic Hotels in Paris 2022-

No other city in the world defines romance more than Paris, with its pied-à-terre shops, Art Nouveau buildings, picture-perfect cafés, and stroll down the Seine.


Are you planning a special date with your significant other? Begin by staying at one of Paris’s most romantic hotels. 

The hotels in Paris encourage guests to stay for an extended period of time.

Whether you’re in the City of Light for business or the City of Love for pleasure, there’s a hotel in the City of Light to fit your style, mood, and budget—and to persuade you to stay longer.

Make like a local in a fashionable northern neighborhood, hide in plain sight in a historic house, float on the Seine in a buzzy hotspot, or stay at some of the world’s most renowned luxury hotels.

However, whatever you’re searching for during your vacation to Paris, our selection of the top hotels in the city covers you. As such, don’t worry if you can’t pick just one—there will always be another chance.

Best Hotels in Paris 2022: The 25 Most Romantic Hotels in Paris

1. La Réserve Paris–Hôtel and Spa

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

From the numerous replies praising the staff’s painstaking attention to detail. It’s apparent that outstanding service is the most memorable feature of this 40-room urban house. Which has Jacques Garcia’s 19th century-inspired furnishings.
Also, a frequent visitor to Paris extolled its “tailored customer service beyond anything I’ve experienced.” While another said it was their “favorite hotel in Paris” and “top three anyplace in the world.”
However, another enthusiast described the spa, which includes a hammam and a workout studio and anti-aging procedures, as “world-class.” The reader also rated La Réserve’s gastronomic options.
This includes the Michelin-starred Le Gabriel restaurant as “extraordinary,” which appears to be an adjective that might apply to every aspect of the event.

2. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Le Bristol

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

When it originally opened in 1925, Le Bristol was a magnet for Hollywood aristocracy. And while the hotel hasn’t lost its starlet cachet, there’s more to discover here than endless toile and beautiful Louis XVI-style décor.

Treat yourself to refined French cuisine at the three-Michelin-starred flagship restaurant Epicure.

Or the more relaxed 114 Faubourg (which has its own Michelin star). Also, relax at the La Prairie Spa, go shopping in one of the hotel’s Smart cars. Or take a stroll through the magnolia-filled garden in the spring.

However, if the crystal chandeliers in the guest rooms aren’t enough to set the atmosphere, please ask. Inquire with the on-site florist about designing a customized arrangement specifically for you.

3. Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

The Park Hyatt’s desirable position, overlooking the trendy Rue de la Paix and within walking distance of Place Vendôme and the Opéra Garnier, brings the city to your doorstep.

Also, the hotel, which has been accepted into the famous Palace Hotels Group. Additionally, it is one of the most aesthetically spectacular luxury hotels Paris offers.

Renowned designer Ed Tuttle designed the hotel’s remarkable combination of contemporary architecture and classic design.

Providing it a sensuous, subtle elegance that runs throughout–from the opulent Parisian guest suites to the fascinating communal spaces. And outstanding conference facilities.

Also, the hotel has magnificent bars and some of the best restaurants in Paris, including Le Pur’, which is a Michelin-starred restaurant.

4. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Brach Hotel

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.


Over the years, the conservative 16th arrondissement hasn’t exactly enticed visitors.

It’s a tribute to Evok Hotels‘ cool quotient that it can take a former mail-sorting facility in this bourgeois, residential area and turn it into the buzz of Paris.

The resultant hotel is as much about a lifestyle as it is about a place to stay, thanks to a four-year makeover directed by designer Philippe Starck.

However, for starters, the lively restaurant attracts stylish residents from breakfast into the early hours with its pastries, plates-to-share, and powerful cocktails.

A terrace bar, which just opened to correspond with the warmer months, attracts attractive people, as does the rooftop vegetable garden. Which is transformed into a bar in the summer (currently only suite guests have access).

Also on Brach Hotel

They modeled the subterranean fitness facility after a 1930s boxing club and had a waiting list from the moment it opened.

Even the pool has a fantastic sound system. Also, the celebration continues in the rooms, which each have its own little concept shop (the mini-bar is so 2018), filled with Avantgarde Spirits Company pre-made drinks.

Additionally, the decor is typical of Starck’s cheeky eclecticism: rich mahogany and leather walls, African masks, and Masai-style beading, and potted cactus next to sinks hewn from unfinished pieces of marble in the bathrooms.

Who would have guessed that the 16th of all streets would become the city’s newest hotspot?

5. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Shangri-La Hotel Paris

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

The historic Shangri-La Hotel Paris, a grand 1896 limestone house famous for its swoon-worthy Pierre-Yves Rochon–designed rooms and jaw-dropping Eiffel Tower vistas, sets the tone.

Natural light floods the sumptuous guest rooms. Which are decorated in rich textured fabrics, hand-gilded woodwork, and neoclassical friezes and provide spectacular views of the Seine, Notre Dame, the Grand Palais, and the tower.

After afternoon tea at La 8 Iéna, we recommend watching the sunset from your lush private outdoor patio before retreating to the luxurious subterranean spa for a Carita massage in one of the candlelight treatment rooms.

6. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Le Meurice

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

Le Meurice, Paris’ first royal hotel, is a golden city twist on Versailles. An institution and opulent sanctuary from the rue Rivoli throng.

However, since its inception in 1835, the hotel has acted as an epic shorthand for Parisian history. With Picasso marrying here, Salvador Dal living here, and Queen Victoria staying here in 1855.

Furthermore, its magnificent Haussmann façade faces the Tuileries gardens. With a panoramic view from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower, and an ornate Louis XIV wall peacock within.

Also, this is where Philippe Starck’s delightfully startling modernism sneaks in. Take note of his Dal-inspired arching ceiling sculpture at the Restaurant Du Dal and his translucent plastic chairs scattered around the sumptuous Restaurant le Meurice Alain Ducasse.

The size and grandeur of the rooms and suites vary, but they all reflect (to a more modern pitch) the 18th-century spirit that governs the ground floor.

Jocelyn Herland (formerly at the Dorchester) is in charge of the two Alain Ducasse restaurants, which serve French classics and Mediterranean fare and attract a strange mix of well-dressed locals and global movers and shakers.

7. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Ritz Paris

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best romantic hotels in paris

This is one of just a few hotels that are so high and powerful that it has its own weather system. Which made the slagging it received when it reopened in 2016 following a four-year renovation all the more perplexing.

Some mocked it as a carbon copy of its previous self, smelling of fresh paint but otherwise unchanged. But what would have been achieved if they had transformed the Ritz into a Nantucket shrimp shack or a Buddhist monastery?

However, it had stood firm, and its detractors were tilting at windmills. The Ritz remains, thank God, the Ritz, proving that even the most stunning restorations aren’t always the most remarkable.

More Fact About Ritz Paris

The Ritz remains, merci Dieu. The Ritz illustrates that sometimes the most magnificent improvements are the least remarkable. Despite the fact that the hotel is as luxurious now as it has been for the last 122 years.

Even among the silks and tassels, though, a form of democracy reigns.

The smallest rooms are large by Parisian standards, and differ from the mega-suites only in scale, not a degree, of sumptuousness. And it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, famous, or beautiful—the incomparable Bar Hemingway is still not accepting bookings.

8. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Hotel Les Deux Gares

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

It’s difficult to believe that hoteliers haven’t investigated every nook and cranny of Paris in the last decade. However, as Adrien Gloaguen’s latest site in unheralded Little India shows, there are still neglected areas to be discovered.

When he first viewed the skyline views across the railway lines connecting two of the city’s principal stations from the site, he realized he could build something exceptional of it.

However, the appropriate person for the job would be British wunderkind, Luke Edward Hall. The interior designer’s first hotel project is filled with enthusiasm, regarding the past but also modern energy.

The Haussmann-style corner building is awash in vibrant color combinations, which captivated a creative clientele that booked out the establishment before it ever opened.

More on Hotel Les Deux Gares

“It’s my own unique, whimsical take on Parisian flair,” Hall explains. French antiques coexist with mid-century lights; checkerboard contrasts with leopard print. And geometric rugs from the 1970s coexist with Art-Deco accents.

Edward Hall also remodeled the run-down tavern across the street into Café Les Deux Gares.

Also, the cafe already has a following of locals and food journalists who dine on meals like delicious pork loin with beetroot washed down with natural wines.

However, it takes a daring move to persuade intelligent tourists to hang around near the train terminals, but the team behind this hotel has succeeded.

9. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Le Pavillon de la Reine

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.


The Place de Vosges in the Marais area has been considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

So it’s a good thing this family-owned hotel’s ivy-covered, 17th-century façade fits perfectly in. The interiors are equally photogenic. Past the expansive private garden courtyard.

A fairytale comes to life when lit up—Didier Benderli of Kérylos Interiors mix Old World touches like original antiques. Marble fireplace mantles, and richly colored oil portraits of aristocratic faces with contemporary-styled furnishings and clean lines.

Resulting in a vibe that’s both plush and un-fussy. Keep in mind: Each of the 56 rooms and suites has a unique design and décor.

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10. Sinner

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

It’s not difficult to locate a romantic hotel in Paris, but you’d be hard pushed to find a more openly sultry location to stay in than Sinner.

Sinner, the EVOK group’s third Parisian hotel, is the wicked little sister in the Haut-Marais, channeling medieval Catholicism-meets-Fifty Shades of Grey.

From the minute you walk in, you’re engulfed in opulent theatrics: ecclesiastically clothed personnel with blazing red lanterns lead you through the Frankincense-scented, lighted lobby.

Through the confessional booth and crypt, along theatrically dark halls with sinister-looking red doors, to your room.

Unless you choose the brooding, almost dungeon-like black, and red Justine Suite. The rooms are surprisingly serene and comfortable, with pastel colors.

Art Deco and classical flourishes, an opulent minibar, a turntable, and shelves of art books. Though the lubricant in the bathroom and the riding crop in the wardrobe cheekily remind you that naughtiness is encouraged.

Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Also on Sinner Hotel 

The evocative mood continues in the intimate candlelight spa with a black-tiled hammam and hot pool. Which offers Jimmy Jarnet-created treatments such as a 50-minute blindfolded massage with hands and feet bound (as well as more conventional scrubs and facials).

Algerian chef Adam Bentalha oversees the famous ground-floor restaurant. Which provides a diverse menu of foods from North Africa, the Middle East, Malaysia, and Peru.

During the day, it’s light and airy, with affluent families having tagines and ceviche as their children try to grab adjacent artworks.

When the sun goes down, it changes into a raucous party place complete with a spectacular smoke machine, DJ, and a crowd of cool youngsters and flirtatious couples.

Although it’s great for debauchery seekers, hedonists, and couples celebrating, ahem, special events, you can easily ignore the more immoral recommendations and simply enjoy the convenient location.

11. Cour Des Vosges, The Marais

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

A hefty, unassuming door lies jammed between a classic brasserie and a new-age bakery on Paris’s oldest plaza. With its Louis XIII architecture, blush-pink houses, and primped and preened gardens.

This swings into the peaceful, cobblestone courtyard of Cour des Vosges. A 17th-century palace with fascinating furnishings, a subterranean Roman bath. And views across the square that’s a sanctuary for the intellectual polymath.

The four levels are home to a fictitious family’s art collection, with each room unique. One top-floor room has a bath with a glass-walled view. But it’s the first-floor rooms.

Traditionally where Parisian nobility would sleep. What are the real show-stoppers? With original wooden beams, terracotta floors covered in baby-blue rugs, and clay-colored, unpainted walls adorned with tapestries and modern art.

In one, a massive steel twist on the four-poster takes up most of the room and uses futuristic sliding doors to block out the neighboring vintage furnishings.

While there is no restaurant, the bottom level is home to Pâtisserie Brach. A tearoom showcasing the pastries of celebrated patissier Yann Brys. When it comes to cuisine, breakfast is the star attraction.

Provided in your room with a smorgasbord of cutlery, cold-pressed drinks, pastries, yogurts, and organic eggs. To which black truffle and caviar can be added.

The audience, on the other hand, comprises elusive movers and shakers who prefer to be left alone in the company of Voltaire and de Beauvoir until another glass of Burgundy is required.

12. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Mandarin Oriental, Paris

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

This high-gloss hotel transports you out of Paris, where the past—as wonderful as it is—doesn’t overpower the present.

You might call it a different kind of elegance. But it makes sense at a Mandarin, where the standards for ‘luxury’ are different, and where guests and employees alike rave about flawless service from start to end.

Stylish modern design; and high-class dining and spa options. Another approach to bridge the gap is through the unabashedly contemporary Thierry Marx, who oversees Sur Mesure and Camélia:

Bringing him on board is an obvious homage to the local culture and culinary expertise, but his ingenuity and broad culinary experience complement the hotel’s modern attitude.

Another trait that distinguishes Mandarin? The to-go Cake Shop is positioned at the entrance of Camélia and is one of the few establishments in Paris that does this.

13. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Hotel Providence

best romantic hotels in paris

The 9th and 10th arrondissements, once rather gritty neighborhoods known for being near to the Gare du Nord and Gare d’Est, have long been smartening up their act.

On a surprisingly quiet stretch of this section of town. Bohemian Hôtel Providence is vying for the title of trendiest design hotel in the region. And it’s up against The Hoxton and Hôtel des Grands Boulevards.

They swathed bedrooms here in patterns that interior design addicts wish they were brave enough to use in their own homes. Palm print; black with eye-catching gold leaf; complex needle-work motifs reminiscent of a Moroccan Berber rug; solid, vibrant indigo

Larger rooms include velvet sofas in deep jewel tones to sink into after a day of exploration, and some have balconies overlooking the calm street below.

Best Hotels in Paris 2022: More on Hotel Providence

The bathrooms are very contemporary, with monochromatic metro tiles, twin sinks, and rainfall showers. The flowery bar below flows out into the street outside, where customers sip rosé glacé.

Breakfast is served in a cozy room near the kitchen. But our advice is to fill up on sensible foods here (there’s plenty of yogurts, fruits, and cereals, as well as an ice bucket of individual green juices).

And then head around the corner to Du Pain et des Idées for croissants and pain au chocolat (it’s one of the best boulangeries in the city, so why not?).

In the neighborhood, you’ll also discover the game-changing bar Experimental Cocktail Club and the Big Mamma Group restaurant Pizza Popolare, the French cousin to Shoreditch’s trendiest table Gloria.

14. Hotel Plaza Athenee

Hôtel Plaza Athénée, part of The Dorchester Collection, has welcomed visitors who want to stay on avenue Montaigne, the center of haute couture, since 1913.

The hotel is still well located for visitors who wish to explore the city’s designer retail stores. Guests stay in luxury accommodation with views of the Eiffel Tower.

Or the beautiful courtyard with its characteristic red awnings, which is ideal for al fresco summer dining and has its own ice rink in the winter.

Alain Ducasse, world-renowned multiple Michelin-starred chefs oversees the hotel kitchens.

Another hotel feature is Europe’s first Dior Institute, which offers unique spa services in a beautiful environment, including a professional manicure and pedicure section.

15. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Le Pigalle

This tiny Parisienne in the midst of once-sketchy, now super-cool Pigalle (on the boundary of the 9th and 18th arrondissements) is well-planned.

It’s from the same people that created the Instagram-famous Les Roches Rouges on the Côte d’Azur, so we knew it’d be good. The tiny rooms are furnished with Art Deco furniture and shelves packed with well-curated photos.

In the tiny bar, there are turntables and a selection of records, as well as pre-mixed Negronis and Manhattans in bottles.

There’s no denying that the neighborhood comes alive at night. The hotel is located on a street just south of the Metro that is packed with strip clubs and sex stores.

As well as entertaining pubs like Dirty Dick and Lipstick. Downstairs in the foyer, there’s a red velvet curtain that draws back to expose a velvet banquet, neon sign, and pole, as well as a marble-topped co-working space.

Indulge in a brunch of avocado toast with cream cheese and croissants till 4 p.m. with young couples suffering from hangovers.

If you’re looking for a hip overnight within walking distance to a good night out in Paris, this is the place to stay. Tabitha Joyce’s

16. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Le Royal Monceau Raffles

best romantic hotels in paris

Why reserve art excursions for trips to the Louvre?

If you and your special someone enjoy art, consider staying at Le Royal Monceau Raffles. Which boasts its own on-site modern gallery as well as a one-of-a-kind art collection dispersed around the property.

After unpacking in one of its 149 rooms, which feature mirrored bathrooms and artwork propped up against the walls.

However, see if you can find the on-site art concierge, who can answer any questions you have about what’s in the house (including works by Simone Chaput and Lucien Hervé).

Or arrange tours of nearby galleries and studios.

17. Hotel Lutetia, St Germain

When Hotel Lutetia initially opened its doors in 1910, it was considered well ahead of its time.

It was the first real luxury hotel on the Left Bank. A combination of Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, and it remains the only Palace Hotel on this side of town to this day.

Camus and Sartre came to contemplate existentialism in their large salons. Matisse and Picasso lived in the suites, and Josephine Baker’s performances in the bar helped usher Paris into the Jazz Age.

In a nutshell, it encapsulated the artistic zeitgeist of the period. And, despite the fact that it has changed hands several times over the years, no hotel renovation has been as extensive–or as stunning.

A four-year renovation overseen by The Set hotel group (of London’s Hotel Café Royal and Amsterdam’s Conservatorium). Stripped back layers of plaster to reveal original frescoes.

Opened up gloomy internal courtyards to flood the place with light, and reduced the number of bedrooms to create a luxury so often lacking in Parisian hotels: space.

Best Hotels in Paris 2022: More on Hotel Lutetia, St Germain

Downstairs, public spaces are gleaming in marble and brass; there’s a quiet spa with a pool big enough to swim in. And there are six restaurants and bars, the flagship of which is Brasserie Lutetia. Which is supervised by Michelin-starred chef Gérald Passédat.

Hand-blown Murano glass lights illuminate tactile dark blue hardwood paneling in the bedrooms. While they carved bathrooms from two-ton slabs of Carrara marble (ceilings had to be reinforced to take the weight).

They introduced the finishing touch at the end of 2018: a handful of unique rooms meant to pay respect to the hotel’s artistic flair. The Carré Rive Gauche suite is more similar to a private museum (and it’s all for sale).

With artworks and antiques supplied by Paris’s most famous club of art dealers and collectors. Meanwhile, the Francis Ford Coppola suite is a film buff’s dream.

This is the celebrity director’s private residence in the city. And they loaded it with stills, pictures, and cinematic artifacts from his own collection. On one cabinet is his antique Éclair camera.

And on another is his original annotated copy of The Godfather. But the finest part is the terrace, which is hidden behind a slither of the retractable-glass roof and boasts the jaw-dropping cinematic vistas that people travel to Paris for. 

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18. Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

A Rosewood Hotel, like the Ritz, is a case study on how to stay relevant in the twenty-first century.

But, while the Ritz carried on in the same wonderful manner as before, the Crillon sped out in quest of something fresh. The end product is an enthralling postmodern success.

The renovation took four years in total, and the hotel reopened in 2017 under the Rosewood brand.

The finest of the Crillon has been painstakingly conserved, while the best of what is new (the bar, the barbershop, L’Ecrin restaurant, and the magnificent suites by Karl Lagerfeld) is jaw-dropping in its audacity and daring.

After a day on the town, unwind in the Les Ambassadeurs club, which attracts Parisians with live music and a range of over 100 Champagnes. Or in the new spa.

Which features an indoor heated pool and treatments inspired by the beauty secrets of French grandmothers and great-grandmothers. For many years, the Crillon has been a sentimental favorite among the French.

It’s a splurge, but aficionados of French history and style, as well as hotel addicts with a long list of world landmarks to stay at, will not be disappointed.

19. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Confidentiel

best hotels in paris

Philippe Starck has done it again, bringing a flirtatious Art Deco hotel to the lower Marais.

However, this small mirror-glazed treasure is a very cheap and cozy retreat with a quirky atmosphere. With falafel-favorite Miznon only to the east and French fashion giants The Kooples, Maje, and Sandro to the west.

There isn’t a typical lobby here–blink and you’ll miss the door–but with its dusty-pink and yellow walls, diamond-shaped carpets, and geometric-print couches, it seems straight out of Twenties Paris.

They named each of the 29 rooms after a famous mademoiselle of the time and features a postcard-perfect view of Parisian rooftops and huge fluffy mattresses.

A welcome respite after an evening of wine and steak fries. Nicolas de Soto (previously of Experimental Cocktail Club) is behind the bar, and while the drinks are worth stopping by for, passers-by may miss it.

Breakfast is served in baskets of tiny croissants, but we recommend walking over to Parisian favorite Circus on the Left Bank for their fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon buns and foamy cappuccinos.

20. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Hotel Des Grands Boulevards

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.


The Experimental Group — three perfectly acceptable former schoolmates. Revolutionized the Paris bar scene ten years ago with their charmingly raffish Experimental Cocktail Club.

They recently ventured into the hotel business, first with the cheerful Grand Pigalle. And then with the similarly cheery Henrietta in London. And now there’s Hôtel des Grands Boulevards. Which could be the most enticing of them all.

Grands Boulevards is a historical phrase alluding to Baron Haussmann’s transformational thoroughfares.

A Métro station; and, for many Parisians, words likely to conjure up an unfavorable image of wide-eyed yokels from outside the périphérique streaming into and out of the area’s theaters.

You should definitely join them. From the beloved theatres to the beautiful covered arcades and bustling textile factories, this is one of the city’s most diverse and vibrant neighborhoods.

Best Hotels in Paris 2022: More on Hotel Des Grands Boulevards

Also, the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, an 18th-century townhouse renovated into 50 rooms, a restaurant, and three bars, could not be a more handy or opulent base for the would-be flâneur.

Dorothée Meilichzon, an interior designer, plays with textures, forms, and colors in a unique and appealing way. 

However, the rooms aren’t large, yet there isn’t a bad one among them: with their beautiful greens, blues, and pinks, they’re both simple and sensual. And the organization is sticking to its experimental promise.

Whatever you purchase, expect to be pleasantly surprised. If you’re unsure, try Experience 1: vodka, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, lemongrass, and basil.

21. The Peninsula Paris

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

After sitting dormant for decades, a historic 1908 hotel has been converted into the Hong Kong-based Peninsula brand’s first Parisian outpost. And one of Paris’s newest Palace-grade hotels.

A team of experienced artisans worked for four years to create spacious, elegant public areas with a subdued cream hue accentuated by repaired original wood, ornamental stonework, and 40,000 pieces of gold leaf.

And with five in-house eating options, there’s little need to leave. Standouts include LiLi, which serves Cantonese food (including a variety of dim sum).

The sixth-floor L’Oiseau Blanc, an indoor/outdoor French restaurant themed on the early days of flying; and Le Bar Kleber, which has original 1908 wood paneling, enormous mirrors, and terrace views.

22. Best Hotels in Paris 2022: Monsieur George Hotel & Spa

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.


Every week for years, Greek millionaire Umbert Saltiel traveled to Blake’s Hotel in London, Anouska’s Hempel’s first hotel. Which she founded in 1978.

He didn’t want anybody else to help him convert his current hotel, which is housed in a magnificent Hausmann structure only steps from the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Nicolas, his son, sought down the former Bond Girl-turned-designer, Lady Weinberg, and persuaded her to embark on the project. And, as always, she doesn’t do things half-heartedly.

We can see her meticulous attention to detail throughout the house — In a riot of jade, emerald, and forest green, black lacquered paint, chevron tiles, and marble, and so many mirrors that your perspective alters as you go.

More on Monsieur George Hotel & Spa

She adds, “If you’re living, you have to try to be the greatest.” They spread the 46 rooms out across six stories in a modest but well-designed facility.

Anoushka’s travels are reflected in the décor. Moroccan in spirit, with Indian lamps and Romanian ikat patterns; dark and sensuous.

Lady Weinberg is so fascinated with lighting that she put a Perspex filter on light bulbs near the bed to get the right soft glow.

The legendary Parisian yoga and health club Le Tigre offers relaxing massages in the basement. While restaurant Galanya serves Asian-inspired dishes like yellowtail sashimi.

Prawn ravioli, beef tataki, and cod with Japanese mushrooms cooked to perfection. Nothing is an accident or left to chance, much like the rest of the hotel; it’s a symphony of taste, all led by Lady Weinberg herself.

It’s a lavish addition to Paris’s scene.

23. Four Seasons Hotel George V

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best romantic hotels in paris

In Paris, there are many luxurious royal hotels, but the Four Seasons Hotel George V may be the most entertaining.

Why? Jeff Leatham, a world-renowned artistic director, has created flower arrangements that can be found around the hotel and in the gorgeous marble courtyard.

This large luxury hotel lies in an original 1928 landmark Art Deco structure boasting an outstanding Art collection, only steps from the Champs-Elysées, in the center of the famed Golden Triangle of Paris.

The 244 redecorated rooms and suites offer a one-of-a-kind ambiance reminiscent of opulent Parisian residences, complete with breathtaking views from many terraces.

The hotel’s three restaurants have received five Michelin stars, and in-house guests and local Parisians may enjoy a unique gastronomic adventure.

24. J.K. Place Paris

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

Could this be designer Michele Bönan’s crowning achievement?

The Florentine interior designer has always gone above and above for Ori Kafri’s J.K. Place hotel group. Which debuted in 2003 with the much-imitated J.K. Place Firenze.

The J.K. Place Paris, which opened in 2020, is the group’s first hotel outside of Italy. And is a 29-room renovation of a Maison particulier in the Latin Quarter of Paris.

Bönan scavenged antique shops and flea markets for post-Cubist paintings, African chairs, and abandoned designs for old Hermès collections for the interiors.

The beautiful apartments, which are spread across three interconnected buildings and five stories, come with amenities that cushion the hefty costs, such as bathrooms large enough to take your morning coffee in.

Also, the glass-roofed Casa Tua restaurant provides excellent Northern Italian cuisine below. While a tiny but adequate spa pool welcomes languid laps before negronis at the bar.

There’s also a Technogym-equipped gym and two rooms for spa and beauty treatments. But the main draw may be that the building’s owner lends out his own bateau-mouche barge for private Seine excursions, complete with a cinema.

25. Adele & Jules

This is one of the Best Hotels in Paris.

best hotels in paris

Adèle and Jules are two parts of a single beautiful hotel, or two hotels in one block, technically.

Reserved romantics will love the hotel’s low-key offering, which includes 30 different rooms in each building. A Taittinger-led honesty bar in Adèle, and a warm welcome with a real concierge service.

This is paired with a secluded position in an increasingly trendy but not too so 9th arrondissement, near to rue des Martyrs (food shopping), Grands Boulevards (nightlife).

And the Gare du Nord. Stéphane Poux’s style is a purposeful mix of urbanity and generous homeliness, with ikat patterns, Indian cotton quilts, and humorous, fascinating artworks catching his attention.

Also on Adele & Jules

Also, Club rooms have a bathtub and double basins, as well as balconies large enough for lengthy nightcaps.

The smaller deluxe rooms are very delightful if you catch a glimpse of the historic BNP Paribas skyscraper or the Grand Rex theater.

Breakfast includes eggs, sausages, and tiny viennoiseries, and a pick-me-up of Dammann Frères tea, cakes, pastries, and fruit is available between 4 and 6 p.m.

Also, this takes place in a cozy living/breakfast area with plenty of suitable reading material, including shelves of Folio paperbacks in addition to the typical glossies.

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The hotels in Paris urge you to stay awhile.

Also, there’s a hotel here to fit your style, mood, and budget—and to persuade you to stay longer, whether you’re in the City of Light for business or pleasure.

Make like a local in a fashionable northern neighborhood. Hide in plain sight in a historic house. Float down the Seine in a bustling hotspot, or stay at some of the world’s most renowned luxury hotels.

However, whatever you’re searching for during your vacation to Paris, our selection of the top hotels in the city has you covered. Also, if you can’t decide, don’t worry—always there’s next time.

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