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Best Honeymoon Destinations 2022 to Visit After Your Wedding in the USA

 – Best Honeymoon Destinations 2022 –

For most newlyweds, their honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, so choosing the best honeymoon destinations 2022 is essential. It gives you more time to appreciate each other now that you’ve taken care of all the planning and tension.Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re the type of couple who wants to visit a once-in-a-lifetime destination, sample exotic cuisine and architecture, or simply relax on one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.


Best Honeymoon Destinations 2022 in the USA

1. Kona, HI

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Authorized By Constance of the Adventures of Panda Bear.

The beautiful tropical paradise of Hawaii is not just an amazing place to take your time, but an ideal honeymoon spot in the USA that is an entirely different world. 

Kona, Hawaii specifically is a wonderful destination with beautiful beachfront, Hawaiian culture, and local food.

Also, Kona is known for its stunning and vibrant sunsets that light up the sky with shades of purples, pinks, and reds. You shouldn’t go to Hawaii without seeing stunning sunsets on a beach dotted with palm trees and white sands.

Hawaiian culture is famous for its “Aloha Spirit” and you’ll find nothing less from Hawaii. Big Island of Hawaii. The locals are welcoming like you would imagine from Hawaii.

Additionally, it’s not as popular as Oahu and is much less crowded, allowing you and your companion to unwind and enjoy the moment.

Also, the food at Kona is simply delicious! It is the ideal destination for couples on their honeymoon who love food and also provides wonderful opportunities to enjoy a romantic dinner on the beachfront or for an ocean-side brunch.

You must make sure you have lunch or breakfast at the local restaurant in Kona It’s impossible to visit Kona without tasting the famed Kona coffee!

Kona Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy a relaxing day on the white sand beach of Makalawena Beach.
  • A place to enjoy a beachside breakfast with a view of the ocean at Papa Kona Restaurant.
  • Enjoy a romantic stroll after dinner through your Ali’i Drive waterfront.

2. Seattle, WA

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Seattle, Washington is an ideal destination for a honeymoon for couples who love the outdoors. 

However, with mountains, water, and a tropical forest, Seattle is a plethora number of natural wonders for you to discover. 

From biking to hiking and skiing to water sports of every kind imaginable, it’s a place you’ll want to spend time in the great outdoors with your beloved one.

Also, Seattle offers more than just adventure, but. It is a city that enjoys its museums as well as music venues, sports teams and, of course, coffee! (Seattle is the home of the first Starbucks and is renowned for its nifty coffee culture.)

Small-town charm is just one boat ride from the mainland, you could simply escape the hustle and bustle of city life for some time.

However, if you prefer the beach preference, go west towards your favorite spot along the Pacific coast.

If you’re a couple looking to have fun and enjoy fun adventures and relax in the luxury of a city of world-class that’s not too large or overcrowded, Seattle is a perfect selection.

Seattle Honeymoon Highlights

  • Kayak along with Lake Union with a stop at the beautiful Gasworks Park
  • Get on the ferry and travel to Bainbridge Island for a wine walking tour
  • Take a meal at the highest point on the Space Needle

3. Best Honeymoon Destinations 2022: Charleston, SC

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. There’s romance abounding on every corner of historic Charleston, South Carolina. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

The historical homes and the intimate gardens transform a stroll through the city into an intimate experience. Also, the South of Broad neighborhood is well-known for its stunning Charleston homes.

However, if you’re looking for a longer stroll, begin at Church Street south of the Market. You can walk through the neighborhood until you arrive at White Point Gardens along the Battery.

Then, in the nighttime, embark on a cruise that takes you to the sunset to take in the city’s beauty from a different perspective. 

Its Schooner Pride is Charleston’s sole tall vessel powered by three stylish 80-foot sails that allow guests to take a relaxing evening.

Also, you can visit the Charleston Tea Garden where rows of tea bushes perfectly manicured, stretch beyond what the eye can go. 

However, after a brief introduction to the process of making tea, stroll around in peace to discover the surroundings of the one Tea Farm within the United States.

Furthermore, for a romantic way to end your wedding in Charleston visit Sullivan’s Island, one of many barrier islands nearby to spend a day enjoying the sunshine.

However, after a relaxing day at the beach, have meals and drinks at the Poe’s Tavern. If you’re in search of more adventures with your partner take a stroll along the trails including the lighthouse, fort, and a fort on the southwest shore of Sullivan that overlooks the harbor.

With its fascinating heritage and captivating appeal, Charleston is an incredible US honeymoon spot.

Charleston Honeymoon Highlights

  • Explore through the South of Broad neighborhood to take in the gorgeous homes and the beautiful gardens.
  • Get a different perspective of the city when you take an evening cruise on Schooner Pride. Schooner Pride.
  • Take a look at Angel Oak and the Charleston Tea Garden.
  • Have a great time enjoying the sunshine and the sand of Sullivan’s Island.

4. Eastern Shore, VA

One of the least-known and inexpensive US honeymoon spots can be Virginia’s Eastern Shore. 

This Eastern Shore is a remote part of the state which is linked to Virginia’s mainland via the 17.3-mile bridge-tunnel. It is one of the only bridge tunnels around the globe.

Also, the Eastern Shore is made up of diverse ecosystems and landscapes. One which is prevalent throughout the region is low-country and marshes.

Additionally, the peaceful landscapes offer the possibility of setting off before dawn with a friend to take in a stunning Virginia sunrise.

If you’re looking for things to do that are fun, there are plenty of activities to enjoy in Chincoteague including exploring Chincoteague’s Assateague Lighthouse to taking an easy stroll on the trails of Chincoteague’s National Wildlife Refuge.

Also, whatever you decide to do, it’s likely to be reasonably priced. Hotels and house rentals are easy to find and you’ll get lots of value for the money you spend.

Its Eastern Shore may not be the usual honeymoon destination for the majority of couples. However, it certainly offers a lot and for those looking for an enjoyable honeymoon in a tranquil area in the US, It’s definitely the best option. This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022.

Eastern Virginia Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy a boat ride through Chincoteague to observe the wild ponies
  • Enjoy a seafood buffet at a seafood restaurant on the harbor in Cape Charles
  • You can find a peaceful stretch of shoreline on the Assateague Island National Seashore

5. Sanibel Island, FL

You’re looking for a tropical getaway without having to leave the USA? This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022.

In a quiet corner in the middle of Ft. Myers in southwest Florida is Sanibel Island, a small barrier island that is a world apart from Florida and is joined by a hip to the island that is its sister Captiva through a small peninsula of land.

24 hours restaurants

Sanibel provides an unforgettable vacation within the US with no passport! There are plenty of things to do on Sanibel in the event that you like an island vibe that is relaxed. 

Also, it’s the more peaceful things that make Sanibel ideal for weddings or romantic getaways and honeymoons. Sanibel Island beachfront are famous for their soft white sands and the stunning seashells that float on the shores.

Couples can take a cruise around the islands to explore in the afternoon. You can cycle along the quiet bicycle paths that run throughout the island, paddle kayaks through beautiful natural settings such as J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Preserve, or go to the beautiful Sanibel lighthouse as it sets at sunset.

If you’re in search of an unforgettable honeymoon spot, Sanibel Island is perfect for nature-loving and beach-loving romantics!

Sanibel Island Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy an exclusive champagne sunset cruise
  • Relax with a massage for two with your partner at Casa Ybel Resort
  • Get a private beach dining experience in the sandy beach on Captiva’s South Seas Resort on Captiva


6. Marthas Vineyard, MA

While many couples choose to organize their weddings in Martha’s Vineyard, the island is also an ideal spot for honeymoons.

However, based on the privacy you want your home to be, please note. There are various towns located on Martha’s Vineyard to choose from. The island isn’t huge, and you are able to easily move between towns.

Also, Edgartown is full of beautiful colonial Captain’s residences from the time when Edgartown was awash with whaling cash. West Tisbury and Chilmark are more rural and isolated, with gray shingle farmhouses and cottages.

Also, enjoy your day at Martha’s Vineyard lazing on a beach, shopping in boutiques, and eating at upscale eateries. 

For a more active holiday, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, including SUP kayaking, kayaking, cycling or hiking, and tennis.

A lot of inns that are located on Martha’s Vineyard are adults-only which means you do not need to worry about the frantic screaming of children during vacation.

It is located in the Hob Knob Inn in Edgartown is a stunning boutique hotel ideal for couples. 

Also, its romance Beach Plum Inn has cottages located in the woods and offers amazing panoramic views of sunsets that stretches over Menemsha Village and a walk down to the beach.

The Obamas have enjoyed a date night out with their partners at Sweet Life Cafe in Oak Bluffs and at the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha. 

However, our favorite is sitting outside the Outermost Inn restaurant under the glowing light of Aquinnah Lighthouse. In Edgartown our favorite restaurant is L’etoile.

The best part about Martha’s Vineyard vacation is the variety of things to do if you decide, or alternatively, you can just relax.

Special Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Highlights

  • Go sailing with the wooden vessel Valora to watch the sunset or to a quiet beach in the Elizabeth Islands.
  • Bring a picnic to enjoy dinner in the evening in Moshup Beach (all visitors head to Menemsha therefore Moshup is completely empty).
  • Take a bite in one of Martha’s Vineyard’s elegant dining establishments on Martha’s Vineyard.

7. Nashville, TN

There are a lot of amazing honeymoon spots within America. The USA including Nashville is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022.

Not just it is Nashville one of the cities that is the “Country music capital of the world” but it also has an amazing food scene, beautiful boutique hotels, and live music venues.

Nashville is a honeymooner’s paradise with everything they can possibly desire with a touch of charm, excitement, and rest. Nashville has a laid-back and relaxed vibe.

Although there are plenty of exciting activities available There is also a good quantity of activities in a more relaxed manner. In addition, there’s always live music to listen to.

However, Honeymooners can enjoy live music at all stages in Nashville from famous places to lesser-known ones.

Also, the outdoor scenery in the vicinity of Nashville is stunning. Outside of the city honeymooners can take advantage of some peace and solitude in the rolling hills, or kayak along the lakes and rivers around the region.

There are many museums, art galleries, and historic sites that add to Nashville’s appeal.

Additionally, in the end, Nashville is brimming with activities and there are endless possibilities in this city. Whatever honeymooners do in Nashville, they’ll come away with a lasting impression.

Nashville Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy the night with your newlyweds at the honky-tonk.
  • Enjoy the romantic evening sunset at Love Circle.
  • Get a taste of wine at Arrington Vineyards.
  • Go to a performance at Ryman Auditorium.
  • Relax in the luxurious surroundings of the Hermitage Hotel.

8. San Diego, CA

The city is located on the coast that runs along The Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego is the ideal spot to have a romantic honeymoon. 

With endless miles of beaches with white sand and stunning climate, San Diego provides plenty of exciting and romantic activities.

Also, the Hotel Del Coronado is your perfect honeymoon destination. This historical beachfront hotel is located across from San Diego Bay and has been the home of presidents, royalty, and famous people. What better way to celebrate you with your spouse?

resorts near you

If you’re looking for something more adventurous in your travels, then San Diego is a great alternative. There are many activities to enjoy during your time in San Diego!

Also, there are many great places to visit. San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, USS Midway as well as Balboa Park are great places to begin. 

Old Town San Diego and Little Italy are great places to finish your day with a romantic meal. San Diego is a great romantic spot to spend your wedding here in the USA!

San Diego Honeymoon Highlights

  • Have fun surfing lessons with your partner.
  • Campfires at night are a great way to relax at the beach
  • Explore the gorgeous Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego

9. Savannah, GA

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Savannah is the ultimate Southern honeymoon spot! Its laid-back pace draws couples to take a break while taking pleasure in the beautiful architecture of the city’s stunning squares, gorgeous parks, and many outdoor cafes.

If you’re looking for speed, City Market and the recently developed Plant Riverside District offer plenty of nightlife options, and Tybee Island is only 20 minutes away and is the ideal place to get your feet into the sand.

The process of determining the most appropriate season when you can visit Savannah should not be too difficult. However, spring is usually the most popular time of year. Pros and cons exist for each month.

Remember that Savannah is an important tourist destination for foodies! Make sure to dine out at least every once in a while.

Also, it’s the Olde Pink House, Vic’s on the River along Alligator Soul are some great places to have an intimate dinner.

Note: Savannah is a very LGBT-friendly city, and everyone is accepted and feel in Savannah.

Savannah Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy a romantic walk along River Street to watch the ships enter the port.
  • Have a drink at one of the many rooftop bars in the city. Peregrin in Perry Lane, Electric Moon Skytop Lounge, and Top Deck at Cotton Sail Hotel are three great options.
  • Visit the shops on Broughton Street and afterward relax with a massage for two with a couple massage at Spa Bleu.

10. Key West, FL

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. The perfect honeymoon destination within the United States is Key West, Florida… and the Florida Keys as a whole.

Also, this distinctive American landscape is different from what you’ll find throughout the United States and it is equally adventurous and romantic.

The most efficient method to reach Key West is to hire a car and make a Miami from Key West road trip and stop at state parks and beautiful beaches on the way. 

However, make sure you include John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park on your list because it was the first subsea State Park within the US. Bahia Honda State Park is not to be missed if you are in the Middle Keys.

There are a variety of hotels and romantic spots to visit on the journey from Islamorada to beautiful spots located in Key Largo. 

In reality, Bungalows Key Largo is the only resort that is all-inclusive within Key Largo in the Florida Keys. However, Key West tops them in terms of variety, making it the ideal honeymoon destination.

If you’re in search of a luxurious hotel within Key West, opt for Casa Marina Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. 

If you’re budget-conscious it is possible to stay within key areas like the Middle or Upper Keys such as Marathon, Islamorada, or Key Largo.

Key West is definitely a perfect honeymoon spot in the US where you can enjoy numerous things to do and activities for your spouse and you.

Key West Honeymoon Highlights

11. Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. For a long time, Fort Lauderdale has been one of the top American LGBTQ+ travel destinations.

It’s not a surprise that the sunny south Florida destination is among the most sought-after queer romantic destinations within the USA!

Also, Gay Fort Lauderdale is a paradise with stunning beachfront, LGBTQplus nightlife, accommodations, chic boutiques, and great restaurants.

Additionally, the most gay-friendly beaches in Fort Lauderdale are located on Sebastian Street and stretches to Castillo Street. 

It’s the perfect spot to relax and soak in the sunshine and sandy beaches while on the honeymoon, and it’s close to some of the most popular gay-friendly hotels located in Fort Lauderdale.

Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

If you want to spend an entire day at the beach or go for an evening stroll with your partner, Sebastian Street Beach is the ideal spot to be in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale is also a popular spot for boating or cruises along the waters of the intercoastal. A romantic cruise or dinner cruise excursion on the water can make an unforgettable evening. your forever love.

A wedding ceremony spent in Fort Lauderdale is incomplete without delicious food and perhaps some cocktails to celebrate the occasion. 

Fort Lauderdale’s principal LGBT nightlife area is located within the nearby village of Wilton Manors.

Also, Fort Lauderdale is also home to the Stonewall National Museum and Archive. It’s an archive and museum that is solely dedicated to the protection of LGBTQ+ history, culture, and fighting for civil rights.

Also, it’s the perfect place to visit on a honeymoon to commemorate the union of a couple and to honor those who fought for making it a legal requirement.

Ft Lauderdale Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy marriage equality in The Stonewall National Museum. Stonewall National Museum.
  • Get a taste of dancing with gays of Wilton Manors
  • Enjoy a romantic cruise with your loved one on the waters

12. Best Honeymoon Destinations 2022: Temecula, CA

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Temecula is the ideal romantic honeymoon spot within Southern California for all the newlyweds who enjoy wine!

It is located in the East, half halfway in between Los Angeles and San Diego It is a simple access point and offers plenty of opportunities for enjoyable day excursions.

The rolling hills and the warm dry climate is like Tuscany however, when you go to Old Town Temecula, you are transported to an idyllic little Wester town straight from the film set.

However, if you’re looking to indulge in a bit of glamour and glitz then you should visit Pechanga Casino and Resort. Pechanga Casino and Resort to enjoy a night filled with dancing, entertainment, gambling, and much more.

Temecula has a lot to do with wine. There are more than 30 wineries, some of which produce incredible wines that have won awards. There are a variety of organized wine tasting tours that you can select from, whether in a private setting or as a part of groups. You can also choose the ones that you like.

To make your honeymoon more memorable, make sure you stay at one of these stunning hotels with a winery within Temecula. They are stunning that is nestled in the hillside that rolls.

Make sure you get up early to spend the day with your loved one for a stroll through the grapevines and take in the beautiful dawn over the vineyards. A romantic and idyllic setting, ideal to be a romantic honeymoon location to America!

Temecula Honeymoon Highlights

  • Experience a sunrise hot-air balloon ride across the Temecula vineyards
  • Take a sidecar ride on a motorcycle wine tasting tour
  • Enjoy a meal and drink tour through the old town Temecula


13. Amelia Island, FL

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Amelia Island is perfect for your honeymoon as it is where you can find a variety of romantic hotels as well as a myriad of activities to enjoy like paddling, walking along the beach, visiting the nature parks, and so on.

Ferdinanda Beach has over 50 blocks of the city’s history and is so adorable and ideal to stroll around with your loved one. 

There are numerous restaurants to choose from and the seafood served on Amelia Island is fresh and delicious!

It’s truly one of the best spots to go on your romantic honeymoon in Florida! Do not forget to get up early to watch the sunrise!

Amelia Island Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy a wonderful seafood dinner with your newlywed
  • Stroll along the gorgeous Ferninanda Beach
  • Rise early to catch an unforgettable sunrise

14. Catalina Island, CA

One of the most romantic destinations to honeymoon within America. The United States sits less than 30 miles from the coast of Southern California depending on where you leave from.

It even has the basis of an old tune by The Four Preps, “26 Miles”. Catalina Island has been a refuge to Hollywood actors since Golden Era and is even the location where Marilyn Monroe was discovered.

Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

However, one of the main reasons Catalina is such a romantic and perfect honeymoon destination is because you can enjoy the pleasure of a Mediterranean destination without ever leaving the US.

The entire island is filled with charming, colorful cottages as well as modern structures that remind us of its Hollywood glamour days and stunning turquoise waters.

Catalina Honeymoon Highlights

  • Take a relaxing day in a beachside cabana Descanso Beach Club. Descanso Beach Club
  • Enjoy a spectacular sunset from the seat on the rocky cliffs with views of the Pacific Ocean at Buena Vista Point Scenic Overlook or enjoy a breakfast with the most stunning views of Avalon in the Inn located at Mount Ada
  • Get a taste of an old-fashioned date night on the island’s historic and well-preserved 20th century Casino Movie Theater

15. Newport, RI

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Newport is among the oldest towns in trading, situated at the southern end of Aquidneck Island. 

There are forts, some among the oldest colonial buildings in the US as well as the US”oldest” Jewish synagogue. Newport was also a place for one of the most beautiful weddings in this century the wedding is that of Jackie as well as JFK.

Also, Newport is the perfect spot to stay for a week enjoying its culture and taking a dip in its beautiful beaches. Or, you could make it a destination while touring the other regions of New England.

Have a romantic drive in an antique vehicle by one of the “summer cottage” mansions of America’s first millionaires, such as The Vanderbilts and Asters, And don’t forget to sample the New England lobster roll!

Newport Honeymoon Highlights

  • Ride a bicycle on Ocean Drive, viewing the Beavertail Lighthouse.
  • Enjoy wines in the vineyards at Newport Vineyard.
  • A romantic walk along the cliff walk.
  • Enjoy a meal on the lawn to take in the best views of Newport from The Inn at Castle Hill.
  • Cruise in the sunset on Narragansett Bay and view the iconic Newport Bridge.

16. Maui, HI

Maui is the perfect spot to unwind, relax, and enjoy time with your loved ones following your wedding. The stunning resorts, gorgeous landscapes, and beaches amazing food, exciting activities, and a wonderful climate all year round make Maui the perfect honeymoon spot within the US.

Relax on the beach, or play in the resort’s pool. On several beaches, like Maluaka or Wailea there is the possibility to go snorkeling and spot sea turtles.

Enjoy a drive along the road towards Hana and stop along the way to experience the red and black sand beaches and delicious meals like the banana bread that is famous and the chicken at Huli’s Huli Huli Chicken Shack and BraddahHutts barbecue grill.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous you can take an aerial tour of the island, go on a zipline ride or go surfing or go to the top of Mt. Haleakala to watch the sunrise.

After you’ve had lots of fun Take advantage of some of the most enjoyable experiences you can share with your partner. Couples massages are the perfect opportunity to relax and have an unforgettable time together.

Also, there is the option of an evening cruise during the evening, or hire the convertible to go to the beach for a drive in the evening, or parking near the beach and gazing up at the stars with your partner.

Maui Honeymoon Highlights

  • Enjoy a sunset cruise
  • Take a look at Maui from above during an aerial tour
  • Enjoy a massage for couples on the beach

17. Las Vegas, NV

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA. The months of spring and autumn are the best times to visit Vegas.

However, Sin City is popular with couples who are on honeymoon all year long. The city is full of romanticism and its beautiful lights and sounds are waiting to take lovers from their seats!

Although Sin City is known for casinos, however, you can also find Las Vegas attractions for couples in addition to gambling. 

Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

However, there are numerous shows that include events, exciting rides, and concerts, as well as restaurant and pool parties that are top of the line as well as museums. 

Outside Las Vegas offers hiking, ATV riding as well as landscape gardens in the deserts, water activities, and stunning landscapes that are perfect for couples who want to be adventurous.

Also, the lavish casinos in Sin City make the best honeymoon destinations for couples. You can stay in a fountain-facing room at Bellagio and in the penthouse suite that has stunning views of the Strip.

A romantic getaway in Las Vegas is like having an all-encompassing journey around the globe with your partner as you enjoy an unforgettable romantic getaway within the USA! 

Couples can take in the beauty in Eqypt at Luxor as well as the antiquities of Rome at the Ceaser’s Palace. Are you looking for some ideas? These are some of the best romantic activities you can enjoy in Las Vegas for couples!

Las Vegas Honeymoon Highlights

  • Take a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris Las Vegas.
  • Take a romantic meal with the view of the famous Fountains of the Bellagio.
  • Gondola rides are available at the Venetian.

18. Nantucket, MA

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations 2022. Nantucket is the perfect spot for a romantic honeymoon. The charming homes can be seen throughout the island, and the downtown is the ideal spot for a romantic meal.

However, there are numerous museums that allow you to learn more about the rich history of Nantucket. Such as The Museum of African American History, Nantucket Whaling Museum, and Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum.

Additionally, one of the romantic activities you can do is explore Nantucket on a bicycle. Also, the entire island is bicycle-friendly with bike trails that connect Siasconset, Surfside, and Madaket. 

Take a picnic lunch to relax on any of the beaches or take a stroll through the forest to see animals. The whole day can be spent enjoying the gorgeous beaches if you’re keen on unwinding with cuddles and a swim. 

It’s also recommended to walk through the Sconset Bluff Walk in Siasconset. Also, it will take the visitor up to Sankaty Light House which is the most picturesque spot to enjoy sunsets on the island.

Furthermore, it is possible to end your trip with a delicious meal in the town before returning Downtown.

Nantucket Honeymoon Highlights

  • Explore the island via bike.
  • Take a look at the sunset at Sankaty Light House.
  • Take a romantic meal Downtown.
  • Your partner will be delighted with a romantic lunch at the beach.

19. Los Angeles, CA

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations. Los Angeles is a sprawling city best known for its TV and film productions. However, there’s much more to it than Hollywood as well as Universal Studios.

For couples who aren’t able to decide between the beach, the city, and the natural world, note. Los Angeles has everything. Here are three things that romantic couples on a honeymoon can enjoy:

  • Griffith Park. This has over 45 trails that range from easy to difficult. And each trail offers a stunning view from Los Angeles. This makes it a perfect spot for an intimate picnic.
  • Also, the city is located on The West Coast.

Los Angeles is home to the most beautiful sunsets. You can snuggle your loved one in the comfort of Manhattan as well as Venice Beach as you watch the changing colors of the setting sun.

However, for those who are keen on trying new food options, visit LA’s K-Town, a vibrant area. Also, you can start by taking a break for a couple of hours in the Korean spa.

Additionally, it can get your taste buds fired to prepare to enjoy Korean BBQ in Soon Won Galbi.

LA Honeymoon Highlights

  • Take a picnic lunch and hike along any of the park’s numerous trails.
  • Enjoy a sunset on the beach.
  • Enjoy a day in the Korean spa and then eat a Korean barbecue later.

20. New York, NY

This is one of the best honeymoon destinations. A lot of romantic comedy films take place within New York for a reason It is perhaps among the top cities in the United States.

Walking around New York City feels like being in the midst of one of your favorite television shows or films. There are a lot of wonderful things to do which will create the perfect honeymoon.

However, whatever time of the year you are planning your wedding day, there’s an activity that is romantic. Take a stroll under the blossoms of the cherry trees during Central Park in spring. 

Relax on a bench in Washington Square Park in an early summer evening, and listen to the jazz of buskers. Take in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together in the autumn. 

Enjoy ice skating in Rockefeller Center or Bryant Park during winter. Any time of the year it is possible to visit iconic landmarks like Times Square and take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. 

Also, there is a restaurant to choose from among the numerous cozy eateries which line the streets of West Village. West Village.

Soho along with Fifth Avenue has great shopping and you can also pick up an amazing souvenir of your honeymoon. Take a trip up Fifth Avenue to visit some of the most famous museums around the world. 

The top of the Met offers stunning views from Central Park that you can take in with glasses of wine.

Also, it is a plethora of romantic activities that you could do when visiting New York City that it is hard to pick the top three. my top three romantic experiences that shouldn’t be missed is:

Best Honeymoon Destinations to Visit after Your Wedding in the USA

NYC Honeymoon Highlights

  • Take in the views from the highest point of the Empire State Building. Also, visit the top in the late afternoon to see the sunset and see the lights of the city coming out after dusk. There is nothing more romantic than that.
  • Boats can be rowed on the lake at Central Park. This is the ideal activity to enjoy with your partner on your wedding day. Relax and lay back or row slowly through the water, with famous NYC views.
  • Take in a show with your friends in a show on Broadway. This takes the ‘dinner and movie’ idea to a new level. An evening of the most acclaimed musical theater around is the ideal date night for your honeymoon.


We hope this article on the best honeymoon destinations 2022 was helpful. However, Do well to visit any of these best honeymoon destinations 2022 when you’re on your honeymoon.

Also, if this was helpful, please do well to share with friends and loved ones.

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