26 Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022 and Where to Find Them

 – Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022-

This is a list of the world’s largest and greatest aquariums as of 2021, based on an extensive study. It includes extensive information on everything from the largest tank to the viewing panel sizes to the number of whale sharks.

best home aquarium in the world

Aquariums provide many of us with our first sight of what life is like beneath the waves. Our seas and freshwater sources are alive with marine life. A spectacular diversity of creatures, plants, and organisms that form our world.

Also, a trip to an aquarium may be the first step in educating youngsters on how to care for the environment.

However, there is no scarcity of aquariums. There are over 200 marine aquariums and ocean life centers across the world. According to the MarineBio Conservation Society.

Do you need help narrowing down your options? We have compiled a list of the top ten aquariums across the world.

26 Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022

With, a thorough dive into the most encapsulating water worlds recognized by regional or international organizations. You may discover some of the greatest aquariums in the world.

Below are the best home aquariums in the world 2022:

1. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Whale Shark Exhibit Aquarium (珠海长隆海洋王国)

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Certainly, located inside the colossal “Chimelong Global Sea Resort” amusement park in Hengqin (China). This is the largest and best aquarium in the world. It includes none less than five whale sharks and a wealth of different species like manta beams, corals, and sharks.

Chimelong Sea Realm has established the Guinness Worldwide bests for having the world’s greatest submerged survey done. And the world’s biggest aquarium tank.

Most importantly, a goliath 63 meters blue whale shark sculpture overshadows the world’s biggest aquarium. Making it likewise an astounding sight from outside.

The honor for the world’s biggest tank was given to this aquarium. Because the record volume of 22.7 million liters incorporates rigorously.

The fundamental tank (while the 24-million-liter limit of the Georgia Aquarium comprises the principal tank. Back holding tank, channels, and lines).

We can reach the dazzling aquarium from Macau by transport or taxi in ca. 30 minutes or from Hong Kong in ca. 2 hours.

2. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Georgia Aquarium: Atlanta, GA

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world 2022.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Tens of thousands of creatures swim in over 10 million gallons of water in the United States’ largest aquarium. However, the enormous facility is in Atlanta. It is home to some of the world’s largest fish.

Daredevils may even swim with the whale sharks at the aquarium. There is a petting section for children. Where you can put your hands into a small pool filled with rays and young sharks.

Including Bonnethead sharks, which have eyes in the back of their heads.

Don’t miss the dolphin performance at the museum. Here, trainers show the beauty, athleticism, and intelligence of bottlenose dolphins.

3. Marine Life Park: Sentosa Island, Singapore

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

best home aquarium

This Singapore aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine creatures of over 1,000 species from across 50 unique territories.

The historical center’s shark experience allows visitors to swim inches away from a portion of the sea’s stealthiest hunters. like the hammerhead, silvertip, and shoal sharks.

Guests can likewise meet up close and personal with Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins. At the point when you’re finished ogling at the ocean life. look at the fast water slides and lethargic waterway at Experience Inlet Waterpark.

Which is situated close to the aquarium.


4. S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

The S.E.A. Aquarium (South East Asia Aquarium) on Sentosa Island, Singapore. This contains the world’s biggest assortment of manta beams. Remembering the novel monster maritime manta beam for imprisonment.

It was the world’s biggest aquarium by all-out water volume until 2014. When it was outperformed by the Chimelong Sea Realm.

Including 49 unique living spaces. The aquarium takes visitors on a submerged journey starting from Southeast Asia. Then they proceed through the Middle Eastern Inlet and the Untamed Sea.

The highlight of the Aquarium is the Vast Sea tank with over 18,000,000 l (4,000,000 demon ladies; 4,800,000 US lady). And 50,000 creatures.

Consequently, the Shark Oceans’ natural surroundings hold over 200 of these hunters. Including jeopardized species. For example, the scalloped hammerhead shark and the forceful silvertip shark.

5. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world in 2022.

When you visit this magnificent home to marine life. You’ll get up-close experiences with some of the world’s most interesting undersea creatures.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, one of the world’s largest and greatest aquariums. Holds 740 species, including the massive whale shark.

6. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: The Florida Aquarium

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

The Florida Aquarium is no shallow marine zoological garden. We intend the experience to take guests on an excursion. Starting with a stream from one of Florida’s freshwater springs.

Traveling out to the Florida Keys, and far past into worldwide waters.

Certainly, visitors can walk the Wetlands Trail to see stream otters, gators, and pythons. There are the stars of the No Bone Zone. Besides pufferfish and lobsters in the Inlets and Beach display.

Guests get up near lemurs, chameleons. And, provided that this is truly disposed of, cockroaches, on the Excursion to Madagascar.

Also, don’t pass up on the chance to wonder about the fragile occupants of Winged serpents Down Under. Seahorses, ocean mythical beasts, and then some!

In the same way, like other of the best aquariums on the planet, The Florida Aquarium values its preservation drives.

It’s essential for an internationally perceived coral preservation program in the Florida Reef Parcel (the world’s third-biggest boundary reef). Just as projects intended to ensure wild ocean turtles, whales, and sharks.

7. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world in 2022.

best home aquarium in the world

The Genoa Aquarium is a 33,000-square-foot display with 12,000 creatures that attracts over 1.2 million people each year.

While traveling through this strangely designed edifice. Which is supposed to resemble a ship ready to sail the high seas. Enjoy aquatic life from a collection of 70 tanks!

8. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

home aquarium in the world

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo not only has the world’s biggest collection of sand sharks. But it also has the world’s largest suspended aquarium.

Furthermore, take a behind-the-scenes tour. Or take a glass-bottom boat trip with submersible simulator elements to get the entire experience. Check out the rest of the 99 greatest things to do in Dubai!

9. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Cube Oceanarium, Chengdu, China

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

First, the Block Oceanarium (浩海立方) opened in 2015. It is in the Chinese city Chengdu inside the world’s biggest unattached structure. The New Century Worldwide Center (新世纪环球中心).

It is the most recent section in our main ten rundown of the best aquariums on the planet.

It is all the more definitively arranged inside the Shoreline City Shopping center. And houses over 33,000 sea animals remembering the greatest jellyfish in the world.

The fundamental tank has two rather little whale sharks and various other fish species.

Second, the Block Oceanarium holds for the second two Guinness World Records. One is for the world’s biggest acrylic window. The other for the world’s biggest aquarium window (39.65 m wide and 8.3 m tall).

It shows warm and cold waters displays. From the Pacific across the tropical oceans along the Amazon toward the Northern Icy. The principal tank holds over ten million liters.

And over 10,000 marine creatures from everywhere in the world.

10. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Oceanográfic, Spain

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

The Oceanográphic complex is Europe’s largest of its type, spanning 110,000 square meters. Visitors may expect an all-inclusive training, leisure, and research experience. It spreads throughout ten gorgeous regions.

However, this includes wetlands, swamps and marshes, and a garden.

Valencia’s colossal Oceanogràfic is the biggest aquarium in Europe. Spreads across 1,200,000 square feet, simply a stone’s skip from the Balearic Ocean.

It unquestionably charges itself as: “a top-notch logical, instructive, and sporting focus”. Its territories, housed in nine submerged pinnacles, address every one of the world’s significant biological systems.

From the frozen to the calm and tropical.

Guests to L’Oceanogràfic can meander among Bermuda and the Canary Islands. Along the longest aquarium burrow in Europe. Or friend into the completely clear home of a curious group of Belugas–the main blood-related gathering in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Secrets of the Ocean show conceals animals eminent for their excellence. Also the strangeness, or extraordinary logical attributes. Maybe the most intriguing occupant here is the Atlantic horseshoe crab.

These pedigreed, nine-looked-at arthropods are in reality more similar to insects and scorpions than crabs. Further, the hemocyanin in their blood is crucial in medication. It might even play a part to play in the Covid antibody.

The Oceanogràfic completes various marine preservation projects locally and further away from home. In short, remembering reads for maintainable fishing. And the assurance of bottlenose dolphins, just as the work embraced by its Recuperation Place for Marine Fauna.

11. Nausicaá–Centre national de la Mer

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

best aquarium

Nausicaá isn’t only a building wonder, all things considered.

With an enormous variety of ocean life and a center instructive mission, Nausicaá is one of the most incredible aquariums on the planet. Zeroing in on the connection between humankind and the ocean.

Right around 60,000 magnetic animals call Nausicaá home, from lionfish to the ocean lions, and from panther sharks to tiger sharks and little spotted catsharks. We’ll make a note to inquire why they named many after felines.

There are uncommon fish who enlighten the dull with light like organs, and lofty beams who move as though flying through the profound. The jellyfish! Is it even conceivable to watch these thick diamonds coast around without feeling somewhat awestruck?

Flaunting the biggest tank in Europe, 1,600 distinct species are on show across two immense displays. Excursion on the High Oceans, and Humankind and Shores.

They additionally associated the aquarium with preservation work a long way from its catchment region. Assisting with recreating the coral reef in the Maldives and attempting to secure the African penguin in South Africa.

12. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Planned by the renowned American planner Peter Chermayeff, the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (海遊館), shows up exceptionally trendy from the outside.

It has one whale shark and a wide assortment of different species, including otters, ocean lions, penguins, dolphins, beams, and jellyfish.

Finished in 1990, it is one of the most established aquariums on our rundown. Common for this time, the size of the survey board isn’t close to as large as in later aquariums.

Guests enter on the eighth floor and wind their direction down around a huge focal tank. A few of the lengths of the tank various floors making it conceivable to notice the creatures according to alternate points of view.

The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan can be reached by a five-minute stroll from Osakako Station on the Osaka Metropolitan Tram Chūō Line. Also, it is close to the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

13. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Shedd Aquarium: Chicago, Illinois

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

home aquariums

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which opened in 1930, is one of the world’s oldest aquariums.

The museum specializes in offering learning opportunities for visitors of all ages. Also, it’s home to sea otters, lake sturgeons, giant river turtles, blacktip reef sharks, and other water creatures.

Use the free audio guide to learn more about the aquarium’s most iconic animals, including the dramatic rescue tale of green sea turtle Nickel.

Penguin enthusiasts may get up and personal with Magellanic penguins while learning about their anatomy. Similarly nesting season and the museum’s penguin conservation efforts in South Africa.

14. Kenting National Museum of Biology and Aquarium, Kenting, Taiwan

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

The Public Historical center of Sealife Science and Aquarium (NMMBA) (國立海洋生物博物館) is situated inside a tremendous open-air water park on the southern shoreline of Taiwan close to Kenting (Checheng, Pingtung District).

The historical center has three principal shows: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Realm Structure, and World Waters Structure.

The Coral Realm Structure is lodging an 81-meter (266 ft.) submerged moving track, one of the biggest submerged passages in Asia.

The fundamental sea tank inside the Waters of Taiwan show holds 5.7 million liters of seawater. In short, it has a 16.5 m × 4.85 m acrylic seeing window, and provisions one whale shark.

15. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Canada

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

home aquarium in the world

At Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, you may marvel at the visual delights of over 16,000 unique sea and freshwater creatures.

It is one of three aquariums owned by the famous Ripley’s Entertainment business and includes over ten galleries displaying animals from around the world.

It opened in 2013 and is one of three aquariums owned by the renowned Ripley’s Entertainment company.


16. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Lisbon Oceanarium

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Oceanário de Lisboa is the most famous social fascination in Portugal and is regarded as one of the most outstanding aquariums on The planet.

A visit to the Oceanarium is a marvelous excursion through four incredible zones, which reproduce the rough coastline of the North Atlantic. The frigid tundra of the Antarctic, the kelp backwoods of the Pacific, and the coral reefs of the Indian sea–not awful for €19!

Certainly, the aquarium is brimming with species you’ve won’t ever know about. The bignose unicornfish. The fire goby, the old spouse, the wide-looked at wallow, the nursehound, the marvelous nursery eel, and bounty more.

Add to this the unconventional coral, uncommon sharks, appendage recovering lizards, lethal toxic frogs, and exquisite puffins. You can perceive any reason the aquarium is a particular hit.

A portion of the Oceanarium’s greatest draws is the variety of brief displays it puts on every year. From environmental change-centered shows two scenes that would be at home in a popular workmanship exhibition.

However, the aquarium is engaged with rearing projects in an organization with the European Relationship of Zoos and Aquaria.

It additionally supports different preservation projects outside its dividers, for example, the Angelshark Venture.

This means to secure the basically imperiled shark, and a program pointed toward protecting undermined ocean turtles in São Book and Príncipe.

17. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Vancouver Aquarium

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

best home aquarium in the world

With over 30 displays, 50,000 creatures, and an exploration and preservation base appreciated on the globe. Vancouver’s non-benefit Aquarium is viewed as one of the most amazing aquariums on The planet.

Therefore, local people and sightseers, the same can find species local to the rough Pacific bank of English Columbia in Fortunes of the B.C. Coast. Check whether you can detect a little wonder, the Pacific Sharp Lumpsucker, heaving for air among the weeds.

Visitors can encounter the variety and mugginess of the rainforest in the Graham Amazon Display. And stroll around wide-looked at among schools of brilliant fish in the Jungles.

The Wondrous Jams show is one of the most mind-blowing jellyfish exhibitions you’re probably going to see.

Consequently, Vancouver Aquarium is home to Sea Astute, its exploration, and preservation focus. This centers on securing and reestablishing the world’s seas. Together, they work on various drives, at the aquarium, in their patio, and all throughout the planet.

Through Sea Shrewd, the aquarium safeguards and rehabilitates over 150 marine well-grown creatures consistently. Your ticket cash goes straightforwardly to penniless creatures!

18. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Aqua Planet Jeju, South Korea

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Here’s a one-of-a-kind display that gives a breathtaking view of a diverse range of animals from the world’s five seas. Immerse yourself in the aquatic creatures swimming around you.

Or be amused by the synchronized swimming performance and a range of informative programs.

Hanwha Aqua Planet Jeju is on Jeju Island, 90 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula.

Though its emblem still includes a whale shark, the aquarium no longer features such species because one of two whale sharks perished barely 40 days after being delivered to the aquarium in 2012.

However, following discussions with Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial authorities, agencies, and marine biologists. They released the surviving whale shark.

19. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: Aquarium of the Bay

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Aquarium of the Narrows shows you don’t need to deliver oceanic miracles from around the world to give an astounding aquarium. Theirs is home to more than 20,000 marine creatures, zeroing in on the variety of life inside the waters of Northern California.

Found on the renowned Wharf 39, the non-benefit Aquarium of the Straight is brimming with intriguing nearby characters.

There are California sheep’s heads, who choose their own sexual orientation. Fearsome bat beams, who squash their food with iron jaws and ward off hunters with venomous spines; and amicable seven-gill sharks.

All known to wander the shallows of San Francisco Sound for as long as 32 years.

You can submerge yourself (not in an actual sense, as enticing as it very well may be) in the biological systems of San Francisco.

Straight by investigating its contrasting profundities, little hiding spots, and be captivated by its variety of inhabitants as you move through a scope of completely clear passages.

Aquarium of the Narrows runs after a mission of working with “the movement of environment versatility and sea protection”.

From rearing and salvage drives to science and nature programs in schools, the Aquarium of the Narrows is a stronghold of sea examination and training in and around the Sound Region.

It additionally takes part in in-house supportability projects, zeroed in on squander redirection, water, and energy preservation, and contamination anticipation.

20. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: AquaDom Sea Life, Germany

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world 2022.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Visit this cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with a built-in transparent elevator to experience life beneath the sea’s waves.

The Aquadom, without a doubt one of the greatest aquariums in the world, is the largest of its type and contains over 1,500 fish from 50 different.

21. Best Home Aquariums in the World 2022: The Deep, Hull, United Kingdom

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Frame, in Britain’s North East, likely isn’t the primary spot you consider regarding the world’s most noteworthy aquariums. East Yorkshire’s little, grant-winning, gladly non-benefit, and preservation first aquarium is truly outstanding.

Across nine zones, guests can see sharks, stingrays, gentoo penguins, exotic fish, harmful frogs, and considerably more.

The display is Sludge, and, instead of being brimming with thrashing lawmakers. It’s devoted to animals who rely upon goo to endure–clownfish, eels, and the tricky wrote pipefish.

The Profound likewise gives safe-haven to the UK’s just pair of green sawfish, which are basically imperiled in nature. Further, sawfish are only one of the animal categories profiting from The Profound’s protection center.

It adds to European Reproducing Projects, with examples of overcoming adversity including zebra sharks and Madagascan killifish.

It additionally upholds preservation projects all throughout the planet.

Therefore, has attempted to secure sawfish in Africa, penguins in the Galapagos Islands, ocean turtles in the US. Also, coral in Belize, and, nearer to home, Tansy Bugs in York.

22. Texas State Aquarium: Corpus Christi

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

home aquariums

First, this Corpus Christi, TX aquarium is dedicated to encouraging environmental protection and rehabilitation of species from the Gulf of Mexico. It provides a unique glimpse at the creatures that fill the region’s varied ecosystems.

Second, the museum’s slot meet-and-greet experience, in which tourists encounter Xena or Chico. One of Linnaeus’s two-toed sloths is especially appealing to children.

The aquarium’s animal rescue center assists in the rehabilitation of wounded marine mammals, sea turtles, raptors, and shorebirds.

23. Blue Planet Aquarium, United Kingdom

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

Blue Planet Aquarium is the largest aquarium in North West England, with massive tanks, pools, and underwater tunnels that immerse visitors in the deep blue sea.

Enjoy a range of exhibitions, presentations, and demonstrations, or test your bravery by swimming with sharks!


24. National Aquarium Denmark

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

best home aquariums in the world

Denmark is a center for artists, so it’s just correct that its Public Aquarium is as much an engineering show-stopper as it is a sanctuary for amphibian creatures.

Guests to Copenhagen’s Blue Planet (Cave Blå Planet) first set eyes upon its Honor-winning, whale-formed veneer, prior to heading inside for a crowd of people with over 400 distinct species.

The biggest aquarium in Northern Europe permits you to float around the waters of the world while never leaving the cool climes of Scandinavia. See warty stonefish, electric eels, snapping turtles, and birds from the Faroe Islands.

The aquarium is likewise home to a fairly clever monster Pacific octopus with 2,000 pull cups. It can even unscrew the top of a jam container–recollect that whenever you’re battling!

What’s more, it’s not simply the abounding tanks that entrance. In the same vein, blue Planet gives guests a prominent advanced presentation that permits kids and curious grown-ups the same to find out.

In addition, regards to the nuances and complexities of ocean life through intuitive displays.

On the protection front, Cave Blå Planet unites with analysts, individual aquariums, NGOs, and drives in the Nordic area and then some.

Its joint efforts have included uncovering research considers on the Greenland shark.

A baffling animal category that researchers accept can live for up to 250 to 500 years in the super icy waters around Greenland and Canada.

25. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, United Arab Emirates

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Discover fascinating mysteries on an underwater trip at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, which is styled after Atlantis.

As you stroll through the maze of underwater hallways, you’ll learn to amaze facts about ocean life. Above all, while seeing 65,000 marine species in their natural environment, including sharks, lobsters, jellyfish, and seahorses.

26. uShaka Marine World, South Africa

This is one of the best home aquariums in the world.

Best Home Aquarium in the World

In 2005, the “Outstanding Achievement in theme creative design” Award was given to uShaka Marine World. The world’s fifth-largest aquarium, for its distinctive design inspired by five shipwrecks.

This park, which has magnificent dolphin and seal stadiums, a dive center, a scenic beach, and a massive water park, has no shortage of amusement.

FAQs Best Home Aquariums in the World

1. Where is the Largest Aquarium in the World?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, China’s the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the world’s largest aquarium. It has over 13 million gallons of water in its cages.

2. Where is the Oldest Aquarium in the World?

Brighton Aquarium, now SEA LIFE Brighton, is the world’s oldest aquarium. On Saturday, August 10, 1872, the UK Aquarium first opened its doors, and it is still going strong today!

 3. The Largest Aquarium Viewing Window in the World?

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China boasts the world’s largest aquarium viewing glass. Spanning 39.6 by 8 meters if you want to feel you’re under the water without getting your feet wet.

The Hengqin aquarium also has the largest underwater observation dome and aquarium tank in the world.

4. The longest Aquarium Tunnel in the World?

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium has the world’s longest aquarium tunnel, measuring 155 meters long.


In conclusion, the finest aquariums in the world all have the same wonderful qualities. Magnificent cerulean blue tunnels; enormous cages housing intriguing and clever marine animals.

Experienced personnel working to the highest animal welfare standards; and, of course, adorable but questionably priced gift shop items.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock at the bottom of the sea, you know our seas are increasingly threatened. Fighting to preserve their natural order in the face of global warming, overfishing, and ecosystem devastation.

We dedicate the greatest aquariums in the world to a teaching, preservation, and scientific study, both globally and locally.

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