15 Top-Rated Best Greek Islands 2022 To Visit and Where to Stay on Them

– Best Greek Islands 2022-

The Greek islands require no introduction. It is well known by them all around the world for being the ideal summer holiday location. But what makes Greece’s islands so unique?

greek islands

If you’re looking for adventure or a good time, there’s an island in Greece for you. There are so many wonderful locations to visit in Greece, with the islands offering something for everyone.

First-time visitors frequently describe their vacation to “the Greek islands” as if they were a single entity that could be simply popped into, out of, and in between, like stores in a mall.

The vastness and variety of the archipelagos become clear only when a visitor becomes acquainted with the nation. The fact is that there are over 200 inhabited Greek islands (and about 6,000 islands total).

From the white-and-blue homes of the Cyclades islands to the lush, green Ionian islands to the castle-lined Dodecanese islands, each inhabited island has its own distinct personality.

In this post, you will discover all the secrets of Greece’s greatest islands.

The Best Ways to Get Around the Greek Islands

While there are airports on several of the Greek islands, not all of them are international. Local airlines only served many of the islands such as Aegean Airlines, and flights are only available from nearby islands or Athens.

However, several of the most popular islands (such as Crete, Santorini, and others) have international airports where you may travel straight from cities in Europe or the Middle East.

Island hopping is straightforward while traveling by ferry, especially if you’re staying within one archipelago.

Seajets is the high-speed ferry in the Cyclades Islands, however, passengers may discover other choices (including less costly ships) through Greek Ferries.

Of course, you can rent a car in Athens — or on one of the islands — and drive it aboard the boat, thus transforming your island-hopping adventure into a maritime road trip.

However, if you have an international driver’s license, renting a car on any of the islands is also straightforward.

14 Best Greek Islands 2022 to Visit 

There are almost 200 inhabited islands in Greece! We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 islands for travelers seeking the ideal holiday.

1. Santorini

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

Santorini is not just Greece’s most renowned island, but also its most photogenic.

Also, Santorini is a beautiful island with amazing architecture, breathtaking vistas, breathtaking sunsets, and distinctive landscapes.

The island’s amazing beauty, though, is also why it may grow quite busy, particularly during the summer.

Santorini is also one of the world’s most romantic locations, providing the ideal setting for amazing photographs with your significant other.

Last but not least, Santorini offers some delectable cuisine. Try the mashed fava beans and any tomato-based meal before leaving the island.

Santorini, which was formerly a much larger island, was devastated by a tremendous volcanic explosion thousands of years ago, which sank most of the island beneath the sea. Many people believe that this is the origin of Atlantis mythology.

Santorini is much more than its geological past. Once you’ve arrived, be sure to check out some of the island’s greatest attractions and soak up the atmosphere.

Also, don’t miss out on ongoing sailing in Santorini, visiting one of the island’s vineyards, and watching the sunset over Oia. It’s beautiful.

Why Santorini: The most popular Greek island for couples and honeymooners. High-end restaurants, designer boutique hotels, breathtaking vistas and landscapes, and stunning architecture are all available.

Things to Do in Santorini

On the island, there are many entertaining things to do; here are the top 5.

1. Visit Oia at Sunset: Oia is Santorini’s most gorgeous town, and it’s beautiful of day, but it’s especially lovely after sunset.

2. Take Part in a Winery Tour: Santorini is one of Greece’s most famous wine areas. Joining a wine tour at one of the island’s vineyards is the ideal opportunity to sample some of the island’s varietals and learn about the secrets of local winemaking.

3. Discover Ancient Akrotiri’s Secrets: Ancient Akrotiri is a well-preserved ancient village that was buried thousands of years ago under masses of volcanic ash.

A visit to Akrotiri uncovers fascinating details about life in this rich old city, and it is undoubtedly one of Santorini’s top attractions.

4. Hike a Volcano That is Active: You have the rare opportunity to visit an active volcano while on vacation in Santorini. Its crater is on Nea Kameni, a volcanic islet off the coast of Santorini.

The smoldering crater and the very core of the most bizarre scenes you could ever conceive are only a 30-minute trek away.

5. Fira is the Place to Go if you Want to Dance the Night Away: Even if you’re not a big party animal, a night out in Santorini is something you should do at least once.

Fira Town is home to several vintage nightclubs that have been operating for decades and never cannot impress.

2. Rhodes Island

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

Rhodes is one of the bigger and perhaps the nicest Greek islands to visit, with a plethora of exciting things to do and see.

Once you’ve arrived, don’t miss the Lindos Acropolis, a tour around the ancient town, and a visit to the Grandmaster’s Palace.

Oh, and if you want to see some beautiful coasts and beaches, go to Saint Paul’s Bay. Just remember to bring your sunblock.

Rhodes, the biggest of the Dodecanese Islands, is a popular and historically significant island. It’s also one of the unique of all the Greek islands.

Rhodes is the perfect summer vacation for everyone, with an Old Town that looks more Italy than Greece and an average of 300 days of sunlight each year.

Things to Do in Rhodes

1. Roam through the Medieval Old Town: The Medieval City of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, is completely fascinating and unquestionably unique in Greece.

Take a stroll through the Old Town and see sights like the Grand Masters’ Palace and the Knights’ Street.

2. Visit Lindos: Lindos Quaint is worth a visit. Lindos’ whitewashed alleyways, beautiful beach, and old Acropolis may keep you occupied for a full day.

3. Prassonisi Water Sports: Prassonisi, on the southernmost edge of Rhodes, is an exotic beach and a surfer’s and kite-dream surfers come true.

4. Anthony Quinn Beach: Anthony Quinn fell in love with Rhodes when he filmed The Guns of Navarone there in the 1960s, and with good reason.

Take a vacation to Anthony Quinn Bay and prepare to swim in the clearest seas you’ve ever seen.

5. Kallithea Thermal Springs is a Great Place to Unwind: The healing powers of Kallithea’s hot springs have been recognized since antiquity.

The Kallithea Springs was a place of unparalleled architectural splendor under the Italian occupation. Spending a peaceful day in the newly restored hot springs is now a must.

3. Cyclades Islands

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.


With two of the most visited islands, Mykonos and Santorini. This archipelago is the most popular first destination for American visitors in Greece.

Also, this collection of 24 inhabited islands (out of 220) looks much like the postcards you’ve seen of Greece. White churches with blue domes and pink bougainvillea vines shade quiet side alleys.

Mykonos is renowned for its nightlife and must-see beaches. But it also boasts a beautiful Cycladic hamlet in the island’s heart. Complete with windmills and twisting passageways designed to thwart pirates centuries ago.

We know Santorini for its romance and luxury, with honeymooners reclining in private pools overlooking the caldera.

There are several possibilities for people seeking alternatives to Mykonos and Santorini. Up-and-coming Milos boasts unearthly beaches and the world-renowned Kleftiko caverns.

Tinos has a famous Virgin Mary chapel, and the rustic Lesser Cyclades (Koufonisia, Donousa, Schinoussa, and Iraklia) are ideal for camping.

There are big islands, like Naxos and Syros, the archipelago’s capital, and little islands, such as Sikinos, with virtually few tourists.

4. Crete

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

Crete, the biggest Greek island (and the southernmost, about midway between Europe and Africa), might be considered its own nation, with its own culture, climate, dialect, and food.

Because there is so much to see and do in Crete, most visitors choose to concentrate their efforts on the 160-mile-long island rather than venturing to adjacent archipelagos.

Crete is a location with a wide range of attractions. The island is ideal for everyone, from couples and families to groups of friends and single travelers, thanks to its magnificent natural scenery and rich cultural legacy.


Despite its popularity, Crete is such a large island that there are both crowded and tranquil areas to visit, especially during peak seasons.

Crete, too, is a really genuine location, particularly in terms of gastronomy. Cretan food is known for being one of the world’s healthiest and most flavorful diets.

In Crete, there are two international airports, one in Chania and the other in Heraklion. Many direct flights from Europe and one-stop flights from North America are available.

Alternatively, you may take a ferry from Piraeus to Crete.

Things to Do in Crete

1. Take a stroll Around Knossos Palace: The Palace of Knossos, as the heart of the famed Minoan Civilisation, is one of Greece’s most spectacular ancient monuments that you should not miss.

2. Swim in the Balos Lagoon’s Exotic Waters: The Balos Lagoon is Greece’s unique beach. It’s just a shallow pool of turquoise water surrounded by high rocks, and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. This is without a doubt one of Greece’s best beaches.

3. Admire the Beauty of Chania’s Venetian Port: Walking along the beautiful Venetian Port promenade in Chania is one of the greatest things to do in Crete and the best way to see and be seen on the island.

4. Pay a visit to the Arkadi Monastery: The beautiful Arkadi Monastery in Rethymno was the location of one of Cretan history’s darkest but also most heroic episodes.

During an Ottoman siege, the individuals who had sought sanctuary behind the monastery’s walls committed suicide rather than surrender.

5. Hike in Samaria Gorge: The National Park of Samaria Gorge provides a once-in-a-lifetime 15-kilometer walk. This trek is an experience you won’t want to miss, although it is fairly hard in places.

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5. Mykonos

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

Mykonos is the second and most popular Greek island, behind Santorini, and is known for its unique beaches and wild nightlife.

Relax and dance at the beach bars of Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach during the day under the hot Greek sun.

In the evenings, travel to Chora to view the sunset from Little Venice, wander through the small alleys, and have a good time in the all-night pubs and clubs.

Mykonos has been recognized for its lively nightlife and as the ultimate LGBT-friendly resort since the 1960s.

However, its beautiful beaches and exquisite traditional buildings are equally interesting reasons to visit this picturesque Greek island.

Although touristic and party-oriented, Mykonos also has a genuine side that becomes apparent after you leave the bustling Chora (town) and travel through the island’s beautiful countryside.

Mykonos has an international airport, but you may also reach there by boat from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina in Athens.

Why Mykonos: Party destination/nightlife, a popular destination, luxury vacation, fine dining restaurants, design boutique hotels, gorgeous organized sandy beaches, famous clubs, DJs, and beach bars, famous beach parties, spectacular architecture, sea sports.

Party, Little Venice, Windmills, Super Paradise Beach, Psarrou Beach, Day Tour to Delos are some highlights.

Things to Do in Mykonos

1. Take in the Sunset in Little Venice: Little Venice is the quintessential Mykonos icon and the most beautiful spot on the island to watch a spectacular sunset.

2. Get Lost in Chora’s Narrow Alleys: Chora, or Mykonos Town, is a dreamy tangle of whitewashed tiny alleyways. A walk around Chora is the greatest way to see the island’s beautiful traditional architecture.

3. Go to the Most Beautiful Beaches: Mykonos is well-known for its beachside bars where the party never ends. However, the island also has a great number of unspoiled beaches with crystal clear seas and breathtaking landscapes.

4. Marvel at the Armenistis Lighthouse: One of Greece’s most stunning lighthouses is about 6 kilometers north of Chora. The Armenistis Lighthouse is rather striking, towering above the modest hill on which it is situated, especially after sunset.

5. Visit Delos Island for the Day: Delos Island, located off the coast of Mykonos, is home to one of Greece’s most outstanding ancient monuments. A guided trip from Mykonos is the best way to understand all the ancient sanctuary’s mysteries.

6. Paros Island

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

Paros, one of the most cosmopolitan Greek islands in the Cyclades, is known for its Cycladic architecture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife.

A trip around the island will take you to historic towns with white sugar homes and paved roads, as well as tiny churches dotted across the landscape.

Windsurfing is popular on Golden Beach and New Golden Beach, and there are other fantastic beaches on Kolymbithres and Santa Maria.

Since ancient times, cosmopolitan Paros in the Cyclades has supplied top-quality marble to the rest of the country. They used Parian marble in creating many statues and monuments of Greece.

Although it is most popular with young people, Paros is also a wonderful destination for families and couples. Paros has some of the most picturesque historic towns in the Aegean Sea, as well as magnificent beaches.

From Athens, you may take a plane or a boat to Paros. Many boats stop in Paros before continuing on to the other Cyclades islands of Mykonos, Naxos, Ios, and Santorini.

Why Santorini: The most popular Greek island, a couple’s and honeymoon destination. High-end restaurants, design boutique hotels, breathtaking vistas and landscapes, and stunning architecture.

Highlights include Oia town, Red Beach, Active Volcano, Famous Sunset, Akrotiri Minoan Site, Wineries, and the Archaeological Museum.

Things to Do in Paros

1. Go to Lefkes Village: Lefkes is one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades Islands, not only on Paros. Lefkes Town has a relaxed atmosphere that, when paired with magnificent architecture and colorful bougainvilleas, makes it appealing.

2. Sip a Cocktail in Naoussa: Port Naoussa is a tiny fishing hamlet that is both cosmopolitan and genuine, which is a winning mix.

The greatest time to enjoy the splendor of Naoussa is around twilight, when you may enjoy a drink or two at the gorgeous port.

3. Visit Parikia’s Venetian Castle: Parikia is the principal port of Paros and the largest settlement on the island. It has whitewashed homes and streets, but it also includes a Venetian Castle with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

4. Swim At Kolimbithres Beach: Kolimbithres is the most stunning beach in Paros because of its impressive granite structures and exceptionally pure seas.

5. Take a Day Off Antiparos Island: Antiparos Island is only a short boat ride from Paros. It can be arrived at in less than 10 minutes.

If you want to get away from the rush and bustle of Paros for a few hours, a day excursion to tiny Antiparos is ideal.

7. The Ionian Islands

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

The Ionian Islands (also known as the “seven islands” or “Eptanissia”) are lush and verdant, and they provide unique native culture, music, art, food, and architecture.

While the Ionians are best known for Corfu, the six other main islands can hold their own and get their own share of visitors.

You should walk through the streets of Corfu’s Old Town, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Paxos, near Corfu, is covered with olive trees and has three lovely bays and a satellite island, Antipaxos, noted for its transparent seas.

The largest island, Kefalonia, features wild horses wandering around Mount Aenos in its middle.

Zakynthos is home to Shipwreck Beach, which can only be reached by water, as well as the famous blue caverns that you may swim in.

Lefkada, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge, features forest settlements in the center and some of Greece’s greatest beaches along the coastline.

Small Ithaka, renowned to Homer fans as Odysseus’ home, is still relatively unknown. Finally, Kythera stands out as more Cycladic than Ionian in appearance and is more easily accessible from the Peloponnese.

More About the Ionian Islands

Airports serve Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, and Kythera, which receive domestic flights from Athens as well as foreign charters and carriers.

On Corfu, options include everything from modern luxury coastal resorts like the Grecotel Corfu Imperial to ancient 18th-century estates in the Tuscan-like interior like the Pelecas Country Club.

Banyan Tree just built its first European resort on Corfu, a beautiful coastal enclave with 159 rooms and luxurious pool villas in Old Town.

On Kefalonia, the ultra-modern Tesoro Blu in Skala is a must-see. While the Emelisse Art Hotel is a hidden gem just outside the picturesque village of Fiscardo.

The Perantzada, Ithaka’s sister property, is a modern hotel within a 19th-century mansion on the waterfront in Vathy.

Finally, except for a few tiny hotels like Paxos Beach and Paxos Club Resort & Spa. Little Paxos is solely villa rentals and room rentals. On Zakynthos, Porto Zante Villas & Spa is a luxurious sanctuary on the crowded eastern coast.

While Nobelos is a four-suite, family-run hotel known for its organic restaurant in the peaceful north of the island, near the blue caverns.

8. Kefalonia

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

greek islands

Kefalonia has grown in popularity as a global destination in recent years, particularly since the production of the Hollywood film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin on the island.

Kefalonia is a popular summer vacation for families and couples, thanks to its unique seas and lush scenery. Myrtos is the most photographed beach in Kefalonia, although the beaches of Antisamos, Makrigialos, and Lourdas are all stunning.

Furthermore, Kefalonia, the biggest of the Ionian Islands, fascinatingly combines different cultures because of the island’s lengthy history under the sovereignty of several nations until being unified with Greece in 1864.

Kefalonia, an island of wonderful beaches and charming scenery, is one of Greece’s best islands for anybody who likes a picturesque road trip and a bit of exploring.

More About Kefalonia

Also, the island’s size makes Kefalonia a peaceful location that seldom seems crowded, even during peak season.

Why Kefalonia? Beautiful beaches, blue waters, beautiful scenery, and rich vegetation. Highlights include the beaches of Myrtos and Antisamos, as well as the Melissani Cave and Fiscardo Village.

Flights from Athens to Kefalonia are regular, and charter flights from other European cities are available in the summer.

Kefalonia may also be reached from Athens through a combination of public bus and boat. However, the latter leaves from Kyllini Port, which is approximately 290 kilometers west of Athens.

Things to Do in Kefalonia

1. Go to Melissani Cave: Melissani Cave is a natural wonder with a distinct appeal. Rowboat may only explore the cave.

Make your visit on a nice day to see the enchantment of the sun rays reflecting on the turquoise waters of the subterranean lake as they enter through a hole in the cave’s roof.

2. Visit Assos Village for the Evening: Assos is Kefalonia’s most beautiful hamlet. It is especially lovely in the evening when people wander along its small shoreline and the sinking sun dyes the sea in the most spectacular colors.

3. Visit Agios Georgios Castle: The Castle of Agios Georgios, a former Venetian stronghold, is one of the greatest locations to visit in Kefalonia, both for its historical value and for its spectacular vistas.

4. Swim at Myrtos Beach: They regularly rated Myrtos as one of Greece’s greatest beaches, and I can understand why! As a Greek, I’ve visited more beautiful beaches than I can count.

Myrtos is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Swimming in Myrtos is an amazing experience because of its beautiful white stones and blue seas.

9. Sporades Islands

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

There are 24 of these emerald islands off the northeastern coast of mainland Greece, but only four are inhabited—and you know what they look like if you’ve watched “Mamma Mia.”

Also, there are dark green pine trees, white churches, and plenty of sand, pebbles, and singing. Everything is a part of the Sporades experience.

Skiathos is well-known for its gold-sand beaches and nightlife, whereas Skiathos is more low-key. Skopelos is a natural wonderland with white beach coves, oak woods, monasteries, ancient towns, and several shipwrecks in the National Marine Park off the coast.

Alonissos is in the heart of the National Marine Park and is an excellent base for fishing, bird viewing, and spotting the endangered Mediterranean monk seal.

More About the Sporades

Finally, Skyros is famous for its ceramics and local crafts, churches, and the stunning Chora, a hilltop city topped by a Venetian fortress.

Direct flights from Athens to Skiathos and Skyros connect to the Sporades Islands. A boat from Thessaloniki also serves Skiathos.

During the summer, hydrofoils sail from the mainland port of Agios Konstantinos to all four islands. Ferry or boat links each Sporade to the other.

Tourism on these four islands is around sailing, swimming, mountain biking, sea kayaking, and hiking. Visit Skiathos’ posh Ambelakia to see and be seen, Skyros’ Kalamitsa for wind-surfing, and Skopelos’ Hovolo for pine-scented winds.

Above all, don’t miss out on the National Marine Archaeological Park’s sailing, swimming, or scuba diving.

All across the islands, villas may be rented (like the ones with private pools run by Poikilma Villas on Alonissos).

Lastly, try the family-run Atrium Accommodation above Agia Paraskevi beach in Skiathos, or the Adrina Resort on the beach in Skopelos for a more full-service hotel.

10. The Northeast Aegean Islands

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

This group of 13 islands (the five most notable being Ikaria, Samos, Limnos, Lesvos, and Chios) is Greece’s closest neighbor to Turkey.

You will be well rewarded for your adventure here with beautiful beaches and natural marvels (a petrified forest on Lesvos, volcanic rocks and sand dunes on Limnos, and thermal springs on Ikaria).

International airports are on Limnos, Lesvos (also known as Mytilene), and Samos, while domestic airports areon Chios and Ikaria. There are many ferries that may transport you to these islands from Athens’ port of Piraeus.

Also, visit the archaeological monuments of Samos’ Temple of Hera, Thassos’ Acropolis, Limnos’ ancient city of Ifestia, and Lesvos’ beautiful fortress.

These islands are well-known for their history, but they are also well-known for their water activities. Keros Beach on Limnos is one of Europe’s greatest spots to kite or windsurf.

Stay at the stately Argentikon Luxury Suites in a 16th-century mansion and go back in time to when Genovese nobility controlled Chios.

Finally, sleep above popular Tsamadou beach at Samos’ Armonia Bay Hotel, overlooking the sea at Ikaria’s Toxotis Villas, or on the beach in a luxurious safari tent with Surf Club Limnos.

11. Andros


Similarly, despite its proximity to Athens, the island of Andros maintains a relaxed, family atmosphere during the summer. The beautiful architecture of Chora is Andros’ greatest distinguishing feature.

You’ll like Chora’s tiny cobblestone alleys, the breathtaking view of the Aegean, and the magnificent homes. Andros’ beaches are extremely clear and peaceful.

Unlike the other Cyclades Islands, which are arid and have little or no flora, Andros has lush foliage and 10 rivers that run all year.

Andros is a unique and unspoiled island that feels like no other.

Also, Andros’ landscape is beautiful, and the towns and villages preserve their original charm to the utmost. The island also has some of the greatest beaches in the Aegean Sea.

Things to Do in Andros

1. A stroll Around Chora: Chora is Andros’ charming capital, with a plethora of neoclassical houses dotting the landscape.

Strolling through Chora’s calm alleyways will make you feel as if you’ve gone back in time to when Andros was Greece’s most powerful naval force.

2. Take a Hike: Andros has a vast network of ancient routes that were originally the sole means for residents to go from one hamlet to the next.

Andros is now a genuine hiker’s paradise, with magnificent marked trails that have won international prizes and certificates.

3. Visit the Most Private Beaches: Apart from the island’s widely accessible beaches, Andros also has some breathtakingly beautiful, isolated, and undeveloped beaches. To mention a few, Vitali and Zorkos are among the greatest.

4. Consume Fourtalia: An omelet with potatoes, local sausage, and fresh Greek herbs is a traditional Andros meal. It may not appear to be much, but after you try it, you’ll be convinced otherwise!

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12. Corfu

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

First, Corfu, the Ionian Sea’s most cosmopolitan island, was one of the first Greek islands to open to tourists.

Corfu island attracts millions of visitors each year with its spectacular Venetian architecture, many sightseeing opportunities, and beautiful beaches.

The most well-known resort is Paleokastritsa, although there are lovely locations to stay all around the island.

Corfu has been a favorite summer getaway for nobility and celebrities for ages. Corfu has been a highly popular island for everyone else since the early twentieth century.

Second, Corfu is a lush green island with beautiful buildings and a long history. Corfu is one of the greatest Greek Islands because of its exceptional diversity, which makes it a perfect destination for many travelers.

The International Airport of Corfu is on the island of Corfu. Alternatively, you may go there by ferry from Greece’s Igoumenitsa Port, Italy’s a few ports, and Albania’s Saranta Port.

Family-friendly, architecture, lush greenery, aristocratic, antique, picturesque Town, romantic location, museums, and gastronomy are just a few of the reasons to visit Corfu.

Town of Corfu, Achillion Palace, Mouse Island, Palaiokastritsa Beach, Sidari Canal d’Amour Beach, Glyfada Beach are some highlights.

Things to Do in Corfu

1. Take a Stroll through Corfu’s Historic Center: Since 2007, the Old Town of Corfu has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Because of the significant Venetian impact on the island’s architecture, walking through its gorgeous streets will make you feel as if you’re roaming about an Italian city.

2. Pay a Visit the Achilleion is a Greek Mythological Figure: This neoclassical palace, built as Empress Elizabeth of Austria’s summer house in 1888, welcomes tourists to wander around its beautiful grounds and marvel at the splendor of its interior.

3. Visit the Monastery of Vlacherna: The Vlacherna Monastery is the epitome of Corfu, and a visit to this beautiful islet is a must.

Keep in mind that this is also an excellent location for watching spectacular jet landings at the local airport.

4. Travel to Pontikonisi By Boat: Pontikonisi is a small island off the shore of Vlacherna Monastery (meaning Mouse Island in Greek). In the middle of a dense forest, this islet is home to a 12-century monastery.

13. Ios

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

best greek islands

Ios is one of the greatest Greek islands to visit, and it’s a great complement to vacation to Santorini or Naxos. Don’t be misled into believing that Ios has to be part of a larger journey; it’s a stand-alone destination.

Once you’ve arrived, relax on Mylopotas Beach, see Omero’s Tomb, and sample ouzo at Sainis Taverna in Chora. Ios is another beautiful island in the Cyclades Islands.

Ios would still be one of the most laid-back islands in the Aegean Sea if it weren’t for its burgeoning party culture. Even if you don’t want to party, there are plenty of things to see and do.

Furthermore, young people primarily visited Ios, one of the most prominent Greek islands in the Cyclades. Because of its vibrant nightlife and all-night parties. Ios offers plenty to offer people of all ages.

The beautiful architecture of Chora, as well as the crystal-clear, sandy beaches of Mylopotas and Manganari, will captivate visitors. Hiking around Ios will take you to hidden spots and breathtaking hilltops.

Ios, like the other Cyclades Islands, has whitewashed villages. Beautiful beaches, and, as a bonus, excellent local cheese you must sample.

Why Ios? Beautiful sandy beaches. Great restaurants and stylish boutique hotels are just a few of the reasons. Windmills, Homer’s Tomb, Manganary Beach, Mylopotas Beach, and Agia Theodoti Beach are among the attractions.

Ios is accessible by ferry from both Piraeus and Santorini (International airport).

Things to Do in Ios

1. Stroll Through Ios’s Old Town: The dreamlike network of small alleyways and passages of Ios’ dazzlingly white Chora awaits.

2. Take a Boat Tour of Ios’ Best Beaches: The greatest method to explore the most pristine secret coves and beaches on Ios Island is to take a boat excursion.

3. Pay a Visit to Homer’s Tomb: Homer, the great epic poet, is said to have died in Ios. According to legend.

Although there is no historical evidence that Homer is buried on the island. The trip to his mountaintop tomb is spectacular and should not be missed.

4. Sunset at the Ios Club,: Since the 1960s, people have been going to Ios Club to view the most spectacular sunset.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch the sunset while listening to classical music in the background.

5. Get a Taste of the Nightlife on the Island: Ios Town is oddly calm during the day. But late at night, when holidaymakers and locals alike throng to the island’s pubs and clubs, the beautiful Chora in Ios comes alive.

14. The Dodecanese Islands

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

greek islands

The Greek number twelve (dodeca) inspired the name of this archipelago. Which comprises 12 main islands and a slew of smaller ones.

Also, the two major islands are Rhodes and Kos, with the remaining ten being calmer and less visited. Astypalaia, Kalymnos, and Karpathos get local flights.

While Rhodes and Kos have international airports (making them popular with charter flights from England and Germany).

Ferries go from Athens’ Piraeus port to all 12 of the major islands. Furthermore, Rhodes is famed for its well-preserved walled city. Which includes Crusader castles and an old synagogue.

At the summit of the hill at Lindos, there is an ancient Greek acropolis. A medieval hamlet in the center, and a modern town on the beach at the bottom.

On neighboring islands, see the palaces of Kassos, the brilliantly painted homes of Kastelorizo. And the hilltop Chora of Astypalea, one of Greece’s most beautiful walled settlements.

Retreat to Karpathos to walk or windsurf. Or scuba dive among the World War II wrecks on Leros for a more active Greek isle adventure.

Melenos Lindos, a 17th-century structure with a pebbled mosaic roof deck giving sea views. It is built into the slope right behind the Acropolis on Rhodes.

Pylaia Hotel, on Astypalaia, is both the inspiration for and the site of the island’s magnificent Chora. Which features a pool, spa, and ocean views from the Plori restaurant at its periphery.

Finally, in Patmos, the luxurious Petra Hotel and Suites overlook the sea (and the famed Kalikatsou rock). And is equally close to the beach and the St. John’s Monastery.

15. Zakynthos

This is one of the Best Greek Islands 2022.

They dubbed Zakynthos “The Flower of the Levant” by the Venetians. Who governed the island for over 300 years. Zakynthos, often known as “Zante,” is known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque roads, and friendly inhabitants.

Zakynthos island (or Zante) is a fantastic destination for people of all ages and preferences. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

The organized beaches and loud bars of Laganas will appeal to the youth. While the resorts of Vassilikos will appeal to families.

Navagio, a beautiful harbor with a unique blue sea and a rusty shipwreck on the beach. It is undoubtedly Zakynthos’ most recognized location.

However, in Zakynthos, there is an international airport. Alternatively, you may take a ferry from Kyllini Port in Western Greece to Zakynthos.

Things to Do in Zakynthos

1. Take a Trip to the Blue Caves by Boat: The only way to get to these stunning sea caverns is by boat.

This cluster of limestone rocks in the island’s north creates a breathtaking natural backdrop you won’t want to miss. Here’s where you can learn more and schedule your boat excursion.

2. Go for a Swim at Navagio Beach: The unmistakable feature of Zakynthos is Navagio Beach. The beach itself is immaculate and inviting.

But the rusting shipwreck that has graced its white sand since the 1980s is the reason for its international reputation.

3. Views from The Keri Lighthouse: Keri Lighthouse, in the village of Keri in the south of Zakynthos. It rises on a 300-meter cliff and provides the finest views of the sea beyond.

4. Partake in the nightlife: Many tourists to the island prefer to spend their summer vacation in Zakynthos. This is because of its bustling nightlife, which is well-known across the world.

5. Pay a Visit to the Anafonitria Monastery: Step inside the enchantment of a centuries-old monastery. With magnificent paintings and exquisite gardens to escape the island’s hustle and bustle.

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Greece is a fantastic destination to visit. I mean, the weather, food, and pleasant people make it an ideal vacation spot.

Though Greece is large, it may be tough to pinpoint exactly where to go. Particularly for the greatest Greek islands to visit.

However, I listed the best Greek islands 2022 below. Don’t miss out on this summer’s opportunity to explore these earthly skies. Because each Greek island has its own scenery and style. Each tourist will discover something unique to their tastes.

The Greek islands, which are strewn over two vast seas, the Aegean and the Ionian, are easily accessible by ferry or air.

The above is a list of the finest Greek islands, listed in order of popularity.

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