Want to See the Best Fireworks? Top Destinations and Occasions for Your Bucket List

After the recent New Year’s Eve celebrations and the fireworks you likely saw on the night, you might be keen to expand your viewpoint and travel to places around the world that go all out to put on spectacular displays. 

Best Fireworks in the World

While there are all sorts of excellent spots worth visiting for this, and you might only be able to go to one a year, if, here are some worthy travel destinations and occasions to put on your bucket list and tick off as you can. 

Paris on Bastille Day

One of the most romantic cities on earth is also one of the best places to get a good view of some incredible fireworks.

Head to the French capital on Bastille Day, held each year on July 14th, to see a wide variety of sparkling products in the sky. Including stunning roman candles, rockets, fountains, and cakes, among other things. 

The French celebrate this day in July because it’s the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison during the French revolution, and it’s a national holiday in the country.

If you haven’t seen the Eiffel Tower before, you’ll have impeccable timing if you watch it on Bastille Day when the French set fireworks off from it. Another good spot in Paris to head to epic fireworks is the popular Trocadero gardens. 

New York on the Fourth of July

With the Fourth of July being such a big occasion for Americans, it’s no wonder New York City puts on one of the world’s most epic firework displays.

One of the most memorable times to be in the “Big Apple” is, therefore, at this time of the year when you can see the world-renowned Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular. 

This event features music from a different musical score each year, and the professionally choreographed pyrotechnics show matches the tune. Award-winning artists typically get picked to write the music, with John Legend being one of the big names previously chosen for this honor.

Both classical and patriotic music gets played with the fireworks, with impressive displays of all types getting fired from barges positioned on New York City’s East River. 

To get the best views of the Macy’s show, head to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, or anywhere else in NYC that showcases views of the East River.

You might also like to purchase a ticket on a boat cruise for the night or book a seat at a rooftop bar or restaurant with a good vantage point. 

Cannes for the Fireworks Festival

Most people are familiar with Cannes in France because of its well-known annual film festival that attracts many big stars. However, this part of the French nation is also the place to watch an incredible fireworks event during the annual Festival International d’Art Pyrotechnique.

This festival runs from March to August, with various dates where global fireworks specialists come to town to impress those in the city with their pyro-musical displays. 

Those competing in the pyrotechnic festival each year can be awarded by a special jury and by the public. Each display typically lasts for around 25 minutes, and all the shows put on by the experts boast their own themes and musical accompaniments. 


Valencia for Las Fallas

Another spot in Europe to add to your bucket list for fireworks is Valencia in Spain. The city hosts a well-regarded pyrotechnic festival named Las Fallas that runs for around 14 days each March.

The biggest event, though, if you can only make it one night, is the final one. A significant factor that sets Las Fallas apart from other events is that it includes the use of giant papier-mache figures.

These are displayed around the city during the festival and modeled after famous people.

The creations get filled with fireworks and set alight at the end of the festival in an event that combines an exciting blend of satire, art, and tradition.

Las Fallas is based on an age-old tradition involving carpenters celebrating spring’s arrival by burning wood pieces that propped up lights during the winter. 

Best Fireworks in the World

Sydney on New Year’s Eve

Lastly, try to get to Australia at least once in your life and time your vacation or work trip to coincide with New Year’s Eve.

The pretty harbourside city of Sydney, in particular, is the place to be to watch one of the world’s most incredible New Year’s fireworks displays, and also one of the first, due to the time zone. 

Check out the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge lit up at the end of the year with a huge number of colorful lights and watch fireworks burst over the water of the nearby harbor. 

No matter where you enjoy fireworks, you’re sure to enjoy the show. However, if you can view any of the above displays, you’re sure to remember them for a very long time.

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