Philadelphia Breweries Guide: Where to Drink Craft Beer Around the City

One thing is certain, you have sometimes asked yourself where do I find good breweries near me with food? You can’t go wrong with visiting any of the Greater Philadelphia regions.

breweries near me with food

There are more than 90 breweries, but we’ve picked the ones we believe to be the most intriguing. So good luck choosing your beers and have a wonderful day in Philadelphia.

About Philadelphia

The founding father of Philadelphia, William Penn, provided specific orders for the construction of a brewhouse at his estate in Pennsbury, Bucks County, in the 17th century.

He heralds it as one of the top beer cities in America. 

Breweries and malt houses were widely used in the colony, and Philadelphia quickly gained a reputation for its brews on a national scale.

Philadelphia produced more beer than any other city in the country by 1793. More so, Philadelphia’s artisan beer culture is still thriving today. 

The biggest beer festival of its sort in the country, Philly Beer Week, takes place every spring and includes hundreds of activities, such as festivals, dinners, tours, and  pub crawls, 

Best Breweries in Philadelphia

1. Yards Brewing

One of Philadelphia’s most iconic breweries is Yards. 

You can match some of the taproom’s finger foods, such as fried mac n’ cheese, fish, and fried chicken, and all the other Yards classics, from Brawler to Love Stout. 

The taproom is ideal for outdoor drinking and dining.

2. Wissahickon Brewing Co.

At Wissahickon Brewing, there’s always something new to learn about.

The irresistible Crumble Oreo Porter, aged at 50 pounds of Oreo cookies, or Passion Peach, is a fruity sour with flavors of passionfruit. 

Every weekend, the unassuming location also welcomes different food trucks to sate your appetite.

3. Urban Village Brewing Co.

Urban Village is still going strong over in the Piazza, enticing beer enthusiasts with its appealing cuisine and outdoor patio seating.

A few standbys have the seasonally available Stingy Jack pumpkin ale, bubblegum-flavored Funky Child saison, and chocolatey Oatis oatmeal stout.

4. Separatist South Philly

Although separatist headquarters are in Easton, the city now has access to its larger beer and spontaneous fermentation thanks to a more recent tasting room in East Passyunk. 

Options like the Soon Never Comes, a saison with overtones of clove, black pepper, and gooseberry, are available for easy sipping.

5. Triple Bottom Brewery

Whether it’s beer, wine, or mocktails, Triple Bottom Brewery is all about libation. 

A standout West Coast IPA is the piney flowery Lawn Chair Parking Spot, while the fresh and creamy Nitro-infused Irish-style Dry Stout is Beginish. 

Come here for both indoor and outdoor dining, and enjoy your brews with a cheese and charcuterie spread made with artisanal products.

6. Two Locals Brewing

This location can be found at pop-up events and at various beer locations across the city until it finds a permanent location (plus you can order online).

Rich and Mengistu Koilor, brothers, are in charge of Two Locals, making it the first black-owned brewery in Philadelphia. 

Follow the brewery on Instagram to learn about all of its collaborations and new innovations.

7. Love City Brewing

Love City has a large, spacious area that may be used for indoor and outdoor eating. 

With hints of caramel and dark fruit, The Love Fest is the ideal Oktoberfest beer.

Meanwhile, Eraserhood, Callowhill’s distinctive hazy IPA, pays homage to the brewery’s alternate name and packs a punch with orange, mango, and juicy hops. 

Discover the newest food truck of the moment by stopping by on the weekends.

8. Philadelphia Brewing Company

Since its debut in 2007, Philadelphia Brewing Company has thrived, drawing inspiration from the city’s past and taking great delight in its brews. 

When the time is right, Winter Wunder, a seasonal beer with plums, spice, and cinnamon, is the ideal cold-weather beer. 

The brewery has produced such regional classics as Kenzinger and Walt Wit.

9. Punch Buggy Brewing Company

Banana Bread Hefeweizen and Purple Stuff, a sour blueberry beer, are just two of the inventive beverages our local nano-brewery provides. 

The finest information about hours, drinks, and food can be found on Instagram, where you can also have the chance to ogle the brewery’s various grilled cheese specialties.

10. Crime & Punishment Brewing Co.

A few years ago, Crime & Punishment opened in Philadelphia’s aptly named neighborhood to serve inventive brews and distinctive food with a Russian influence. 

The new Bedstraw Crane English Bitter, with flavors of toffee, biscuit, and earl gray tea, will help you get in the mood for autumn.

11. Dock Street Brewery

A long-standing pioneer of craft beer in Philadelphia and beyond is Dock Street Brewery. In 1985, the first location debuted. 

Since then, the facility has prospered, expanding a cannery for private events and cocktails in Cedar Park and building a second brewery in Point Breeze. 

If the beer wasn’t enough, Dock Street also happens to make some of Philadelphia’s best pizza.

12. Human-Robot Brewery

Early 2020 saw the opening of the Human-Robot Brewery, which is still operational today.

The idea can be divided into two categories: “human” beers, which tend to be more traditional European-style brews, and “robot” beers, which are more avant-garde. 

A favorite of juicy, citrusy hops is Dreams of Orgonon, and Terrestrial Reflections IPA is another hazy favorite with hints of apricot and cotton candy.

13. Source Urban Brewery

Philadelphia now has access to Colts Neck, the New Jersey location of the original Source Farmhouse Brewery. 

There are currently 32 taps accessible at the new Source Urban Brewery, which recently opened at the former Fishtown Brewpub location on Frankford Avenue. 

Additionally, fresh can releases are also available for takeout. 

There will also be enough seating in an airy, upscale environment, a complete kitchen with traditional brewpub fare (the fried chicken sammie is a must), and a full bar.

14. Attic Brewing Co.

As the first craft brewery to open in Philadelphia’s Germantown district, Attic Brewing Co. claims this distinction. 

Try the Funktoberfest brew, which has biscuit and vanilla overtones to balance the malty-rich lager, or the Stratcat Hazy IPA, which has some citrus and strawberry. 

Both are the brewery’s interpretations of Oktoberfest.

15. Brewery ARS

Brewery ARS is located in a South Philadelphia garage and offers the ultimate specialty beer experience. 

The couple have developed a cult following that extends outside the neighborhood since debuting in December 2016.

Even better, the brothers recently disclosed intentions to establish a second store on Frankford Avenue in addition to the garage.


Making the day out is the greatest way to sample all the Philadelphia craft beer has to offer, especially with so many breweries to pick from.

Make a beer crawl out of the day by selecting a few breweries nearby and perhaps taking advantage of the lovely weather and all that Philadelphia has to offer in terms of fresh craft beer. 

Did we forget to include a brewery on this list? Don’t forget to leave a remark, and we’ll read it.

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