Best Cities in the World 2022 With Palatable and Mouth-Watering Foods

– Best Cities in the World 2022 –

Food travel is both our business and our passion. Discover 25 ‘foodie cities’ that have astonished us with their rich food cultures, as well as 12 more places that are at the top of our list for future culinary excursions.

Not only do we enjoy trying new foods in various places throughout the world, but culinary experiences also give us a window into a city’s culture and people.

Best Cities in the World

Travel and food go together like baguettes and bagels in Paris, and the finest gastronomic towns understand this. When traveling, listening to locals on where to locate the greatest nibbles in the area will make your trip more enjoyable.

What are the characteristics of the finest food cities? It’s easy: A sense of pride in local customs, matched with delicacies found exclusively in particular locations.

What’s the nicest thing about visiting a new place? Mostly, it’s the food.

A significant part of getting to know a city is reveling in its food, which ranges from distinctive ethnic delicacies to regional specialties you won’t find anyplace else in the globe.

Pleasing food reviewers and residents alike, America’s outstanding gastronomic destinations are continually updating their menus and introducing new cafes, making them worth a journey just for the meals.

Best Cities in the World With Mouth-Watering Meals

Below are some of the Best Cities in the World with palatable meals:

1. Bangkok

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

Bangkok’s sprawling metropolis is teeming with vendors selling food on the street, in hawker centers, and in floating marketplaces.

Also, with its vibrant sights, tempting flavors, and unique fragrances, the city’s bustling Chinatown is especially remarkable.

After spending a month in Chiang Mai in 2014, we assumed we understood everything there was to know about Thai food.

Then Bangkok hit us in the face, saturating us with a culinary culture that doesn’t stop from morning to dawn.

When we returned to Bangkok in 2018, we went on a Bangkok food tour and ate our weight in street cuisine.g

However, our best Bangkok memories involve meandering down alleys and eating wonderful cuisine at all hours of the day and night, such as salt-crusted fish (Pla Pao), stir-fried noodles (Pad se Ew), and prawns with glass noodles (Goong Ob Woonsen).

However, to be clear, street food is merely one aspect of Bangkok’s culinary landscape.

The Thai city features eateries for every budget, including Michelin-starred establishments such as Gaggan. Raan Jay Fai, a Michelin-starred street food restaurant, provides omelets stuffed with fresh crabmeat.

Also, the megacity also boasts a varied choice of foreign eateries serving classic cuisine from neighboring nations like Japan and Taiwan.

2. Washington, D.C.

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

Washington, D.C. is more than just museums and monuments; it’s also one of the top gourmet towns in the country.

D.C.’s culinary scene has had a farm-to-table revolution, with slow-cured charcuterie, artisanal baked products, and some of the country’s best restaurants.

Take your taste buds (and your toes) on a wonderful stroll along Georgetown’s gleaming waterfront, stopping for a lunch at one of the many chef-inspired cafes in this historic district.

However, if you want to stay closer to the city center, visit the local food vendors at Eastern Market beside the Capitol.

3. Oaxaca

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

If Mexican food is considered one of the world’s finest cuisines (it was the first to be designated as a UNESCO culinary heritage), it is undoubtedly supported in part by what happens in Oaxacan kitchens.

Also, Oaxacan cuisine is roasted, delicate, rich, and layered. Moles, chocolate, small avocados with a slight licorice flavor.

Gigantic balls of quesillo cheese ribbons, grasshoppers, whopping Mexican pizzas, gorgeous grilled meats, corn fungus, weird herbs like epazote, and more chili pepper varieties than you can toss a fire extinguisher at.

A tlayuda, also known as “Oaxacan pizza,” is a huge semi-dried tortilla that is occasionally coated with a thin coating of unrefined swine fat called asiento.

Also, it is topped with refried beans (frijol), tomatoes, avocadoes, and some variant of meat (chorizo, tasajo or cencilla, or shredded chicken tinga). It can be eaten open or folded in half when grilled over a charcoal barbecue.

One tlayuda may easily feed two individuals.

4. Naples

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

If Naples only had pizza, it would consider the southern Italian city one of the world’s great gastronomic towns.

However, as it turns out, Neapolitan pizza is only a small part of the Naples gastronomic saga.

The pizza not only exceeded our expectations but also inspired us to return for a month in 2017 and a week in 2020.

But on these excursions to Naples, we didn’t simply eat pizza.


We immersed ourselves in the city’s distinct coffee culture and found a local culinary culture that values local farm goods such as tomatoes produced on volcanic soil near Mount Vesuvius and fresh fish caught in the Bay of Naples.

Pasta alla Genovese and Pesce Crudo are popular dishes in Naples. As is Fiocco di Neve, our new favorite sweet and a strong challenger to replace Sfogliatella as the greatest pastry in Naples.

However, when we return to Naples, pizza will be at the top of our list.

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5. San Francisco

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

San Francisco’s eating scene is broad in terms of culinary options.

Also, with both informal and expensive businesses and cuisine from across the world, earning it the title of one of the top gastronomic towns in the United States.

Also, there are Michelin-starred restaurants (it is one of only four cities in the United States with a Michelin guide), coffee shops, and districts known for their multicultural offerings, such as North Beach (Italian).

More Facts About San Francisco

The Mission (Mexican), and Chinatown (Chinese), among others. But what distinguishes San Francisco is its devotion to using what is available rather than what can be obtained.

San Franciscans are passionate about their local bounty, and you should be as well. In fact, visiting a farmers’ market is a cultural event in this town. In the Bay Area alone, there are over 50 options.

The Ferry Building Marketplace’s farmers’ market serves as a microcosm of the city’s gastronomic character.

Also, the market aims to highlight only local, regional suppliers and is attended by over 200 of the city’s chefs, including Alice Waters of Chez Panisse, a farm-to-table pioneer.

6. Portland, ME 

This is one city in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

Portland, Maine has recently emerged as one of the top gastronomic destinations in the country. Attracting a slew of young and inventive chefs.

This is because of its scenic location above the Atlantic Ocean, this coastal city’s eateries can serve customers fresher-than-fresh seafood, such as salty-yet-supple oysters, Maine lobster, and juicy mussels.

Also, Portland, which is easily accessible from Boston, is worth a weekend (or more) of brioche-cradled lobster rolls and cold-water oysters.

7. Paris

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

If you enjoy art, architecture, history, or especially gastronomy, a trip to Paris is always a wonderful idea.

The city is a magnificent feast of temptations, hidden in plain sight on every street and in every arrondissement.

We initially went to Paris in 2012 and have since returned several times, including three trips in 2019 and one in 2020. You are accurate if you guess that Paris is one of our favorite cuisine towns in Europe.

Nevertheless, every time we travel, we have the same problem: an oversupply of Parisian gastronomic favorites.


Choosing between Steak Frites and Steak Tartare is a difficult task, and don’t even get us started on the never-ending rows of macarons, cakes, and pastries at our 40 favorite Paris patisseries.

Our raison d’être is the eateries of Paris. From Michelin-starred culinary temples like Pierre Gagnaire to tiny, vibrant, globally influenced dining places like Le Rigmarole to traditional bistros like Paul Bert, the powerful eating continues.

However, for folks like us who are prepared to do some homework and make prior bookings, Paris has some great deals.

8. Shanghai

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

Anyone who has dined their way through Shanghai will not be shocked to learn that the coastal city has taken the top rank this year.

The thriving metropolis is a veritable gourmet paradise, with a healthy mix of fine-dining giants and street food legends.

Both of whom draw inspiration from all over the world. Slurp xiaolongbao, gorge on steamed hairy crab, taste braised pork, and eat sticky rice balls. Drink, sleep, and then repeat!

Head to these hole-in-the-wall establishments on Xiangyang Road. In the former French Concession for a typical Shanghai street food experience.

Potstickers, jianbing (Chinese savory pancakes), and steamed buns are among the delectable treats available at these little kiosks.

Early mornings are extremely crowded, as Shanghai employees swing by for a quick on-the-go breakfast.

 9. Tel Aviv

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

Tel Aviv comes in a close second with a culinary scene that is jam-packed with hot newcomers, classic Middle Eastern foods.

Also, an amazing assortment of vegan-friendly establishments, and bustling cafés that spill into the streets.

After you’ve had your fill of shawarma, falafel, and hummus, try something different like sabich (a pita sandwich loaded with fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, and tahini) or malabi (rose water milk pudding).

You can’t go to Israel and not eat hummus.


Contrary to common belief outside the Middle East, hummus is not a dip; it is a meal in and of itself, best eaten for breakfast or lunch.

Hummus is delicious, inexpensive, healthful, and, of course, vegan. The best location to get it is at a hummusia, which is a hummus restaurant.

However, these establishments are tiny, modest, and basic, with quick service and a few hummus varieties. Hummus, for example, with ful (fava beans) on top and a hard-boiled egg or msabbaha (cooked chickpeas with tahini) and greens.

10. New Orleans

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

In New Orleans, you may forget about your diet and indulge in the luscious trinity of butter, cream, and oil.

While classic southern flavors abound, New Orleans is most known for its distinctive Creole and Cajun cuisines, which incorporate French, Spanish, Italian, and African culinary ingredients.

Restaurants serving typical New Orleans foods like red beans and rice and po’boys (a sub generally filled with pork or fried seafood) can be found all across the city.

More on New Orleans

Cajun and Creole jambalaya (rice dish with meat, veggies, and Creole spices) and gumbo (hearty stew with meat or fish and vegetables) are also popular meals in many New Orleans restaurants.

If you wish to meet locals, eat at one of the city’s more affordable eateries in Midtown or Uptown.

Consider arranging a food tour or coming during one of the Big Easy’s food festivals.

Such as the New Orleans Wine & Food Experience, the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, or COOLinary New Orleans, for a full taste of all of the city’s delectable cuisine.

11. Charleston

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

When it comes to eating, Charleston has high expectations.

These criteria apply not only to fine dining, as the picturesque city has its fair share of both high-end eateries and down-and-dirty diners.

During our 2016 US road trip, we stopped in Charleston and dived straight into the city’s food scene, eating at FIG and Husk.

The two nationally acclaimed restaurants stunned us with their sophisticated adaptations of traditional Southern fare like Carolina Gold Rice and locally grown hog.

Nothing beats buttery shrimp and grits in Charleston, especially the sumptuous version at Husk. Then there’s Rodney Scott’s BBQ, which serves classic southern barbecue like whole hog cooked low and slow and served on a sandwich.

11. Manchester

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best cities in the world

The Manchester culinary sector made news in 2019 when Mana became the city’s first Michelin-starred restaurant in more than 40 years.

Locals enthuse the city’s vast Chinatown, secret curry cafés, late-night kebabs, and next-level tasting menus, so don’t limit yourself to that.

Additionally, several of London’s best mini-chains, such as Dishroom and Shoryu, have relocated here.


Honest Crust, one of Manchester’s top pizza joints, serves up their excellent dough from their regular location at Altrincham Market, as well as at various markets and events across the city.

The simplicity of their wood-fired pizzas is their key selling point.

Also, the dough is created from wheat, water, and salt, and the ingredients are basic and responsibly sourced, with traditional Margarita, savory Portobello mushroom, and fiery pepperoni toppings being their most popular selections.

12. Buenos Aires

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

Buenos Aires is linked with grilled meats and red wine.

You should try enough of both while you’re here. But the capital city is also teeming with outstanding Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, and Spanish cuisine.

This is because of a large immigrant community (second only to the US).

Eat empanadas on the fly, sit down and enjoy a pizza, visit one of the city’s indoor food markets, and top off every meal with an alfajor — an irresistible cookie sandwich bonded together with delicious dulce de leche.

More on Buenos Aires

Empanadas, Argentina’s most renowned snack, appetizer, or supper (depending on how many you eat). Are plump bread packets filled with meat, veggies, or cheese.

They’re really addicting and go great with an ice-cold drink. Beef, chicken, cheese and onion, humita (corn), and chorizo are all popular tastes (pork).

Empanadas are quite adaptable. And as the Buenos Aires gastronomic scene gets more culinarily daring, new tastes such as Banco Rojo’s aloo gobi or vegan coconut curry empanadas have emerged.

El Gauchito, on the other hand, has old-school tastes and a genuine barrio (local) vibe.

13. Bologna

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

Bologna, with a moniker like La Grassa (the fat one), may be Italy’s most gourmet city. This is not by chance. Bologna is located in the middle of Emilia Romagna, also known as Italy’s Food Valley.

Also, the Italian city famous for its porticoes has become something of a talisman for us. Every time we return, we revisit old trattorias while also discovering new places to eat pasta and other local cuisine favorites.

We’ve taken culinary workshops throughout the years to learn how to make tortellini in the traditional manner.


We usually allow local cooks to prepare Bologna favorites such as Tagliatelle al Ragu, Gramigna with Sausage, Lasagna Verdi al Forno, and Tortellini in Brodo.

Aside from excellent pasta, Bologna is well-known for items like mortadella, the basis for baloney in America, and gelato.

Carpigiani’s gelato machine factory is located here, and many of the world’s top gelato makers learned their trade here.

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14. Burlington, VT

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

Burlington, Vermont, one of the greatest gastronomic cities, is framed by rolling green mountains and the shimmering waters of Lake Champlain, and it offers a coterie of palate-pleasing bistros and crave-worthy cafés.

Spend the afternoon exploring the boutique stores and farm-to-table restaurants that line the pedestrian-friendly Church Street in this town.

Also, in the fall, be sure to munch and nosh on foods that respect Vermont’s agricultural tastes, such as sharp cheddar soup, maple-glazed pancakes, and mulled apple cider.

Revolution Kitchen, Burlington’s first all-vegetarian restaurant, employs fresh, local, and organic ingredients in many recipes inspired by Asian flavors.

More on Burlington

The offerings change nightly and according to the seasons.

Even on the indulgent dessert menu, which includes Revolution Kitchen’s renowned delectable chocolate banana cream pie.

Also, there are plenty of vegan and gluten-free alternatives. Begin with lemongrass tofu, rice noodles, lettuce, fragrant herbs, and carrots wrapped in rice paper and served with a spicy peanut dipping sauce.

Try the laksa noodle pot with broccoli, bok choy, carrots, and tofu over rice noodles in a delicious and spicy coconut broth, or the risotto with crimini mushrooms.

15. Osaka

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

When it comes to Japanese food, the residents of Osaka don’t play around.

They have a reputation for eating till they drop. Tenka no Daidokoro (the nation’s kitchen), their city, is nothing short of an Asian cuisine city heaven, with merchants selling Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki all over the place.

We’re happy to inform that we discovered all of our fantasies’ Japanese food in this city, which is equally marked by goofy kitsch and culinary inventiveness.

Also, we spent a significant amount of time eating snack food on neon-lit Dotonbori Street. Sushi at the Kuromon Ichiba Market, as do many culinary tourists who visit Osaka.

More Facts About Osaka

Without a question, both are worthwhile pursuits.

However, in Osaka’s small Tenma area, you can have a multi-course Kappao dinner and grill your own Kobe beef at Korean-inspired Yakiniku BBQ restaurants.

One of the most stunning spas we’ve ever seen is in Osaka. We recommend stopping into Spa World in between nibbles. You may also dine there if you become hungry. Save some room for a bowl of ramen.

16. New York City

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

It’s only fitting that New York’s most famous moniker has a culinary allusion.

According to experts, the city is teeming with wonderful places to dine, ranging from high-end celebrity chef hot spots to quiet cafes.

Also, you must try some of the city’s delicacies when visiting this cosmopolitan metropolis. Most people link New York City with pizza.

Hand-tossed thin crust, a light coating of tomato sauce, plenty of mozzarella cheese, and a variety of toppings characterize New York-style pizza.

More Information About New York

There are dozens of pizzerias serving classic pies around the city, but residents think Joe’s Pizza and Grimaldi’s Pizzeria are two of the best places to get a piece.

The Big Apple is home to a plethora of luxury restaurants that serve food from all over the world.

Also, the list of must-try restaurants changes on a regular basis, but those wishing to experience an exceptional multicourse dinner should make appointments (as soon as possible) at Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernadin, or Daniel.

Butter, Scarpetta, and Marc Forgione are a few famous chef-helmed places that won’t absolutely blow your wallet if you want to visit fine dining restaurants with more reasonable price tags.

17. Taipei

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

At night, Taipei comes to life. When night markets open, the city’s streets transform into gourmet playgrounds teeming with vendors and people.

This brief visit sufficed to confirm Taipei’s status as one of the world’s top cities for foodies.

Taipei is famed for coming alive at night, but the Taiwanese city also hums throughout the day.

During our brief excursion, we found enough to eat and drink. We tackled the city with a plan and two hungry stomachs.

Eating beef noodle soup at a noodle shop, scallion pancakes from a local street seller, shaved mango ice at a dessert location, and soup dumplings at the original Din Tai Fung.

Also, we sipped bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea) with tapioca balls, as is customary in Taiwan.

18. Los Angeles

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

The secret to LA’s food is variety. It’s also no surprise that Los Angeles is the origin of the celebrity chef craze.

With famous names like Wolfgang Puck and Gino Angelini at the helm of the city’s top kitchens.

Diners particularly like the beautiful (though pricey) Italian selections at Hollywood’s Osteria Mozza.

Travelers may also choose eateries depending on who is sitting at the adjacent table.

For a celebrity-studded supper, consider Palm Restaurant or The Ivy in or near Beverly Hills, Fig & Olive in West Hollywood, or The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.


You can’t call yourself a true Los Angeles foodie until you’ve gobbled your weight in Mexican cuisine.

El Compadre Restaurant serves flaming margaritas, enchiladas, and live mariachi music every night of the week. Order tacos de lengua (beef tongue tacos) from a taco truck if you’re feeling daring.

Food trucks providing anything from loaded hot dogs and barbeque to sushi burritos (giant sushi rolls eaten like a burrito) and gourmet quinoa bowls.

Popular in Santa Monica and Venice Beach, making them ideal for a quick snack before returning to the sand. Sign up for a guided gourmet tour to get a taste of the city’s diverse eating scene.

19. Savannah, GA

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

Where else can you have a Southern biscuit while meandering under centuries-old magnolia trees dripping with blossoms?

Savannah, Georgia’s southern gem, is one of the top gourmet cities in the United States.

Also, Savannah, which is home to a plethora of Victorian homes, is also a haven for anybody who is moved by historic architecture combined with wonderful cuisine.

This is because of the neighboring ocean, the whole Savannah region, including the beach-framed Tybee and Jekyll islands, is a seafood lover’s dream.

She-crab stew, shrimp-and-grits, and cornmeal-crusted fried oysters are all Savannah must-orders.

20. Dubai

best food cities in the world

Dubai, a city noted for its futuristic buildings, high-end shopping, and off-the-charts nightlife culture, rounds out this food-filled list.

Sure, there will be some glamour and glam in the cuisine, but Dubai also has some classic dishes, such as manakish (a Lebanese flatbread coated in cheese) and khuzi (roasted lamb or goat served on a bed of spiced rice).

Don’t have time to view everything? Time Out Market Dubai is a one-stop shop where you can sample the finest of the city all under one roof.

This is perhaps the most prevalent and satisfying street food in Dubai, made with thinly sliced chicken, lamb, or beef.

More on Dubai

This is one of the greatest street snacks in Dubai, rolled into a soft flatbread and filled with fresh veggies, onions, and a delectable spicy or creamy sauce.

However, another roll or sandwich that is incredibly popular in Dubai but is relatively unknown to foreigners.

The thinly chopped chicken is stuffed with garlic and spices and pressed flat against the flatbread before being rolled with additional veggies or pickles.

The flavor is simply out of this world!

21. Montreal

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

Montreal is not just one of the greatest cuisine cities in Canada, but also one of the best in the world.

The Quebecois city, located on the Saint Lawrence River north of New York, is a food lover’s delight, with poutine accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In fact, we can’t choose just one. We enjoy all of Montreal’s cuisine.

Food pervades Montreal culture, from markets like Jean Talon to cafés and restaurants all across the city.

More on Montreal

Locals brave the frigid streets and freezing air, crowding famed Montreal eateries like Au Pied de Cochon and L’Express with little fear.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t include Montreal bagels.

These crunchy bagels, which are smaller than the New York variety and baked with honey, spark a passionate argument with New York bagel enthusiasts.

22. Houston

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

Houston has long been regarded as one of the best foodie cities in the United States. However, in recent years, the rest of the country (and the globe) has begun to take note.

Tex-Mex and BBQ are two gastronomic specialties of H-Town. Any local will have powerful feelings on where to locate the greatest Mexican-inspired meals.

However, most people believe that The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation is a fantastic place to start.

More Facts about Houston

While visiting the Museum District and the Houston Zoo, try the posh Picos Restaurant or the M & M Grill, which serves fajitas and breakfast burritos with halal meats.

You may also go to a Pappasito’s Cantina, which has been frequented by Beyoncé.

Barbecue is another popular meal in Houston. From smothered baby back ribs to slow-roasted juicy brisket, this city has no shortage of BBQ eateries.

Ray’s BBQ Shack, Killen’s Texas Barbecue (helmed by famous chef Ronnie Killen, who recently developed a restaurant combining a steakhouse and a barbecue joint, Killen STQ).

Gatlin’s BBQ, and Jackson Street BBQ are among the top places to visit, according to locals and experts.

23. Hanoi

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

Food is an important element of life for the eight million people who live in Vietnam’s capital.

Although Ph is the flagship meal of Hanoi, where the classic noodle soup was originated, dishes such as Bn Ch and Ch Cá are also popular in this gourmet city.

Hanoi first captured Mindi in 2002, and it did the same for both of us 14 years later when we spent a month eating our way through the Northern Vietnam metropolis.

Also, Hanoi is our choice among Vietnam’s top cuisine cities. We like the simplicity of Hanoi Pho, a dish that doesn’t rely on sauces or herbs to provide depth of flavor.

We also enjoy Bn Ch (grilled pig patties with rice vermicelli).

Ph Cun (rice rolls loaded with grilled meat), Ch Cá (tumeric flavored fish with an array of local ingredients), and Egg Coffee (a luxurious, sweet yolky beverage that serves as dessert).

24. Mexico City

This is one of the cities in the world with the best foods in 2022. 

best food cities in the world

Mexico City is more than simply one of North America’s top street food towns. It’s one of the top cuisine towns on the continent. Period.

This epiphany occurred to us in 2008, as we were munching our way across the vast metropolis for a week.

We were initially struck by street food – a city-wide network of food vendors offering tacos, esquites, and fried corndogs.

Then head to Mercado Merced, a massive market with enough avocados, nopales, peppers, and moles to satisfy a lifetime’s worth of Mexican cuisine fantasies.


Mexico City is the home to some of the world’s greatest restaurants. Including Pujol, which is presently ranked as the 12th best restaurant in the world.

Without a doubt, dining at Pujol in its original location was a highlight of our trip, but so were escamoles, ceviche, and grilled fish at more informal eateries.

The Taco al Pastor, on the other hand, is a Mexico City cuisine classic that we can’t get enough of.

For lunch and dinner, we could cheerfully have corn tortillas loaded with grilled pork, sliced onions, juicy pineapple, and fresh cilantro. Perhaps that’s what we’ll do when we return to Mexico City.

25. Sonoma

Although Napa is well known for its upscale dining venues, Sonoma has a plethora of wonderful eateries with a more rustic vibe. (And that’s exactly how the locals enjoy them.)

Obviously, the region is recognized for its wines, particularly its zinfandels in Ravenswood.

However, the region is also well-known for its breweries, including Bear Republic Brewing Co. in Healdsburg and Russian River Brewing Co. in Santa Rosa.

If you need a shot of espresso after all that wine, guests recommend stopping by Sunflower Caffé Expresso & Wine in Sonoma.


There are also some popular informal cafes in the area.

Including the traveler-recommended Picazo Café & Deli (try the burger) and Angelo’s Wine Country Deli.

Experts laud Terrapin Creek in Bodega Bay and Cucina Paradiso in Petaluma for their environment and cuisine.

Along with sampling wine in Sonoma, tourists should also taste the region’s locally created cheeses, olive oils, and honeys, which can be purchased in various stores and farmers markets across the region.

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Listen up if you’re the type of traveler who spends as much time researching restaurants as museums.

We inquired about community spirit, diversity, cost, and, of course, the local food and beverage scene. We can now disclose the world’s top towns for dining and drinking, as picked by locals, now that we’ve gone through the data.

When we asked readers to assess their city’s restaurants and bars, these 25 attractions received the highest ratings.

In fact, when it comes to dining out, all of the cities mentioned below have at least a 93 percent approval rating. These are the world’s most delightful cities, from Buenos Aires and Melbourne to Shanghai and Madrid.

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