Best Cities in Europe 2022 & Locations to Visit on a Vacation

 – Best Cities in Europe 2022 –

Cities around Europe are famed for their museums, eateries, nightlife, and architecture. As a result, selecting which areas in Europe are the finest destinations to visit might be challenging.

Best Cities in Europe

Europe contains some of the world’s most significant, stunning, and influential cities. Also, Europe’s cities are a treat to visit, with their age-old historic attractions and wonderful art and architecture attracting visitors from all over the world.

This is because Europe’s 44 countries are home to a diverse range of peoples, languages, and cultures, each of Europe’s cosmopolitan cities has its own distinct taste and personality. As a result, we have compiled a list of the top cities in Europe in this post.


Best Cities in Europe 2022

Here are a few of the Top Cities in Europe.

1. Paris

In the list of most-visited cities on earth, Paris tops plenty of Europe bucket lists all over the globe, as well as bucket lists of travel in general.

The Eiffel Tower, as well as the world’s biggest art museum, the Louvre as well as the famous food, and a myriad of other attractions such as Notre Dame, Montmartre, and the famous bank of the Seine, Paris, is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities to explore in Europe.

2. London

The capital city of the United Kingdom and once the capital of the most powerful empire in the world. They fill London with a fascinating history and iconic landmarks.

However, London also feels like an extremely modern city which allows visitors to make a fantastic London wish list.

This includes historic sites such as London’s Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square besides London’s bustling Theatre District (London has one of the finest performances anywhere in the world).

For millennials as we are, London has London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour and many other attractions related to it, not to mention the abundance of Harry Potter themed gifts and other souvenirs to purchase!.

3. Rome

It’s a tight race. However, more often than not, we believe Rome to be the most beautiful city around the globe.

Also known as “the Eternal City, Rome has the ability to impress on its tenacity as well as its consistency and its power with each street that is explored and every monument that is that is admired.

The home of iconic sites such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain as well as equally amazing places that are almost free of visitors, discovering Rome and peeling off its layers one at a time could be an ongoing endeavor for the rest of your life.

4. Barcelona

Gaudi beaches, beaches and Gaudi, beaches, and the Gothic Quarter: amazing and unique Barcelona is a wildly popular destination for starting off European excursions and, with its vibrant neighborhoods, beaches and truly unique architecture, it’s easy to understand the reason.

Naturally, Barcelona’s most renowned tourist attraction in Barcelona is its cathedral La Sagrada Familia, remains not completed: construction started in 1882 and is expected to be completed by 2026!

5. Amsterdam

With its gorgeous architecture, mainly that dates back to the 17th century Dutch Golden Age and its many canals , juxtaposed with its current image of partying a trip to Amsterdam is often like being in a city that is a mix of extremes.

Whatever part of the city entices the most to you Amsterdam will definitely be worth a visit: as it is one of the sought-after cities for visiting in Europe and among the most distinctive cities around the globe, Amsterdam lives up to its name as a captivating and breathtaking city to visit.

6. Venice

Venice is without a shadow of a doubt, among the most distinctive cities in the world. Of course, it is also among the top cities to explore in Europe!

The mere fact that Venice exists is unthinkable. It is comprised of 118 islands, separated by 150 canals, and later connected with 400 footbridges, Venice’s topography is unlike any other.

A once-powerful empire that was able to control the seas all the up to Crete and was the holder of the most wealthy city in Europe.

The city’s 13th-century apex is still evident in certain areas today and in its gold-plated cathedral, elaborate palaces, and stunning bridges.

7. Istanbul

It has one of the longest, and complex histories of those cities within Europe, Istanbul is actually technically only half European.

One part of the city is in the European continent, while the second half, situated in a ferry ride that is easy to cross to the Bosphorus Strait, is located in Asia.

Some of the most popular activities to take in Istanbul include visiting the magnificent Hagia Sophia, shopping in the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, and taking in Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, and enjoying the view from the Galata Tower. Galata Tower.


Other Best Cities to Visit in Europe that are Slightly Less Iconic

Accent on the slightlyless iconiccities. These cities are one of the most sought-after places to go to in Europe.

In contrast to some of the long-standing images above, there are many European cities that we’re able to gain (or returned to) recognition on the tourist circuit in the past 20 years.

1. Budapest

In our somewhat biased opinion, because it’s one of our favorite cities, Budapest easily ranks among the top ten most beautiful destinations to explore in Europe.

The city is located on the Danube and with its famous Parliament situated right next to the river, and imposing architecture that rises on both sides of the Danube, Budapest is simultaneously gorgeous and elegant as well as extremely laid-back and inexpensive.

Famous for its fascinating historical past, the thermal baths that line the city, beautiful architectural designs, and lively evening life, Budapest packs enough variety so that you can enjoy breakfast at a gorgeous coffee shop early in the morning.

2. Prague

Also known for its status as the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague absolutely looks the part of the ideal European city, with all its ornate buildings , framed by a sweeping river, and dominated by the magnificent Prague Castle.

Best Cities in Europe

It was once regarded as an unorthodox European place to visit The Prague of the present is extremely well-known (with the number of tourists to be sure, particularly during the summer months when it is at its peak). However, it is nevertheless awe-inspiring to experience.

Make sure you meander along over the Charles Bridge, explore the Prague Castle and admire Prague’s Old Town Square, and take a sip of the famous Czech beer when traveling through Prague-and sure enough, the legend is true: in certain restaurants, beer is actually more affordable than water.

3. Madrid

A little less popular with foreign visitors than vibrant Barcelona However, not less attractive than the capital city of Spain. It is equally regal and laid-back.

With incredible sights such as incredible sights like the Royal Palace, Prado Museum, and the stunning Plaza Mayor, spending a few days in Madrid is a chance to taste delicious food, stunning art, and a huge amount of Spanish culture.

Madrid’s largest park, El Retiro, is one of our top urban parks across Europe and should be on your list of things you can do while during your time in Madrid!

4. Nice

Being the biggest city (and an airport’s main hub) in the French Riviera, Nice is also beautiful and bustling-in other words, precisely what you’d want from a city on the coast with among the top famous cities with the most beautiful beaches.

A trip to Nice basically means taking a stroll along the beach or taking a stroll along the beautiful Promenade des Anglais, of course, however, there are many other exciting activities to be found in Nice also, like the climb of Castle Hill, checking out the Sun Fountain, and enjoying the vibrant architecture of the old town.

Nice is also ideally situated for use as a base to take incredible day trips, such as the nearby cities of Monaco, Eze, St. Paul de Vence, and Menton.

5. Athens

To be completely honest, Athens doesn’t rank among the most stunning cities in Europe when it comes to being in the realm of beauty. However, it’s one of the most beautiful cities of Europe that you can visit.

Also, the city is home to many of the most famous Greek Ruins in the world, such as the incredible Acropolis (where you’ll discover the Parthenon). 

Also, this is as well as The Temple of Olympian Zeus and as well as trendy areas like Plaka and amazing museums such as and the National Archaeological Museum, Athens is a fascinating town to discover.

In all honesty, even if there was nothing else to do it’s still worth a trip to Athens simply to sample vast quantities of Greek food.

6. Vienna

If there’s a term that pops into your mind explaining Vienna and its surroundings, it’s royal.

From the world-renowned Opera house, to Hofburg Palace to the glitz and splendor of Vienna’s cafe scene, Vienna is a symbol of strength, wealth and beauty everywhere you go.

This is not an accident. As the Hapsburg capital for about 600 years, Vienna definitely has indications of being ruled by an essentially modern empire.

In other words, while European cities typically keep large portions of their narrow streets and medieval buildings vast swaths in Vienna’s were removed to make way for wide boulevards and wide avenues.

If you’re unsure when to go to Vienna it’s difficult to say there’s no more perfect time than during the season of Christmas: not just is the café culture especially appealing when it’s cold, but Vienna’s market for Christmas is among the most beautiful in Europe.


7. Copenhagen

Cycling, canals and hygge are only a few of the wonderful things you’ll see in Copenhagen.

The capital city of Denmark is famous for its numerous cyclists, stunning canals, picturesque harbor (Nyhavn) as well as, most recently, its outspoken lifestyle of comfort.

Hygge, a term that is a synonym for comfort and happiness is a major aspect of Copenhagen.

Since the word has become widely used in pop culture and more tourists are flocking to Copenhagen not only to snap pictures at Nyhavn or decide for themselves whether The Little Mermaid Statue is in fact really as tame as they claim and to be able to experience Danish Hygge on their own.

8. Munich

The capital city of Bavaria is most certainly known for one thing that is on the tourist circuit: its spectacular Oktoberfest festival, which draws tourists from all over the world.

In spite from the festival however, Munich remains one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

When you’re there, make sure to visit Marienplatz as well as the beautiful Munich Residence, as well as the Nymphenburg Palace and (at minimum) some of Munich’s most enjoyable beer gardens.

Munich is close enough to day-trip Munich’s famed Neuschwanstein Castle, so if you have a few hours to enjoy the area you might want to consider heading out into Munich’s Bavarian country for a few hours!

9. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Berlin

The capital of Germany may not be among the most stunning cities in Europe but it’s fascinating to visit.

It’s definitely worth at the very least one or two hours during your stay in Berlin in order to discover the special European city.

Also, it is known today mostly for its fascinating Cold War history and its unique, artistic style of life, Berlin is packed with fascinating sights and activities to do.

When you are visiting Berlin Make sure you visit the famed Brandenburg Gate, see the Reichstag Building and obviously, visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall and its memorials.

To get a great view across the city think about climbing to the Berlin TV Tower, and for the best museums, make sure to visit Museum Island.

10. Edinburgh

The beautiful capital city of Scotland is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in addition to one which captivates the attention and fascination of the majority of visitors.

There are hints of fairytale romance throughout the air (helped by the city’s ties to Harry Potter, and no doubt by the city’s connections with Harry Potter lore), Edinburgh is full of fun activities to enjoy.

When you visit Edinburgh, be sure to take a stroll along Royal Mile, admire the views from Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill and take in the views from Calton Hill. Edinburgh Castle.

The arts-loving travelers should consider planning your trip to August in advance, as it is the time that Edinburgh Fringe Festival will take over the city, but beware that prices in the city will rise during the event!


Best Small Cities to Visit in Europe

If you’re looking to visit one of Europe’s smaller cities, for instance, one where you can take in many of the most popular tourist attractions within two or three days or one where you are able to only explore the city on foot, then these cities across Europe could be the right choice ideal for you.

1. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital city in Alsace, Strasbourg is a special city located in northern France and is the gateway to the famous Alsace Wine Route, glorious mountains, and the charming, vibrant small villages of Alsace.

Alsace is a region that Alsace was once part of Germany as a result. The consequence is Strasbourg there is evidence of German influences in French culture, which are woven together to form the distinctive Alsatian culture that you can find in the city of today.

2. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Dubrovnik

The city that is the most well-known in Croatia has seen its name become a global phenomenon in recent times most likely due because of its part in King’s Landing on Game of Thrones but this bite-sized coastal city is an amazing destination for those who haven’t seen one episode of the show.

Best Cities in Europe

Also, the most enthralling thing about Dubrovnik’s walled town is that is still in good condition.

They surround the old town in which you can stroll through the city and see the terracotta roofs of Dubrovnik shining on one side and the sparkling Adriatic Sea on the other.

While in Dubrovnik Be sure to take a look at the views at the top of Mount Srd, the views from the Lovrijenac Fortress, and, should you be up for a physical challenge, try a kayaking trip towards Lokrum Island!

3. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Florence

It is known as we know Florence as the Cradle of the Renaissance and one of the most visited destinations to visit in Europe.

Also, it is not surprising that you would expect Florence to be one big city, however, no one can comfortably walk through the entire city’s historic center and even some of the regions beyond, in just two days. No additional transportation is required!

Florence is a stunning city that is so with world-class art that the city has become an artwork.

From the majestic Cathedral that is Santa Maria del Fiore to the amazing masterpiece of Michelangelo’s David to the Ponte Vecchio to all the treasures of the Uffizi Museum, looking at Florence is like watching the Renaissance’s art, architecture, and engineering in full bloom.

4. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Heidelberg

Nestled in the southwest of Germany The small university town of Heidelberg is far from being the most sought-after city in Germany However, it certainly should be on the list.

It is on the stunning Neckar River and overlooked by the magnificent Heidelberg Palace, Heidelberg looks like an enchanting fairytale-like European city.

Also, it’s not only modern tourists and students who seek to study at Heidelberg University who understand the charm in Heidelberg: Mark Twain was influenced to the place and wrote about it with great affection after spending an entire summer in Heidelberg.

In reality, according to some reports that the concept to write The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was born out of the Neckar River. While it’s not entirely true There’s no doubt that Twain was intrigued in the city.

5. Ljubljana

If you’re planning trips to Slovenia isn’t often that the picturesque capital city of Ljubljana is the first on the list of things they’d like to visit. 

Also, it’s difficult to top the grandeur in Lake Bled, or the splendor in Triglav National Park, or the stunning beaches of Piran.

This being said, Ljubljana itself is also the perfect location to stay for a few days in Slovenia It’s not just that is is located in a convenient day-tripping distance from the ever-popular Bled and is a great city to visit on its own.

Also, it is the home of the gorgeous Ljubljana Castle as well as the fascinating street art-filled neighborhood of Metelkova as well as the delightful Dragon Bridge, and colorful Preseren Square, Ljubljana is an easy European city to fall in love with.

6. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Salzburg

As the hometown of Mozart and as a city surrounded by hills that are alive with The Sound of Music, charming Salzburg, Austria is easily one of the best cities to visit in Europe-regardless of whether you choose a sunshine-and-blooming-flower filled summer trip or a festive Christmas market trip.

The fortress is overlooked by the striking Hohensalzburg Fortress and home to some of the most stunning sights like the Mirabell Palace (known, among many other things for its position as a location for filming The Sound of Music).

This is as well as the incredible Salzburg Cathedral and also Mozart’s birthplace and later residence, Salzburg is an incredibly exciting city to visit.

7. Krakow

In the south of Poland, Krakow is best known in the travel industry because of the proximity of two places that are completely outside the city’s boundaries: Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Both of these destinations are worthy of a visit (and with regard to Auschwitz, it’s arguably essential to visit when you’re in the region and you’re ready for the intensity of the day).

The charming city of Krakow has many interesting sites which make it one of the most enjoyable cities to visit in Europe.

However, make sure you visit the stunning Wawel Castle on your journey to Krakow along with St. Mary’s Basilica, Town Hall Tower, and the obligatory Milk Bar or Two for a taste of the traditional Polish pierogi.

8. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Bruges

The most beautiful town in Belgium (in our view in any case) is compact and beautiful it is easy to visit within a couple of days and beautiful from all angles. But if you want to know, its most beautiful view can be seen from the water on canal cruises.

If you are in Bruges you should consider going up at the summit of the Belfry for stunning views.

You can also explore the stunning Bonifacius Bridge, enjoy a canal cruise, explore the vibrant Market Square, stop by the Basilica of Holy Blood, and then relax in Minnewater Park.

9. San Marino

It’s somewhat of a stretch to put an entire country with 33,000 inhabitants on a list of most desirable cities for a trip in Europe however, San Marino is worth making an exception.

Best Cities in Europe

The most ancient republic of Europe (founding date in the year 301 AD) and, at the same time, the least visited nation throughout Europe, San Marino is an absolutely beautiful (though very small, yes) nation that is completely located in Italy.

Also, the views of the castle and countryside of the countryside Mount Titano that are worthy of any fairytale as well as fascinating history, San Marino is certainly worth a trip!

10. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Annecy

It is also known as”the Venice of the Alps, the stunning town of Annecy, France. And it is located just a little over an hour from Geneva and offers stunning panoramas of Lake Annecy (considered the cleanest lake in Europe).

Also, it has amazing Alpine food (including many varieties of delicious cheese) as well as stunning canals.

However, while it’s a frequent day excursion away from Geneva, Annecy is worth taking at least a few days if you are able to spare time.

If you can, plan your visit towards Annecy for at the very least one of the market days Saturdays and Fridays are the main markets of the week. However, there’s a smaller market that is held on Tuesdays too.

11. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Brasov

Medieval walls that date back to the Saxons and the Carpathian mountains surround it to the west, Brasov is an incredibly stunning city to explore within the heart of Transylvania.

Also, it is definitely worthy to be included in every excursion in the area! Additionally, it is a must-see destination that includes the magnificent Gothic-style Black Church, both the Black and The White Tower, the views from Tampa Mountain, and the delightful Council Square.

However, while it’s not in the city, it is impossible to talk about Brasov without not mentioning Bran Castle, which is a 30-minute drive away. It’s an amazing attraction (though we should warn you that the Dracula connection is not a myth).

12. Bologna

I know just a half hour from Florence via train Bologna as the capital city of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It is absolutely stunning, with gorgeous Italian architecture, as well as plenty of museums despite its compact area.

The most interesting reason to visit but isn’t its beauty, but the food. Also, Bologna is among the top cities throughout Europe for foodies.

The area is the home of mortadella (the authentic and better version of the dish that Italians refer to as bologna) Parmigiano-reggiano traditional balsamic vinegar and tagliatelle al Ragu (aka pasta bolognese) to mention just a fraction of the delicacies it offers.


More Cool Cities to Add to Your Europe Bucket List

Far from the cities that are bustling and world-class standing, Europe boasts hundreds of smaller, less-visited cities that are worthy of being considered to be one of the top cities to explore in Europe.

Here are some ideas to consider mixing several of these on the Europe bucket list, along with the other more famous choices in the list above!

1. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Seville

Seville is Spain’s capital city. Southern Andalucia region, stunning Seville is renowned for its beautiful architecture as well as its many orange trees that blossom in the summer months, the flamenco music scene, seemingly never-ending sunshine and its stunning Alcazar and the photo-worthy Plaza de Espana.

Best Cities in Europe

It also served as a filming site for some of the more loved series The Alcazar. It was used as the role of the Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones, and the Plaza de Espana was featured as the city of Theed in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

2. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Belgrade

If you’re in Belgrade, be sure to take a look at the beautiful Church of Saint Sava, the Belgrade Fortress, and the Knez Mihailov shopping street. 

If you’ve got just a few days in Belgrade, you might want to consider taking a day visit to vibrant close-by Novi Sad!

3. Lisbon

With its stunning waterfront and steep hills, the famous trams and a massive red suspension bridge Lisbon has a lot of comparisons to San Francisco. However, thankfully the visit to Lisbon is much less expensive.

The vibrant and laid-back Lisbon architecture is gorgeous. Its culture is warm and welcoming, and its sights are stunning which makes it one of the top cities within Europe that you can visit.

When you’re there, make sure to explore the historic area of Alfama Ride the fabled Tram 28 past beautiful views. And admire the city from a variety of miradouros (viewpoints) lookout for The Time Out Market, and relax by the Tagus River.

4. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Naples

A chaotic, noisy, and hilly Naples is certainly controversial among these cities in Europe. People generally either love it or hate it. But because we love it, we’d love to include it in this list.

The city is situated on the coast of Campania and boasting breathtaking panoramic views of Mount Vesuvius from its shores, Naples is an absolutely vibrant city. 

Also, the streets are typically crowded with people, and the salespeople are more ferocious than those farther north in Italy but, yes Naples is more rough and dirty in the corners as compared to Florence and Venice.

It’s also beautiful-places such as those of the San Carlo Theater, Piazza del Plebiscito as well as Galleria Umberto I are all gorgeous and interesting.

The Bourbon Tunnel, Naples Underground, Castel Nuovo, and Naples Archaeological Museum are amazing places to see.

Even if you’re not a fan of Naples’s environment or its attractions to be your style, there’s always the world-renowned pizza to capture (and keep) your interest.

5. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Tallinn

The small, yet beautiful capital city of Estonia has been a bit unnoticed when it comes to tourism concerns, but it is shifting.

Also, the city has a stunning view that is right at the shore, affordable costs, and plenty of things to do.

However, be sure to check for views of Toompea Hill and stroll through the hipster-friendly city in Telliskivi Creative City to your list of things to do). Also, Tallinn is a wonderful city to explore for several days.

Best Cities in Europe

After you’ve finished your trip, you could even go by boat to make your stay to another destination: Helsinki, Finland is just 2 hours from Tallinn via ferry!

6. Verona

More rarely frequently visited as Florence or Milan Yet stunningly gorgeous, they set Verona in the southern part of Veneto along the banks of the Adige River.

The home of a stunning.ly well-preserved Roman amphitheater, stunning views, and also the story about Romeo as well as Juliet, Verona is as breathtaking as it is stunning.

Make sure you take in the views from Castel San Pietro and the Torre dei Lamberti as part of your trip If you’re looking for some excitement, think about the whitewater rafting route through the Adige!

7. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Bergen

The second-largest city in Norway and dubbed”the Heart of the Fjords, Bergen does not usually make the top of European bucket lists (at the very least for those of us who come from outside of the continent)-but maybe it should.

It is the gateway to Norway’s breathtaking fjord beauty and the home of what’s arguably on the most beautiful harbors in Europe.

Also, breathtakingly beautiful Bergen certainly ranks as one of the most beautiful cities to explore in Europe!


Best Places to Retire in Europe

1. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Bordeaux, France

A charming port city in the southwest of France near the Garonne River, Bordeaux is a place that enjoys warm summers as well as mild winters. 

The city is located just a few miles from and the Atlantic Ocean and close to many famous wineries. Also, the city offers a lot to residents and visitors alike.

Galleries, museums, concert halls, parks for public use restaurants, cafes outdoor markets, and lively nightlife are plentiful.

Bordeaux is a city with a modern transport system that connects it with other cities within France and other European destinations via the high-speed train. 

The French universal healthcare system ensures the possibility that people who live in France for three consecutive months and remain for at least the equivalent of 183 days each year are eligible for health insurance coverage through the public system.

Private health insurance plans are available to those who aren’t in a position to be eligible. They have praised the healthcare system in France as among the best worldwide.

Best Cities in Europe

An extended-stay permit will allow you to stay in France for longer than 90 days. the visa must be obtained when staying within the United States. 

The documents required by your local French consulate are a passport additional photo, as well as evidence of self-sufficiency in finances as well as international medical insurance and the country in which you intend to reside in France.

2. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Budapest, Hungary

With an affordable price of life, stunning old-fashioned buildings, delicious restaurant options, thermal baths and friendly locals, Budapest is rapidly becoming a sought-after retirement destination for both Europeans and Americans.

In comparison with New York City, we report the cost of living in Budapest to be around 57% less as well as the rents on average 83% less. They offer modern apartments at a higher price.

While it is a member of the European Union, Hungary uses its forint currency as currency. A vibrant culture, a lively nightlife and a spot along the Danube have drawn people from different countries. Another benefit: English is spoken widely.

Foreigners are able to purchase homes, and the medical care is extremely good. Restaurant and grocery prices are affordable, and tasty wines are available at reasonable prices.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital city of 295,500 has become an area for retirement for Europeans as well as Americans. Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004, Slovenia became independent in 1991.

The country has a long tradition of winemaking and has several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Casinos, spas, and resorts offer activities in the country.

With the mix of the traditional and contemporary, Ljubljana, in particular, has the possibility of access to beaches skiing resorts and lakes, golf courses, and mountains.

There is a cost of living in the country that is appealing and, for comparison, around 41% less expensive in comparison to New York City. U.S. citizens must start with a 1-year visa for temporary residence after which, following five years being here, they can apply for permanent residency. 

We consider health insurance to be adequate and many buy private health insurance when they do not qualify for the public system. 

4. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Alicante, Spain

Alicante is situated along the Mediterranean Sea in southeast Spain is a wonderful destination that offers beautiful beaches, delicious bars, lively nightlife, and glimpses of its historic past.

The affordable dining options for you range from casual to elegant and include stunning views, fresh seafood, and stunning sunsets.

It is a must-visit place. Alicante Central Market is popular for both locals and visitors as it has the finest Spanish cheese, wines meats, seafood, and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Also, it’s easily connected to other major Spanish cities through a great transportation system and is served by the Alicante-Elche Airport. 

Additionally, it’s a short summary: Alicante has enough space to have all the amenities expected of a city yet small enough to remain comfortable, warm, and authentic.

Affordable housing starts at $500 per month (for one-bedroom apartments) and up to $190,000. (for the purchase of).

Alongside its excellent public health system, private healthcare in Spain is excellent and inexpensive with top-of-the-line equipment and highly skilled doctors.

They must obtain a temporary residency visa for a stay lasting over 90 days. In five years’ time, one may apply for permanent residence.

5. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Valletta, Malta

Valletta is the tiniest capital of Malta Malta, country comprises three islands located in the Mediterranean Sea about 60 miles south of Sicily.

It is situated on a high plateau with two harbors that overlook the rugged coastline. Beautiful beaches of sand are within an hour’s drive and public transportation is readily available.

Although small in terms of size although it is small, the UNESCO World Heritage site prides itself on its rich heritage with buildings dating back to the 16th century.

The city is a walkable city, meaning it’s easy to get around and interact with fellow residents as well as expatriates.

Also, the most spoken language other than Maltese is English, as well as a substantial amount of expatriates’ hail, which originated from the U.K., Australia, and mainland Europe.

Malta generally is a reasonable retirement choice. One-bedroom apartments located outside of Valletta, the capital city, can be rented out for as little as Valletta is available for rent as low as $750 per month. Restaurant and grocery shopping are also affordable.

Private health insurance in Malta is highly recommended for those who are not EU citizens and is extremely rated and cheap when compared with U.S. options. 

Malta as well as the U.S. have a treaty in place to avoid double taxation of income. Residence can be established in a variety of ways which makes moving to Malta available to retirees.

Best Beach Cities in Europe

1. San Sebastian

The Spanish Atlantic Coast is a candidate for the best European city beach. Also, the stunning Shell-shaped Concha Bay in San Sebastian (also called Donostia the Basque title).

La Concha boasts 1400km of gorgeous Sand that wraps all around Santa Clara island.

2. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Alicante

Many travelers heading towards Spain avoid cities like Alicante as they go straight to one resort on the beaches in Costa Blanca.

Its most famous tourist attractions include The Santa Barbara Castle and the old town that surrounds it, as well as the wide sands lined with palms in Playa del postiguet.

3. Nice

We believe that the French city of Nice was one of the first Mediterranean tourist spots.

Also, its vibrant streets and well-serviced international airport make it a sought-after city break destination in the present.

Its name often referred nice to as its city that opens the door towards the French Riviera – but with its huge beaches of pebbles Old town, great food and great museums, you’ll find really no reason to get out of the city.


4. Barcelona

This Catalan capital is a destination with everything with plenty of fine sandy beaches – with the most well-known one being Barceloneta in the city of Barceloneta, along with world-class cuisine art, architecture, and nightlife.

There’s no doubt that it is that this Spanish beach town is among the most visited places in Europe.

5. Best Cities in Europe 2022: Malaga

Another under-rated Spanish city that is not well-known is Malaga The capital city of Malaga, which is located on the Costa del Sol.

Best Cities in Europe

Andalucian culture is present and alive in the street of the Old Town in which you’ll find The Alcazaba which is an eleventh-century Moorish city, Roman ruins, and the newly built Picasso Museum.

The city’s most well-known song, the promenade runs along its miles of sandy beaches.

You will agree with us that this article about one of the Best Cities in Europe 2022 is useful. Yeah, it is. However, visit any of these cities at the appropriate date and time.

If you found this article useful, do not forget to share with it your loved ones and those who might be in need of it.

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