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Best Christmas Markets in Europe, Their Locations and Things to Do There

– Best Christmas Markets in Europe –

The introduction of Christmas markets symbolizes the start of the holiday season throughout Europe. These markets provide one-of-a-kind experiences that are guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Whether it’s the fiery mulled wine in Prague, hand-carved musical instruments in Madrid, or a visit from Santa in Tallinn, Estonia. Continue reading to learn more about the beauty of Europe’s most enchanting Christmas markets.


Best Christmas Markets in Germany

1. Cologne, Germany

The holiday season is when the beautiful city of Cologne transforms into a stunning winter wonderland with one of the top markets for Christmas in Europe!

The city has seven markets with each one bursting to the top with hot cups of gluhwein that ensure your fingers are warm as well as many traditional German food items to enjoy and (depending on the type of market) everything hand-crafted that you can request.

Make sure to not skip the famous Cathedral Market for Christmas, the beautiful Old Market Christmas, which is home to the most immersive Christmas market decors in Europe as well as the delightful market village of Saint Nicholas market.

2. Nuremberg, Germany

In November, one of the most enjoyable activities to experience in Nuremberg is to visit the world-famous Christmas market. 

This market is perfect for many travelers and families since there’s an additional children’s market that includes performance and cultural events.

In Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt, you can taste various traditional German food items that have been made locally for centuries. Nuremberg bratwurst is served since 1313.

And is recognized by European Union as the first sausage in Europe!

Another popular food in Europe is Lebkuchenherze. This is, more precisely gingerbread cookies decorated with personal messages and names. 

It has also served them in the past since around the 13th century. Which makes them among the oldest varieties of gingerbread across the globe.

In addition to trying different tasty German foods and delicious desserts and sweet desserts, you can drink gluhwein. It is also called Mulled wine. 

The red wine drink is sweetened with spices, cinnamon, and raisins.

The winter temperatures in Nuremberg are well below freezing and often snow. So you’ll need this rich local beverage to keep warm and also the scarf, hat, and gloves.

Go to the Nuremberg Christmas Market on the Friday prior to Advent for a lively and festive opening ceremony. Complete with carols, music, and other performances.

In addition to food items, you can also buy Christmas decorations and souvenirs made locally. Markets are in the center of the city beginning in late November.

3. Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt in Frankfurt, there is one of the country’s longest-running Christmas fairs. The first accounts of the market date back to 1393 and since then.

It has changed from a tiny seasonal market into a major event that draws more than 3 million people each year.

They hold the main market on Romerberg which is in the center of the city. It spreads out to neighboring alleyways and squares.

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On Romerberg there is also a chance to see a gigantic Christmas tree, as well as a stage. If you’re lucky enough and visit on a weekend there are choirs that singing Christmas songs.

In addition to the main Christmas market, you’ll also see another market called “Pink Christmas” nearby. It’s where members of the LGBTQ+ community meet up and is also popular with other visitors.

The theme for the event will be “pink.” And this tiny market has mushroomed into one place with the finest Christmas food.

If you’re visiting Frankfurt Make sure you take a bite of the local cuisine. “Bethmannchen” are marzipan cookies that are only available in Frankfurt. 

Enjoy them with an ice-cold glass of “Apfelwein”, a local cider. With additional ingredients like sugar and spices, it tastes like warm cider.

Do you like traditional Mulled wine? 

There are plenty of wineries in the vicinity of Frankfurt and some have stalls set up during the Christmas market. Go to one and you’ll enjoy the most delicious Mulled Wine you’ve ever tasted.

4. Munich, Germany

It’s not surprising that the capital city of Bavaria and the home of Oktoberfest will make all the noise during the Christmas season.

However, even with the highest expectation, Munich still impresses guests with the amount of festive cheer that it brings to the Christmas markets it hosts.

Start at the famous Christkindlmarkt in Munich’s principal square (Marienplatz).

However, from there, the possibilities are endless including the traditional Neuhausen Christmas market. To the quirkier Wintertollwood Festival, held on the Oktoberfest grounds.

Also, it’s worth noting that if you’re scouting the most popular market for Christmas within Munich and surrounding areas. You’re just a short distance from Bavaria’s well-known Neuschwanstein Castle.

And while some areas that are shut off in winter because of ice, the castle is stunning when and snow-covered!

5. Konstanz, Germany

Germany has a wealth of wonderful markets for Christmas. However, the one that is held in the city of Konstanz, which is on the lake Konstanz is unique. 

It’s officially called the “Weihnachsmarkt am See,” meaning “Christmas market on the lake.”

This is a fairly exact description since they set the markets up not just around the harbor. But they are also located on a “Christmas ship” that’s moored there!

Alongside local crafts and food stalls on board, there’s also an ice bar offering 360-degree panoramic perspectives. Over the amazing scene from Lake Constance.

This market is quite popular and draws many visitors from other countries around the world, in particular near Switzerland.

Therefore, it’s recommended to go on a weekday to avoid crowds. If you’re to Konstanz from Switzerland yourself, you can inquire in any Swiss train station.

For discount train tickets for Konstanz for people who go to markets.

Swiss railways generally offer a special discount. Which can offer as much as 50 percent off train tickets and a complimentary glass of gluhwein as well as the opportunity to receive a souvenir cup.

The majority of food stalls on the market offer traditional German foods, like Kasespatzle. However, there are some international options like Moroccan and Indian food stalls, that are more suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Magical Christmas Markets in Western Europe

1. Paris, France

Paris during the time of Christmas is an ideal city to visit. Despite the cold winter temperatures, there’s a distinct ambiance in the city.

They decorate the main avenues and squares with multi-colored Christmas bulbs and decorations.

The shop windows of the major shopping centers are decorated and the beginning of the first Christmas Markets. Around mid-November marks the start of Christmas in Paris.

There are a variety of festive Christmas Markets in Paris, particularly in central Paris. They are fantastic places to relax to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, and perhaps a glass of hot, spicy wine.

In many Christmas Markets in Paris, The Tuileries Christmas Market. And the Eiffel Tower Christmas Market are the biggest and most well-known.

They both offer traditional wooden chalets that come with a variety of merchandise. But also amusement parks, ice skating rinks, and restaurants on the premises.

People who don’t like the crowds will opt for a smaller Christmas Market. The one around the Church of Saint-Germain-des-Pres (Paris 6). Or the Christmas Market in front of Les Halles (Paris 1) is two good options.

Paris during Christmas is also a fantastic starting point for an excursion in Disneyland Paris. Which always has an extra program, especially for the Christmas season. 

Also, celebrate Christmas with your favorite Disney characters!

2. Deventer, the Netherlands

Deventer is among the most ancient cities of The Netherlands. It’s a Hanseatic city that is along the Ijssel river.

IJssel. The historic old town is a great place to go for a city tour and also for Christmas events.

Every year, on the last weekend before Christmas, the Dickens festival ( Dickens festival) is held. For two days, approximately 500 actors and residents dress in the character of the tales from the works of Charles Dickens.

From Scrooge From Scrooge Oliver Twist and from Christmas chimney sweepers to carol singers. All are present.

They hold the festival in the Bergkwartier. The medieval portion of the city. It is free to enter. It is necessary to wait at the front of the line. This could last up to one hour.

However, while you wait in line, you’re entertained by actors dressed as characters from the 19th century in the Charles Dickens novel.

When you enter (the festival is held outdoors but is secured off) you’ll be walking through various streets. 

Stalls selling food and other trade products are manned by actors. There are sketches and plays that are performed in the streets. There’s not a single empty space.

The same weekend, there are two small Christmas markets. The first one is located inside the ‘Grote’ or Lebuinus church. While the other is located situated outside on the Brink (a square).

They fill both markets with a wonderful Christmas vibe, and sell food items, as well as non-food Christmas gifts. They’re enjoyable to peruse. The Christmas market in the church also features Christmas carol performers as well as a scavenger hunt for youngsters.

3. Grenoble, France

We know the city as the Capital of the French Alps. Grenoble is located in the southeastern region of France.

It’s a fantastic location for winter sports, however, it also hosts four Christmas markets throughout the city’s central area. They are held from the end of November to Christmas Eve.

The markets are in Place Grenette. Which focuses on rock music as well as Afro-Indian crafts. There’s also a craft market in Rue Felix Poulat. And then the major market is the Place Victor Hugo.

There are plenty of food vendors (raclette hotdogs and dumplings, hotdogs crepes, churros waffles). Hot wine and hot cider, as well as cheese, beer, and salami sellers, as well as regional artisan products.

The market opens at 10 am every day. As Christmas draws nearer the markets are open late into the night (until 10 pm on some nights).

Grenoble Christmas markets are a treat for people who live there. Rather than visitors, making it an authentic experience.

In all, there are about 100 stalls. This isn’t much compared to other cities, however, this is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

The best items to buy are premium artisan jewelry. Pockets knives as well as scarves and hats, local cheeses honey, sweets, and local liquors.

In a different direction from the markets, The must-see place to visit is the bulles (the bubbles) The affectionate title to the Telepherique de Grenoble Bastille.

The cable car is a part of the city’s center into the fortified Bastille. This is where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Grenoble along with the Alps beyond. It’s also the beginning point for many mountain trails.

4. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City may be a tiny city in a small country, but it’s one of the top European festive markets.

Every market is different and offers different options for eating delicious food. Visiting markets, special items, and one offers an ice skating arena. Which includes Place de la Constitution, Place d’Armes, and Knuedler on Ice.

Go to Place de la Constitution for breathtaking sights and rides at the carnival including the Ferries wheel. Cathedrale Notre-Dame is across the street, another place to go for a stroll around the city.

In-Place d’Armes there is an abundance of wooden huts full of interesting items that will tempt customers to buy these items. There’s a stage available for many local musicians to showcase their talents in the field of music.

Another thing to note within the town’s old part is one of the tiniest palaces in Europe The Grand Ducal Palace. Grand Ducal Palace.

After that, you can walk to take in the stunning views of the fortifications of the city of Dent Creuse. Along with other historic ruin sites. There are many panoramic photo possibilities as you cross the bridge.

The market opens the last week of November and continues until Christmas Eve. In addition, the Ice Rink is open until the middle of January.

5. Strasbourg, France

If you’re looking to visit somewhere festive this winter season, why not head to the self-proclaimed Capital of Christmas-Strasbourg!

The capital city of Alsace is where you can find one of the oldest and most renowned markets for Christmas in the world. And the traditional wooden houses and sparkling Christmas lights make it even more spectacular!

Strasbourg is hosting Christmas Markets since 1570 so they surely have a few ideas about creating an amazing winter spectacle.

Every season, Strasbourg becomes festive with the Christmas decor and over 300 Christmas-themed stalls sure to get you into a festive mood.

With handcrafted gifts and mulled wines freshly baked goodies. And festive workshops you will have fun in this winter paradise.

Take a stroll through The UNESCO World Heritage streets of La Grande Ile. Take photos before the imposing Christmas tree that is in Place Kleber.

Place Kleber, and spend time wandering through the many markets Strasbourg offers.

They also have a rotating “guest-country” market every season, which showcases items from various nations, so you can consider making your visit to Strasbourg for Strasbourg Christmas Market an annual occasion knowing that there will be something new to discover!

6. Bruges, Belgium

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe.

It is located within the Flanders Region of Belgium. This postcard-perfect city is a popular destination for visitors throughout the year especially during the time of Christmas.

The city is like something from a Christmas card, particularly in winter! With the snow falling and warm Christmas Markets and the well-known Burg Square Christmas Tree. It is the perfect time to go to Bruges.

Begin your journey with a visit to Grote Square. Which is transformed every year into Bruges the largest Christmas Market that includes gingerbread, mulled wines, and adorable wooden huts.

That sells trinkets and Christmas-themed decorations. In the middle of the square, there is an outdoor ice skating rink that is a favorite among locals as well as tourists.

Around the square, you’ll find a variety of chocolatiers serving delicious treats and delicious hot chocolates to keep you warm!

If you’re in search of a Christmas Market that’s slightly quieter go to the one at Simon Stevin Square. While it’s a bit like that of the Christmas Market in Grote Square.

However, this one has a more serene and atmospheric feel to it.

The tree is open both in the daylight and at night to be amazed by how stunning it is and don’t forget to take a picture before the tree for a wonderful Christmas picture!

Visitors to the city prefer to stay just an entire day at Bruges However, at Christmas time, it is best to stay for at least two days to make sure you are able to take in all the Christmas-related attractions.

7. Maastricht, the Netherlands

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. In December Maastricht is all about Christmas. Magical Maastricht is the Christmas market that takes place every year beginning on the last weekend of November to the final weekend of December.

For a whole month in that Southern Dutch city lives with the magical nature of the most memorable Christmas season.

The Vrijthof Square transforms into a true Winter Wonderland! There’s a Ferris-wheel and a skating rink the merry-go-round, as well as an enormous winter slide inside the Christmas Village. Fun is a must.

What’s a Christmas marketplace without the Christmas specials?

The Christmas stalls are filled with sweet and savory foods that range from traditional Dutch poffertjes (mini pancakes) and the olibollen (deep-fried doughballs) to the classic German bratwurst (grilled sausage) and Reibekucken (potato pancakes).

Maastricht is a great place to spend an extended weekend during the festive season! It is possible to walk the narrow streets, decorated with festive decorations from store to store and be in the Christmas mood.

But, there’s one place you should definitely visit. It can be the Dominicanen Bookstore – one of the most stunning bookstores around, located in the ruins of a Gothic Church.

If you’re a fan of art there’s an art museum in the Bonnefanten Art Museum or you can take a tour through Underground Maastricht visiting the casemates and caves or The St Peter’s Fort.

If you’re enjoying a Christmas market frenzy and want to see some of the unique christmas markets that is located in the Netherlands The Christmas Market in the Velvet Cave in Valkenburg the town of Valkenburg, that is just a 10 minute ride away from Maastricht.

8. Colmar, France

With half-timbered homes beautiful canals, stunning houses, along with some of the gorgeous christmas markets across Europe, Colmar is not to be missed when you are searching to find European market stalls for Christmas.

There are six market options to pick from, you’ll never run out of places to explore-our favorite would be Place de l’Ancienne Douane and Petite Venise, though the skating skate (and snacks stand) located at Place Rapp, though not technically a market for Christmas, is worthy of a mention.

When you visit Colmar it is in easy reach of Strasbourg in addition to smaller Alsatian villages such as Eguisheim and Riquewihr All of which are fantastic European Christmas markets each to themselves!

9. Lille, France

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. It is the city that lies in Lille located in North France. North region of France is typically utilized as a stopover to the Eurostar. But, Lille should be a tourist destination on its own.

From its gorgeous architecture to its historic Old Town and bustling Christmas MarketFrom its beautiful architecture to its lively Christmas Market Lille has a lot to offer tourists, particularly at Christmas time.

The Lille Christmas market is well-known and draws a lot of visitors from Belgium and northern France. It is located in Place Rihour, the market provides gifts, Christmas decorations, fine art, and delicious Christmas food.

While you’re at the market, be sure to enjoy a slice of gingerbread or the Mulled Wine. If you’re in France during the Christmas season, you must also taste the well-known French cakes “La Galette des Rois” that translates to King’s Cake.

Of of course, there are plenty of other French delights for Christmas that you can explore, including La Buche of Noel.

In the Christmas season, Lille becomes a beautiful winter wonderland, with its Christmas decorations and sparkling. So, Christmas is one of the best times during the season to go to Lille.

10. Brussels, Belgium

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. The ancient architecture of Belgium’s capital provides the stunning backdrop for a fantastic winter getaway in Europe.

The Grand Place, the city’s charming UNESCO World Heritage site, is the center of the celebrations thanks to its stunning Christmas tree, as well as the entertaining shows of street artists as well as international choirs.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

In the evening, the eye-catching light and sound show bring the grand and elegant guild homes to life.

Explore the winding streets until De Brouckere. Here you can put on your ice skates and showcase your unique moves on the skating track.

After you’ve built up a thirst then it’s time to hit the shops. The Belgian chocolate stores with their glittering decorations for the windows and tempting Christmas-themed gift boxes, should be a must visit on any Brussels Christmas tour.

Go to the cozy decor at Place St. Catherine while eating the fluffy chocolate-covered waffle or another delicious heart-warming dessert.

Take a look at the Christmas stalls in the Fish Market before going on a ride on the enthralling Ferris wheel, which overlooks the city in the evening light.


Central + Eastern Europe Christmas Markets

1. Prague, Czechia

Prague is the home of one of the most beautiful festive Christmas market in Europe. It’s an amazing city that is worth a visit all year round particularly for its stunning architectural style.

As the long winter nights begin to set into the night and Prague Christmas markets kick off in the latter part of November, Christmas lights illuminate the squares.

The fairytale-like Medieval Old Town and Castle district are stunning at this time of year and is one of the best times to travel to Prague.

There are many Prague christmas markets and the most popular for me is Prague Old Town Square, Staromestske namesti.

The Gothic spires of the Tyn Church, the Old Town Hall Tower (which is an excellent vantage spot) along with The Baroque St Nicholas Church.

The smells of Christmas markets aren’t all that unlike German market, and mulled drinks and grilled sausages becoming a huge hit however, there are some special Czech desserts to taste.

Trdelnik stands are pretty common and spit-roasting delicious chimney cakes.

The bars that are part of the Christmas market serve delicious Czech beers, but at a cost that is much higher than bars located that aren’t in the city’s center.

The busiest part of Prague christmas markets can be found close by Wenceslas Square (Vaclavske namesti).

There’s also a wonderful small market that is held in Prague Castle from 10 am until 4 pm every day in within St Vitus Cathedral and St George’s Basilica.

2. Vienna, Austria

There is a chance to enjoy gluhwein or gingerbread cookies for days to the last day if you go to every one of market days of Christmas throughout Vienna.

There are more than 20 official markets that are held in the city each year. Vienna is the home of some of the finest festive markets across Europe!

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The biggest and most crowded market is held at Rathausplatz (Vienna City Hall) It is an excellent spot to go to during Vienna all year long.

You’ll find 150 stalls in the market packed with food and decorations. There’s also an skate rink for ice skating as well as a Ferris wheel and a myriad of lights.

The two markets for palaces in Schonbrunn Palace and Belvedere Palace are quieter and more beautiful settings.

Don’t miss the strudel-making display, which includes tastings, in the cafe of Schonbrunn.

Locally, the most popular local favorite is Spittelberg market, which is held in three narrow cobblestone streets within a newly renovated historical neighborhood of Neubau.

Otherwhere in the city make sure you see the stunning chandeliers and other decorations on Graben as well as Kohlmarket streets as well as at the shop, Popp & Kretschmer.

With glimmering lights all over the city, this is sure been voted as one of the most festive destinations to go during the season of Christmas.

3. Krakow, Poland

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. Krakow is an ancient capital of Poland that is full of history, a stunning city, and a castle.

From late November to early January, The main square of the market, there is during the Christmas Fair. Walking through the market square is like stepping into a slower, more fragrant world.

The constant carols, the aroma of Christmas trees, and many bright lights, with which you can experience the Christmas spirit.

Every year, there are approximately 80 stalls on Main Square, including many exhibitors from Poland and around the world.

You can sample a variety of traditional dishes in Polish, German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Czech, and Slovak cuisines. Polish specialty dishes include dumplings and Oscypek (smoked sheep’s cheese that is served warm).

The exhibits will also feature artisans. The nativity scene made of wood decorated baubles, painted Christmas decorations and centerpieces ceramic items, and wooden toys are only a few of the items available in Krakow’s market. Krakow market.

The Krakow Nativity scene is an exceptional phenomenon across the globe. It began in 19th century Krakow in the city of construction workers seeking income in the winter and fall period.

They began building an intimate puppet theatre together with its Holy Family on the first floor. They built it in the form of a tower with elements that are reminiscent of the old architecture of Krakow.

From 1937 onwards, they hold this contest every year and draws a lot of talented local artists.

Krakow for families with childrenor without kids is a treat any time of the year but at Christmas Krakow is a charming spot.

4. Bucharest, Romania

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. There is a Christmas Market in Bucharest that is generally open from the last day of November through December 30, in Constitution Square, right in front of the famous Parliament Building.

Bucharest is a thriving city, and they transfer the energy into its Christmas Market during the holidays.

Whatever you’re looking for in the Christmas Market, you’ll find it here. Over 100 houses sell everything from traditional sweets for Christmas to Christmas decorations and wood carvings to hand-crafted jewelry.

Find a last-minute present to someone nearby or buy yourself a present.

Another draw can be the cuisine. Romanian food is extremely flavorful, especially winter food.

If you are hungry, go to the Christmas Market and try the filling cauliflower rolls (sarmale) with sausages, polenta, and pickles.

Make space for a slice of pie or delicious curtoskalacs. Make sure you have sparkling wine to go with the meal.

Santa’s House where they can write the letters they wrote to Santa will delight the kids and get to meet the Elfen. You can also skate, or take a ride on the carousel, and get all the sweets they’d like.

From Friday to Sunday, there will be concerts on the big stage right in front of the 25 meters high Christmas tree.

5. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is one of the most stunning Austrian cities that is worth visiting all year long. If you’re looking to explore it beyond its typical beauty, the month of December is the ideal time to visit the city.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

In addition, you can visit many of the “Sound of Music” locations that are the home of Mozart castles, castles, and hills There are also many of the spectacular Christmas markets you can find in Europe!

Imagine the hundreds of stalls that open up, instantly bringing life and a magical Christmas spirit for the entire city. And, best of all, you’ll smell delicious aromas of alcohol and food while you stroll by.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Christkindlmarkts is the food and beverages available. The stalls that follow sell traditional and local foods that range from hearty meals to delicious desserts.

You can also rent a mug for a souvenir that you can fill with water and fill with mulled wine or Apfelpunsch, a sweet apple beverage.

Once you’ve had enough, you can either return the mug and receive the money-back, or bring the mug back to the house as a memento.

These markets are great places to buy local souvenirs made by hand for those who want to take their own gifts home.

However, they are enjoyable for sampling fresh food as well as watching people and enjoying the Christmas magic!


6. Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is a city of a modest size in Western Poland that boasts one of the most beautiful markets for Christmas in Europe. Also, Wroclaw has a stunning Old Town which is well worthy of a visit throughout the year.

The market is enormous and has many attractions that can be found along many avenues and in Wroclaw’s Market Square.

It is worth a visit. Wroclaw Market for Christmas Market is the theme of fairytales, which is clear in every adorable detail. They set the market in a fairytale landscape in which you can see animated fairytales.

In addition to the charming themes of fairytales, you can find plenty of shops to browse through Christmas-themed activities and rides, as well as amazing mulled-wine stands.

They can easily complete a visit to Wroclaw in a single day. But, you should plan to visit over the weekend to enjoy this Christmas marketplace.

There are so many different things to do during Wroclaw’s Christmas market. Wroclaw Christmas market that you’ll need at minimum two nights to be there.

Best European Christmas Markets in the UK + Ireland

1. London, England

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. London is among the most beautiful cities within Europe that you can visit at the festive season with a myriad of festive Christmas markets and lights dotted throughout the capital.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The most famous market to check out in the weeks leading up to Christmas is situated inside Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which is a huge open-air event filled with festive activities.

There’s also a massive outdoor space known as”the Ice Kingdom with children’s film Ice sculptures of characters as well as Ice-sculpting classes.

It is advised to go to Winter Wonderland outside of the high-traffic times (evenings and weekends) since winter wonderland is extremely well-known for both visitors and locals.

Certain attractions have to be booked and paid for in advance. Make sure you visit their official website prior to you go.

In addition to Winter Wonderland, you’ll also discover plenty of activities to enjoy in the city in December.

Visit the south bank of the Thames in London to check out their charming Christmas market along the river with a number of traditional wooden chalets, as well as a.

Also, two stories Scandinavian style home with traditional fire pits. It also serves authentic Swedish food as well as cold winter cocktails.

2. Dublin, Ireland

The period of December there is various Christmas markets that take place in Dublin which is Ireland’s capital. Christmas at the Castle in the heart of Dublin is certainly one of the tops.

It is located within the grounds of the historical 13th century Dublin Castle, this Christmas market isn’t the largest market that Dublin offers, However, it offers several unique highlights that should not be missed.

Enjoy the festive atmosphere of the castle, with live carols and enchanting lights while you sample delicious dishes from the traditional holiday food stalls.

With a variety of creative and original gifts and crafts to choose from, it’s easy to find that perfect Christmas present or an exclusive Irish holiday gift.

There’s plenty to offer everyone at this Christmas market, and the old-fashioned carousel will thrill children. Two additional attractions at this market that separate it from the rest.

Evenings it’s possible to gain access to the beautifully decorated Irish State Apartments.

Since the market is situated just around the corner of the Chester Beatty collection of cultural and artistic treasures, It is definitely worth a stop. It is completely free to visit and is highly suggested.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. Scotland is renowned for its frigid winter temperatures, making it the ideal place for you to be able to completely into the Christmas spirit.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

The festive season is when Edinburgh the capital of Scotland is alive in the form of Hogmanay is among the most prestigious New Year celebrations and the city hosts a variety of events in the day leading up to.

In just 1958, Christmas officially become a public holiday in Scotland and they’ve been making an effort to make it.

The Christmas markets are held from November until January.

In addition to the markets for Christmas, The Dome is a highly recommended stop due to the stunning Christmas decorations and massive trees, providing an ideal location to sip an evening drink.

Additionally, The Royal Botanical Gardens is an absolute must-see when the gardens transform into an illuminated path and you can explore the trail at your own pace, and you can even cook a marshmallow along the path!

4. Galway, Ireland

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. Galway is one of the most welcoming cities around the globe, Galway is the perfect spot to be in festive Christmas spirit!

This is because the city doesn’t just have the perfect, laid-back Irish attitude, but is also home to one of the biggest Christmas markets that you can find in Ireland.

With more than 50 stalls of wooden that stretch across to the Spanish Arch to the Eyre Square in Galway’s downtown-which is among the top locations to stay at in Galway-the Galway Christmas market is full of things to do.

Take a ride onto the Big Wheel and see the city illuminated with Christmas lights from the top. What a beautiful view! Not your jam? Take a look at the choirs or carols along with the market.

Get there early to enjoy delicious German bites, snacks, and, of course, a beer!

If you’re looking for souvenirs you may want to look into foodstuffs and Christmas presents that are made by local artisans and European traders.

A Christmas marketplace in Galway is an exceptional location to enjoy a memorable winter vacation in Ireland.

5. Manchester, England

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. The Christmas Markets in Manchester are among of the most loved across North of England. North in England and draw visitors from all across the UK.

The principal Christmas Market is in Albert Square in front of the city’s Gothic town hall.

However, you can also find marketplaces at St Ann’s Square, by the Manchester Cathedral, and throughout the main shopping zone.

There are plenty of bars and food stalls as well as stands selling gifts for the holidays.

In recent years, Manchester has also hosted a variety of alternative and pop-up Christmas markets.

Manchester Craft and Design Center Manchester Craft and Design center located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a great location to purchase distinctive Christmas presents.

Other activities in Manchester during the Christmas season are Manchester’s Lightopia Festival in Heaton Park located north of the city’s central area.

Stunning Christmas Markets in Northern Europe

1. Gothenburg, Sweden

The second city in Sweden, Gothenburg, is known as the “Christmas City”. Along with a variety of festive markets, that are held in Gothenburg There are musical events as well as choirs singing and celebrations that occur during December.

The month of December is when Liseberg often draws in millions of people at the massive 80 Christmas stalls selling custom-designed gifts and crafts.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Along with Swedish delicious treats like cinnamon buns, and also to take pleasure in amusement rides.

There’s also an dance show featuring ice skating and the traditional Christmas buffet dinner and of course Santa’s workshop which makes it possible to stay for a full day taking in the festive atmosphere.

Gothenburg also hosts three other Christmas markets. The most traditional of which is in Kronhuset which is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the city.

The most contemporary Christmas market is only open for a single weekend at the famous Roda Sten Konsthall, but it also sells the most unique Swedish merchandise.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark comes alive at Christmas. It’s one of Europe’s top cities for Christmas market in Europe because it is full of festive decorations, festive food and the most stunning Copenhagen christmas markets.

There are numerous markets throughout the city. However, the one you need to go to is Kongens Nytorv. It’s among the most beautiful squares throughout the city all year throughout the year and is lit up at the time of Christmas.

Also , make sure to visit Hojbro Plads, in the plaza that is near Christianborg Palace. It’s a crossroads between the major streets of the city’s central area and hosts an extremely traditional German Christmas market.

A Christmas market that has small extra feature is Tivoli Gardens. The amusement park that is famous for its theme is decorated as the look of a Hollywood film set, and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped through Santa’s Village.

The rides are in operation throughout Christmas time, including some brand new rides like that of the Polar Express. It’s not surprising that Santa Claus is there as well before returning to Greenland on Christmas Eve.

3. St. Petersburg, Russia

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. What makes this city stand out in the Christmas season is an incredible atmosphere. an array of activities to enjoy during the festive season in St Petersburg at this time of year.

As the capital of culture of the nation, it has an extensive history that dates in the early 1800s and has been the home to a variety of architectural and artistic treasures.

The city is stunning in the winter months as residents are getting ready for the holiday season. Imagine a glintwein with spice (Russia’s version of the drink gluhwein) and troika rides as well as snow-capped domes.

The Christmas markets that are best of the bunch throughout the city are those at the Fair in Ostrovsky Square and Pionerskaya Square.

Winter is a time for Russian celebrations as well as outdoor activities and cultural events at this period. 

From sledding in Victory Park to skiing at Tsarskoye Selo and Ice Hockey at the Ice Palace. There’s often an event celebrating the winter season.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

This is one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe. Stockholm’s Christmas market is one of the most ideal places to taste Sweden’s traditions of Christmas.

Also, take home gorgeous handmade gifts that you can’t discover anywhere else in this world, taste the local “delicacy” of smoked reindeer and obviously – meet Santa!

The most authentic Christmas celebration is in Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s Old Town). It’s the most well-known and traditional marketplace in Stockholm, right next near the Royal Palace.

Best Christmas Markets in Europe

One of the most appealing aspects in this marketplace is the vast quantity of skilled craftsmen women you can meet, including blacksmiths candlemakers, straw weaver, and even textile makers.

Skansen’s market is among the most cherished traditions of Stockholm. Like other markets that are located in the city, you can taste or buy sausages, cheeses, products made by hand, as well as ornaments.


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