10 Best Cash Back for Apps: Get up to 25 Cents as Cashback Rewards

Are you stuck wondering how to save money on gas? These gas apps can give you cash back every time. Keep reading to learn more about how to earn from these cashback apps for gas today.

There are many apps available for smartphones that allow you to save money on your purchases.

Many of these apps can be stacked, meaning you can gain money from multiple apps by purchasing one item in one store.

10 Best Cash Back for Apps

1. GetUpside

GetUpside is helpful, simple to use, and incredibly common. The app offers a good payout to a customer, which is up to $0.25 for every gallon bought, which is more than enough to make the difference if you don’t hesitate to use it every time you need to gas up.

GetUpside is also a great way to keep informed; if a new discount deal is available, you will be the first to know.

At that moment, the app has already saved its users thousands of dollars, more than $100 a year on average for every user, so there is no better place to start.

2. iBotta

There is no better way to buy food and stuff while on the drive, so you also really want to get cash back on purchases from Gas Station Convenience Stores.

What you are looking for in this app.

With great deals, relevant information, and so on, iBotta offers its users. However, it does not benefit you to get back your money spent on petrol, so it is recommended that iBotta be merged with something else.

3. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a cash back app, no doubt, with a good $0.05 per gallon offer. Yet, when you decide where and how to invest your cash, this one is arguably at its best.

A lot of the relevant information is available about gas prices and stations, so you will still know where to go next. There are also permanent discounts, making GasBuddy something bigger than just another cash-back app.

GasBuddy also rewards its users for the application’s monitoring of costs. A individual can earn different incentives and save more by assisting his fellow drivers.

4. Trunow

Through such an easy app, just by sending a gas station receipt, users can earn cash back. The trick, however, is that some of these stations are partners of Trunow and some of them are not.

Up to 2%, Trunow Partners will send you increased cash back, but you do not always have a way to verify whether a certain station is on the list. With this app, you cannot go wrong, anyway.

5. Cashbac 

This gas rewards app is for Android users only, sorry fanboys from Apple. With Cashbac, everywhere you go, you can get cashback rewards-all while you dine, get petrol, shop, get beauty treatments, or even in the gym when you sweat.

By making a purchase with one of over 2,000 associated retailers and 20,000 outlets across various categories, you can instantly receive instant cashback with Cashbac.


Another perfect app with cash back. Dosh will ask you to connect your card to your account after it is installed. Don’t be afraid, as this app has been used by many people for months and years without any problems about its protection and reliability.

You will be able to use Dosh facilities at shops and gas stations once you have gone through the verification process. No additional acts required: only with the card you previously linked.

Even if there are many alternatives, the strong 10% cash back rate is what makes this app unique. However, the actual cost is typically a little lower, since it varies depending on the stores and items for which you pay.

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7Murphy Drive Rewards

With offers on petrol, snacks, drinks and more, Murphy Drive Rewards gives you the best app for savings on the lane. It was developed with the sole purpose of making your journey easier and funnier.

Murphy Drive Rewards is available both on Android and on iOS, just like most of the apps in this list.

In the Apple Store, for example, with an excellent 4.8 / 5 score and more than 200k votes, it has a positive ranking.

Owe Murphy Drive Rewards a try if you drive a lot. There is not any excuse not to.

8. Speedway

Speedway rewards you with fantastic gifts and does not ask for anything in return. Just being a good person is enough! Alternatively, well, nearly enough.

You receive special Speedway points for every purchase, which can be exchanged later for gifts and gift cards.

At first, the app does not seem like much, but for a reason, we have included Speedway in the list. Give it a shot, and it will make you happy to find out just how useful it is.

9. Mobee

Although not exactly a cash back app, Mobee offers you a chance to count every gallon. It will ask you to become one of its secret shoppers, meaning that just to buy an item and give your opinion on its quality; you will receive gifts and money.

When you already travel a lot, Mobee’s at its best. The probability is that the app would ask you to visit locations that you might have visited anyway, like gas stations, and that is what makes this app so cool.

Why would someone say no to extra cash for doing stuff they already do?

10. Receipt Hog

You will not be asked to link a credit card (or a debit one) with the Receipt Hog app. You will have to take a screenshot of your receipt instead, which is the direct way to earn incentives!

However, you can convert them to real money once you have earned enough incentives (though PayPal is needed) or simply buy a gift card. Like they say, it is not much, but it is worth it.

Bottom Line

We live in a world where prices can fluctuate overnight and gas prices are certain to increase as the economy improves. These cashback apps for gas will help any average car commuter.

In an emergency fund for rainy days, the extra money you receive from these cashback applications for petrol will easily be secured.

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