Best Bradford White Water Heater Review of 2022

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Is it time to replace the old water heater? Bradford White water heater is a giant in the water heating industry responsible for many new innovations and technologies.

Bradford White Water Heater

The company is an employee-based manufacturer of water heating products. Established in 1881, it is a team of American-owned companies.

That leads the U.S. in the manufacturing of water heating, space heating, combination heating, and storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

They headquartered it in Ambler, Pennsylvania, with its manufacturing facility located in Middleville, Michigan.

Over the 135 years of its establishment, Bradford White has been delivering high-quality products made by American craft workers.

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Outstanding Features of Bradford White Water Heaters

Best Bradford White Water Heater Review of 2020

We have pointed out some features that make the heater different from its competitors. This includes:

A Wide Range of Products

There are many ranges and capacities to choose from. They even have a range of gas, electric, and hybrid models. Not every manufacturer facilitates consumers like that.


No matter what type you choose, safety is their number one priority. They have an Eco-Defender safety system to protect their consumers. That’s a step ahead of their competition.

Energy Star Certification

The hybrid models by Bradford White are all Energy Star certified. Energy Star is the EPA program helps protect the environment and save money.

With other companies, shorten your showers to conserve energy and save on bills. But with Bradford White, you can have a long soothing bath without having to worry.

Hydrojet Engineering

Dregs settling at the bottom of the water heater have a tremendous impact on its performance. Bradford White has expected this issue and come up with Hydrojet engineering.

It also rids their system of sediments and helps them run smoothly.

Defender Safety System

Operating a water heater is a risky business. While most manufacturers solely focus on the inside, Bradford White goes the extra mile with their Defender Safety System.

It even senses the external threats and shuts it off before an accident happens. Bradford White has certainly protected its product not only from the inside but on the outside too.

The Best Bradford White Water Heaters

1. Residential RG2F50S6N Atmospheric Gas Water Heater

Without putting their gas-powered water heater on top, we couldn’t do this list. The fan-assisted gas water heater at Bradford White is one of the best. They rated it Energy Star, also meeting their demands.

One function that makes this water heater so economical is its high-efficiency blower. This feature pulls in air through a baffle system which results in higher water heating efficiency.

This unit also has the ICON System — an intelligent gas control featuring a spark-to-pilot ignition system. It prevents a constant burning pilot, which often results in higher energy waste.

Bradford White also claims that the unit is maintenance-free and doesn’t require frequent cleaning because of its Hydrojet system.

The system will reduce sediment but also increase the first-hour rating by pushing the water around the unit.

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2. Residential RE250S6 Upright Electric Water Heater

Although electric water heaters by Bradford White are not as popular as their gas versions, they still have a range of features. Their 50 gallons electric residential upright water heater is energy efficient and low-maintenance.

It features fully automatic control, which is a fast-acting thermostat mounted at the surface. The thermostat is fitted with a high-limit energy cut-off — basically a reset button in case it overheats.

Plus, Bradford included immersed heating elements for efficiently transferring heat directly to the water.

This unit also boasts the Hydrojet Total Performance System. Along with Bradford’s Vitraglas lining, this reduces the risks of rust and corrosion. Bradford also fused the Vitraglas to the steel tank for extra protection.

Bradford also claims that the heat traps reduce the operation noise of the unit by incorporating a flexible disk.

3. Infiniti RTG-K-160-N1 Tankless Gas Water Heater

Definitely worth a second look at this model. It’s a potent little tool with some useful features.

Starting first with their SRT or scale reduction technology. Scale build-up in tankless heaters usually results in premature failure or higher demand for maintenance.

Fortunately, Bradford White’s SRT eliminates this worry.

They have also eliminated the need for a recirculation pump and an internal buffer tank, thanks to the company’s STEADISET technology.

This function reduces the chance of the “cold water sandwich” effect which is where the unit suddenly stops producing hot water.

This heater also has a self-calibrating fan and gas valve — a combustion management system. It uses sensors to configure the air-fuel ratio for gas type, fuel length, and altitude.

Additionally, it has an external digital control. Here you can adjust the temperature accurately. You can also choose anything between 100 degrees and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to Purchase a Bradford White Water Heater

Bradford White is a wholesale manufacturer, so they can purchase its product line through a professional plumber or contractor.

This can be cumbersome for DIY types, but the process does have advantages. A professional will help you find the right water heater for your household, and you can be sure that it’s properly installed.

Although you won’t find Bradford White water heaters at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes, Amazon does carry a limited supply of some of their popular units.

Bradford White is a familiar brand with a reputation to be of service. They have robust products that provide a range of control and safety features, as well as protective components to improve durability.

However, to ensure that you make the right choice in a product, make sure you know your own hot water needs and never be afraid to contact their customer service.

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