Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022 for Men and Women and Their Differences

– Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022 –   

There’s really nothing wrong with having body hair, and there’s also nothing wrong with choosing to get rid of it or trim it. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best body hair trimmer 2022 for your hair.

Best Body Hair Trimmer

Using a specialized body hair trimmer instead of the one you use to clean up the hair on your head or beard has several hygienic and other advantages. This is the greatest body hair trimmer.



Trimmers are devices that “trim” your hair. They comprise 2 or more sliding blades that are used to trim hair. When your hair passes through the blades, it will be cut.

Most trimmers are small and have a narrow cutting width. Because of the small width and size, clippers are accurate when cutting hair.

For this reason, they prefer trimmers for styling facial hair due to their versatility. However, trimmers aren’t just limited to cutting facial hair. There are several types of trimmers that are designed for a wide variety of uses.

Types of Trimmers

Different hair structures require different types of trimmers to be effective. For this reason, we cannot not use a face trimmer on any other part of the body.

1. Hair Trimmers

Hair trimmers are all-purpose clippers that can be used on many parts of the body. However, its use is not recommended.

The structure of skin and hair is very different in different parts of the body, and using a trimmer designed for one type of skin and hair can damage other parts of the body.

2. Beard Trimmers

As the name suggests, it specially designed beard trimmers to trim your beard. Whether you have a nice bushy beard, stubble, or a Viking beard, all you need is a beard trimmer.

The beard trimmers themselves are of different types, some require power; others can run on batteries. Some are super accurate; some are average.

3. Ear and Nose Trimmers

The skin of the nostrils and the skin of our ears are very sensitive, so you need special trimmers, namely an ear and nose hair clipper, to trim the hair on these areas.

4. Bikini Trimmer

Bikini trimmers are trimmers for sensitive areas such as the groin and armpits. These are marketed primarily for women, hence the name bikini trimmers.

Depilatory creams are preferred by many women in these regions, but trimmers are much safer to use as they prevent allergic reactions.


Shavers are devices that shave the face. Unlike trimmers, shavers remove 100% of the hair from the face.

Because shavers make you look clean, the blades must come into contact with your skin in one way or another. Over time, this can harden the skin, and some people also experience skin irritation the first time they use an electric shaver.

Shavers are of various types. They can be classified as rotary razors or aluminum blades. Each of these types can be classified as either a wet or a dry shaver.

As the name suggests, wet shavers can be used wet, that is, with shaving cream or foam. Dry shavers, on the other hand, should not be used dry, without foam, cream, or lubricant.

Dry shavers can take some getting used to and many people never get used to them. So if this is your first time buying a shaver, we recommend that you use a wet razor instead of a dry shaver.


Groomers are similar to hair clippers but are specifically designed to cut body hair. In the case of men, hairdressers can be used to trim the hair on the chest, stomach, armpits, or groin.

Barbers often have non-adjustable heads and use a single head to trim their hair. Many hairdressers also come with length adjustments that can help keep the length of the hair against your body if desired.


Clippers are similar to clippers but are designed to quickly cut large sections of hair. These would be used by hairdressers when cutting a client’s long hair.

Best Body Hair Trimmer

People who keep their hair very short can also use this clipper and cut it themselves.

  • Pet Clippers

Some companies make clippers/trimmers specifically for pet hair. Since your hair is very different in texture and volume from human hair, it is important that you use a clipper designed specifically for you.


Epilators are devices for women that do not cut their hair but instead pluck it directly from the skin. Its surface is made up of tiny tweezers that pull out the hair and leave the skin hairless.

Because epilators pluck hair directly, there is a certain amount of pain associated with it. Most companies recommend using a soothing lotion for pain relief.

The Epilators offer an alternative to epilation, an ancient and popular method of removing hair from the skin.

The results of the epilators are impressive. The skin becomes smooth, and the hair is barely visible after application. Hair growth is also slow when using epilators.


The old and familiar razors are mechanical devices used especially for shaving. Razors use blades that cut very close to the skin to shave hair for smooth-looking skin.

We highly recommended that you use a lubricant while shaving. The overall results of using a razor will depend on the person’s skin, the razor used, and the technique of the person shaving.

How to Choose a Body Groomer

First, consider what they should use the body shaver you have chosen for, as not all models are suitable for all body areas. Review the list of included attachments to find out which ones are suitable for the job.

Battery life is another important factor. In addition to being useful when traveling, rechargeable devices tend to be more powerful than battery-powered devices, so you can take care of your entire body quickly and effectively in one go.

When it’s time to shave in the shower, see if your favorite model is reliably waterproof. Wet grooming sessions are cleaner as dirt is removed instantly.

Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022 for Men

1. Philips Series 1000

For those who are meticulous when it comes to combing their body hair, a special body shaver that is nearby and that is not also used for trimming the beard is an excellent investment.

Fortunately, this Philips device does not take up the coveted square feet of bathroom cabinet space, as it is as compact as a regular shaver and comes with a handy shower tape ready for daily shaping.

However, where the 1000 Series really thrives is its focus on safety in the most sensitive areas along the way.

The incorporation of skin protection ensures that it can get very close up to  0.5 mm without the risk of cutting.

Two-way trimming allows you to come and go to capture hair growing in all directions (useful technique when considering men’s body hair) – belly, shoulders, groin, and the rest tend to grow much more sporadically than facial growth.

£20. At amazon.co.uk

2. Meridian The Trimmer

The Trimmer styling device that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to display next to your side shower ledge for a look and feel. The Meridian trimmer is as superior as the technology to body hair care.

Its sage green hue and smooth, ergonomic construction stand out from a sea of ​​more generic-looking trimmers. But how do you keep it going?

Smaller and completely waterproof, it can be easily maneuvered around the contours of your body and you’ll feel safe from unwanted jerks thanks to its reliable, stainless ceramic blades.

With only two guide combs, it is more suitable for wearing below the belt and not for every meticulous combing of chest hair.

Get ready for the date and follow your cut with a squirt of the brand’s pH-balanced spray prepared to neutralize odors down there, just like your daily underarm deodorant, without burning a can of  Lynx spray.

£67. At amazon.co.uk

3. Manscaped the Lawn Mower 3.0

It may sound like something designed to combat grass and weeds, but the aptly named Lawn Mower 3.0 was made specifically for lower regions developed.

This third version of the Manscaped trimmer brings some improvements in addition to the usual SkinSafe ceramic blades.

These include a new non-slip handle, a faster motor, LED light, two-length adjustable guard, and a charging station for easy charging.

£70. At amazon.co.uk

4. Babyliss Super-X Metal Series 15-In-1

As part of Babyliss’ sleek and stylish new SuperX Metal series for men, we have a multi groomer that can do it all.

When it comes to a trimmer that you can proudly display next to the bathtub (instead of stowing it in a closet), we can’t think of a better option thanks to its sturdy metal construction and shiny trimmer accessories. that can be displayed in a smart-looking Magfix charging station.

While the razor, nose trimmer, and electric trimmer cover your face well, the 15-in-1’s precision trimmer feature shines brighter.

Using Babyliss’ characteristic Japanese steel blades, two of the eleven-click comb guides are sufficient to combat hair with every germination.

With a three-hour charge and five hours of operation, you don’t have to worry about one leg being hairier than the other this summer.

£74.99. At amazon.co.uk

5. Panasonic Er-Gb80

Calling this device a multi groomer is a modest decision. It will address everything from the chest, back, legs, groin, and even head hair, in case you miss the gentle touch of a hairdresser so much.

Best Body Hair Trimmer

Offers a wide range of customization options – 40 different levels from 0.5mm to 20mm, so you can trim  to near-sharp levels or style body hair as desired.

However, the dedicated “body” attachment would dictate that 1.5mm is the sweet spot for the armpits, legs, and groin. All in all, a multi groomer with so much versatility in just three accessories is  impressive,

£43.90. At amazon.co.uk and argos.co.uk

6. Braun 9-In-1 Styling Kit

Braun’s 9-in-1 gadget has a resumé that really sticks out among the other body hair grooming candidates in an age where, at least in work, generalism is increasingly favored over specialty.

The ability to keep a stubble, shape short, medium, or long beards, contour edges, clean shave, precision trim, clip hair, trim ear, and nose hair, and conduct that all-important body hair groom is just a few of its skills.

You might wonder if it has spread itself too thinly among these numerous jobs.

Given its 100 minutes of trimming time after only an hour of charging, including a five-minute quick charge for single trim and an auto-sensing motor to assure consistency, it’s a no-brainer. It also receives high marks for dependability and performance.

From £40. At amazon.co.uk, boots.com, and argos.co.uk

7. Philips Oneblade Hybrid

The blade in question for this Philips device is very suitable for the care of body hair.

While its four stubble combs work wonders for an expertly constructed five o’clock shadow,  this unique blade is not as comprehensive as a safety razor but is best suited for going against the grain on the chest, stomach, and other places.

The double protection system, consisting of a sliding liner and rounded tips, is gentle on the skin without affecting its effectiveness and moves 200 times per second.

However, unlike multi groomers, it requires replacement blades rather than normal cleaning, available for £ 10.99 each.

From £39.99. At amazon.co.uk, argos.com, and boots.com

8. Wahl Aqua Blade 10-In-1

Many men’s body hair trimmers pride themselves on their versatility (“so many devices in one purchase”).

Wahl brings you a whopping 10 in their latest multi groomer: four interchangeable attachments, including a detail trimmer and razor, plus 16 guide combs that clean chest, leg, and pubic hair as desired.

All this versatility in a device that can be neatly stored in a compact kit bag (included) is the biggest selling point and eliminates the need for large charging stations or other more dedicated devices in your bathroom cabinet.

Waterproof and with an ergonomic rubber handle, it makes cleaning when showering immensely easy.

And with 180 minutes of cordless run time, unless you’re dealing with Yetil-like body hair, with regular use it will last nearly a week before needing a charge.

From £89.99. At amazon.co.uk, boots.com, and argos.co.uk

9. Remington G4 Graphite

With a very good price-performance ratio for its multi-functionality, the Remington G4 Graphite is by no means a sports car or a bathroom gadget. But he will clean you from head to toe without leaving a significant dent in your bank account.

A total of seven accessories contain a 3mm comb, perfect for caring for body hair.

Where it falls short of Wahl’s most customizable device (aside from the obvious Seveninone to 20inone ratios), the battery life, 60 minutes of cordless use, is up to three times longer than Wahl, lasting 60 minutes or ten hours. 

As with any device of this type, you get what you pay for, but Remingtons might be just what you need if your body hair is just an occasional grooming activity.

£40.84. At amazon.co.uk

10. Smoothnuts

Recently launched last year, SmoothNuts was something of a panacea for getting carried away in turbulent times. Whether it’s a haircut or a testicle shave, it covers all the basics of unruly growth, with disabled barbers and dating the charts.

In fact, if you were to use a clipper on your head, you’d be better off with a special clipper from Wahl and Co. But for the most sensitive areas, it has been carefully designed for quick, easy, and safe cleaning.

Despite its slim design, its blades are made of a robust material that can be brushed through thick hair without pulling, and the non-slip rubber surface prevents the hand from being shaken unintentionally, even in the shower.

If you really want to appease the person you share the bathroom with, the same brand also produces a handy hair vacuum that soaks all the hair in the tub much more efficiently than a spray head after shaving.

£39.99. smoothnuts.co

11. Barbarossa Brothers P1r8

You need more than a trimmer to really experience the rungs that appear under your clothes up close. That said, it’s an accident to wait to get into your most intimate areas with the razor you reserve for your upper lip lint.

Best Body Hair Trimmer

This single-blade razor is an exception and was developed for close shaving of the back, sackcloth, and crevices. It offers a super clean and close shave for a smooth finish and comes with a sandalwood shaving cream that makes it easy to glide over the skin.

With a 2-month supply of razor blades, it’s an efficient way to clean and style with an electric body trimmer after a while, a must for the shower before the night.

£34.99. barbarossabrothers.com

12. Philips Series 7000 12-In-1

If you want to leave the garbage in the hands of a trimmer,  a little dexterity is enough. Thanks to the slim metal housing, water resistance, and a host of 12 accessories, the Philips  7000 series immediately gives the impression that sensitive areas are in good hands.

They also taste a bit of luxury. And it shows this with this ergonomic device for body hair that meets all the requirements of order and cleanliness with minimal effort. So much so that it makes perfect sense that you also use it on your beard.

Its sturdy clip-on combs are even gray and green for maximum hygiene if you appreciate this versatility. 

£79.99. At amazon.co.uk and boots.com

13. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Balls

There is one area where the Balls Trimmer really stands out compared to the others, and there is no price to guess where it is.

Thanks to proprietary SackSafe technology (extra-fine cutting blades for safer epilation), the most intimate station for normal body hair inspection is well protected against pulling, scratching, and cutting.

In fact, I’m so convinced by the seamless shaving brand that the “take your bag and return it” guarantee means you’ll get your money back if you manage to hurt yourself.

Not that the usual tinkering is a shame, but its quiet 6,000-rpm motor is very discreet. Best of all, good hygiene pays for with cash from the trimmer itself when you opt for a blade replacement subscription.

£45. uk.balls.co


Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022Best Bikini/ Body Hair Trimmer for Ladies

shaving woman

1. Best for Precision Work

Philips Bikini Perfect Women’s Rechargeable Electric Trimmer

This hypoallergenic micro shaver/trimmer has adjustable length settings so you can trim your bikini area exactly the way you want it. It can also be used in or out of the shower.


2. Best Electric Razor

Luminess Air Silk & Smooth Hair Remover Device

This battery-operated electric shaver offers precise and painless results thanks to its dual rotating blades. And unlike Dr. Engelman’s advice above, this one doesn’t need water or shaving cream.


3. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Best If You’re Going TOTALLY Bare

Sugared + Bronzed Medium Sugar Paste

An ancient Egyptian hair removal method, now at home. Basically, fondant (which is literally made from sugar, lemon, and water) is used to pull hair out at the roots.


4. Best Multitasking Razor

Schick HydroSilk TrimStyle

This must-have double-sided shower is both your standard razor (with skin-hydrating properties) and a bikini trimmer in one.

The bikini trimmer has four settings so you can customize your results. This one is perfect for packing too as you only need one tool instead of two!


5. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Best Wax Strips

Flamingo Pubic Hair Wax Kit

These wax strips come in three different shapes and sizes without the need for heat, so you can remove as much or as little as you like.

As the first brand to bring its unique soft gel wax blend to the US, Flamingo developed the kit  to remove even the finest hair.

Even the best wax strips leave skin exposed, which is why the Flamingo set comes with regrowth wipes to remove residue, soften skin, and prevent inward growth.


6. Best Razor for Sensitive Skin

The Art of Shaving Rose Gold Safety Razor

To combat the all too common problem of excessive pressure when shaving, which causes burns and bumps, The Art has been developed of Shaving a gold plated razor that is already weighted.

With just the right amount of pressure needed for silky smooth results, this razor does all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is hold it lightly.


7. Best Razor Subscription

Athena Club the Razor Kit

While finding the right razor using it safely is half the battle, changing it frequently is the rest.


With The Best Shave Ever from Athena Club, you’ll not only get an innovative, curve-loving razor with patented blades and a water-activated serum for smoothness, but you’ll also get a regular replacement.

Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs, and you’ll get a new set of blades every two, four, or six months, all of which can simply be switched out for the current one on your handle.


8. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Best Drugstore Razor

Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razor

If you want a classic shave but need to keep it gentle, try the Venus Extra Smooth sensitive razor, which is designed especially for women with sensitive skin.

Has a Lubrastrip “SkinElixir”  that helps it glide more smoothly and avoid nicks and cuts.


9. Fur Trimmer

The water-repellent, cordless three-blade system of the skin trimmer cuts or shaves in one pull, so you get the results you want with less irritation and razor burn.

10. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Conair Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

It’s free of bells and whistles, but this little trimmer is ideal for creating precise lines and targeting hard-to-reach areas.


Why You Need a Separate Trimmer for Your Beard and Your Balls

Using the same trimmer for your face and testicles is not a good idea. We don’t think we need to explain why using a kit near the genitals and mouth can only cause problems, so you should definitely use a body trimmer.

While the beard trimmers have longer scissors to cut deep fringes in the jaw, they design the body or pubic hair trimmer for precision and smaller movements with a thinner, more protective blade and possibly a more ergonomic handle to avoid troublesome parts of your body.

Nowadays, some full-body trimmers come with different accessories so you can choose the one that suits the part of the body you want to tame.

Look for these if you prefer to buy a device that covers all areas. Remember to change the attachment head (and keep it clean).


Can I Use a Beard Trimmer for Body Hair?

Nothing prevents you from using a beard trimmer on your body. However, a problem is hygiene, especially when switching from subregions to face.

In addition, body hair clippers are also better suited to sensitive areas as they are thinner, lighter, and easier to use.

Some of them even go so far as to ensure there are no notches in their nuts, which is quite reassuring. They are also typically waterproof for easy use and cleaning in the shower, while many have interchangeable heads for optimal performance and hygiene.

What’s the Best Way to Shave or Trim My Body Hair?

Whether you are shaving your armpits or treating your groin, the shower is one of the best places to trim body hair.

It not only naturally removes all hair, but also cleanses your body, which can lead to less irritation when you’re done.

If you are afraid of clogging the shower stopper, you can always step over the toilet while trimming and then jump into the shower …

Even in sensitive areas, it goes without saying that it is slow and steady, even when using protection.

Skin can be pinched and cut in rather awkward ways if care is not taken. If you are using a waterproof razor or razor, don’t be afraid to use shaving cream, as it should slide through your hair more easily.

What Extras Should I Look for to Accompany a Body Hair Trimmer?

As with electric razors and beard trimmers, somebody hair devices come with extras such as charging stations, different-sized shields, cleaning brushes, and more. Whether it’s worth paying a small extra charge for this is entirely up to you.


However, unlike electric razors, which can be used on a daily basis, you are unlikely to pull out a bullet-specific razor on a regular basis, so things like a charging station are probably not that important.

How to Buy the Best Body Trimmer for Men

This really depends on how seriously you take maintenance, as a cheap electric razor is likely to be up to the task in the first few weeks, but you could suffer from blades dull and irritatingly short after heavy battery use.

You must also be wondering how crazy you want to go about waxing. Beard trimmers do just that by trimming the hair but leaving the beard the desired length.

Alternatively, some models have a traditional wet shave in addition to the electric trimmer element, so that the chest, armpits, and even legs feel as smooth as an R & Bloving dolphin.

Finally, check that the trimmer in question can withstand a good movement of the wand since the shower seems to be the most hygienic place to remove unsightly lint from a body.

Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Tips to Get a Flawless Shave

1. Never Dry Shave

Always use shaving cream, gel, or at least water. Doing so substantially reduces the probabilities of razor burn and inflammation.

Find a cream-primarily based totally shaving cream that, whilst implemented to the pores and skin, softens the hair and follicles so that once a razor is going throughout the pores and skin, there may be much less inflammation. 

2. Exfoliate First

Though it’s genuine that shaving exfoliates, the ones susceptible to inflammation will gain from exfoliating earlier than shaving, too.

It guarantees that the hair can cleanly come out, and could ease pores and skin texture, buffing away the dust that can be clogging your pores and inflicting inflammations.

While it would sound a chunk odd, the usage of your facial products—be it a cleanser, toner, or peel—in your bikini location earlier than shaving may be an awesome assist, however, there also are barely extra site-particular solutions (like this frame scrub from LATHER).

3. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Shave in One Direction

Shaving in all instructions will increase the risk of razor bumps, inflammation, or even ingrown hairs.

Shave within the course of which your hair grows. Shaving in opposition to hair increase offers you a better shave however the blunt-tipped stop of hairs can develop again into the pores and skin as opposed to up and out.

Don`t use a blunt razor either. A blunt razor is without a doubt much more likely to reduce you than a new, sharper razor.

If you shave each day, the overall rule of thumb is to extrude your razor each week, and in case you shave each different day, you have to extrude your blade every 3 weeks.

4. Remember to Moisturize After

It softens the hair and hair follicle, in addition to the pores and skin, lowering the probabilities of ingrown hairs. Your regular frame moisturizer will do the trick, however, in case you sense treating your bikini line to a bit more something special, strive for an after-shave balm (like this one from DeoDoc).

If you do reduce yourself or have post-shave inflammation, then a widespread facial toner like Thayer’s Witch Hazel Facial Toner with Aloe Vera will do. 

Look for formulation with substances that have anti-inflammatory and soothing houses like aloe, witch hazel, allantoin, or willow bark.

Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Benefits of Manscaping

1. You’ll Look Better

Whether it`s your pecs, your abs, or your manhood, a groomed frame appears cleaner, younger, extra toned and higher defined – fact.

A notably delivered gain of maintaining your self trimmed throughout is the optical phantasm of size. A trimmed groin accentuates your male member making you seem larger and extra impressive.

2. It’s More Hygienic

Hair collects and keeps all forms of molecules; useless pores and skin cells, sweat, and urine simply to call a few. If now no longer eliminated those materials can begin to fester, in particular on a warm day, or in guys who don’t bathe often.

This type of surroundings is the best breeding floor for micro-organisms and yeast, which includes STDs.

Keeping hairs trimmed quick manner there may be much less floor vicinity for this detritus to dangle to, consequently lowering the unfold of microorganisms, the increase of yeast infections, and unsightly odors.

3. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: It Boosts Confidence

Studies constantly display that guys who take pleasure in their looks are extra successful in each of their expert and private lives than guys who overlook theirs appears.


Manscaping is ready placing your first-class foot ahead and offering the first-class model of yourself; one who’s groomed, sharp and slick, even for your birthday suit.

If you appear desirable and sense desirable, you’ll have extra self-assurance in yourself and be higher perceived through others.

4. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: You’ll Sweat Less

Sweat exists to assist cool the frame down. With much less hair overlaying your pores and skin your frame is higher capable of altering frame temperature.

This manner which you won’t want to sweat as lots to launch warmness out of your frame, making you sense cooler and dryer, in particular, withinside the summer.

As nicely as feeling cleaner, much less sweat manner much less smell and as hair reduces the effectiveness of antiperspirant, this offers a double whammy withinside the odor department.

If you’re a chunk apprehensive approximately tackling your entire frame, shaving your armpits is an awesome first step to lowering sweating.

5. It Can Improve Your Sex Life

While many companions do revel in the herbal appearance, consistent with studies, guys who often groom their nether areas file receiving extra oral intercourse from their intimate companions.

In addition, clean, nicely groomed manhood is extra sensitive, due to the fact there isn’t a barrier between the organ and your partner – absolutely something to undergo in mind.

Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: How to Shave Body Hair Effectively for Men

Now that you understand the benefits of body hair, let’s talk about how you can effectively shave body hair.

After all, you don’t want to go around with body hair which is half the job. Here are some tips for shaving your body well no matter where you put the razor.

1. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: If you’re Super Hairy, Trim First

Hey, we got it. We have blessed some of us with more body hair than others. When you have this blessing yourself, it is impossible to rush straight to the razor or body shaver.

Why? Longer hair can clog razors, making it difficult for them to do their job. So if you are the very hairy type, put the scissors in your shaving kit and cut yourself before you start.

2. Work from a Clean Canvas

That should go without saying. However, just as you would not try to shave your face without washing it, neither should you attempt to shave your body hair without cleaning the area you want to shave.

This will reduce the risk of razor burn, infection, and a host of other unpleasant consequences.

3. Exfoliate and Moisturize for Best Results

This may seem strange, especially if you are shaving a sensitive area, but exfoliating the skin before shaving can improve results.

We carry more dead skin cells than we realize, and our razors may catch them instead of their intended targets. By exfoliating to remove dead cells and hydrating to smooth skin, we can ensure that our razors only get hair.

4. Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022: Don’t Neglect Your Aftercare

The aftermath of shaving can be an especially uncomfortable and itchy experience. Be sure to apply aftershave balms and lotions to areas where you shave to relieve skin irritation and other symptoms.

grooming man

This also helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and other complications.


We hope this article on the Best Body Hair Trimmer 2022 was helpful. However, do well to try out any of them. Also, if this was helpful, please do well to share with friends and loved ones.

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