Best Black Friday TV Deals and Sales in 2022: All The TV Deals

– Best Black Friday TV Deals –

As much as buyers keep seeking the Best Black Friday TV Deals, Retailers have been discounting TVs on Black Friday for as long as we can remember, and this year is no different. Been that Black Friday is one of the best times to buy a TV, retailers slash prices on TVs of assorted sizes. 

Best Black Friday TV Deals and Sales in 2021: All The TV Deals

The biggest doorbusters are typically discounted by hundreds of dollars. Some come with gift cards or other bonus items.

This year, many TVs from those major brands are at the same discounted price at several retailers. So before traveling any distance, check your local stores to see if they have that same deal or will match the price of another competitor.

Black Friday Deals on Smaller TVs

32-Inch Hisense 720p Smart TV

The deal: $80 at Best Buy

CR’s test results: Hisense 32H5590F

This TV is listed as the Hisense 32H5500, so we’re not sure it’s the same model. If so, it’s a good deal, because it usually sells for $130 to $150, and it did well for HD in our tests.

32-Inch LG 720p TV

The deal: $100 at Best Buy

We didn’t test this set, the LG 32LM505BBUA, which seems to be available mainly at Best Buy. We did test the similar-sounding LG 32LM500BPUA, which sells for about $130. It was a decent-performing HD model.

32-Inch 720p Toshiba Fire TV Edition TV

The deal: $130 at Amazon

CR’s test results: Toshiba 32LF221U19

This set, usually available only at Amazon and Best Buy, did well in our tests, with satisfying HD picture quality. Amazon calls it a “limited time” deal.

40-inch 1080p Onn Roku TV

The deal: $98 at Walmart

This set is from Walmart’s new private label Onn electronics brand, which means it’s available only at Walmart.

We didn’t test this set, but we did test two Onn TVs this year so far, and they were decent, if unremarkable, sets that wound up in the lower half of our ratings in their respective screen sizes.

43-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV

The deal: $220 at Target

CR’s test results: Samsung UN43NU6900

This is an entry-level Samsung TV from 2018. It usually sells for about $280, so you’re getting decent savings. It was $280 just a couple months ago during Labor Day TV sales.

Black Friday Deals on Midsized TVs

50-inch Onn 4K Roku TV

The deal: $148 at Walmart

This set is from Walmart’s own Onn brand, and no model was listed, but we think it’s the Onn ONA50UB19E05, which usually sells for $248. We didn’t test this set, but we did test the 55-inch Onn ONA55UB19E06 model.

It offers surprisingly decent high-definition picture quality, but it’s one of the few 4K sets we’ve tested that doesn’t support HDR, which limited it’s UHD performance in our ratings.

50-inch Hisense 4K Smart TV

The deal: $200 at Best Buy

This model, the Hisense 50H6570F, is mainly available at Best Buy right now, and it’s at this price already. We didn’t test this set, but other entry-level Hisense 4K sets tend to have decent overall picture quality, but subpar HDR performance.

55-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV

The deal: $350 at Costco

CR’s test results: Samsung UN55NU6950

This set, the Samsung UN55NU6950FXZA, is in the same entry-level 2018 4K series as the other sets listed above, and it performs similarly. It usually sells for about $380 and is that price at BJ’s right now. This deal started Nov. 22.


58-inch Onn 4K Roku TV

The deal: $198 at Walmart

This is a low price for a set this size; we didn’t test this model, which like all Onn TVs is only available at Walmart. It’s even cheaper than the next least expensive 58-inch 4K set we’ve seen so far, the $200 Insignia set below.

Black Friday Deals on Big-Screen TVs

65-inch Philips 4K Roku TV

The deal: $278 at Walmart

We didn’t test this model, the Philips 65PFL5504/F7. This is a low price for a 65-inch 4K TV. Plus this set usually sells for close to $500.

However, we did test another model, the Philips 65PFL5604, and it had lackluster HD and 4K picture quality, and ineffective HDR.

65-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV

The deal: $480 at Best Buy and Target

CR’s test results: Samsung UN65NU6900

Like many other Samsung TVs in this roundup, you can get this set at this price starting today. We’ve been seeing this TV, a 2018 model, at several other retailers, including Walmart, for the same price.

Like many entry-level sets, it did well for HD and 4K picture quality but not as great with HDR.

65-Inch Sony 4K Smart TV

The deal: $700 at Best Buy

CR’s test results: Sony XBR-65X800G

This set is already at this price at Best Buy and several other retailers. It’s a midline Sony 4K set that does well for HD and 4K pictures, but it’s not as good with HDR content.

Black Friday Deals on Jumbo TVs

70-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV

The deal: $550 at Best Buy

The ad only says it’s a 6-series set, so it could be the Samsung UN70NU6070FXZA. In general, Samsung 6-series models are entry-level TVs that tend to do fine for the overall picture quality but typically fall short of providing a satisfying HDR experience.

We didn’t test this model, which is from 2018. It’s listed in the Best Buy ad as a doorbuster.

75-Inch Samsung 4K Smart TV

The deal: $750 at Costco

Costco is shaving about $150 off the price of this set, the Samsung UN75NU6950FXZA, yet another model in this popular TV series. It’s $1,000 at Sam’s Club right now. The deal started on Nov. 22.

75-Inch LG 4K Smart TV

The deal: $730 Dell (it comes with a $50 eGift card)

You can find this set, the LG 75UM6970PUB, at a few other retailers for about the same price, but it’s a better deal at Dell if you can use the $50 eGift card.

It’s an entry-level 4K set. We didn’t test this model, but we did evaluate its 70-inch sibling, which did well overall.

86-Inch LG 4K Smart TV

The deal: $1,950 at Costco

The LG 86UM8070AUB is currently selling for $2,250. This sale starts Nov. 11, a bit earlier than most of the other deals. We saw this set offered for about the same price at the Sam’s Club early Black Friday sale. The sale started Nov. 22.

Retailers have been discounting TVs on Black Friday for as long as we can remember, and Black Friday 2019 is no different.

We’re seeing huge savings on must-have HDTVs and 4K TVs from Hisense, LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, Toshiba, and Vizio, as well as an 8K TV on sale from Samsung.

Again, though, the stock is available in limited quantities and we’re now quite a bit into the day, so if you find something you like the look of, best start punching in your credit card number right away.

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