Best Beaches in the World 2022 (Amazing Caribbean Vacation Islands)

The Caribbean is well-known for many things, including its beautiful weather, music, cuisine, and drinks, as well as its kind and welcoming people.

Best Beaches in the World

These islands are home to some of the greatest beaches in the world, and they are at the top of the list.

Vacationers from all over the world travel to the Caribbean’s finest beaches for their famous white sand, brilliant multi-hued water. And laid-back atmosphere.

Our top picks included romantic bays, pink sand beaches, crystal-clear swimming holes. Snorkeling attractions, and bustling stretches near cities and towns.


The Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are a large archipelago in the Caribbean Sea that is split into four regions. And they are Lucayan Archipelago, Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles, and ABC Islands.

They divide these Caribbean Islands into 13 sovereign nations and 17 dependent territories. With English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Antillean creole as the major languages.

Also, it spans over 1.06 million square miles. And is largely located between North and South America, is the world’s largest island chain.

However, with this list of the greatest Caribbean beaches, you may start planning your next tropical vacation. Lulling seas, powdery dunes, and palm palms are just a few of the reasons for the region’s fame.

Though there are several gorgeous beaches to select from. Here are 40 of the greatest Caribbean beaches to help you plan your next island vacation.

40 Best Beaches in the Caribbean

1. Grace Bay, Turks, and Caicos


Grace Bay on the island of Providenciales is one of the Turks & Caicos Islands’ top attractions. This gorgeous stretch of sand and sea seemed almost too perfect to be true. It goes for eight stunning kilometers.

Also, it has Gleaming white sand as smooth as wheat blends with pristine seas in eye-popping colors of blue. While a coral reef glimmers, close offshore.

In the Princess Alexandra Marine Park, you may swim in the crystalline shallows. Or kick out to the reef to witness stingrays, turtles, and tropical fish darting through the coral.

However, with its beauty both above and below water, it’s no surprise that they ranked this exquisite length as one of the greatest beaches in the world.

Ranging from luxury hotels to family-friendly resorts, flank the beachfront, as do several eateries. You could even see JoJo, a nice wild dolphin who enjoys swimming along this stretch of coast, and who can blame him?

2. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

The top characteristics of this popular beach in the Cayman Islands include turquoise seas and bone-white sand surrounded by casuarinas and coconut trees.

It’s actually closer to six miles long. But there’s still plenty of room to spread out on its soft sands.

If you head north to avoid the cruise ship throng, you may sit under the palm leaves and listen to the quiet splash of waves caressing the coast. Seven Mile Beach has clean seas and soft, squeaky sand.

Making it one of the greatest swimmable beaches in the Caribbean.

Some of the Cayman Islands’ top hotels and resorts line the shore. And some of the bigger establishments hire beach chairs.

After a relaxing day at the beach, you may refuel at one of the neighboring eateries.

Diving is one of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands. And it can reach directly some of the best spots from Seven Mile Beach.

3. Anguilla, Shoal Bay, Anguilla

This two-mile sandy beach with beautiful, fluffy white sand also has some wonderful bars, restaurants, and motels.

Busier than other beaches in the vicinity. Yet nothing seems crowded on Anguilla. Maundays Bay, Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Merrywing Bay, and Savannah Bay are the runners-up.


4. Pigeon Point, Trinidad, and Tobago

best beaches in the world

While Trinidad is well-known for holding the Caribbean’s largest carnival, Tobago. Its sister island (part of the same nation), is where you go to cool off and unwind.

There is no better spot to do so than Pigeon Point Beach. The island’s most popular beach is on the island’s southwest end.

While you’re here, take a glass-bottom boat excursion to the Nylon Pool.

An in-sea shallow spot in the water far off the coast where you may stand and the water is just waist-deep.

5. Maho Beach, St. Maarten

best beaches in the world

Some beaches, like this one on Dutch St. Maarten, are designed for Instagram. You’ve probably seen pictures and videos of individuals taking selfies with jumbo planes only feet above their heads.

This is because of the popular Maho Beach’s proximity to the runway of St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport.

Because French St. Martin largely held this dual-nation island. Two cultures influence the island.

The Sunset Beach Bar has reopened following storm damage in 2017. And jet-spotting customers have been permitted to land.

6. Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Grenada’s most popular beach is worth a visit. Especially if you enjoy strolling soon after sunrise or just before sunset. It has two and a half kilometers of fine white sand.

Gorgeous aqua-hued water, and an abundance of sea grape trees for shelter.

Yes, it may get busy. But you can always leave the beach for a refreshing dip or an adrenaline thrill by trying to fly-boarding.

7. Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

The silky sands along this lovely stretch of beachfront on Harbour Island in the Bahamas flush a delicate, light pink, as the name shows.

This is because of the pink colors of some of the finely crushed shells used to create it. It has one of the most stunning pink sand beaches on the planet.

Spend your time swimming in the stunning turquoise water. Kayaking out to the reef, or sunbathing on the warm beaches, taking in all the splendor.

Several expensive resorts border the shoreline here and provide beach chairs for visitors.

Allowing you to relax in comfort along this lovely length.

Harbour Island is one of the best locations to visit in the Bahamas. And while you’re there, you can tour the island’s charming Loyalist cottages by renting a golf cart, the favored means of transportation.

8. Darkwood Beach, Antigua

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

What’s amazing about Darkwood Beach is that it doesn’t have a single structure on it. It has the sensation of an escape from reality.

It is underdeveloped, yet it is still fairly accessible. Valley Church Beach, Dickenson Bay, Runaway Bay, Ffrye’s Bay, Crab Hill Bay, and Half-Moon Bay are among the runners-up.

9. Varadero Beach, Cuba

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Varadero, Cuba’s most famous beach, is 20 kilometers of pure visual candy for beach lovers.

The powder-soft beaches are dotted with palapa huts, the sea shimmers in electric blue hues, and palm palms arch elegantly along its border.

Some of Cuba’s greatest resorts, many of them all-inclusive, draw package visitors from around the world, but there’s plenty of room for everyone along this length of the Peninsula de Hicacos in Cuba.

The most popular water sports include snorkeling, SCUBA diving, swimming, sailing, and kayaking.

Other Varadero attractions, like crystal-encrusted caverns and natural parks, are not far from these sun-kissed shores.

10. Eagle Beach, Aruba

best beaches in the world

Eagle Beach, one of Aruba’s most famous sun-filled locations, is known for its powdery white sand and stunning vistas of the Caribbean Sea.

Also, Eagle Beach, considered one of the greatest beaches in the world, is positioned far away from the island’s high-rise hotels.

Ensuring undisturbed stretches of sand and lots of peace and quiet throughout your visit.


11. Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Admire the majestic Pitons in the backdrop while relaxing on Sugar Beach, which can only be characterized as a sun lover’s paradise.

Sugar Beach in St. Lucia, surrounded by 100 acres of beautiful rainforest, is also home to the opulent Viceroy Resort, where you may stop for lunch and get a taste of the VIP treatment.

12. Magens Bay, St. Thomas

best beaches in the world

Magens Bay Beach is considered one of the greatest in the Caribbean for a reason: with calm waves, a palm-lined beachfront, and fluffy white sand, Magens Bay is as beautiful as it gets.

Relax by putting your feet up and breathing in the salty air. Take a bike ride up the hills around Magen’s Bay and stop at Drake’s Seat to photograph the breathtaking vista of the beach below.

13. Doctor’s Cave Beach, Jamaica

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

Many of Jamaica’s greatest beaches are privately run and linked to hotels.

Doctor’s Cave Beach, a less than 10-minute drive from Montego Bay’s airport, is a local favorite that is open to the public for a small price (about $6 for adults).

Via a street-side entry, or for free if you stay at the adjacent S Hotel.

The calm, blue water at this beach makes swimming all day a breeze. In the heat, rehydrate with fresh coconut water from an on-site vendor.

14. Labadee Beach, Haiti

best beaches in the world

Haiti, one of the Caribbean’s largest islands, is home to a plethora of beautiful beaches.

Labadee Beach is one of the most popular and nicest places to visit. Relax on the beach, or for those seeking adventure, zipline across the sea from atop a neighboring mountain.

Dragon’s Breath zip line will carry you across 2,600 feet at speeds of up to 40-50 mph, landing at Dragon’s Breath rock for approximately $100 US.

15. Bávaro Beach, Dominican Republic

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

The beaches of this white-sand and aqua-colored beach are lined with palm palms.

Bávaro Beach, in the popular district of Punta Cana, extends 30 kilometers, allowing you to wander apparently indefinitely on the pillowy sand that soothes your feet.

The nearby all-inclusive resorts make this a perfect retreat where you can forget about the stresses of regular life.

16. Condado Beach, Puerto Rico

best beaches in the world

Serenity? Nah. Sometimes you want to be in the thick of things while yet enjoying a relaxing day at the beach.

If so, this hotel-, restaurant-, and nightclub-lined boulevard located across Laguna del Condado from Old San Juan are ideal, offering stylish and easy enjoyment.

Just keep in mind that the waves and tides at one of the greatest beaches in the Caribbean might be a little rough for toddlers or beginner swimmers.

16. Bathsheba, Barbados

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Also, this isn’t a beach where you can recline on a chaise lounge and order a daiquiri.

Bathsheba, located on the Atlantic coast approximately 14 miles from Barbados’ capital.

Bridgetown is a wild and breezy stretch of eye-catching rock formations and rolling waves suitable for energetic and adventurous guests.

Paddle out and catch a wave (it’s a favorite site for surf contests). Take a brisk walk, and sip rum punch while soaking in one of the small Bathsheba pools.

17. Trunk Bay, St. John’s, US Virgin Islands

best beaches in the world

At this Caribbean gem, lush woodland tumbles to a beautiful crescent of a startlingly turquoise sea. It’s nestled within the Virgin Islands National Park, one of the US Virgin Islands’ crown jewels.

Offshore, emerald islands dot the bay, and the Trunk Bay Underwater Snorkeling Trail provides great snorkeling in clean, warm waters with up to 30 different fish species.

Underwater signposts identify noteworthy coral reef characteristics.

After a day at the beach, visit the park’s trails and the remnants of old sugar plantations. A bathhouse, snack bar, souvenir shop, and snorkel gear rentals are available here.

18. Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

This picture-perfect crescent of sugar-white sand and turquoise and teal sea, one of Puerto Rico’s attractions, lives up to all of the famous tropical beach fancies.

Palm trees border the soft beaches, tropical fish dart in the shallows, and the clear waters are usually calm, making this a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling.

Snacks and drinks are provided at shops along the beach, and beach chairs and umbrellas may be rented.

The beach is easily accessible, and it’s the only spot on the island where camping is permitted, located just a few feet from the beach on the north side.

19. Pinney’s Beach, Nevis

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Pinney’s Beach, the island’s longest public beach, is four miles long and gives panoramic views of the island’s verdant slopes (home to green vervet monkeys).

In one direction and neighboring St. Kitts in the other.

There are also a number of tiny beach bars, the most well-known of which being Sunshines, known for its powerful Killer Bee drink, and stunning sunsets along with one of the greatest Caribbean beaches.


20. Frenchman’s Cove, Jamaica


More than 50 years ago, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton vacationed on this beautiful Port Antonio beach.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz filmed a scene from Knight and Day here in 2010.

But it’s the peaceful authenticity and unspoiled position away from Jamaica’s major tourist attractions that attract guests to this private estate hotel.

Day visitors can pay around $10 for entrance.

21. Cockleshell Bay, St. Kitts

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

Cockleshell Bay, with almost two miles of fluffy and beautiful sand, is understandably one of St. Kitts’ most popular beaches.

As you take a plunge in the blue water, look for the hills of the island of Nevis in the distance, or wander along the long stretch of sand and sneak into one of the many busy beach bars.

22. Negril Beach, Jamaica

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

Negril Beach, commonly known as Seven Mile Beach, is in Jamaica and extends from Bloody Bay in the north to Long Bay and the Negril Cliffs in the south.

This well-known stretch of coastline is home to some of Jamaica’s best beaches.

Clear blue water washes the beach’s pure white beaches, while coconut trees and sea grapes along the shore, offering welcome shade from the tropical sun.

Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and beach combing are popular activities. After a day of sunbathing, refuel at one of the resort restaurants that peep out from the coconut palms along the beach.

A short drive away are the tourist attractions of Negril, which include therapeutic mineral springs and bird-rich gardens.

23. Pig Beach, Big Major Cay, The Bahamas

Exuma in the Bahamas provides yet another one-of-a-kind beach experience. The stunning seas aren’t the only reason to visit here. On a deserted island, a pig colony takes center stage.

It has become a tourist attraction because who doesn’t want to take a picture with pigs swimming in it?

This island does not allow overnight stays, but several nearby islands, such as nearby Staniel Cay, offer trips here.

24. Saline Beach, St. Barts

Are you seeking a romantic relationship? St. Barts is one of the greatest Caribbean islands for couples, and Anse de Grande Saline is one of the most beautiful and private beaches on the island.

This quiet crescent-shaped bay on the island’s southern shore is a little off the main path, but that just adds to its allure.

Hike up a hill and across sand dunes from the parking area to the blonde-sand beach, which is lapped by a beautiful turquoise sea.

Although the surf might be severe on a windy day, the generally calm waters and sandy bottom make it a great place for a swim.

25. Brown Beach, Barbados

best beaches in the world

The Caribbean’s easternmost island features some of the most beautiful beaches, particularly along its Platinum Coast.

Brown Beach, in the Carlisle Bay region, has some of the most beautiful beaches and water in the Caribbean.

Take a catamaran trip out to swim with sea turtles and snorkel to see an abundance of marine life and a shipwreck beneath the surface while you’re here.

26. Reduit Beach, St. Lucia

best beaches in the world

Reduit Beach, located on a horseshoe-shaped bay, is one of St. Lucia’s most popular tourist attractions and one of the greatest beaches in the Caribbean.

Also, Reduit Beach’s beautiful white sand and crystal water make it the ideal spot to relax, have a refreshing swim, and take in the picturesque island scenery.

27. Princess Margaret Beach, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Princess Margaret Beach, located next to Bequia’s Port Elizabeth, is a beautiful expanse of white sand and a tranquil sea that is readily accessible by vehicle or water taxi.

You may also stroll to the beach through a nature trail if you wish to get some exercise.

28. Carlisle Bay, Barbados

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Carlisle Bay, a natural harbor with six shipwrecks and one of Barbados’ greatest beaches. Also, it offers a fascinating underwater environment.

It filled its waters with tropical fish, rock lobsters, seahorses, and turtles. Making it a popular snorkeling destination in Barbados.

29. Mopion Island, The Grenadines

You’ll only get a few hours to explore this gorgeous sandbar. And its lone wooden palapa in the Grenadines before being dropped off with a cooler full of cold, delicious refreshments.

It’s located between Union Island and Petit St. Vincent. And the major pastime, other than sunbathing, taking photos, and waving at passing boats. It is snorkeling.

30. Tulum Beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

If beauty is in the beholder’s eye, then the Mayans possessed incredible eyesight.

They opted to construct their one and only coastal castle on a cliff overlooking this secluded Mexican beach.

Following a tour of the ruins, many people choose to go down a trail and cool down in the moderate Caribbean surf.

The beach also provides excellent photo opportunities of Tulum’s Castillo. Making it one of the greatest beaches in Central America.

31. Playita del Condado, San Juan

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

Playita del Condado is a tiny public beach in San Juan’s Condado neighborhood. With beautiful waves and golden sand.

This charming bit of heaven may get crowded on summer weekends. So arrive early to get a pleasant location near the lake.

32. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

best beaches in the world

Yes, Bermuda is located in the Atlantic. Well north of the Caribbean. Yet its eponymous Bermuda Triangle stretches to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, giving it regional credibility.

Furthermore, its light pink beach and bright turquoise sea are just stunning.

What it isn’t is empty–at least not during peak season (May to November). And on days when cruise ships are in town–but with restrooms, cafes, and snorkel rentals.

It’s a great place to play and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

33. Honeymoon Beach, St. John

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

The fittingly titled Honeymoon Beach, one of the greatest honeymoon spots in the Caribbean, doesn’t get much more romantic.

The isolated beach isn’t simple to get to. Which is part of what makes it one of the finest beaches in the Caribbean for couples.

So you’ll have to take a water taxi or go through a short, steep route to get there.

Once there, take in the many colors of blue in the sea. Go snorkeling, or paddle out on a kayak with your loved one to watch the sunset in the distance.

34. Playa El Cielo, Cozumel

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.


Snorkelers will love Playa El Cielo in Cozumel. A lovely beach with crystal blue water that makes it easier than ever to identify the many types of aquatic creatures underwater.

Dive in and explore El Cielo’s shallow sand bar. Where you’re likely to see starfish, stingrays, and vibrant schools of fish.

35. Sandy Island, Anguilla

Want to take a Joy boat a little offshore cay surrounded by the azure sea? Please accept my thanks.

This wonderful, little town, which initially welcomed visitors in 1984, has recovered from (and been influenced by) seven storms. Including Hurricane Irma in 2017.

The reason to go: grilled lobster, crispy grouper. And drunken coconut shrimp washed down with JoJo’s Rum Punch.

Wear your swimwear and relax on an umbrella-shaded lounger till Happiness whisks you away to Anguilla proper.

36. Mambo Beach, Curaçao

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

Mambo Beach, also known as Seaquarium Beach. It is one of the top things to do in Curaçao. And it’s simple to understand why.

It is the epitome of a Caribbean paradise. Also, it has a lengthy stretch of perfect sand, crystal clear water, and plenty of shaded spots.

If you enjoy a vibrant crowd, go to its busy avenue packed with stores, restaurants, and bars. Which is known as the place to be on Sunday evenings.

37. Juanillo Beach, Dominican Republic

While the beaches of Punta Cana and Bávaro stretch for several kilometers. It also dotted them with all-inclusive resorts that attract thousands of visitors.

Check out this gem nestled within the expensive Cap Cana resort area. It’s available to the public (at the gate, simply claim you’re heading to Juanillo Beach).

For the same white sand and gentle blue surf (but with a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere).

38. White Bay Beach, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

The smooth sand and laid-back attitude of White Bay Beach on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands are irresistible.

Whether you’re a day-tripper sipping a rum-laced cocktail at a beach bar or a sun-seeker taking a nap in a rented house.

39. Te Amo Beach, Bonaire

This is one of the best beaches in the world 202.

best beaches in the world

Te Amo Beach (I Love You Beach) is where you may relax on beautiful sand. And swim in cool waters filled with tropical fish.

It is close to the Bonaire airport and features a shallow reef that is excellent for novice snorkelers and small children.

40. Sorobon Beach, Bonaire

This is one of the best beaches in the world 2022.

best beaches in the world

Admiring the blue seas at Sorobon Beach, a quiet spot in Bonaire’s Lac Bay. It is one of the most peaceful things to do in Bonaire.

Sorobon has hosted a number of windsurfing events in the past. Thanks to its near-perfect windsurfing conditions.

If you don’t want to take part in water sports, Sorobon’s quiet and shallow coastline is perfect for lying in the ocean or enjoying a relaxing swim.


The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Antigua, Anguilla, and Aruba are well-known for their enticing lengths of the coast.

But other islands have their own versions of the ideal beach. And many of these idyllic expanses of sand and water also provide easy access to some of the greatest Caribbean beach resorts.

From tempting crescents of brilliant white sand and turquoise seas. Backed by lush rainforests to magnificent slices of the reef-fringed shore.

This list of the finest beaches in the Caribbean has the perfect length of sand to live out your tropical fantasy.

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