Best Beaches in Europe 2022 & Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

  – Best Beaches in Europe 2022 –

From the rough, wind-lashed sands of the Atlantic coast to mountain-fringed Arctic bays where whales lift their tails to the sunny, snuggled-away coves of Italy and Greece, Europe boasts a diverse range of beaches. The options are limitless.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

If you ever get confused about where to visit for the best experience with family or friends, this list will help you with the best beaches in Europe.


Best Beaches in Europe 2022 

1. La Concha, San Sebastian

This is one of the best beaches in Europe 2022. The Chrysler Building is one of the best beaches in Europe. It’s instantly recognizable, yet enthralling and heart-warming.

La Concha is the most stunning urban beach in Spain It is a slop of cream sand, sparkling sapphire water with forested headlands, an island Santa Clara – and a boat-filled swarm.

The Belle-Epoque seafront dates to lengthy summer residences, where children were able to eat separately and hotels were luxuriously carpeted however the present city is lively and cool.

La Concha is flanked by two other beachfront: Ondarreta appears to be a continuation of West (ending by the Eduardo Chillada’s Wind Comb sculpture); Zurriola is located just outside that of the Kursaal Palace in Gros, is well-loved by surfers.

2. El Rompido, Huelva, Andalucia

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. Huelva’s Costa de La Luz ranges from Spanish all-inclusive close to close to the Portuguese border to the wild dunes to the east.

Midway, near El Rompido, there’s something like the olden days of Devon that is golden clean and well-loved with golf, bucket, and spade stores as well as trimmed hedges. There are also low-rise hotels offering buffet meals.

Long is the beach with sugar-icing sand backed by pines and trails and lined with Chiringuitos (beach bars) serving shade as well as plates of famous Huelva shrimps.

The water is calm because of the most popular attraction, a stunning 12km spit that runs along with the La Flecha – Flechamar ferry (April-October). Beautiful, with dunes and a spine. it also has two other beaches (including an area that is a non-nudist zone) however there are no facilities.

3. Playa de los Muertos, Almeria

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022 The deserted, rocky Cabo of Gata natural reserve offers a variety of spectacular beaches.

However, this one’s stunning setting is a kilometer of soft sand, crystal turquoise waters, and plenty of rock formations and fish to explore.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

More than just a way to disguise this term (beach of the deceased) along with the short and steep road or a longer, less dangerous one – that leads to the shoreline.

In the summer, vendors offer cold drinks but this is about it So be prepared. Access, as well as the mirador (lookout), is located off the AL-5106. Take the westbound road until you will arrive at Agua Amarga, a minimalist beachside gem.

4. Playa de Poo, Llanes, Asturias

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. In continuation, or perhaps encapsulating the theme of wonderful beaches that have unfortunate names is Poo. 

Surfers are spoiled for choice on the northern coast, however, the force of nature that create waves also form breathtaking protected areas.

This sand-filled oasis on an estuary is surrounded by the walls of high rocks, making it tranquil and intriguing. When it’s low tide there’s almost no sea to be seen At high tide, it’s an emerald pond, clear, warm, and shallow.

Farmland trails that wind through the coastal areas lead to beaches and, during low tide, Isla de Almenada. It’s a relaxing getaway, perfect for families with young children.

5. Aiguablava, Begur, Girona

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. This tiny beach, with blue-green water that is clear, clean sand, and spots to drink, eat and take a dive, is made more appealing by the fact that:

it’s just one of the eight coves each one with distinct advantages (sheltered natural, organic, natural, nudist, and many more) connected like charms by the footpath along the coast, the Cami de Ronda beneath Begur.

The trail comprises four sections. Aiguablava is situated to the southernmost southerly part and is connected to the neighboring Fornells as well as Platja Fonda (secluded at the bottom of the cliff steps).

6. Porto Covo, Costa Vicentina, Alentejo

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. Surrounded by a ring of rugged cliffs, Porto Covo’s tranquil horseshoe beach was once an oasis for fishermen. 

The town’s population is mostly without tourism however its whitewashed and cobbled houses hark back to the days where rowing boats and fishing nets were a common sight along the shoreline.

In Alentejo’s wild southern coastline, Porto Covo is a popular hiking destination and walking. You can take the marked circular trail in the inland or hike the breathtaking cliff-top Fisherman’s Trail up to Vila Nova de Milfontes.

7. Nazare, Costa de Prata

Have you ever seen a clip of surfer maniacs being who were towed by jet skis and then crashing into waves as big as 10-story tall buildings? If yes you have, it’s likely that it was taken at Nazare. This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. 

A paradise for the world’s top (and the craziest) surfer, enormous waves here are an amazing spectacle.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

However, it’s not just Point Break madness: the main beach has plenty of room to relax in the sunshine. To get a stunning panoramic view from the sea, ride the funicular railway up to the clifftop village in O Sitio, Nazare’s old town.

A short drive south and the beach at Peniche is a little calmer, more relaxing surfing experience.

8. Praia da Falesia, Algarve

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. It can take a few minutes to stroll from one end of the soft and sand Praia da Falesia to the other. The route is, fortunately, with many excellent beachside restaurants and bars to keep you busy.

Sardines in the fresh and cold aren’t all the reasons to indulge in a little dallying but. In low tide, you’ll be able to look to find conquilhas (small clams) in the water’s shallows.

The white sand lilies bloom on the cliffs at the base of the unique red-burnished cliffs. People who have energy left may go to the surf school located at the eastern end at end of the beach.

9. Praia da Foz do Minho, Caminha

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. Along Portugal’s northern border that borders Spain, Praia da Foz do Minho’s shallows along the river offer an escape from the crashing ocean waves that are a part of the Atlantic.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

The pyramidal shape in the shape of Santa Tecla mountain, it is among the most beautiful backgrounds of any beach anywhere in the world.

A walk through the pine forest will lead you to the beautiful beaches of the ocean in Moledo A little away from the ocean is an impressive island fortress built in the 17th century. It’s an attraction for the eye.

10. Praia dos Galapinhos, Setubal

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. If this was the paradise Portugal’s first explorers set off across oceans in search of the ocean, they could have spared themselves from a long journey.

For the reason that there was Praia dos Galapinhos, the inhabitants got the best of everything right in front of them White sands, forested hillsides, crystal-clear waters, empty spaces amazing sunsets.

There’s one (minor) disadvantage access is via a rocky vertiginous pathway or, in low tide, the shoreline is a sloping, athletic scramble.

The benefit can be that the beaches are less crowded than it ought to be. Bring everything you’ll need since the chances of replenishment are very limited.

11. L’Herbe, Cap Ferret, Gironde

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The slender peninsula that curves in The Bay of Arcachon is a recreation area for visitors living in Bordeaux and Paris It is also the home of a number of oyster farms that are in operation.

In the town of L’Herbe, there are alleyways that separate the clapboard oyster farmer’s cabins. The small beach is surrounded by several oyster bars, as well as the gazebo that resembles Robinson Crusoe’s Kykouyou Restaurant.

It’s a great option for a paddle when you’ve cleaned some freshly caught crustaceans in cold white wine.

12. Plage de la Greve Blanche, Ile de Batz, Brittany

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. A ferry connects Roscoff up to Ile de Batz, a beautiful island with blue-shuttered granite homes and open fields.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

There are rental bikes available that can be ridden towards an easterly part of the island in which the white sand in Plage de la Greve Blanche is surrounded by turquoise waters.

It is located behind it is the Georges Delaselle botanical gardens in which plants of the southern hemisphere thrive the climate provided due to the Gulf Stream. 


13. Les Grenettes, Ile de Re

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The idyllic island with white-washed villages with an abundance of hollyhocks has more than its fair share of beaches that are worth visiting.

One of the most beautiful beaches is Les Grenettes, near the quiet village of Sainte-Marie-de-Re.

The beach’s long length stretches out to the neighboring Ile d’Oleron and is backed by pine trees that smell heavenly; It’s a blend of golden sand and round pebbles, ideal for throwing into the waves.

Bring along a surfboard or bodyboard to ride the waves by yourself. The section just to the left of the main path is great. After that, bike through the village to get Ice cream or a Pineau de Charentes aperitif at the welcoming Bar a Quai.

14. Montmartin-sur-Mer, Normandy

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The southwest region of Normandy’s Cotentin peninsula is home to some gorgeous beaches that are undiscovered, only to people who live there and those who are aware.

The best one is Montmartin-Sur-Mer A vast expanse of fine white sand, with grassy dunes which are so vast you’ll probably have an entire mile to yourself, all through August.

The tides that run through the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel are among the most powerful in Europe This means that at low tide, you might not be able to see the ocean yet it keeps the sand with perfect conditions to build sandcastles that are grandiose.

15. Villefranche-sur-Mer, Provence

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. here’s a multitude of private beaches on the Cote d’Azur, but it’s possible to enjoy the sun for free on Villefranche-sur-Mer’s two public beaches.

The more extensive Plage des Marinieres is at the end of the quayside that is overlooking the coastal railway. Lay your towel on the smooth, golden sand, and then take a swim before grabbing a table with the sand in between your toes and eating at some of the waterfront eateries.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

The smaller, more tranquil Plage de la Darse, located on the opposite end of town is a bit muddy but is a great place to enjoy the late-afternoon sun or paddle.

16. Fiorenzuola di Focara, Le Marche

This village, which is surrounded by walls, was that is mentioned within Dante’s Inferno, sits in the Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo Its entrance is via the Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo, its beach is only a 20-minute stroll along zigzagging paths.

It is well worthy of the time and effort required to get to this unspoiled mixture consisting of sand and rock mountains behind and the Adriatic ahead The only structures in view are the Fiorenzuola’s rooftops above.

It’s got a DIY look that is unusual in Italy with sunshades made of driftwood. The return walk will stoke hunger for dinner.

17. Cala Violina, Maremma, Tuscany

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The name is derived from the sound made by sand this lovely cove located in southern Maremma isn’t as crowded as it appears, as it is only about a half-hour hike away from the (EUR7) car park.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

It is located in an area of nature reserves Its sand, which is pale, is surrounded by clear waters and is surrounded by wooded hills. it has shade in the southern part of it.

Beachgoers should bring mats umbrellas, mats, and other accessories There is also an area where you can buy snacks and drinks during the summer months.

18. Porto Giunco, Villasimius, Sardinia

This is one of the best beaches in Europe. The sandy beach on Porto Giunco beach, which separates from the Notteri lagoon (spot the Flamingos) from the ocean in the extreme south-east region of Sardinia is a soft pink hue due to the granite rocks surrounding it.

There are a few bars that offer sunbeds at each side of this beach of 800 meters however the majority of the beach is the Spiaggia Libera beach, where anybody can relax with a towel and soak up the soft sand and softly sliding turquoise water. The views are great from the ruin of the watchtower on the southern side of the beach.

19. Lido Fiori, Near Menfi, Sicily

In Sicily’s southern-west, a stretch of golden sand extends east from the village of fishermen located in Porto Palo. The main road turns to the west, while the peaceful 10km stretch of beach is dotted with villas, as well as a couple of bars.

Loggerhead turtles are fond of it. They’ve been nesting since the year 2017 with WWF protection. The most picturesque section is Lido Fiori, halfway along.

In June’s early month’s temperatures are in the mid-20s instead of the mid-30s of August, you needn’t even have to pay to park. My husband and son sat for hours trying to divert a stream that runs along the sand close to the Salisa, a great fish restaurant. Salisa.

The Greek ruin in Selinunte is as beautiful as Agrigento but not as crowded – is located half an hour to the west.

20. Baia del Silenzio, Sestri Levante, Liguria

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. Shopping, cafes or just a day out for those who do not want to lay in the sun all day, occasionally a town beach will fit the bill.

This half-moon cove located between Genoa as well as La Spezia – Bay of Silence is somewhat over-the-top however, it is a beautiful spot with soft sand that gently slopes into warm, protected waters, with pastel townhouses and bobbing vessels.

Baia delle Favole, 200 meters further away in a landform is more vibrant, boasting bars, facilities for sports and boats available for hire. The well-known Cinque Terre towns are 40 minutes away via train.

21. Voidokilia, Peloponnese

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. A beach that is this beautiful is ruined by the effects of development. The lagoon it borders forms part of the nature preserve and Voidokilia is exactly like it did when it was featured as a scene in Homer’s Odyssey.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

This is definitely one of the “perfect crescents of white sand” The Greek name refers to “cow’s belly”.

Along with beautiful swimming in the calm waters. There’s also a cave an old castle that is above the beach, and a variety of birds, including flamingos in the lagoon.

22. Kaladi Kythira

Kythira appears to have stayed clear of the development of some Greek islands due to it being somewhat difficult to reach (internal plane or boat ride).

Many would say it is Kalami is the most beautiful beaches on this island however, Kaladi is equally beautiful and doesn’t require the climb down a 30-meter cliff however there are plenty of steps.

The reward is three wonderful small coves with pebbles that are uncrowded even in August, and not sullied by cantinas, and tavern.

23. Paliochori, Milos

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The stunning cliffs that make the backdrop for the beach range in color from yellow through white to a reddish burnt and they also offer protection from the wind that can ruin beaches in this region.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

There are a variety of bars and tavernas that have sunbeds to hire that are competing for your business However, the beach is big enough to draw interest.

As if the location wasn’t enough, hot pools beneath the sea offer the opportunity to enjoy a thermal spa for free.

24. Super Paradise, Mykonos

People visit Greek beaches for a variety of reasons, but for certain, it’s to have a good time. Certain spots on Mykonos that are devoted to hedonism extremely ugly however, it’s not Super Paradise beach located on the south coast.

The golden sand, the clear water, and continuous dance and music make this the most popular place to relax on the island. The famous club hosts all-night parties that draw party-goers from all over the globe.

The close Jackie O’ Beach Club and Restaurant is also located situated on the beach, is the perfect place to relax, with delicious drinks, food, and drag queens.

25. Balos, Crete

Crete is home to a variety of top-of-the-line beaches, and some are becoming overcrowded (there are reports that the famous Elafonisi may begin to limit the number of guests).

Blue lagoon and white powder waters from Balos beach, which is located at the apex of Gramvousa peninsula to the north-west, is quite busy during midday, when the boat excursions arrive.

What you need to do is arrive early and stay until late. It’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds because it involves the drive of 12 km on a dirt track, then a one-kilometer hike however it will reward you for your efforts.

26. Cirali, Kemer, Antalya

To find the perfect beach with the softest sand that you can walk directly onto – go the trip to Cirali. A number of miles of the beach are flanked by shady orange groves and gardens that are adorned with lanterns and hammocks. They are sprinkled with the quiet, low-density cabins for holiday rentals of hotels, such as the Arcadia.

The hotel offers delicious breakfasts as well as bikes for touring the village nearby as well as a location that is committed to the environment and where the menu for the week is salads, stuffed with gozleme flatbreads and a glass of beer on wooden platforms that are shaded.

Take a stroll along the beach to the west side along the riverside, where a footpath takes you to a ticket booth which is sometimes open, and to the fig-strewn ruins of the ancient Olympos.

Bike and trek out to the mystery of Chimaera in the Chimaera region, where gas spouts emanate from a hillside that is believed to be haunted by myth. 

27. Kabak, Near Uzunyurt Koyu, Mugla

The tarmac comes to an end above Kabak and there is a 4WD that takes you down an incredibly steep mountain road. 

The hair that is shorn up is well worth it. At the bottom is a hidden sandy beach and shingle Yoga platforms floating on driftwood, driftwood juice bars as well as the smell of patchouli.

The legendary Shangri-la is at the very heart of Turkish Med’s underground scene for a long time However, rather than being solely a hangout for hippies, Kabak has always been open to anyone who wants to join.

Recently discovered, Kabak has a unique beauty, in large part due to the devotion of its patrons and the forest surrounding the beach that is home to wonderful Crusoe-inspired camps such as Turan’s.

The place is renowned for its diversity of wildlife and flora, including its butterflies and turtles, Kabak is also a favorite among hikers who make it an ideal base to explore local trails as well as the long-distance Lycian Way.

28. Iztuzu, Dalyan, Mugla

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. In spite of battling every single developer, This vast beach has remained a stunning defense for the endangered Loggerhead turtles who reside here during the summer night when the beach is closed for visitors.

In spite of the lines in the sand that indicate where the parasols begin and sun loungers cease and the rules for the environment are strictly followed There’s plenty of space in this famously golden, family-friendly strand.

The beach is accessible from the village of Dalyan in Dalyan, where the local boatmen’s association provides a regular shuttle service, that takes about half an hour to travel through the Reed beds.

The facilities for the beach such as changing rooms with freshwater showers as well as cafés are simple. The closest hotel is Dalyan’s charming, no-frills riverside hotels.

Other tourist attractions are the old city remains in Kaunos which is where the largest excavations are taking place as well as soaking in the thermal mud baths that are open to the air.

29. Patara, Kalkan, Antalya

For more than 10 miles the sands that are backed by a dune at Patara beach are clean and unbroken, with no structures longer-lasting than the shacks for facilities with palm-roofed roofs equipped with changing rooms, showers, and cold beverages – on either side.

There are parasols and loungers that are available for hire in the eastern end that is accessible by minibusses that shuttle passengers from Kalkan which is a busy port for holidays that’s only 15 minutes drive away.

It’s it is the home of one of Turkish Med’s most beautiful and expensive, but not cheap boutique hotels, Villa Mahal.

The entry fee is modest as well as a fee for visitors who wish to visit the important ruins of Roman Patara, and what might be the world’s oldest still-standing lighthouse, as well as other historical wonders.

If you have your own vehicle, you might prefer to follow the locals on the remote west end of Karadere (no charge) and where extended families host stunning barbecues in the dunes.

30. Akvaryum, Bozcaada, Canakkale

Bozcaada is among the two Turkish islands located in the Aegean which boasts one of the most beautiful beaches of sand and is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting close by Troy as well as Gallipoli. battlegrounds in Gallipoli.

It’s a tiny island only a couple of miles long and you can hire a bicycle to visit some beaches. The locals usually choose the most sheltered beaches, based on the direction of the wind Be certain to reach Akvaryum.

It is named for the purity of its waters that are shallow (it is a Greek word meaning aquarium) and surrounded by tiny headlands Akvaryum also has impressive legend connections as the location in which the Greek fleet was secluded in wait for Trojans to surrender to their horse-based ruse made of wood.

Regular ferry services make the 30-minute crossing from the mainland Geyikli to the beautiful Ottoman port. Here, beautiful townhouses can be found.

31. Maslinica, Solta

Solta is an island that Solta is hidden in plain sight It’s just a ferry ride away from Split and yet it is home to only a small portion of the tourists who travel to the more popular neighbors Brac and Hvar.

In its western part is the fishing town of Maslinica which has a chic small marina, and a charming pebbly beach located in the entrance to the harbour.

It’s big enough to house an outdoor café, kayak rental, and a few loungers, yet it retains an intimate village vibe. The western part of the island can provide spectacular sunsets.

Just beyond the beach lies an archipelago comprising seven tiny islands, that can be explored by boat or kayak.

32. Valun, Cres

Sleepy isn’t even a good description of Cres. While it’s one of Croatia’s largest islands, it’s a tiny growth along its long and indented coastline.

In the village of Valun located to the West-West of the Island, there is a pathway that runs from the harbor all the way to the beach with pebbles.

Pine groves are a great source of shade and shelter. There are kayaks, paddleboards and sun loungers available for hire, and the vibe is as chill just like other parts of the island.

The village lunch with premium fish at the restaurants along the harbor.

33. Cikat Bay, Losinj

Cikat Bay was the preferred vacation spot of the Austro-Hungarian Kaiser Franz Josef in the 19th century. He was attracted by the fresh air, which was scented by wild herbs and pine forests.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

The bay remains enticing with its deep-indented three prongs enclosing tiny coves of pebbly, along with a partially the beach is sand, and a miniature marina and a few grand hotels.

It’s a great family event that includes playgrounds, cafes, watersports. There’s also the pine-shaded footpath/cycle trail that covers a good portion part of the island.

34. Blace, Mljet

Amidst the Adriatic’s shadiest island, Mljet offers that unique feature in Croatia’s sandy beaches. A mere twenty minutes’ walking away from the busier Saplunara beach lies the more peaceful Blace situated in the protected Limuni Bay in the southeast of Mljet.

Pine trees offer a refreshing backdrop for the warm shallow waters, that seems more like the waters of a lagoon. There’s no beach access they’re back in Saplunara however there is peace.

35. Murvica, Brac

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. A few kilometers to the west of Croatia’s most well-known beach that is the Z-shaped Zlatni Rat, there’s a more tranquil scene on Murvica beach.

The path leads from the Murvica village and walks down the hill, past vineyards and olive trees towards the beach of shingle surrounded by pines that smell of.

There aren’t crowds nor beautiful rows of sun loungers here, just a simple beach café, with panoramic views of Hvar’s island Hvar and clear blue-green sea.


36. Sopot, Poland

The busy town of Sopot is always popular, and for good reason. It has among the top gorgeous beaches in Poland and offers something to offer everyone from kids to families.

It’s a long and well-maintained strip that stretches for a few kilometers that are surrounded by restaurants and cafés as well as a beachside cycle path that stretches through Gdansk’s port city that is Gdansk.

Best Beaches in Europe

The late-opening pier is great to catch sunsets. the fish fry huts are a regional specialty and are located along the beach. Restaurant Przystan is well-known because of its soup made from seafood.

37. Heringsdorf, Germany

This is one of the best beaches in Europe in 2022. The resort was built for the 19th-century royals seeking fresh sea air, this hotel is a blend of Belle-Epoque elegance and small-town appeal.

Neoclassical architecture and well-groomed parks are dotted along an area of golden-grey sandy beach that is sprinkled by Strandkorbe which are the two-person beach chairs that are common along the German Baltic coast.

Heringsdorf is located on Usedom island, which has nearly 20km of unbroken beach. Enjoy the view from the pier, then grab a snack at one of the many stands at the landward edge of the Heringdorf pier, or walk towards the inland Domkes Fishpavillon to get freshly fried cod.

38. Ventspils, Latvia

With a famed long and sand-colored coastline, Latvians have a wide choice when it comes to the best places to lay down their towels.

Ventspils located on the west coast has the benefit of being both a beach-side resort as well as a bustling port city.

The silky, fine sands are a favorite for kitesurfers during spring and summer, as well as year-round for hunters of amber – nuggets of the ancient resin are usually removed from the beach after storms.

It is separated from the beach by a dunes-lined belt and the outdoor museum that includes narrow-gauge railways as well as an aquapark. Children’s Town activity playground.

39. Vosu, Estonia

This is one of the best beaches in Europe. The resort is set amid the pines and reed beds of Lahemaa Park’s national nature reserve, Vosu Bay is almost an oasis after the endless beaches that stretch along the Baltic coast.

With fine tawny sandy sand between promontories dotted with boulders, the bay is extremely shallow, which makes it ideal for paddling and wading. You can also find plenty of facilities for food and drinks in the summer.

Vosu is itself an ebb and flows village that has lots of rustic charm and plenty of thrilling nature trails just a few steps away.

40. Nida, Lithuania

In the shadow of towering dunes on the south shore of Curonian Spit lies the adorable fishing town of Nida is the capital of Lithuania’s summertime artistic elite.

The beach is located 3km from town, on the opposite side of the spit. It is divided into female-only and nudist sections. There is also a small play area for children.

Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

It’s everything you’d think of from the Baltic Strand: long, straight, and seemingly unending in every direction and a favorite among sunbathers and paddlers in the shorter Lithuanian summer.

There are no snacks or drinks available You should save your appetite for the famously tangy and delicious smoked fish available in Nida Nida.

Top Surfing Destinations in Europe

Here are a few of the most popular surfing locations in Europe.

1. Peniche, Portugal

Peniche is popularly known as being the capital of surfing in Portugal. The months of winter and autumn are the ideal times to go for those who are more experienced and want to experience the Supertubos which are one of the biggest of the region’s breaks.

Beginners or intermediate surfers should go to the beach during the summer or spring months where waves are easier to manage. 

Also, you can look into a surf school or retreat. A lot of camps provide Yoga and surfing with others for the ultimate adventure vacation.

We suggest wet suits year-round here.

Closest airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS).

2. Basque Country, Spain

The challenge is to choose just one place in a region with numerous breakers of huge size. Mundaka is among the most well-known for its river mouth wave of 12 feet which only the most experienced surfers are allowed to try.

Sopelana is more suitable for all levels of surfing throughout the year however, the months of autumn and winter bring the most powerful waves. Of course, surfers are able to enjoy eating pintxos (the Basque version of tapas) after a long session of surfing.

Nearest airport: Bilbao Airport (BIO).

3. Biarritz, France

Biarritz offers an excellent option for beginners (advanced surfers may try at Hossegor just 40 minutes north) The city is it is home to several surf schools as well as the renowned surfing beach Cote des Basques.

While Biarritz is located situated in France however, it is located along the Basque coastline that we mentioned earlier. You can combine it with a trip to Spain for surfing all of the major Basque waves. The months of June and July are the most appropriate times to learn.

Closest airport: Biarritz (BIQ) or San Sebastian (EAS).

4. Varazze, Italy

Vibe: Italy isn’t renowned for its big waves, however, Varazze is one of the exceptions. To the north of Genoa the town is frequented by Italian and French surfers.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

It’s also one of the few places to surf when the sun is set due to floodlights that light the waves of the ocean from an adjacent Jetty. The best waves can be found in winter and smaller swells during spring and autumn.

The closest Airport: Genoa (GOA).

5. Cornwall, U.K.

Cornwall is the location to be in when you’re looking for a U.K. surfer. Fistral is a smaller break for beginners in the summer months, but a bigger break for experienced surfers in winter.

The cliffs, as well as the village of Sennen Cove, are picturesque, with other possibilities to enjoy besides surfing all year round.

You can also surf at every tide at Watergate Bay, which is usually protected from the powerful winds at high tide. Porthleven located on the southern coast is a great spot for experienced surfers. Be aware of rocks, particularly at low tide.

Closest airport: Cornwall, Newquay (NQY).

6. Achill Island Ireland

Ireland is one of the countries that have a wealth of opportunities for surfers. But most of the top spots are reserved for the experienced.

That’s why TPG chose Achill Island because the small-to-medium-sized waves are great for beginners or intermediate surfers — you still have to be careful of riptides, though.

Keel Beach is one of the most sought-after surfing beaches, offering the ability to surf all year long.

Closest airport: Knock Airport (NOC).

7. Halland, Sweden

The west coast of Sweden Halland hosts some of the nation’s most renowned surfing spots and surfing spots, including Varberg, the “Swedish surf capital,” Varberg. Apelviken is Varberg’s most sought-after location for surfers of every degree.

Although the water temperatures are more frigid (wet suits are necessary) the water is a bit of an “aloha, dude” vibe. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are highly popular in the region.

Closest airport: Goteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT).

Most Quiet Beaches in Europe

Here are a few among the Quietest Beaches in Europe.

1. Sopot, Poland

It’s true that the Baltic coastline of Poland is the perfect spot for a swim however, the water may be a bit warmer.

The shoreline is comprised of some hundred miles of sandy beaches and my favorite is the stunning 19th-century resort of Sopot which is a mere 20-minute train ride away from the city of Gdansk and behind what was once Lenin shipyards.

It is possible to enjoy a large expanse of white sand, and a calm ocean on the beach that is perfect for families with young children, in a resort that has 20th-century costs.

If you are able to tear yourself away from the shore you can take a stroll to the end of the dock and across into the Bay to Hel which is a charming fishing village that lies at the bottom of a spit. the easternmost tip in Puck County.

2. Tarifa, Spain

The winds capital of Europe, Tarifa has long been a place of pilgrimage for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Its location at the southernmost point of Spain and the border that is final before crossing the strait that connects it with Morocco, and it is blessed with warm winters and long, hot summers.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

It’s always bustling at the beach The beach is almost empty – until the breeze goes away, that is.

A Bohemian style of living is evident throughout the town and lovers of history can find plenty of Moorish heritage to learn about.

3. Aran Islands, Ireland

The Aran Islands off the coast of Galway in Ireland (not to be confused with the Isle of Arran in Scotland) aren’t your typical “beach” destination perhaps, but they’re better for it.

They are perhaps best known for the aerial shot in “Craggy Island” on the opening credits of Father Ted (and Inishmore is the biggest of them all, and hosts one of the shows’ annual festivals) But their real appeal is with their rugged and unassuming beauty.

Although there’s a chance that North Atlantic doesn’t have quite the same warmth as the Caribbean oceans, Kilmurvey Beach on Inishmore is compensated for with its white sand and crystal clear water.

Further along the coast, you’ll be able to spot an active seal colony waiting to be visited from further away.

4. Varna, Bulgaria

Europe-loving Brits who are subject to stricter rules post-Brexit on the duration of stay within the Schengen Area should escape to one of the EU countries outside of it.

Best Beaches in Europe

Bulgaria also enjoys the benefit of having the lowest price within the European Union, which will benefit if the sterling plummets even more.

Varna is the largest in the country. Black Sea resort, has excellent beaches, numerous parks, a thriving city center, and great eateries that are within reach.

You can also pose the shade of a Corona shade that reads “This Is Living”.

5. Vico Equense, Italy

Vico Equense is quite short on beaches, but it is actually. Instead, there are tiny outcrops and small alcoves, usually pebbled, in which those who are determined to sunbathe can put down their towel and enjoy the tranquility from the imposing Mount Vesuvius in the far distance. 

It’s all part of the attraction in the end.

Another part is the amazing food scene. Gourmands have the option of choosing from two Michelin-starred Torre del Saracino (which has tiny pebbles on the outside as seen above) as well as a basic pizza in a metro, where – you’ve had it right – the pieces are priced by meters.

In actual fact, you’ll get a wide selection of pizzas on this site and it’s also the home of the annual three-day pizza festival in the end.


6. Albanian Riviera

There is a reason that is nebulous for some reason, it seems that the Albanian Riviera has somewhat fallen out of the favor of British tourists, who prefer to go for Greece, Croatia, or Turkey to get their fix of the beach.

However, with a vast coastline that straddles between the Adriatic as well as the Ionian Seas, the country is able to offer sun-seekers (with the added benefit of hotels that are less expensive).

There are a myriad of stunning beaches that you can choose from, however, if you desire to feel the authentic vibe that is Greece, Ksamil at the southernmost point of the country is to the left of Corfu and with its own trinity of islands that can be reached by swimming or boat along with white sands and turquoise water that seem like they’ve come straight from the Maldives.

7. Calgary, Isle of Mull

Collectively all together, The Western Isles can boast at the very least as many beautiful beaches as the Caribbean however, they do not have the dependable sunshine.

Best Beaches in Europe and Most Quiet Surfing Destinations to Visit

The best are located in The Outer Hebrides – on the Atlantic coast of Harris and on the eastern coast of Barra (though it is occasionally not accessible during the time that the Loganair plane is in the area).

However, Calgary is located situated in northwest Mull is stunningly set by two headlands. And when you’re done swimming around, you could stroll through one of the “Art in Nature” sculpture trains that is located just offshore.

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