Where to Buy a House in Arizona: 10 Best Areas and Cities to Buy a House

 – Where to Buy a House in Arizona – 

Are you looking for where to buy a house around or in Arizona? Or, you want to know where the best place to own a house in Arizona? There is good news for you.

Ten (10) Best Areas and Cities to Buy a House in Arizona in the U.S

There are 91 incorporated cities and towns in Arizona where you can buy your dream house. You should know that, incorporated places in Arizona are those places that have been granted home rule, possessing a local government in the form of a city or town council.

The oldest incorporated place in Arizona is Tucson which was incorporated in 1877 and the most recent is the town of Tusayan which was incorporated in March 2010.


Why you should Buy a House in Arizona

One of the reasons you should buy a house in Arizona is that, Arizona has a good climate that rarely gets too cold. The warm temperatures throughout the state have made it particularly attractive for older folks looking to settle down in retirement.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Arizona has also made it enticing for home buyers. The incomparable Grand Canyon, mountains, deserts, ski resorts, and national monuments have all made Arizona a great place to live.

Besides the weather and scenery, The Grand Canyon State features a strongly performing economy for those seeking a comfortable living. Also, Arizona has a median households income of $50,448, good enough for 22nd in the country.

How to Determine the Best Places to buy a home in Arizona

To determine the best places in Arizona where you can get a house you have to look at the American Community Survey Census data which runs from 2013-2017 and if possible down to 2018 and compare it to the previous vintage (2012-2016).

Specifically, you are to make use of the following criteria to evaluate your search result:

  • Y-o-Y change in population.
  • Y-o-Y change in median home prices.
  • Home prices relative to the state average.

Ten (10) Best Places to Buy a House in Arizona

How to Determine the Best Places to buy a home in Arizona

Below are some of the ten (10) best places to get a house in Arizona;

1. Eloy

Eloy has a population of approximately eighteen thousand (18,000) to nineteen thousand (19,000) people living in it.

An average amount of a home here is eighty thousand and six hundred dollars ($80,600). It also has one of the best weathers you can think off or need for your retirement relaxation.

2. Guadalupe

Guadalupe is another place you may wish to buy a house. It has an average population of about seven thousand (7,000) people living it. The average price of a good home there is one thousand and one hundred dollars ($110,000).

3. Mesa

The history of Mesa dates back at least 2,000 years to the arrival of the Hohokam people. This city has a high population. It has an average population of four hundred and eighty thousand people (480,000) living in it.

The price of house here is around one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars ($185,000) to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars ($190,000).

The good thing with this city is that, just like other cities in Arizona, its climatic conditions to a large extent are quite conducive.


4. Wickenburg

This city’s population is six thousand, nine hundred and six (6,906). The cost of a relatively good house here is two hundred and nineteen thousand dollars ($219,000). This city has a good weather condition.

It may interest you to know that the Wickenburg area with much of the Southwest became part of the United States by the 1848 treaty that ended the Mexican-American War.

5. Kingman

This city is populated by a total number of twenty nine thousand people (29,000). The cost of a good house here is one hundred and twenty eight dollars ($120,000).

6. El Mirage

The population of this city is around thirty five thousand (35,000), while you can get a good house here for about one hundred and thirty seven thousand dollars ($137,000).

7. Somerton

This city has a population of about sixteen thousand people (16,000) and the cost of house is around one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars ($117,000). It is actually a wonderful city.

8. Phoenix

This is a major city in Arizona. This major metropolitan statistical area in Arizona holds a lot of promise for property buyers. However, experts in local real estate recommend caution when it comes to investing in properties close to the downtown core.

The availability of quality jobs, amenities for people of all ages, and relative affordability of houses is a big draw for people moving into Arizona from other states and for locals moving from other Arizona cities.

This is an area where investors will find opportunities to grow their portfolio for fix-and-flip properties or buy-and-hold income properties because the city is massive and the population is diverse and dynamic.

9. Scottsdale

Scottsdale was awarded Excellence in Economy in 2017. This is an indication of the area’s desirability as a place to put down roots for families and individuals.

With stable job and real estate markets, property investors may  expect strong returns on their capital outlay.

The total real estate appreciation for eight years prior to 2018 was recorded at 102.77 percent with real estate investors realizing an annual appreciation rate of 3.95 percent.

10. Tucson

Tucson’s population is estimated at 1 million local residents, but this figure balloons dramatically during the snowbird season between November and March.

The area known as Corona de Tucson is a desirable area for families seeking single-family homes and a fix-and-flip strategy would be viable provided you can pull off the rehab efficiently.


Also, there are plenty of reasons to move to Arizona, like; it is the sixth-largest state. However, as a result of this, choosing a particular town or city within Arizona to call home can become a little bit confusing, if you need help you can reach out Sell My House Fast For Cash LLC for help purchasing a house.

Why Arizona is a Recommended Place to get a House

The state has become one of the top destinations for domestic relocation due to a strong economy, stable housing market, solid employment numbers and pleasant weather most of the year.

In Arizona, there are at least 1,500 sites listed as available with properties that may be acquired at a significant discount.

In a Nutshell 

So, if you are looking for a place in Arizona to get a house, you are therefore well-informed with the information given above.

Also, there are plenty of reasons to move to Arizona, like; it is the sixth-largest state. However, as a result of this, choosing a particular town or city within Arizona to call home can become a little bit confusing.

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