Best Apps & Sites to Sell Used Designer Jeans for Cash

– Sell Used Designer Jeans –

Best Apps & Sites to Sell Used Designer Jeans: If that sweater is no longer sparking joy, whip out your mobile device. Selling your clothes online has never been easier, thanks to websites and apps that help you set up shop from the comfort of your home.

Sell Used Designer Jeans

Best Apps & Sites to Sell Used Designer Jeans

1. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app that enables people to sell items of clothing they no longer want. Items are listed by category making it easy for them to be found by shoppers.

One standout feature of Poshmark is the app’s ‘Posh Parties’, whereby thousands of Poshmark users – typically women – gather several times a day to make new listings, share listings, and shop together.

2. ASOS Marketplace

Did that vintage dress seem like a great idea in the store but not so much when you got it home? Put it on ASOS Marketplace and sell it!

The only catch is that ASOS takes a 10% commission on the sale price. Instead of focusing on designer goods, the seller-driven resale emporium features edgy used and retro fashion, functioning like your very own thrift store.

You can find pretty much anything—we scored a Pucci-inspired vintage minidress for $47!

3. eBay

On the eBay app, you can sell clothing faster and more efficiently than ever. Simply create an eBay account, download the app, take photos of the clothes you want to sell, add descriptions, and wait for buyers to start bidding.

With eBay you have the option of selling items for a ‘Buy It Now’ price or putting them in an auction.

4. The Real Real

Sellers keep up to 85% of the sale price, and good quality items will usually sell within three days, so if you need money quick and happen to have some pieces laying around, this is the spot for you. In addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The Real Real will also accept fine jewelry, home decor, and even fine art. You can send in your items via USPS, or schedule a free in-home pickup in select metropolitan areas.


5. thredUP

Touted as the world’s largest online thrift store, thredUP carries more than 35,000 name brand items. The store accepts maternity, children’s, and inclusive sizes, as well as jewelry and accessories.

To sell, simply request a Clean Out bag and fill it with high-quality name-brand pieces. Once a team member goes through your shipped items, you’ll be notified of your payout.

On average, 40 percent of received items are accepted and sold online, while the rest are donated or responsibly recycled. Curious how much you could make by selling with thredUP? Use the handy Payout Estimator to see how much your items are worth.

6. Depop

Sell old items of clothing and accessories from anywhere you want to with the Depop app. Depop refers to itself as a community of sellers and buyers and is the ideal place to sell vintage clothing.

7. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading has physical locations all over the United States where you can bring in your secondhand designer goods.

Instead of lugging in a huge bag of clothes, you can now request a bag with a prepaid shipping label and you can simply mail them in.

Crossroads offers a 50% payout of the sales price as a store credit or 30% of the sales price as straight cashback.

Crossroads looks for “name-brand, on-trend” clothing in good condition, and while their tastes are discerning, it’s worth sending in your clothes for ease.

Whatever clothes don’t pass muster for Crossroads sales will be sent back to you, or can be donated to charity for a small fee.

8. OfferUp

If you are wanting to sell items of clothing locally, you can do so with ease and efficiency with the OfferUp app. People looking for specific clothes in your area use OfferUp to find products, meaning costly shipping fees are eliminated.

9. letgo

You can sell used clothes and fashion accessories with the simple-to-use and intuitively-designed letgo app.

With over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo claims to the “biggest and fastest-growing app for buying and selling locally.”

10. Mercari

The Mercari app allows sellers to sell clothing by uploading pictures and listing their clothes, shoes, and accessories at whatever price they like.

Whatever sells is subject to a flat 10% fee. In addition to apparel, you can sell other items. From cell phone cases to Fitbits to soccer gear, you can sell just about anything on Mercari. The app is intuitive and easy to use.

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