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Best Beauty Schools in Southern California with Licenced Cosmetologist

– Beauty Schools in California –

California could be the ideal location for you to learn how to become a cosmetologist and start your profession. 

Beauty Schools in California

List of Beauty Schools in California

California is the 8th most beauty-obsessed state in the US, according to 2019 research, which is good news for aspiring cosmetologists. below are amazing beauty schools in California.

1. Elite Cosmetology School

The mission of Elite Cosmetology School is to enable all of our students to develop ethics, creativity, leadership, and the knowledge necessary for future success. Also, they generate graduates at Elite Cosmetology School.

that have the drive and ability to contribute to the advancement of the cosmetology business that we all love.

Elite Cosmetology School stands out from the crowd by focusing on education through a diverse curriculum and a unique approach.

however, they not only teach you about your chosen specialty but also help you develop the business skills you’ll need to thrive at your art, manage your clientele, and/or run your own salon.

Cosmetology at Elite is more than simply a stepping stone to another profession; it’s a career opportunity.

more so, they put a strong emphasis on providing you with the resources to learn, participate, and immerse yourself in an environment that properly prepares you for the world of cosmetology.

2. Bellus Academy (Accredited )

Bellus Academy is a multi-award-winning beauty and wellness school dedicated to producing job-ready graduates.

They specialize in advanced training and have a reputation for providing innovative instruction, frequently winning top awards in Modern Salon’s national Excellence in Education program.

also, they work with the best specialists, product lines, and equipment manufacturers in the world to set a higher standard for educational instruction.

however, Bellus Academy has been recognized as the “best beauty school in the nation” two years in a row by Modern Salon.

and was recently rated the number one beauty school in North America by Inter-coiffure, making it one of the most awarded beauty schools in the world.

They are ecstatic to see our students succeed in their careers! Not only do we graduate great candidates.

However, their reputation has attracted an enormous network of premier salons and spas that seek to hire our graduates regularly. their connections are priceless, and Bellus alumni benefit from them throughout their careers.

3. Milan Institute 

Milan Institute of Cosmetology – San Antonio South is based in San Antonio, Texas, but it also has lessons available online. It is among the amazing Beauty Schools in California.

This school offers one curriculum that prepares students for one certification: the Texas Nail Technician License.

“Hands-on training” and “Good teachers” are the most claimed benefits of attending Milan Institute of Cosmetology – San Antonio South, although respondents also mentioned “Positive environment” and “Helpful career services” as noteworthy perks.

Also, the Milan Institute of Cosmetology – San Antonio South has 14 ratings with an average rating of 3.50 out of 5 stars. 86 percent of reviewers would tell a friend about Milan Institute of Cosmetology – San Antonio South.

4. Salon Success Academy

they offer Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering, Manicuring/Nail Care, and Make-Up Designory/ MUD Makeup programs at Salon Success Academy, which combine classroom instruction with hands-on training.

they offer comprehensive state board exam preparation to assist you in obtaining a California license as a barber, cosmetologist, esthetician, or manicurist.

You’ll also be able to take part in their externship program, which will allow you to work in professional barbershops, salons, and spas before graduating.

Many of their students are engaged by these companies right after they have their licenses.

However, their programs are all designed to be cost-effective and convenient. Also, they have day and evening sessions available, as well as financial aid for those who qualify.

5. Flair Beauty College, Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita, California is home to Flair Beauty College. This school offers training in two certifications, with Cosmetology License and Esthetician License being the most popular.

Depending on the certification, the time to finish this education course ranges from 3.8 months to 2 years, with 10 months.

The cost of attending Flair Beauty College varies by certification and ranges from $8,000 to $19,000, with a median cost of $15,000.

6. JD Academy of Salon and Spa

JD Academy of Salon + Spa’s cosmetology curriculum was created to prepare students for careers as future salon professionals.

They conduct this practical course by knowledgeable educators who understand what it takes to thrive in today’s beauty industry.

Moreso, their program is concentrated on career preparation, from beauty basics to business and marketing training.

However, they want cosmetology students to gain confidence as future beauty professionals from day one of our program.

Whether you’re working on a client’s hair or taking part in a group project, our program is engaging and hands-on.

also, their hands-on approach will show you how to make clean, precise cuts, excellent color combinations, magnificent blowouts, on-trend manicures, and so much more!

This is a fun, friendly, and creative industry. Consider JD Academy of Salon + Spa to be a haven where you can study, grow, and create before even starting your career.

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7. Fullerton College California

The Fullerton College Cosmetology Department recognizes the industry’s continued expansion and provides prospective students.

With a thorough program that qualifies them to sit for the Board exam. Students complete the requisite 1,600 hours of study and training and have a variety of program alternatives, which is a benefit not all schools provide.

Choose the Certificate in Cosmetology program to learn the fundamentals and fulfill the 1,600-hour requirement.

also, learn to teach the technical skills of cosmetology to deal with hair, skin, and nails by enrolling in the Cosmetology Instructor Associate in Science Degree program.

Students in this program taught or expanded pivot Point Principles upon.

The Associate in Science in Cosmetology prepares students to take the California Board of Barbering examination.

8. Butte College Oroville, California

Butte College provides a cosmetology associate’s degree that includes the requisite 1,600 hours of education and training.

Students must attend classes for seven modules, each lasting six weeks, to complete the program.

However, the mandatory courses that meet the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology regulations, as well as various electives, are been covered.

Also, the project is expected to take 11 months to complete. Butte College is among the great Beauty Schools in California.

9. Riverside City College California

Riverside City College is another California college that offers cosmetology programs for a low per-unit or per-credit-hour fee.

The school provides a variety of possibilities for cosmetology students, including the Cosmetology Instructor Training program for students who have a current California Cosmetology license.

Lesson preparation, use of audio and visual aids, using concepts to resolve classroom and instructional challenges, and evaluation methods are all covered in this 12-month full-time curriculum.

10. San Jose City College California

San Jose City College’s cosmetology school is regarded as one of the best in the state of California, with an award-winning faculty.

also, Students can acquire a Certificate of Achievement in Cosmetology or an Associate of Science in Cosmetology degree by enrolling at the institution.

They prepare graduates of the cosmetology school to sit for the board exam and operate as licensed cosmetologists.

However, In the program, which begins in the autumn or spring semester, students take part take part in hands-on learning.

11. Lancaster Beauty School California

Lancaster Beauty School in Lancaster, California, offers students the chance to complete the 1,600 hours of study and training required to sit for the exam.

Hair, skin, and nail care are inclusively taught to students as foundational skills. Students also learn how to protect patrons by practicing safety and sanitation practices.

Furthermore, in cosmetology, students also learn good habits, positive attitudes, self-assurance, responsibilities, and ethics.

12. Neihule Academy of Beauty Los Angeles, California

Students at the Neihule Academy are aware of the value of style, design, and color. Throughout the curriculum, they develop the technical and practical abilities required of professional cosmetologists.

Also, Communication, marketing, and product and retail knowledge are also taught to students.

However, the institution allows students to transform their passion into a career while also allowing them to complete the curriculum in less than a year. How much exceptional can this be?

13. KC Beauty Academy Los Angeles, California

The KC Beauty Academy is a Los Angeles-based school that trains students to become certified cosmetologists.

However, Students who complete the cosmetology program will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to pass the California State Board Cosmetology examination.

During the 12-month curriculum, students receive both technical and practical training.

The KC Beauty Academy is a Los Angeles is among the great Beauty Schools in California.

14. Saddleback College Mission Viejo, California

Saddleback College, based in Mission Viejo, California, provides two cosmetology curriculum choices.

which includes the potential for students to earn a Certificate of Achievement in Cosmetology.

The program meets the state’s 1,600-hour requirement for cosmetologists and can be completed in three to five semesters.

Classes in the program are open-entry, with student cohorts beginning at various times throughout the semester.

The school claims that, because of South Orange County’s rising population, it is a particularly suitable place for cosmetologists to pursue their careers.

15. Golden West College Huntington Beach, California

Golden West College offers both a Certificate of Achievement in Cosmetology and an Associate of Science degree in Cosmetology.

Also, to prepare cosmetology students for a career as a licensed cosmetologist.

The courses are intended for students who desire to finish the 1,600 needed hours in order to take the state exam. The degree is available as a daytime, full-time program.

16. Citrus College Glendora, California

Citrus College in Glendora, California, is among the great Beauty Schools in California, they offer a certificate program in cosmetology that meets state criteria.

Students gain the most up-to-date techniques in cosmetology. Also, students will gain theoretical and practical abilities, as well as interactive demonstrations and hands-on applications, through this curriculum.

The certificate program is one of the top five at the school, which isn’t an awful choice at all.

17. Aveda Institute – Los Angeles

Aveda can be synonymous with “style,” so it’s no wonder that the Aveda Institute’s Los Angeles branch made our list of the best California cosmetology schools.

On the UCLA campus, a stylish, buzzing salon makes learning more enjoyable, while charity events like Earth Month and Beauty for a Cure keep students linked to the community.

Students can easily get jobs following graduation. Following the fact of Aveda’s extensive salon network. There are scholarships available as well.

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18. Palomar Institute of Cosmetology – San Diego

Thanks to the school’s outstanding business skills curriculum, Palomar students graduate with extremely low student debt and a good head for business.

Also, Palomar also provides an externship program, which allows students to practice in real-world salons one day a week. The program lasts for 11-month and with a tuition fee of $18,250 for tuition and $1,995 for the kit.

Palomar Institute of Cosmetology is among the great Beauty Schools in California.

19. International College of Cosmetology Oakland, California

At the International College of Cosmetology, you can learn to be a cosmetologist in just 11 months.

The Bay-area school thinks that cosmetology is best learned through hands-on salon experiences than textbooks.

also, Students will work with an actual client in the school’s student salon while studying for the exam.

Students learn more than just the technical skills needed to establish a successful cosmetology profession. Learn how to create a client base by gaining confidence and understanding.

20. Paul Mitchell School – San Diego

Paul Mitchell School is among the great Beauty Schools in California. We rarely think San Diego of as a hub of California style, however, Paul Mitchell San Diego campus is aiming to change that.

The school teaches the trendy trends of the Paul Mitchell cutting system while maintaining the connection to the local community.

By hosting blood, drives and other community service events on campus, which is all very California cool.

The Mitchell school in San Diego, like all Mitchell sites, accepts VA benefits and gives scholarships to deserving students. estimated tuition and kit fee goes $18,250 $1,995 respectively for the period of 11-month program length.

21. American Beauty College Bell, California

The American Beauty College first opened its doors in Bell, California, and now has campuses in West Covina and Palmdale.

The school works hard to perfect its curriculum in order to offer children an education that they can be proud of while also meeting board criteria.

The program is 1,600 hours long and includes an up-to-date curriculum. It takes 12 months to finish.

22. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy – Los Angeles

Colleen O’Hara is one of the great Beauty Schools in California. They help their students prepare for that environment with their own unique cutting system.

however, it’s difficult for a California salon to succeed without something unique to offer in haircutting skills, and Colleen O’Hara’s helps their students prepare for that environment with their own unique cutting system.

Also, Students learn in a modern, clean environment with sleek and classic black and white stations that are meticulously organized. Graduates leave with less debt and high aspirations!

23. Newberry School of Beauty

Newberry School Of Beauty is based in Granada Hills, California, but it also has lessons available online.

However, this school offers training in four different certifications, with Esthetician License, Barbering License, and Cosmetology License being the most popular.

Depending on the certification, the time required to finish this education course ranges from 3.8 months to 6 months, with a median period of 4 months.

Also, the cost of attending Newberry School Of Beauty varies based on the certification, ranging from $1,000 to $15,000 on average. “I paid for it myself,” most reviewers said when asked how they paid for their instruction.

24. Santiago Canyon College Orange, California

The Santiago Canyon College provides an Associate of Science in Cosmetology degree that meets or exceeds the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology’s basic requirements.

Students study in a classroom setting and in a laboratory setting. Hairdressing, haircutting, shape, coloring, chemical waving, and straightening are among the topics discussed.

Scalp and hair treatments, manicures, facials, and the operation of a beauty parlor are among the other topics covered in the curriculum. Sanitation, legislation, and rules are also taught to students.

25. Career Academy of Beauty – Los Angeles

They encourage students at the Career Academy of Beauty to learn all the rules… and then break them!

Also, using instructors from prominent salons across the country helps students learn about the business of cosmetology and the art of styling.

However, the results are self-evident: In the industry, 76 percent of graduates find work.

They do so with relatively minimal debt, thanks in part to VA benefits acceptance and large scholarships offered directly by the school.

However, Career Academy of Beauty is one of the great Beauty Schools in California.

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FAQS of Beauty Schools in California

Young blonde woman smiling and looking at her reflection in a mirror while sitting in a salon chair during an appointment with her hairstylist

1. How to Dress for the Cosmetology State Board Exam in California?

I encourage students at the Career Academy of Beauty to learn all the rules… and then break them!

Using instructors from prominent salons across the country helps students learn about the business of cosmetology and the art of styling.

Also, the results are self-evident: In the industry, 76 percent of graduates find work. They do so with relatively minimal debt, thanks in part to VA benefits acceptance and large scholarships offered directly by the school.

2. Which Is Better, a Cosmetology School or a Makeup School?

It all relies on your educational background and areas of interest. Cosmetics school might suffice if you only want to focus on makeup and beauty.

Moreso, Cosmetology school is a better option if you want to focus on hair and beauty.

3. Would you go Back to School at 56 for Cosmetology?

Yes! Let your imagination run wild! Make it happen if you want it! You’re never too old to achieve your goals or establish a name for yourself!

4. Where Can you Practice Cosmetology Freely, Without a License?

You can practice and learn from YouTube videos, however, in order to perform services on individuals for money.

However, you must complete the requisite hours and pass the appropriate testing. There is also a good deal of safety and sanitation training.

You could learn about those rules and procedures from state-specific texts, which you could certainly locate online.

5. How Old Do you have to be to go to Cosmetology School?

This, however, varies. most cosmetology students are female, and the majority are between the ages of 18 and 30.

However, the sector continues to grow, and many men are now pursuing jobs in cosmetology and barbering.

6. Is Cosmetology School Difficult?

This is largely determined by the school you attend. Cosmetology school was more psychologically demanding than college.

It was also physically demanding. You must become accustomed to being on your feet for the duration of the day. The early theory classes move at a breakneck pace.

Three days a week, my school had ten-hour days. Many days, following a ten-hour school day, I would return home and spend two hours studying for an exam the next day.

I’ve always could read, learn, and memorize things… But that will only go you so far in cosmetology school. You must learn to work with your hands properly. This was a hard task.Confidence can be an issue sometimes.

7. How Long Is Cosmetology School?

It depends on where you live and how many hours you need to work. However, I’m aware that New York City requires 1000 hours.

Also, your certification can be obtained in the state of Georgia, and it can take roughly ten months to complete 1500 hours of training.

8. Do you Regret Going to Cosmetology School?

My best advice is to study everything you can.

Do not squander your time. Whether you’re involved, you must be present. As a result, take part.

Be present in the moment. Do you believe you’ll never get a perm? Regardless, learn it. You’re not a big fan of weddings? Regardless, give the updo a shot. Put forth your best effort!

However, don’t shortchange yourself by speeding through your hours and merely mastering a few services—you’ll be sorry!

Also, never stop learning new things. It determines the size of your clientele. You can’t grow your business if you don’t have the abilities.

9. How do I Become a Nail Technician Without Going to School?

A nail technician with a state license. You must meet their requirements. To find out what it takes, contact your state’s licensing agency.

Also, look around when you go to a respected nail salon. Every nail technician must exhibit his or her license.

Training can be done on a part-time basis. Often you can qualify for financial aid.

10. Is Being a Cosmetologist Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! The experience of meeting customers on a daily basis, learning about their lives, and improving the way they look and feel is well worth it.

However, It’s a fantastic feeling when clients walk out the door and continue to take selfies, and you can see their *grin* because they adore what you do!

Cosmo is definitely only for persons that appreciate serving others, changing their lives, and conversing with people from all walks of life!! If you lack those qualities, becoming a cosmetologist is not the ideal job choice for you!!

11. Is There a Lot of Homework at Hairdressing School (at Home)?

Whether or whether there is a lot of homework varies entirely in the hairdressing school.

My great buddy is a teacher at a cosmetology college in New York State, and her students rarely have homework.

My buddy will occasionally ask her students to read chapters from their cosmetology textbooks or workbooks, but they rarely have any serious homework.

We had homework at Paul Mitchell when I was in cosmetology school. Chapters from our many textbooks have to be read. We were also encouraged to work on our scissor skills.

We were encouraged to practice working with our mannequins at home as we progressed through the training.

If you didn’t do your homework, you didn’t get in trouble, but practicing at home was beneficial. I learned a lot by doing my homework, but that’s only because I was so eager to learn everything I could about hair.

However, before enrolling in a hairdressing school, inquire about the amount of homework expected.

If you have the opportunity, speak with a few current students and inquire about how much time they spend on work outside of the classroom.

However, if you want to get rich or be financially successful, you shouldn’t be looking for jobs and vocations, you should establish your own company.

You may be short on cash, but the trick is to start with what you can afford right now and work your way up. Whatever niche you intend to specialize in can be lucrative, depending on your marketing strategies and wealth of knowledge.

Best wishes to you.

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