Beauty Product Testing Panels to Get Free Makeup to Test

Do you love skincare, makeup, and everything about beauty? Then you should sign up for these different panels of a beauty product review.

Beauty Product Testing Panels to Get Free Makeup to Test

Everyone is different, but the only thing they all have in common is that FREE beauty products and FREE makeup can be scored just for being a member!

Testing beauty products can be an efficient way of helping consumers determine which products are worth their hard-earned cash.

You can start your own business providing product reviews if you have an interest in testing beauty products, or you could consider obtaining a college degree, which helps you to test products in the laboratory of the manufacturer.

How to Get Started as a Makeup Product Tester

It is actually straightforward to get started as a makeup product tester. The first thing you need is to have a home computer and an Internet connection that works. Hop online and search for companies using testers for at-home products.

Using good judgment, of course. Although this is a legitimate opportunity, those who will swindle you are still there. Therefore, once you have found a company that you like, check it out carefully, and then sign up.

You will start receiving emails from your companies in your inbox. You will be screened to see if you match the tasks of the criteria review. If you are, you just give them your address and wait for the arrival of your product!

The last steps in the process are easy. You try the item out and honestly study it. It is that! You are allowed to retain the product you have tested most of the time, and you are given a fee for your services several times.

Bear in mind, from product to product, payment varies.

It is easy to become a makeup product tester. Only search and sign up online for legitimate opportunities. Fill in your screeners and answer the questionnaires, all while earning free goods and payment!

Beauty Product Testing Panels to Get Free Makeup to Test

L’Oréal Consumer Testing

Offered by the manufacturer, this opportunity is strictly involved with beauty products. L’Oréal has on-site opportunities in New Jersey, Ohio, and Illinois, but will mail out cosmetics to you at home for testing.

Allure Beauty Enthusiast

L’Oréal Consumer testing

Another beauty only panel, which gives you access to exclusive offers, VIP events, and product surveys. You can apply to join the “inner circle” by visiting the signup link below.

Vogue Influencer Network

You go through a screening process to join the Vogue Influencer Network, answering various questions and giving your Pinterest ID.

Once you qualify, you’ll be kept up-to-date on the latest fashion trends and receive special offers.

BzzAgent is a website that is set up specifically for people who want to try out services or products and share their opinions.

They ask you to start by filling out a survey so that they know what you are interested in. The website shares all sorts of goods, not just beauty products.


When you sign up for PinchMe, you fill out a questionnaire about your household and your shopping habits. Every few weeks they send out new samples, and if you login at the specified time you can request some. In addition, your only obligation is to provide a simple review after you use them.

Condé Nast Style Society

This advertises itself as an exclusive online community and comes from the magazine’s Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and more.

You can also take a five-minute questionnaire to see if you qualify.

People Style Watch Style Hunters

Apply to join an exclusive group of influential fashion and beauty enthusiasts and become a Style Hunter You will be the first to know about the latest fashion and beauty, including getting product samples.

It also includes a scoring system based on your influence on social networks.

Elle Inner Circle

If Elle magazine is more your style, you may be tempted to join the Elle Inner Circle.

You will get exclusive access to content, members-only discussions, prizes, and online chatting with special guests in the beauty and fashion industries.

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The homepage claims there are 700,000 Smiley members, who are all “among the first to discover new brands, content and offers for free”.

Simply go to and you too can sign up to give your opinions and review products.


The name says it all!

This website even has an online TV channel, but it’s basically set up for you to post your product reviews about all sorts of items, including books, food, Crayola crayons, movies, and electronics, as well as beauty items.

There is an active blog, and if you are a regular participant they will send you samples.

House Party

This is a different idea. It’s not limited to beauty products, but a wide range, including beer.

Parties are hosted by members, and you too can host a party and get sent the products in a Party Pack. Parties for the same products or sponsors are hosted across the nation at the same time.

When you are done, you write about it and perhaps send some photographs.


Finally, a more specialized product review panel. If you home school, you should have heard of the site,, which is a resource for parents.

Sometimes they need product testers for homeschooling items. In addition, if you connect with them, you may be able to test and review applicable goods.

The Pink Panel

They don’t seem to have a website, instead, they use Facebook as their main page.

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You have to fill out a short form to apply and if you are accepted, you will get cosmetics and beauty products to test for free.

InStyle Trendsetter

As an InStyle Trendsetter, you’ll have the chance to participate in surveys sharing your opinion on style topics from fashion to beauty to home décor.

And best of all, you’ll be able to get brand-new products for free as a tester.

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