Bath Fitter Review 2020: How does Bath Fitter Work?

Bath Fitter is a conversion company for acrylic bath, shower enclosure, and tub-to-shower. The company’s bathtub refinishing items are custom molded to fast and clean bathroom renovations that last a lifetime to fit over existing fixtures.

Bath Fitter Review 2020: How does Bath Fitter Work?

Bath Fitter is a Canadian-based company that started in 1984. It was that year that founder Brian Cotton partnered with his brothers Glenn and Wayne Cotton to establish the company.

In residential bathrooms, Bath Fitter installs bath liners. They do so by removing the faucets of your shower, then placing up the wall panels of the Bath Fitter (if you choose for them).

To keep them looking their best, the construction team will then apply security to the walls.

The tub liner is then mounted. Note, here it’s not a brand-new bath but only an overlay that covers your pre-existing bath.

Whether you want some accessories in your new bathroom, you’d bring these in next. So the cleaning team takes over and you’re all set.


  • Next-day service
  • Demolition-free remodeling
  • Lifetime warranty on installation


  • Regular cleaning required
  • Design consultation needed for a quote

How does Bath Fitter Work?

The acrylic tub shells and walls of Bath Fitter can be installed within as little as one day over existing structures.

With locations in the United States and Canada, and its factory-trained and certified installation technicians to provide a demolition-free remodeling solution for homeowners and commercial customers.

The process is simple:

  1. Bath Fitter’s bathroom specialists measure the tub or shower, then custom-build the new structure in one of the company’s facilities.
  2. The current surface is cleaned and repaired.
  3. The new tub shell and wall are then installed over the existing tub or shower.

Customers can browse through Bath Fitter’s selection of shelves, soap dishes, towel bars, shower rods, trims, and moldings on the company’s website.

A “Design Your Own Bathroom” tool lets you design a bathtub or shower with different bases, colors, wall patterns, and accessories to see what the finished product will look like.

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Bath Fitter Cost

Bath Fitter offers specialized services, so the cost varies based on each homeowner’s needs. The company recommends contacting its representatives for a custom solution and quote.

You can schedule a free virtual consultation on Bath Fitter’s website, and the company’s services include a lifetime warranty that lasts for as long as you own your home.

However, the average cost of its installation depends on each homeowner’s or facility’s needs. Schedule a free consultation on the website for a personalized price estimate.

Is Bath Fitter Worth it?

The Bath Fitter allows people with little or no planning or remodels their bathrooms. The demolition-free procedure of the business is suitable for anyone who, for esthetic or health purposes, would like to refresh their existing bath or shower.

Although deciding the price of services upfront is difficult, Bath Fitter makes it easy for customers to book a virtual design consultation for more details.

For consumers looking for an inexpensive and non-invasive remodeling solution, we suggest Bath Fitter.

Bath Fitter Alternatives

Just because the most common bath liner company is Bath Fitter doesn’t mean they’re your only choice. Fair enough. Below are a few other brands that you might consider partnering with instead.

Miracle Method

Miracle Method is a company that specializes in the refinishing of ceramic tiles, countertop refinishing, and bathtub finishing. Their liners are either made of acrylic plastic or PVC and fitted with glue.

The Miracle Method site says you may pay $475 to $600 on tub refinishing and $800 to $1,200 for the tub plus tile surround ranges. That’s far more affordable than Bath Fitter.

Liners Direct

Liners Direct sells BathWraps, their shower and bath remodeling solution. They promise their BathWraps are barrier-free and will resist fading and cracking.

The bath liner also includes Liners Direct’s Silver Shield Anti-Microbial Protection.

Custom Bath Liners

You might also consider Custom Bath Liners for your tub liner needs. They price their services as follows:

  • $859 for a walk-through system installation (done in a day)
  • $2,999 for a tub liner and wall system one-day makeover
  • $3,999 for a tub-to-shower conversion (done in a day)
  • $7,999 for walk-in bathtub installation
  • $6,999 for a complete bathroom makeover special, including a handheld shower unit, laminate flooring, under-mount sink, granite countertop, toilet and vanity, temperature valve, decorative trim, wall color upgrade, wall system, and tub liner (this may be a limited time special)

Bath Planet

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Bath Planet, a BCI Acrylic company. As that relationship tells you, Bath Planet’s tub liners are all made of acrylic. Their services are showers, one-day remodels, walk-in tubs, and also bath conversions.

Homes and commercial bathrooms requiring a quick remodeling benefit from next-day delivery and easy installation from Bath Fitter. Maintaining the new bath or shower takes extra care, but it does provide an inexpensive upgrade.

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