Adidas Basketballschuhe Herren 2023 (Men’s Basketball Shoes)

Whether you are german or English-speaking, Adidas Basketballschuhe Herren simply tells of the Adidas men’s basketball shoes.

Adidas Basketballschuhe Herren 2023

Adidas shoes have consistently been among the best on the market over the years. Furthermore, Adidas has a lengthy history in the basketball industry. The three stripes have been selling basketball sneakers since the 1970s.

Top Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoes

Here, we bring you the top best Adidas men’s basketball shoes:

1. Adidas Trae Young 2

Trae Young’s debut sneaker set a high benchmark for the star’s subsequent releases.
The Adidas Trae Young 2.0 far outperforms the original design.

The Trae Young 2.0’s knitted upper replaces the low-top design with additional ankle support, keeping you in place without the need for laces.

Laces, on the other hand, allow you to alter your fit if desired. The Lightstrike midsole and Boost-cushioned heel work together to help you take off quickly and comfortably.

2. Donovan Mitchell D.O.N

Donovan Mitchell’s impact on the basketball shoe market was as swift as his impact on the NBA as a whole. The budding celebrity grows stronger with each season, and his D.O.N. line keeps up.

Issue 4 is the most recent in the series and is projected to be the most popular due to the combination of Lightstrike cushioning and abrasion-resistant TPU to the outsole, which provides the support and grip required to rack up huge numbers.

Adidas Basketballschuhe Herren

3. The Adidas Dame 8

Nowadays, the bulk of the top basketball shoes is named after an NBA player.

Damian Lillard, the Portland Trail Blazers player, joins the cue, and his Adidas Dame 8 debut reached the hardwood last year, replacing the Dame 7 as a fan favorite.

The shoe this time is made of production waste to decrease the use of virgin materials.

The Dame 8 has dual-density Bounce Pro cushioning throughout to preserve the lightweight, rapid responsiveness that enabled the Dame 7 to become so popular.

Although the materials are simple, with mesh and fusing overlays, they are breathable, which is beneficial for comfort in the heat of the sun.

Because the layers that are subjected to the highest stress during play are protected, durability should not be an issue. The Dame line is known for its long-lasting outsole tread.

4. Harden Vol. 7 by Adidas

The Harden Vol 7 is reintroducing bounce to Adidas basketball sneakers. It lacks Bounce cushioning, but it has an incredibly bouncy configuration that combines Lightstrike in the forefoot and Boosts in the heel.

That is the Boost that we are all familiar with. The shoe offers outstanding traction, plenty of support, and an unusual-looking top that works well on the court.


5. Harden Vol.6 by Adidas

James Harden needs a shoe that can support all play types since he is aggressive, successful under-the-rim play complements his long-range game, and Adidas has equipped him with the ideal fit.

The Boost-based midsole of the Thorn Vol.6 makes it feel ultra-responsive and light, while bands on the forefoot and heel keep your foot firmly in place so there is no lag time between reaction and movement.

6. Restomod Adidas D Rose 1.5

The Adidas D Rose 1.5 Restomod will be recognized by many basketball players as the rebirth of a shoe from the early 2010s.

Lighstrike foam is used here, however, it is still as thin as the basic EVA used in the initial release. PureMotion is still there in this model.

7. Son of Chi 2 by Adidas

Derrick Rose’s newest signature shoe. Even the name does not make it clear. The characteristics are quite good and consistent with modern basketball sneakers. It is entirely synthetic, with mesh and fuse.

Furthermore, The traction pattern on the outsole is identical to that of the Adidas D Rose 4. The midsole is built of Bounce and is relatively low to the ground, making it ideal for lighter guards who are quick on their feet.

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