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Is barber shop near me open now? Have you been searching for a Barber Shop Near me open now and it seems all hope is lost? No more worries as we have listed a few in your neighborhood. 

barber shop near me open now

Barber Shop Near Me Open Now

Every man needs a reliable, skilled barber in his life. Having a regular barber will ensure that you get a consistent, sharp haircut with every visit.

As you get to a barber shop and visit your favorite barber regularly, he or she becomes familiar with the many figures, curves, or even shapes of your head and the complications of your hair.

And you will also know how to cut and style your hair just the way you like it.

You’ll be able to walk in and simply ask for “the usual.” Plus, our barber can become a good friend.

Someone you can be comfortable shooting the breeze with while getting your hair cut and look forward to seeing every few weeks.


UK’s Best Barber Shops

While you might only visit once every six weeks–to have your quiff managed perhaps, or your number 3 buzzed into a number 2.5–the humble barbershop plays a significant role in the male experience.

Consider its colorful history. In the middle ages, barbers performed surgery and dentistry. Barber’s chair has long stood in for the therapist’s chaise longue.

However, it also provides customers with a kind of reassurance.

A safe space is required by men before opening up about their feelings comfortably, confiding their deepest worries and inner secrets.

Moral support aside, the barbershop’s hair-primping purpose remains.

From Redruth to Peckham, here’s our pick of the top 10 barbershops across the UK.

1. Manifesto

The hipster haunt in Coal Drops Yard, behind King’s Cross station, is Manifesto’s second outpost (the first is in Clerkenwell).

It also provides respite from the hackneyed retro-style barber shops that populate much of the capital.

Instead, you’ll find smooth concrete interiors and a team of accomplished barbers who are worth the (admittedly sometimes hefty) price tag (

The manifesto is part of the good Barber-shop Near Me Open Now.

2. Loch & Key

Loch & Key prides itself on providing a safe space for gents who want to talk about their mental health, and its founder, Stacey Ayles, is passionate about the cause.

Loch & Key

Linked to the Lion’s Barber Collective, which raises awareness for the prevention of suicide, it’s a great place for a chat – and a top-line haircut, natch (

3. Ruffians

It has branches across the UK, but Ruffians’ first shop was in Edinburgh’s West End.

As well as facials and cut-throat razor shaves, Ruffians’ forte is comfort, you’ll find no itchy necks here, thanks to an in-shop vacuum system with hoses built into each station to clean away cut hair.

 4. Jakes Barbers

The simply named Jakes Barbers isn’t actually run by a Jake at all, but by the Vidal Sassoon-trained Colin and Gary.

Boasting a frankly stunning Edwardian barbershop interior with 17ft ceilings and loads of natural light,.

They keep things simple with a reassuringly straightforward menu of three options: dry cut and finish wet cut and finish, or beard trim.

It’s a straightforward approach, but it works—their legions of loyal clients are a testament to that (

 5. Asashi Barber

Asashi Barber

Sequestered away down a cobbled alley in the depths of Shoreditch lies Asashi Barber (above), a genuine hidden gem of a barbershop.

Its founder, Asashi Yamaguchi, moved from his native Japan to London in 1998, building an impressive client list that has included Nick Cave, Kiko Mizuhara, and Coldplay.

Currently, with over 25 years of experience under his belt, he offers sharp and handsome haircuts to both men and women.

6. Pall Mall Barbers

If a good old-fashioned, no-nonsense chop is the order of the day, then head to the award-winning and historic Pall Mall Barbers.

They have branches across London and now in New York, too, but the shop just off Trafalgar Square is the original and is about to celebrate its 123rd birthday, making it one of the oldest establishments in the country.

The atmosphere is hectic, and it’s a bit of a squeeze, but a complimentary glass of Jameson’s emphasizes the rapscallion charm (

7. The Station Barbers

Thought getting a nifty haircut in London without breaking the bank was a fool’s errand? Think again.

With no appointments and no frills, the Station Barbers is a walk-in establishment that sits just off Peckham Rye.

And will furnish you with a perfectly well-done crew cut for just £11 (

8. Savills Barbers

Savills Barbers

Decked out with antique furniture, vintage barber chairs, and sharply dressed staff.

Sheffield’s Savills Barbers looks somewhere between a rockabilly speakeasy and the set of Peaky Blinders.

It boasts a cult following on Instagram for its old-fashioned with-a-twist haircuts. You’ll find no better quiff-coiffeur in Yorkshire (

9. Notjust

Sitting quietly on the edge of Manchester’s Northern Quarter is not just, an understated powerhouse of hairdressing creativity.

It looks more like a gallery than a barbershop, and while it is popular among Manchester’s arty youth, there’s no persnickety pretension here.

It’s the place to go in the city if an up-to-the-minute snip is your thing (

10. Hamilton’s Barbershop

Redruth, Cornwall
Before Liam Hamilton was cutting hair, he served in the Coldstream Guards for 21 years.

Now an acclaimed barber, he runs a tight ship at this charming establishment in Redruth, where you can ask for everything from a flat top to a facial scrub (


Best Barber Shops in Melbourne

Beauty shop

There’s a real community feel to many modern barber shops, which offer a luxurious, holistic service like no other.

Going to a barbershop should be an experience, rather than just a way to get a quick haircut, and the following establishments echo that sentiment.

Keep this list handy if you want to narrow in on the best barbershop for your personal taste.

With the sheer number of well-maintained beards roaming the city, it’s no surprise the best barber shops in Melbourne have been on the rise over the past few years.

1. The Bearded Man

On Melbourne’s iconic shopping strip, Chapel Street, this men’s barber shop has only shot up in reputation since being awarded Australian Men’s Hairdresser of the Year in 2018.

You know you’re in good hands here, whether you’re after skin fades or just a hair and scalp consultation.

There’s also a full DJ setup so the tunes are always pumping during those peak times and an in-house barista serving delicious coffee.

With every barber having a minimum of five years’ of experience, The Bearded Man has a great vibe with top-notch staff. It’s a great spot for anyone living south of the river.

Address: 203 Chapel Street, Prahran
Contact: (03) 9510 0563
Hours: Mon-Thurs (8am-7pm), Fri (9:30am-7pm), Sat (8am-6pm)

2. Kings Domain

With five Melbourne locations and one Sydney store, Kings Domain is slowly taking over the country as a premier barber brand.

The brainchild of celebrity stylist Joey Scandizzo, expect to see any number of Tigers players at the Swan Street store, with Dustin Martin known for getting his famed mohawk cut there.

The store layout is simple and consistently decluttered, so you can relax with a simple back and sides, or get a tailored cut with one of the shop’s skilled barbers.

Address: 128 Swan Street, Cremorne (click through to a website for other locations)
Contact: (03) 9428 0099
Hours: Mon-Fri (10am-7pm), Sat (9am-5pm)

3. Barbers of Brunswick

Barbers of Brunswick

With a slogan that proudly proclaims “Where men can be men, Barbers Of Brunswick feels more like a bar than With a slogan that proudly proclaims “Where men can be men,” Barbers of Brunswick feels more like a bar than a barbershop.

Hardwood floorboards and concrete wash basins give it a vintage feel, and each member of staff is extremely knowledgeable and committed to their work.

At Barbers Of Brunswick, you’ll have a great team of award-winning barbers looking after your personal style for the royal treatment.

While you wait for a table, there is free beer, whiskey, and coffee, and a variety of treatments are available, ranging from a simple cut and wash to a vintage hot towel shave and cut that will make you feel like a king.

Address:  406a Lygon Street, Brunswick East
Contact: (03) 9380 2757
Hours: Tues-Thurs (10am-7pm), Sat (8am-5pm)

4. Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop

With over 25 years of experience, you know you’re in safe hands when visiting Uncle Rocco’s.

Owner Fabian Sfameni is a third-generation barber who has opened three different barber shops since 1996, but it’s Uncle Rocco’s in Port Melbourne that gets the nod.

All the barbers are passionate about their craft and this shines through with their awesome cuts and quality banter.

Uncle Rocco also sells a variety of in-house grooming products and runs training courses for those looking to get into the barber game.

Address: 220 Ingles Street, Port Melbourne
Contact: 0423 693 877
Hours: Mon-Fri (7:30am-4:30pm), Sat (7:30am-3:30pm)

5. Brother Wolf

The south of Melbourne is home to some tremendous barber shops, but few leave an impression like Brother Wolf.

The Prahran store has been open for three years now, and the crew recently opened a new store in St Kilda—both host talented barbers in vintage-styled stores.

St Kilda’s shop even has an old-school motorbike in the front window.

It’s like the barber shops of yesteryear, where you can indulge in a beer or a dram of whiskey while having a trim, or just head in for a chat with other like-minded fellas.

Address: 110 Grenville Street, Parhran | 162 Carlisle Street, St Kilda
Contact: Parhran, (03) 9193 3041 | St Kilda, (03) 9077 8773
Hours: Prahran, Mon-Wed (9am-7pm), Thurs-Fri (9am-8pm), Sat (9am-5pm) | St Kilda, Mon-Wed (10am-7pm), Thurs-Fri (10am-8pm), Sat (9am-5pm)

6. Men+Co


In the heart of the CBD, a dedicated and well-trained team of barbers offers their services at Men+Co.

Don’t be fooled by the simple and spacious layout, with Men+Co offering everything from a standard shave to a detailed haircut and even an eye-watering ear, eyebrow, and nose wax.

The membership program is great for those who like to treat themselves regularly and includes added bonuses for regulars such as discounts, complementary products, and gift vouchers.

Address: Studio 2, Level 1, 377 Little Bourke Street
Contact: (03) 9602 4625
Hours: Mon (10am-5pm), Tues (9am-6pm), Wed-Fri (9am-7pm), Sat (9am-3pm).

There is a Barber Shop Near Me Open Now


6. Fleet St Barbers

First opened in St Kilda, there are now four Fleet St Barbers locations scattered across Melbourne, with our pick being the Northcote store which opened in 2017.

It’s in a great location and offers punters the chance to have some great banter while having their hair styled.

Although it’s a walk-in service only, the prices are cheaper than most – so it’s well worth the wait.

Address: 278 High Street, Northcote
Contact: (03) 9482 1774
Hours: Mon-Fri (10am-7pm), Sat (9am-5pm), Sun (11am-3pm)

This is indeed one of the Barber Shop Near Me Open Now

7. Drunken Barber

The name might catch you off guard, but there’s nothing to fear when booking an appointment at the Drunken Barber.

Gaining a large following through word of mouth, Drunken Barber has become a favorite amongst the Fitzroy hipster set.

Located on the mezzanine level of Prophecy Hair, the staff does everything from haircuts and fades to beard trims and wet shaves in a bright and welcoming space.

Knock back a beer while you wait or have a chat with the friendly staff.

Address: 119 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Contact: (03) 9417 1561
Hours: Tues (10am-6pm), Wed-Thur (10am-9pm), Fri (10am-7pm), Sat (9am-5pm)

They are also Barber shops Near Me open now.

8. Pickings & Parry

It might look like a standard retail store from the outside, but Pickings & Parry is also home to a four-chair barber shop where you’ll never be let down with a fresh fade.

Customers receive a complimentary beverage on arrival and are treated to great service at an agreeable price in a shop that wouldn’t be out of place in Peaky Blinders.

Once you’ve had a cut or a shave, why not have a look around the vintage store packed with well-known brands for the modern gent.

Address: 3/166 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
Contact: (03) 9417 3390
Hours: Mon-Wed (10am-6pm), Thur (10am-7pm), Sat (10am-6pm), Sun (12pm-5pm)

9. The Melbourne Barber Shop

The Melbourne Barber Sho

First opened in 1994, The Melbourne Barber Shop is an auto-themed barber shop that’s become somewhat of an institution.

There’s a loyal following amongst customers whilst new patrons are welcomed with open arms.

Furthermore, enjoy the automobile paraphernalia covering the walls as you treat yourself to a fabulous new cut.

Also, experienced staff who are more than happy to offer advice on styling and product use are always on standby to attend to their esteemed clients.

Address: 394 Russell Street, Melbourne
Contact: (03) 9663 8548
Hours: Mon-Fri (7:30am-6pm), Sat (8am-12pm)

10. Electric Brain Barbershop

Positioned on Lygon Street in Brunswick East, this incredibly hip and vibrant barber shop is known for its high-energy environment.

Established in 2012, it’s still a young face on the market, built on ideas of creativity and individuality and fortified by some good, old-fashioned grooming.

The staff here prides themselves on helping men find new styles, so if you’re feeling adventurous, this should be your go-to.

Address: 114 Lygon St, Brunswick East
Contact: 0424 741 384
Hours: Tues-Fri (12pm-7pm), Sat (11am-4pm)

11. All the Kings Men

All The Kings Men, a pleasant and cheerful North Melbourne barber shop in The Walk Arcade off Block Place, is far more relaxed than its regal moniker suggests.

The bar is set high here, which is why getting a seat is likely to take some time.

Moreover, that the staff is often busy, All The Kings Men is noted for its flawlessly timed turnarounds, lively chats, and reasonable costs, easily making it one of Melbourne’s greatest barber shops.

Address: Level 2/34-36 Block Place, Melbourne
Contact: (03) 9636 1899
Hours: Mon (10am-6pm), Tues-Wed (9am-6pm), Thurs-Fri (9am-7pm), Sat (9am-4pm)

12. Captains of Industry

Steered ever so confidently by renowned barber Sam Fordyce, Captains of Industry is a well-oiled machine of men’s style that is absolutely one of the best barber shops in Melbourne.

Since 2005, this Somerset Place hub has been a favorite for men looking to perfect their looks.

Sam’s approach is simple: great knowledge, style, and service provided by a professional and a true captain of his industry.

But if you do want to switch things up, the shop also doubles as a bespoke shoemaker and leatherworker.

Address: 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne
Contact: (03) 9670 4405
Hours: Tues-Thurs (9am-6pm), Fri (9am-9pm), Sat-Sun (9am-6pm)

A good option for Barber Shop Near Me Opens Now.


Best Barber Shop Near Me Open now in London

Best Barber Shop Near Me Open now in London

A decent haircut is vital for looking smart, and this list of the top barbers in London is a cut above the average at-home haircut.

If you stay in London, then you can visit any of them for that nice haircut of your dream.

Getting a good haircut is essential to looking stylish and this selection of the best barbers in London is head and shoulders above the home haircut.

1. Kesman Grooming

Kesman male grooming work focuses on advising customers on the best haircut for them, depending on their head shape, hair type, and personality.

Essentially, you might end up walking out with a dog that you didn’t think you wanted, but will love.

Additionally, the Consultation process is one of the most important factors for Kesman, which was founded and is owned by Guray Kesman.

They are also Barber Shop Near Me Open Now

2. RXB

Located on Brixton Road, a short walk from South London’s Oval Tube station, RXB gains top points for a fully enjoyable barbering experience.

Alongside a reputation for the best cuts in the business, customer service is spot-on, there’s free Wi-Fi, and the atmosphere is great.

Get more details on Barber Shop Near Me Open Now as you read on.

3. Slider Cuts

Situated just up from Shoreditch on East London’s Hackney Road, Slider Cuts’ previous list of clients includes Reggie Yates, Anthony Joshua, LeBron James, Tinie Tempah, and Stormzy.

That A list is a testament to the studio’s leading reputation and with cuts starting at just £20 value for money is an understatement.

4. Joe & Co

Joe & Co.

Hidden in the depths of Soho, among the coffee shops, pop-ups, and sample sales, you’ll find Joe & Co.

Running the show is celebrity groomer and hair stylist Joe Mills, who hand-picks his team based on his own values about contemporary men’s hairdressing and styling.

Free-flowing drinks and some top-class banter all come as part of the package which makes them one of the Barbershops Near Me Open Now

5. Mühle

Tucked just off Carnaby Street you’ll find Mühle, with its look and feel of a boutique gallery.

But rather than art installations and paintings illuminated on minimalist shelves, it’s shaving products.

Somehow brushes, razors, pots, creams, and balms make for an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.

Head down the stairs for a small but perfectly formed barbershop that offers clients a trim while they’re stocking up on their razor supplies.

6. Avanzato Grooming Lounge

Sky-high ceilings, an incredible feeling of light, and contemporary touches throughout – you would never think you were effectively in a Mayfair basement.

Meanwhile, Avanzato shares its lower-ground floor space with displays from luxury luggage firm Bennett Winch.

The danger is that it can feel cluttered, but the beautiful bags act as sparse decorations, helping create a relaxed yet high-end atmosphere as you are chopped, clipped, and combed.


7. Truefitt & Hill

Open the door to Truefitt & Hill and you are greeted by a glorious scent – a heady mixture of the divine fragrances on sale in the wonderfully traditional shop.

Moreover, glass cabinets and mahogany shelves groan with T&H products and there are more shapes and sizes of shaving brushes than you could ever dream of.

If you ever dream of shaving foam brushes.  The feel is classic and one of the consistent barbershops Near me is open now.

8. Alfred Dunhill

The 30-second walk from the street outside to the Alfred Dunhill barber’s chair hints that you’re in for something special.

Wander through the pristine courtyard and through the entrance and you are guided up a sweeping spiral staircase by an impeccably dressed member of staff.

Settle into the chair and you’ll notice the plush wooden cabinets and high-end DR Harris grooming products just waiting to be unleashed onto your hair and face.

9. Murdock Soho

Murdock Soho

As you wait for your cut at Murdock Soho, you feel like you’re in a contemporary, classy drawing room.

However, there’s a range of ornate globes dotted around the place, some taxidermy ducks in jars, and high-end cornicing on the ceiling.

But rather than books and intricate works of art on show on shelves and display cabinets, it’s bottles of Murdock’s vast product range.

10. Sharp Barbers and Shops

A stone’s throw from Tottenham Court Road station, Sharps is a bustling barber-cum-coffee shop that has been trimming and shaving since 2002.

It’s a no-nonsense spot – as you wait, grab a coffee or beer and let Sky Sports wash over you as you watch on the TVs integrated into the mirrors.

And tucked away in a small backroom is male pedicure specialist Aldwyn & Sons.


Having read through this article on the barber shop near me open now, we are convinced that this piece of information is helpful, especially to those new to a resident in dire need of a (barbershop near me open now).

Frequently Asked Questions

To get a cheap haircut, kindly visit a barbershop or your regular spot and you will get a cheap haircut.

Overall, we found that the nationwide average price range for a haircut is $40-$66.

Most barbers are cheaper than stylists, so you can save a bit of money going to a good barber if that’s a priority for you. A haircut you get from a barber will be simple and easy to maintain and won’t require a lot of styling products.

Overall, we discovered that a haircut costs an average of $40–$66 across the country. The average cost of a haircut is $53.

Overall, we discovered that a haircut costs an average of $40–$66 across the country. The average cost of a haircut is $53.

Do you really need a haircut every few weeks? The majority of specialists concur that you have to get a haircut at least four times annually. You might need to trim your hair less frequently if it’s healthy and you like to wear it long. But getting it thinned and the split ends clipped at least three times a year is a smart idea.

Even routine treatments were dangerous back then because medical care was so rudimentary. Barbering must have been, to put it mildly, an intriguing career. The barber pole’s crimson and white stripes come from a procedure called bloodletting.

Bloodletting was popularized in the 19th century and has been performed for hundreds of years to treat disease and restore health. Even though the procedure’s efficacy was frequently questioned, heart ailments were treated with it until 1920s.

Finally, it was prohibited for all French barbers and wig makers to conduct surgery in 1743. In England, the distinction between barbers and surgeons was finalized two years later. The Royal College of Surgeons was formed from their guild in 1800, leaving barbers to handle issues relating to hair and other cosmetic issues.

As it turns out, most pros would advise a buffer of one or two days, according to Max Berlinger of The New York Times, Tuesday or Wednesday would be your best choice. Your hair will look less freshly sheared for your big event as a result of allowing the cut to “settle.”

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