Bank of America Temporary/Counter Check 2021 Review

When you have a checking account, counter checks come into play, you must write a check, and you don’t have pre-printed checks available. However, in this article, I will explain if you can get a counter check from the Bank of America.

Bank of America Temporary/Counter Check 2020 Review

There are advantages and disadvantages to having and using these checks, as well as fees. If you need to use them at any point, you’ll need to know all the details before you do.

What is a Temporary/Counter Check?

A counter check is also known as a temporary check or a starter check. A bank gives this type of a check for a checking account holder while their personalized checks are generated.

By the fact that they are temporary, vital information like address, business name, and at times a bank account number is not printed on this specific type of checks.

With a temporary check, the account holder has a chance to make use of his or her account before the printed checks are brought, a process that typically takes up to a maximum of two weeks.


  • Counter checks really have only one advantage, and that’s giving you use of checks before your regular supply arrives.
  • They’ll be needed in situations where a bill or a merchant requires being paid by check and must be paid before your regular checks arrive.


  • But the main disadvantage is much more significant. Many merchants and institutions don’t accept them.


Counter checks have a noticeably different look than regular checks. More to the point, they look temporary, because that’s what they are. And that’s what causes problems.

Counter Checks at Bank of America

At the Bank of America, you will have access to counter checks.  Nevertheless, at Bank of America, your counter checks are only valid for as long as you do not have a custom check.

Once you have received your custom check, the counter check is invalidated. The customer care team can well answer the questions about the validity of your temporary checks at any of the Bank of America branch or through their online agents.

Therefore, do not be afraid to consult or ask about any issue regarding the Bank of America counter checks.

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How to Get a Temporary Check from Bank of America

Obtaining a temporary check from the Bank of America is an easy process that can take you a few minutes as long as you are cooperative.

Cooperation means you are ready and willing to give out your valid identification documents and application fees when you are requested to by the BoA agents.

Note that a temporary check will be issued to you after you open a bank account with the Bank of America.

That means if you are requested to pay fees without having opened an account with BOA first, then you are likely to be conned.

Please be careful; some individuals might take advantage of you to steal your money. Only give your identification documents and application fees to the BoA agent or worker with a BOA worker’s badge.

Temporary Check Policies

Indeed, before you are issued with a temporary, you are expected to comply with particular policies depending on a specific bank that is issuing you with a temporary check.

However, across the board, you are required to have your identification documents – a valid government-issued passport, military ID or a driving license.

Further, you are required to give truthful information as that is the same information that will appear in your custom check. Being a temporary does not mean that you give false information.

Note that giving false information is not only against the law, but it can also result in the nullification of your custom check.

Bank of America Counter Check Fees

Depending on the BoA branch, you may or may not be asked to pay fees for the counter or temporary check.

Nevertheless, to be on a safe side, you are always advised to inquire about the temporary check fees from your particular branch earlier enough. This is to know if or not the branch will charge you the counter check fees.

There are several cases, where individuals have been sent away by the BOA agents for coming to the bank unprepared to pay fees for the temporary check fees.

Do not be sent away because that will be a wastage of time. Rather do an earlier inquiry either through online platforms such as BoA Facebook or Twitter account or by calling the customer care team.

For those who wish to contact the BoA for more details regarding the counter check fees, please do so through 000 1 315-724-4022.

How to Print Bank of America Counter Checks

Printing a BOA temporary check is usually done by the BOA agents. Before they issue you with a printed temporary check, ensure it is signed or stamped to validate its use.

In some cases, you might be asked to print the check by yourself using your own printer. In such cases, you are always advised to please make sure you take the printed to the nearest BOA branch for signing and validation. Otherwise, you will have an invalid counter check.

Note that a printed counter check, in usual cases, expires after two to three weeks. Hence before that time kindly ensure you have been issued with a valid custom check from BOA.

If the bank fails to issue you with a custom check within that period, you are advised to make follow-ups to ensure that you are given the customized check.

In reality, this day and time of online banking and electronic payments, counter checks are not as important as they use to be. But you’ll need to get at least a small supply of paper check at some point.

That could be either when you first open a new account, or if you run out of preprinted checks.

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