Adidas Bad Bunny Shoes (How Much are Bad Bunny shoes?)

Adidas and Bad Bunny are running a joint production to manufacture the Bad Bunny shoes. You could also call them Adidas Bad Bunny shoes. What’s the cost?

Adidas Bad bunny Shoes

Bad Bunny and Adidas launched their creative cooperation in 2021. Characterized by voluminous design and vibrant colors, the musician celebrates his background in Puerto Rico as a style reference point.

The Forum Buckle Low underpins the partnership.

How Much is the Adidas Bad Bunny Shoe?

The Bad Bunny x Adidas Forum Low Buckle “Blue Tint” sneakers are already sold in the rapper’s native town of Puerto Rico.

Now, they are being sold for $160 and are likely to roll out in additional regions anytime soon.
Sneaker enthusiasts will have to hold onto their horses until additional updates.

The rapper increases the repertoire of collaborative work with Adidas by offering Forum Low a blue buckle makeup.

Also, Fresh pairs are fashioned with three various tones of a blue color palette. The uppers are constructed of exquisite suede and quality leather with hints of blue Tint, light blue, and clear blue.

The toe box perforations are accented with light blue suedes. Next to the toe box, the tinted blue suede tongues are positioned with clear blue eyestays. Then there are the light blue laces that run into the eyestays.

The most prominent feature is the buckle fastening situated on the top of the double-stacked tongue tab. The nylon straps and blue suedes again held together these buckles put on the sides.

The handy double-layered tongues, which are decorated with Bad Bunny’s signature eye emblem, can be simply detached or fixed as per your choice.

A projecting foam chunk spans from the front to the back of the kicks, offering a unique structure to the collars.

A drawstring rope can be seen on the heel tabs when gazing at the back of the shoe. Lastly, the semi-translucent midsoles, as well as icy blue rubber outsoles, complete the aesthetic.

Soft pink and yellow laces are also being given with these limited edition outfits as additional accessories for sporting alternative styles.


Who is Bad Bunny?

Just so you know that the whole Adidas and Bad Bunny collab is engineered by a Puerto Rican Singer, rapper, and songwriter who contributed to the popularity of reggaeton and trap music.

His urban music style also includes elements of rock, punk, and soul.

He started singing when he was young, and after posting an internet photo of himself as a kid wearing a bunny outfit and looking gloomy, he decided on the stage moniker Bad Bunny.

Under that identity, he started a Twitter account, and as his fame grew, it remained. Bad Bunny studied audiovisual communication at the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo.

He produced reggaeton and trap music, which he worked on at night.

Although the latter concentrates on urban issues like drugs and violence and uses synthesized snare drums and cymbals to create an upbeat beat, the former is a style of Spanish-language rap fused with reggae.

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