Avon Marketing Review: Is Marketing Avon Worth It or Not?

– Is Marketing Avon Worth It –

Is Marketing Avon Worth It: When you Say “work at home“, the first thing many people will think of is selling Avon products. Avon is a well-known company with a great reputation amongst ladies and a few awesome blokes!. If you have always wanted to make money selling Avon, this is your chance.

Is Marketing Avon Worth It

What to Know About Avon

  • In 1959 Avon started operating in the UK and today Avon is one of the top 3 in beauty brands in the country with a large share in the UK beauty marketplace.
  • In 2019 Avon celebrated its 60th Anniversary in the UK. Avon continues to grow its product line and is introducing new and innovative products all the time.
  • This makes it a better time to get started with this large and growing multi-level marketing program.
  • Avon was first known as The California Perfume Company because of the abundance of flowers in California.  When the company grew Mr. McConnell appointed his first General Agent Mrs. Albee.
  • Avon’s founder, David H. McConnell, initially sold books as a door-to-door salesman to New York homes. In September 1886, he decided to sell perfumes rather than books.
  •  He started the new business in a small office at 126 Chambers Street, Manhattan, New York. McConnell changed the company name in 1892.
  • Thanks to Natura & Co, it is now part of the largest ‘pure-play beauty company in the world’.
  • According to the drum, there are now over 6 million representatives selling Avon worldwide.
  • For every representative AVON provides its own direct store. This allows customers that prefer online shopping to click for your store to purchase from.
  • There are no upfront costs to joining AVON.
  • Reaching the top 10% of representatives gives you the award of President’s Club. It can include gifts, free delivery as well as love2shop vouchers plus lots more.


Quick Facts About Marketing Avon

  • The more customers you serve the more money you could earn, so the amount of money that you could potentially make depends on you.
  • You will be selling high-quality products backed with a no quibble guarantee.
  • You can earn up to 25% cash commission by selling products to your friends, family, neighbors, and work college by just simply showing them a brochure.
  • As an Avon marketer, you are backed by your sales leader who would be there to help and advise you on how you could potentially increase your earnings.
  • You will be provided with your own Avon Online Store to reach online customers.
  • You have the flexibility to choose the days that you wish to work.
  • The more orders you place the times you will get paid.
  • Avon Advertise their products on TV so you can benefit from all this national advertising.

Is Marketing Avon Worth It

Benefits of Marketing Avon


Work Avon when and where you want. You choose how to work your Avon business including how many hours you decide to put into it.

Choose whether to work it solely with online efforts or solely in person or a mixture. Choose whether to promote it or solely enjoy a personal discount which leads me to my next point.

Personal Discount

As an Avon Representative, you enjoy a minimum 20% discount on all purchases plus you get a sneak preview of upcoming products and get to be among the first to try them.

Sometimes you can even save up to 50% when you purchase the product from our representative demo books which offer new products as well as best-selling products at an extra discount for representatives.

I think we have just answered the question ”is marketing Avon worth it”

Extra Cash

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash? Even if you just sell to a few friends and family members you will receive a commission for every sale that you make.

If you put more effort into it or are smart about the money you do make, then the commission can go towards your monthly expenses or be saved to get something you need or want.

Your sales commissions are based on your total sales in a two week period as far as what percent you will receive 20-40% and up to 50% for top sellers.

Possibility for Something More

Anyone has the potential to turn this into more than just a side gig or hobby for extra cash. With Avon the more sales you make, the more income you will get. You also make even more money when you start to build a team and build a residual income from helping your team succeed.

Avon Representatives Earnings

When you first get started and with your first campaign as an Avon Representative, you will earn 50% of your sales guaranteed. This will not include any fixed earnings, this will be capped at 20%. Items such as Clothes and Jewellery etc…

As long as you sell at least $50 worth of products for your first campaign you will be guaranteed 50% earnings on your next 3 campaigns. Now after your fourth campaign, your Avon earnings are going to be based on your total sales.

To keep getting this 50% commission on your sales you will have to sell $1,550 worth of products or more at every campaign which lasts for two weeks.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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