Everything you need to know about Autozone Return Policy

If you bought something from Autozone that you really don’t like, then you would love to know their return policy and the possibilities of returning it. This article is all about returns, exchanges, refunds, and ways to return. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Autozone return policy.

autozone Return Policy

Autozone Return Policy

Return your product easily with the AutoZone return policy. AutoZone let their customers decide in 90 days whether they want to keep the item with them or would like to send it back to AutoZone. Thus all of the customers who are not satisfied with the product must apply for the return under 90 days from purchase day. See if you like the item if not then return it back. But check first if your product is eligible for a return or not according to some terms and conditions.

Some of the points you must keep in mind before returning are,

  • The product must be in its original packaging and box.
  • NO damaged.
  • You must drain out all the fluid before returning it.
  • NO customization.
  • The original purchase receipt, yup don’t lose it. 

If you have got these points then we will move forward explaining their Online and In-store Return Policies. We will also go through some special Autozone return policy known as Core Return Policy and steps to return your product. Moving forward with the Online Return Policy. You can return the products bought at AutoZone.com to the AutoZone store or AutoZone.com’s Fulfilment Center.

Return to AutoZone Store

Visit the nearest AutoZone store. You must take the product which is to be returned (obviously), original payment receipt, also take your credit card if you used it for the payment if any other payment method is used then it’s not mandatory. Remember the product must be clean and in its original box/packaging.

Tell the cashier about the return. He/She will process your request. Now if you have paid through credit card then take it along with you to the store your refund will be credited then and there. If you have purchased with other payment options then you can show your original receipt so that the store can reimburse your account.

Return to AutoZone.com’s Fulfilment Center

Return your product online by filling up their return form on their official website. Earlier discussed terms and conditions of Autozone return policy, applied. Okay, the shipping cost will be from your pocket unless AutoZone itself makes a mistake in shipping or sends a defective product.

Some steps to make it easier,

  1. Log in to your AutoZone account here.
  2. Check out the return form you will find in Section B of your Shipping Invoice.
  3. Fill the form with all the proper information.
  4. Dress your return.
  5. Give a reason to return.
  6. Submit.
  7. Contact their customer care at 1-800-288-6966 to schedule a pick-up.

Schedule the pick-up and they will make the necessary shipping arrangements. However, if AutoZone made mistake, then AutoZone will provide you with the return label. You stick this label on the package before shipping it.

If the return was due to some other reason and it was not AutoZone’s fault, then it will be more convenient to send it to AutoZone.com’s Fulfilment Center with a trackable delivery service so that you can send the return with safety and you get notified after the return is successfully received by AutoZone, suggested by Autozone return policy. They will reimburse your account once the return is successful but the shipping cost, unfortunately, you are paying all the shipping cost.


In-Store Return Policy

Products bought at AutoZone store can be returned only to their store.

Within 90 days of purchase, you must return the eligible products to AutoZone. It must be in its original package/box. Another thing purchase receipt. You don’t want to forget it till a refund is obtained. The refund process will be easier if you take the original receipt with you.

autozone Return Policy

To get the guide for the lost purchase receipt just give their customer care at  800.288.6966. The majority of the times your photo ID will do things right. But some other important alternatives listed by Autozone return policy are the U.S. or Canadian Driver’s License, U.S. State ID, Canadian Province ID, U.S. Military ID, Mexican Voter Registration Card, Passport, U.S. Laser Visa.

Autozone Exchanges and Refunds

Not satisfied and want a replacement? AutoZone provides exchanges to all products excluding some exceptions. All the rules explained in AutoZone Return Policy are applicable for exchange policy. So check whether the item is eligible for an exchange or not. If yes then the easiest method to get a replacement is to visit the nearest AutoZone store.

Just ask the cashier for an exchange for the product you wanted a replacement for. Take the purchase receipt with you. You will get the exchange at that moment if you are eligible according to AutoZone Return Policy.

The refund policy is simple. You take your eligible product and original payment receipt to the store and you got a refund in the original form of payment. You will receive a merchandise credit in case you lost your original receipt.

AutoZone Covid-19 Response

Autozone has taken actions for the covid-19 for preventing its employees and customers. This company has provided a new emergency time off benefit enhancement for eligible part-time and full0time hours AutoZone in the US. Here are some of AutoZone’s Covid-19 responses.

  • They maintained proper safety and social distance.
  • Employees and customers are required to wear a face mask.
  • Sanitization is done properly and regularly.
  • Cashless transaction is made possible.

Core Return Policy

What is a Core? A core is that part of any vehicle that has been replaced. What happens is that when the core is removed from a vehicle it gets recycled by other automobile companies. This recycled part is then sold by that company.

The old or failed part of the Automobile which is replaced while repairing is called core. The core is not just thrown up in the garbage if reusable. It is remanufactured to its original specifications to be used as Automobile parts.

According to the Autozone return policy, the return of such items follows the same procedure and criteria. It just has to pass one test which can be said Inspection test. Once your core item passes the inspection test you will get a return but if it fails the test your return will be refused.

The process of returning

The process for returning Core is the same as returning other product to AutoZone. However, it passes through an inspection process when AutoZone receives it. If it passes the Inspection then your return is accepted and the refund is granted to you, whereas if it does not pass the inspection, then your return would be denied.

Non-returnable Items at AutoZone

All sales on customized items are final. So, you cannot return Customized orders which you purchased from AutoZone.

AutoZone return policy also states that if “final sale” is mentioned in the product description, then that product is non-returnable.

autozone Return Policy

Gift Cards purchased from AutoZone online as well as from AutoZone store cannot be returned. The sale of Gift Cards at AutoZone is final and hence it cannot be returned once purchased.

Customized/Configured Items: All sales of items such as floor mats that have had logos, custom embroidery and or trim added are final and items cannot be returned.

FAQ about AutoZone Return Policy

Can you return a car battery after purchase?

Yes, but if the battery is installed then it may have a problem with the return.

Do I follow a different procedure to return a core?

No. The procedure is the same. It will have to pass the Inspection test for a successful return.

Can you check the order status?

Yes. Call their customer care and provide your order number. Similarly, you can do it via mail also.

In how many days can we return the product back?

You can return the product within 90 days of the date of purchase.

Customer Service Number of AutoZone.

1-800-288-6966 is the customer care number.

In conclusion

autozone Return Policy

The return policy of AutoZone shows you simple ways in which you can return the automobile parts and accessories.

Finally, you may add your comments if you have any query regarding the AutoZone Return Policy.

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