Everything You Need to Know About Autozone Return Policy

The AutoZone return policy strives to provide customers with an easy shopping experience. As a leading US retailer of car parts and accessories, they can give you a larger option of products to customize your vehicle.

autozone return policy

On the other hand, if you have no idea what car parts are, it may be tough to make the right selection.

If you are one of the customers who have bought something at AutoZone and are planning for a return, then you need to comprehend the return policy of the company to achieve the maximum refund.

Make sure to read further and get to know their return policy in detail, as well as their products.

How Does AutoZone Return Policy Work

Here are the steps on how AutoZone’s Online Return Policy works;

1. Check Eligibility: Make certain that your product is in line with the return criteria.

It must be 90 days old or less, it must be in its original package and box, undamaged, without any customization, and all fluids drained out.

2. Keep the Receipt: Make sure that your original purchase receipt is available. This first step is a requirement for starting the return process.

3. Initiate the Return Online: If your product is sellable back to AutoZone, then you can visit the AutoZone website and click on the returns button. Please start your return by clicking on the links below.

4. Select Return Method: There will be a question from us during the return process: “Where would you like to return the item: AutoZone store or AutoZone Fulfillment Center”.

5. Packaging: Place the product in its original packaging, ensuring the proper boxing and wrapping is done to avoid any damage during transportation.

6. Print Return Label: Whenever you return the item to AutoZone’s Fulfillment Center, you must have a printout of the return label that you received during the online return process.

7. Ship or Return to Store: When you decide to take the item back to an AutoZone store, take it to the nearest location.

If back to the AutoZone website Fulfillment Center, please paste the printed return label on the package and ship it by choosing a suitable shipping method.

8. Processing: After the customer returns an item to AutoZone, they’ll run the item through inspection to ensure that it is up to the return criteria.

9. Confirmation: The confirmation of the refund will be sent to your email once the return is processed and the refund proceeds.

What if a Product is Opened and Used?

autozone return policy

If you’ve opened a product and it turns out to be defective during the warranty period, you can still return it.

The same goes for products you’ve opened but haven’t actually used, as long as they’re still in new condition.

Just make sure you keep the original packaging nearby when you return it.

But if you’ve used the product and it’s not working because of something you did, like improper installation, you probably won’t get a refund.

However, if the product was defective from the start and you returned it within the warranty period, you should still be eligible for a refund, even if you’ve used it.

AutoZone won’t refund products that have been used or installed unless they were already defective when you got them.

If you’ve misplaced your receipt, don’t worry too much. You can still try to return your item.

Just give AutoZone’s Customer Support a call at 800-288-6966. Ask them to help you find the transaction details for the purchase you want to return.

They might ask for some form of proof that you bought the item, so be prepared for that. Calling them is your best bet in this situation.

Can I Return Packages Bought Online to an AutoZone Store?

If you have purchased something from autozone.com, you can make the return within 90 days at any store in the autozone.

Just show them the packaging and the bill.

In this case, just like when you return items in-store, only used things will be accepted if they are already defective.

If the order has been delivered in the right package and without any mistakes, shipping will not be refunded.

Used car batteries can be returned to the channel within the 90-day warranty period, but you’ll need to make sure you keep the original packing and receipt.

The thing is if you’ve used the battery there is no other option.

You don’t have to show it’s fault to get a replacement battery if it is defective, but you have to show that it is your fault.

What Products are Exempted from Their Return Policy?

AutoZone doesn’t provide an automatic return option within 90 days and the item should be returned.

There are some exceptions:

1. Gift Cards: It is the end after you have bought the gift card for yourself – no returns.

2. Final Sale Items: If a product is marked as “final sale,” it means you have only one shot to buy it, for less than its regular price, and you cannot get a refund.

3. Customized Products: If you personalize something, you won’t be able to give it back, so please take care and double-check all the information before you make an order.

AutoZone’s return policy offers customers the flexibility to return their items and options to select from.

We stand by all the products we sell, so you can return them within 90 days of the date of purchase, provided that they are in their original condition.

Exceptional cases are gift cards, final sale items, and custom-made products.

Knowing these terms can be a quick way to get an order done correctly and leave no room for disappointment when shopping at AutoZone.

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