Are Instagram Messages Deleted Forever?

Sometimes we wonder if our old Instagram messages can still be accessible, even after a long period and we begin to ask questions like “Are Instagram messages Deleted Forever?” Keep reading to know if your messages are deleted forever.

Are Instagram Messages Deleted Forever?

It is evident that we are now engrossed with most of these social media platforms from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

The users of these apps post new things daily and also DM each other. This is to ensure that great memories are made. 

 So what happens when some of these posts get deleted or messages wiped off. You begin to wonder if they have been permanently deleted

In this guide, we will let you know if your message on Instagram can be recovered and if you still have access to deleted Instagram photos.

What Happens When you Delete a DM or Message?

If you delete a Dm or any message on your Instagram app, it would be gone forever, Yes! Such action is irreversible.

Once any message is deleted from your IG, it is gone and there is no way you can get it back to your account. So you have to be very sure before you delete any message on IG

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to get back your messages, whether it is a post, content, or even video. Although for a certain amount of time deleted content might be available on Instagram servers, this is only for a period of 90 days.

Even if you find the photo or content on your phone its likes, engagement, shares, comments, and mentions are gone forever.

Can you See Deleted Instagram Photos?

Instagram deletion of photographs is a little different. Both your phone and Instagram handle photos differently.

The photo should still be in your camera or gallery if it was taken on your phone. Additionally, you ought to examine your phone’s Instagram Album in case the picture is there.

From Instagram Archive, you might be able to get hold of a picture. Choose Archive by clicking the three-dot menu symbol from another Instagram image post. See if your image is present by looking through the contents.

Finally, you may wish to check Google Drive or Google Photos if you have an Android device. Your images will already have been backed up if you have your phone configured to sync to the cloud. This setting is turned on by default unless you turned it off already.

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