April Fools Pranks for Work

– April Fools Pranks for Work –

If you’re planning some April Fools’ office pranks, make sure you don’t do anything too embarrassing or intrusive to your coworkers (or your boss) because you’ll have to work with them when the holiday is over. This article has some April fools pranks for work. Keep reading.

April Fools Pranks for Work

April Fools Pranks for Work

Below are some of the April fool’s pranks for work;

1. Chair Wrap

Choose your material for your April Fools office prank from foil to wrapping paper to toilet paper. Wrap a Whoopie Cushion around your coworker’s chair before wrapping it entirely.

They’ll probably laugh when they see their chair wrapped and think the joke is finished until they sit down on the hidden Whoopie Cushion. In place of the Whoopie Cushion, a Staples Easy Button may be equally amusing.


2. Rubber Critter

This prank is sure to produce a few laughs, whether it’s a rubber snake, spider, mouse, or other fear-inducing monsters.

Attach a fishing line to one end of the critter and hide it in plain sight. Pull the thread when an unsuspecting victim is ready to cross its path so that the movement catches their sight and then waits for the scream.

Finding a giant spider on your desk or chair might be as alarming if you’re seeking to put in less effort.

3. Roaring With Laughter

Leave a note on your boss’s desk advising them of a missed call while they’re on the phone, in a meeting, or out.

This is a bogus call from a manager named ‘Bear,’ who wants to meet for lunch this week to explore a potential partnership and can be reached at this number.

When your boss dials the number and someone answers, thanking them for contacting their local zoo, he or she will most likely figure out the joke.

If it doesn’t work, they’ll ask to talk with ‘Bear,’ which will only add to the hilarity of the prank.

4. Does Anybody Want A Peanut?

Get your hands on some packing peanuts and decide who you want to be your victim. Leave the contents of their desk drawers alone, but stuff them with packing peanuts.

“I hope you’re not allergic to peanuts!” write a note on their desk. They’ll be perplexed by the note because their drawers are closed, and they’ll go about their business.

Then they’ll notice they’ve been pranked the first time they open a drawer to get a pen or piece of paper.

5. Biggest Fan On The Road 

Purchase some automotive markers and use them to decorate the unsuspecting victim’s vehicle with fandom statements or anything equally crazy. “JUSTIN BIEBER’S #1 FAN!” or something like that comes to mind.

Imagine your coworker’s amazement when he or she thinks they’ve avoided getting pranked for the day… only to discover that his or her automobile has been adorned.

Then there’s the matter of driving it home or to the vehicle wash. That is invaluable.

6. Biggest Fan In The Office

Decorate your coworker’s or boss’s office with posters and merchandise from a celebrity they don’t like for.

(Consider Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne, the Spice Girls, KISS, politicians, and so on.) Imagine their amazement when they arrive at their fanatically devoted office.


7. QWERTY Keyboard No More

This April Fools office prank is a literal translation of the celebration. Most individuals type without looking down at their keyboard, but you already know where all of the letters are.

On April Fools’ Day, remove the keys from a coworker’s keyboard and rearrange them so that the letters spell out APRIL FOOLS, and watch how long it takes them to discover.

8. Held Ransom

Swipe one of your coworker’s valued things (maybe their beloved coffee cup or desk ornament?) and replace it with an anonymous ransom note demanding a piece of candy in exchange for its safe return.

You set the terms for the meeting, including the time and location.

9. Dead Mouse

No, we’re not talking about slaughtering real animals. Place a sticker (or place a piece of paper) under the mouse on their computer for this April Fools’ office prank.

The sticker will obstruct the mouse’s ability to work, whether it’s a laser mouse or a ball-rolling mouse.

When they’ve figured out why their mouse isn’t working, they’ll look under it for the sticker or tape. Remember to write “April Fools” on it as well.


10. Plastic Wrapped Doorway

It can be hilarious to see a coworker bounce off the main door, your office door, or the bathroom door.

To minimize glare spoiling the surprise, this prank works best in a low-light environment. Sometimes a simple waist-high strip would be enough and will go undiscovered.

 April Fools Office Tricks to Remember

April Fools Pranks for Work

  • Any prank you pull should be quick and harmless.
  • Never play a practical joke on someone you don’t like or suspect doesn’t like you.
  • Don’t waste too much time at the office setting up the prank or waiting for the victim to clean up or recover from it. If the prank will take a long time to set up, arrive early or take a lunch break.
  • Arrive early and don’t leave your workstation alone at any point during the day to avoid being pranked.

Conclusively, don’t be offended if you are pranked. People that are pranked are typically chosen for their sense of humor and chance of being a good sport. Try to enjoy the joke and laugh it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Best Office Prank you’ve Pulled?

Having to tell my colleague that he has been granted two days off work and an increase in salary. This got him excited at first but when he knew it was a prank, he was ready to pull my hair out.

2. What are Some of the Best April Fools’ Pranks Ever Pulled?

The BBC’s renowned “spaghetti harvest” piece is one of the most famous April Fools’ Day pranks of all time.

3. What is the Best Prank you have Done at Work?

Putting a dead cockroach in a file I delivered to my colleague.

4. What’s your Favorite April Fool’s Day Prank?

Melted chocolate inside a diaper is a favorite baby shower game.

5. What is the Best Prank to Pull on the New Guy at your Work?

The best prank to pull on a new guy at work will certainly be, giving him a fake sack letter with the company’s letterhead.

More Frequently Asked Questions

6. What is the Funniest Prank you have Ever Pulled on a Coworker?

Pretending to place an order while using a different voice entirely. 

7. What are the Best April Fools Day Jokes of all Time?

One of the best April fool’s day jokes of all time will be calling your partner to jokingly breakup with him or her over the phone.

8. What are Some Good Ideas for Office Pranks?

  • Take someone’s food

  • keep a dead insect in their locker

  • Prank calls

9. What are the Best Office Jokes on Bosses?

Sarcastically telling your boss that he has a new client who is ready to partner with the company. This partner will be you.

10. What Pranks have you Played on Co-workers?

Pretending to place an order while using a different voice entirely. 

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