10 Apps That Pay via PayPal That Can Make You a Lot of Money 

10 Apps That Pay via PayPal That Can Make You a Lot of Money

Looking for apps that pay you via Paypal? These smartphone apps for Android phones and iOS do just that! If you are looking for ways to make extra money through apps that pay you through PayPal then you’ll love this list.

10 Apps That Pay via PayPal That Can Make You a Lot of Money

These days, there are many apps out there that help you make some extra money, but a lot of them make it hard to collect.

Many of these types of apps pay you in gift cards or store credit rather than the real cash that can be used for something else. However, getting paid by PayPal is much better than a gift card that you can only use in one location.

If you want to be able to make money from your smartphone and actually use it for just about any online purchase or even deposit it straight into your account, keep reading.

Apps That Pay via PayPal

Here are some great apps that pay you with PayPal:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best rewards websites to make some extra money and most of the activities are extremely straightforward.

This app helps you to earn money in so many ways, such as watching videos, taking surveys, collecting cashback, or playing games, but many of my readers enjoy watching videos in their spare time by racking up SB (Swagbucks).

Members will earn Swagbucks, a special currency for completing deals, reacting to surveys, and recording online activity. When you have earned enough, you can exchange the currency for gift cards or cash incentives.

This is one of the best apps that pays you through PayPal. You can cash out your SB as gift cards to hundreds of merchants or get your cash by PayPal. Many claim this to be one of the best rewards sites out there.

This is one of the 10 Apps That Pay via PayPal That Can Make You a Lot of Money 

2. Ibotta

Ibotta is a smartphone app that helps you save money by scanning your shopping receipts, available for both iOS and Android. It also runs on your computer with other applications and utilities, such as Uber.

For example, you can earn $1 back via Ibotta every time you use Uber and order a trip. You can then transfer the funds for personal use to your registered PayPal account.

You will not make hundreds of dollars immediately but, if you continue to use the app daily, you will probably earn that much eventually. Good for the build-up of emergency funds!

This is one of the best 10 Apps That Pay via PayPal That Can Make You a Lot of Money.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is among the highest-paid applications. Do you ever spend a few minutes watching videos online during your lunch break or at home? This app is right up to your alley.

It’s available on the smartphone and desktop and allows you to watch and take surveys of “pleasant” videos about them.

If you invest just five to 10 minutes per day, you can earn up to $50 extra per month. That’s not bad, especially if you stick with it, because you can continue to earn more.

You’ll get a $5 bonus just for signing up, which is quick and free.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie helps you to complete surveys and raise money for market research. In fact, they are one of the highest-paid applications by 2020. It is the simplest app to register with, too.

Once you’re in, you can take surveys at Survey Junkie and get paid. Completing surveys on your laptop or mobile device will make $100-300 / week.

All you need to do is qualify immediately, then view exclusive deals in return for your views and get access to paid surveys, opportunities for clinical trials, and other job offers.

Survey Junkie’s interface is super smooth and intuitive Paypal pays (unlike most survey company websites, which look like them were designed in 1997), in cash.

5. Mistplay

You get paid to play games on your Android devices with Mistplay. Playing games is easy to get paid by simply finding new games in your mixologist, choosing a game, and starting earning points!

Then redeem those points for gift cards or cash prizes including Visa gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Google Play, iTunes, Nintendo, PlayStation, and more.

6. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube (iOS) with just a small deposit playing Solitaire is an easy way to win some decent money pretty easily.

The Solitaire Cube includes tournaments with real cash prizes (where available) and head-to-head competitions. That’s where you’re earning real money by playing this fun and addictive app.

You can enter cash tournaments against other players if you deposit money. Cashouts are made through PayPal and I did not have any problems withdrawing or depositing money.

7. Fundraise

Fundraise is an alternative to stock market investing that is real, much better, and desirable. You are dealing in the private real estate market with Fundraise, which helps you to invest just like super successful institutions.

To invest in these types of assets, you do not have to be a millionaire. For as little as $500 with Fundrise, you can now invest in large-scale real estate.

Investors gained an average of 8.7–12.4 percent on their money last year from their real estate investment items, all without painting a wall or coping with unruly tenants.

There is a reason why they currently have over 200,000+ users, this app really pays you!

8. Rakuten

Rakuten Cash Back helps you to earn money back on goods that you are going to purchase anyway. It works mainly for online shopping and helps you to receive money that you can pass directly to a PayPal account linked to it.

They will even give you a welcome bonus of $10 if you sign up.

9. Vindale Research Surveys

Vindale Research is a simple way to get paid for taking surveys through PayPal. It will ask personal questions when you first log in, so it can create a detailed profile of your interests.

Then you can start getting unique surveys, which can cost up to $75 anywhere from a few cents. Instantly you can also gain $2 just for signing up.

In addition, this website is designed for mobile platforms to enable you to take surveys on the go. They have fantastic Trustpilot ratings and have already paid out almost $7 million to customers.

If you check in regularly and complete the surveys they give, before you know it, you will have won a nice chunk of cash.

10. Dosh

The Dosh cash back app is an easy way to use cashback on various common sites and stores such as Target, Walmart, just to name a few.

All you need to do is add your card to the app and then use the linked card for hassle-free cashback credited directly to your account at thousands of supported stores and restaurants.

They also have referral programs you can use to get more cash into your account.

There you have it. You have just made at least $100 through these apps if you’ve finished the list, paying you real money.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey of money-making! Just note, quality is crucial for any of these services, so be vigilant in completing your regular check-in and keep using the service if you want to receive more valuable cash or gift cards.

It’s always better to use these opportunities as additional cash for smaller purchases, rather than to rely on them for a steady income.

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