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Ways to Optimize Apple Search Ads for Maximum Reach

Apple Search Ads are one of the leading user acquisition platforms. And numerous companies try hard to compete in this space. However, not everyone can lead in this competitive field as there are a lot of people with innovative ideas in the same niche. Therefore, to ensure that you win this competition and become a part of the super league, you need to follow some Apple Search Ads tips to better optimize your ads. 

Apple Search Ads

Stick to the Rules Set by Apple Search Ads for Ad Campaigns

Apple Search Ads has a specific set of guidelines that every user needs to follow to obtain the right campaign structure. The campaign structure is categorized as generic, discovery, brand, and competitor campaigns.

Each of these campaigns is aimed at different things. 

A brand campaign aims to protect the keywords of a certain brand. In contrast, the competitor campaign works to acquire different brand keywords using the right bid.

Whereas a generic campaign is one where the primary aim is to acquire traffic from generic keywords that are used by all your peers in the genre.

Finally, the discovery campaign is made in Apple Search Ads for acquiring traffic from search matches around the keywords used to describe your services and product. 

One can leverage these variations by creating a different campaign for different storefronts. This variation can also be applied to ad campaigns that you are running in different places.

This technique will fetch you more traffic, and thus it is efficient in terms of control and management of different campaigns. 

Create a Powerful Basket of Keywords

When it comes to running ads on any platform, keywords become the most important tool. And thus, it becomes very crucial to pick the right set of keywords for your campaign.

You can use various online tools to conduct keyword research and find the right keyword for your genre. Do ensure that the keywords that you choose should reflect the search intent of the targetted customer groups. 

Categorize all your keywords into different campaigns so that you can track their performances, respectively.

And if you find any keyword lagging behind, do not waste any more time on it and update it with the latest keyword that is generated decent traffic on the web. 

Review the Metadata

Before starting any campaign on Apple Search Ads, it is very important that you review the metadata of your ad. This is important because the overall look of the ad is formed on the basis of the metadata, which cannot be altered later.

You also need to understand that not every user sees the same Apple Search Ads, and some see a set of screenshots; some get to see the preview video, while others only get a chance to read the app description.

Therefore, it becomes very important to review the ad’s metadata before submitting it. 

Turn on Both the Types of Match Types 

When launching an Apple Search Ad, match types are the functions that ensure that people who are searching the keywords you have used in the campaign can easily get access to your ads.

However, there are two broad categories of match types that you should activate in your campaign. These are broad matches and exact matches.

Broad match, as the name suggests, drives traffic from words that are somewhat related to the keyword and are put as a search query. In this way, you can target an audience that may be interested in your ads.   

Whereas the exact match search type is more focused and targets only those users who have searched for the exact keywords that you have added to your campaign.

Traffic that comes from this search type is more likely to convert because they are the ones who get exactly what they are looking for.

Therefore, you should activate both of these search types to ensure that you can attract as many users as you can through the search results page. 

Use App Store Optimisation

Many people often ignore this section and lose volumes of organic traffic. App store optimization (ASO) is the only way in which you can drive organic traffic to your ads.

We have already discussed the importance of two components of ASO, i.e., metadata and keywords. But there is more to it, and you also need to optimize various components that you are putting on your ad. 


Apart from all these methods, it is essential that you update your technique over time and make changes to your bids and budget.

Once you realize that you have generated enough traffic on the ads, you can reduce the budget spent on promotion and focus more on getting organic traffic. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the Search Ads analysis report and get a fair idea of how well your ads are doing out there. 

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