Amish Miracle Heater Review 2023: How Good Can it Be?

What can you do when it gets to that season where the temperature starts dropping? Buying a space heater, like Amish Miracle Heater is a good decision and in the long run, going for the Amish heater would end up bringing you comfort and saving you money.

Amish Miracle Heater

Even if you already have central heating, it is nice to have a backup just in case the main system fails or the ever-changing weather doesn’t keep up.

In addition, space heaters will lower your heating bill when used as supplementary heat sources. Rather than increasing the temperature to a constant level in the house, they allow you to heat up only the rooms you frequently use.

Some people who are keen to get extra heat rely on fireplaces. While this is a great solution, traditional high-maintenance fireplaces are.

You must always clean them up, keep the fire burning and ensure that you take the required safety measures to prevent accidents.

Space heaters or electric fireplaces, on the other hand, are energy efficient and more convenient, so they make for an excellent low maintenance alternative.

What is the Amish Miracle Heater?

Amish Miracle Heater

Heat Surge company rolled out a device called the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow back in 2009. The company called the electric fireplace the “Amish Wonder Heater,” which quickly attracted press attention.

Demand skyrocketed and the success of the company only expanded from there.

While the heating units are made overseas, the real-wood mantles are crafted by workers from the Amish community. Hence the product’s nickname and the public’s curiosity.

The Roll-n-Glow is a fan-forced convection heater powered by electric energy. Like most electric heaters, the Amish fireplace features a burning log display and the temperature can be controlled with a digital thermostat.

It comes with multiple features, has an appealing design, and can instantly boost any room’s coziness thanks to its realistic faux fire and heating capabilities.

Main Features of the Amish Heater

features of amish heater

Digital Thermostat

Not the most beautiful features, but the Roll N Glow does have a fully customizable digital thermostat. It offers good accuracy, down to the level. This helps you set temperature accurately to provide the best level of comfort.

Hi-Def Fireless Flame® Technology

Many fireplaces running on electricity have fire displays burning but struggle to achieve the realistic look of fire. The technology of this heater makes some truly realistic flames while keeping energy consumption to a minimum at the same time.

Fully Assembled

Most standalone heaters need some assembly degree, which can be irritating. Not the Amish Miracle Heater which, installed and ready to go, will be delivered to your home. All you need to do is unpack and plug this unit in.

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Uses Hybrid-Thermic™ Heat Technology

This is Heat Surge’s proprietary technology and the main feature responsible for knocking down your heating bills. Working with the thermal heat exchanger, this technology enables the fireplace to heat any space, from floor to ceiling.

Cool Touch Vent Technology

With conventional fireplaces, you need to keep an eye on children and pets to ensure their safety. The Roll N Glow Amish heater has full safety covers, so accidents are out of the question.

Portable Size

The heater measures 24-inch high, 29-inch wide, and 9.5-inch deep. It also comes with wheels, so it’s a fairly portable unit that you can roll from one room to another.

Real Furniture Grade Wood Mantle

The unit is housed in a striking, furniture-grade wood cabinet. The mantle is available in two finishes: Golden Oak and Rich Dark Oak.

How you can Save Money

amish heater

If you’re not a fan of blankets and layers without any Amish Miracle Heaters, you may decide to turn your thermostat up in every room to get hotter.

However, this will add overtime to your heating bill, and although using these space heaters is not very safe, they will not run up your heating bill. The more of these heaters you can add to various small rooms in your home, the smaller your bill may end up being.

In conclusion, we’re not going to go as far as claiming this is what miracles are made of this boiler. However, a reliable product has all the characteristics of a good space heater. If you want to turn to an electrical solution, the Amish Miracle Heater is definitely worth a look.

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