Delta Amex Platinum: How to Get the Best Companion Ticket from them

Delta Amex Platinum: The American Express Platinum Delta SkyMiles and the Reserve Delta credit cards are two common cards renowned for their companion ticket offers.

Every year, cardholders receive a free companion ticket from Platinum and Reserve, but many cardholders remain uncertain about how the companion ticket operates, where it can be used, and even how it can be repaid.

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Both the Delta Reserve and the American Express Platinum card offer their companion tickets when your card is renewed annually, which includes paying the annual fee.

Delta SkyMiles Companion Tickets

Delta’s SkyMiles Loyalty Program rewards Delta Reserve cardholders with one matching seat if they refresh their cards quarterly. After each annual renewal, the certification is issued automatically. The ticket for the companion is said to be a lot— after all, it’s a free flight.

It is not an available card, nor is it a simple deal to “bid one, get one free.” However, if you use it properly, you can take a companion on a flight, free of charge.

The companion ticket is only suitable on domestic flights within the 48 continental U.S. states, and cardholders of Delta Reserve can use the companion ticket in Main Class, Delta Comfort, or even First Class flights (with an eligible upgrade).

American Express Companion Tickets

American Express Companion Tickets The conditions are slightly different for the American Express Platinum credit card. Accompanying tickets are only eligible for Main Cabin travel in the 48 continental states for Platinum cardholders, and not all routes are available.

When you live near a regional airport like Eau Claire, Wisconsin, or Missoula, Montana, you may not be eligible to use your card until you enter a bigger city like Seattle or Minneapolis.

For some passengers, it implies taking a short commuting flight at their own cost to the closest hub before launching their journey

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In addition, if you live in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’ll need to fly to the U.S. mainland. The address on your Delta Skymiles account will need to show an address originating from one of those places

The Platinum certification, like the Delta Reserve flight partner, does not permit stopovers, open jaws or loop journeys. This ensures you can use the partner card for a ride from Los Angeles to New York with a three-hour layover in Denver, for instance, if you choose to do so.

You will travel to one destination to take advantage of the companion fare and then return from that city to the same location from which you originated.

You can’t use it, suggest, for a ride you want to take from Los Angeles to New York, so stay in Denver for a couple of days to see the parents, then travel to Minneapolis to pick up the flight to New York.

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When using your Delta Companion Card, here are a few things to keep in mind

  • If you are a citizen of California, Guam, Puerto Rico or the U.S., the card is good for travel within the U.S. Continental. Virgin Islands, one of those destinations may be your fare. You still have to fly to one of the 48 contiguous states, and one of those places has to be the location in your Delta wallet.
  • Companion tickets can be transferred to someone else, but once the ticket is issued, it is not transferable.
  • Tickets for the business cannot be extended to tickets already bought.
  • When you cancel your reservation, your card will not be re-issued
  • The fare must be the same as the original ticket charged for the very same trip. You can’t use the fare to buy a ticket on a different flight for a relative.
  • Both the paid ticket and the companion ticket can be upgraded as long as both passengers are either a member of Delta SkyMiles, a member of Medallion or an elite member of SkyTeam Alliance. All updates will be handled with the best Delta ranking according to the customer.
  • Companion ticket prices can allow up to 14 days of advance booking, a minimum stay of 3 nights and a total stay of 30 days.
  • Several flights may be omitted, or stopovers and closed jaws may not count for flights with a friend.
  • Delta SkyMiles will earn the primary ticket paid on the itinerary, but it will not earn the companion ticket.

Tips on How to Redeem Your Companion Ticket / Certificate

  • To redeem your companion ticket, just sign in to and go to the “My Delta” link at the top of the site to redeem your companion ticket.
  • Next, in the “My Wallet” box, click on “Credits and Certificates.” You will see all the qualifications that are accessible online. If you’ve got a certification from a friend, this is where you’ll see it.
  • Choose the certificate for your companion and click “Continue.” You will be taken to a search page where you can search and book your trip.
  • After your annual renewal, you may also have received an email or letter from Delta, letting you know your companion’s certificate was issued. A redemption key will be included in the packet. You can go to the redemption section of the voucher, type your code and book your trip there.
  • All certificates have an expiry date, usually one year from the issuance date. So you’re going to have to make sure you book your trip before that date.

Bottom Line

Delta partner tickets come with several conditions for both the Amex Platinum and the Delta Reserve fare. The partner fare may not be worth the price of the annual renewal charge to passengers who do not fly frequently.

Tips on How to Redeem Your Companion Ticket / Certificate

However, for those who fly frequently, especially if you live close to a major airport or hub, it can be a fantastic perk that pays for itself and allows you to renew your credit card every year for one companion to get a free flight.

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