What are the Amazon Review Sites for Free Products?
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What are the Amazon Review Sites for Free Products?

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You can get free stuff shopping through Amazon. Sound too good to be true? Nope. Find out how to get free products to review on Amazon.

What are the Amazon Review Sites for Free Products?

Online shopping is extremely convenient and offers numerous ways for customers to save money. One way of doing so is by discounts and promotions.

Amazon is one of the top eCommerce websites. With Amazon you have the ability not only to receive discounts but also to get free items. Usually, free products are available using the Amazon Review websites.

How It Works

It is easy. If you plan to buy products on Amazon, you will be visiting a platform for Product analysis. Inform about which product you wish to try to review this website. You will get a coupon or code sent to you.

Use this coupon or code to get Amazon to purchase the stuff. This gives you a fantastic discount.

In addition, trial the product within a defined evaluation period once it arrives. During the ‘Returns’ time, you can return the product to Amazon and get your money back.

Alternatively, because you got it at a very low price, you can keep the stuff.

The Best Amazon Review Sites


You do not even have to leave a summary with Rebaid. That is right, that is facultative. Moreover, their website is filled with offers ranging from 50 to 100 per cent off. Few discounts are as low as 25 per cent, but the rest tend to be the higher prices.

Check their website before you shop, to see what is open. n.If something catches your attention, trigger the bid, purchase on Amazon and return to Rebaid to confirm your order number.

Best of all? There’s no catch. Up-and-coming brands rely on these deals to help get the word out to potential customers like you. Everybody wins.


Snagshout is a very popular review site on Amazon. This platform includes snags every two days for its users. So you can try out a new product every day with enough snags. It can carry up to 5 snags in your account.

To get offers on this site you will look for the best discounts or the lowest rates per category. Acquiring goods directly from Amazon would meaningfully cost you more.

You will be refunded by Snagshout 30 days after you make an order.


Vipon deals from 50 percent to 100 percent off a number of items and is one of the oldest review sites. Although the bulk of discounts is just 80 percent, off.

Before that, they were classified as AMZ Analysis Trader. Joining is easy, and a great choice if you want to test several items at once.

One benefit of shopping on Vipon is that you can apply to concurrently try 20 items. The downside is every merchant has to accept your request separately.

And other rating sites use instant approval to handle offers as “first come first serve.” Vipon merchants may accept you by the next business day, or it can take several weeks to do so.

Once you receive your trial products, you have two weeks to complete a review. Once you provide the review, you can apply for more products to test.

Deal Go!Go!Go!

If you are trying to find quick offers on stuff, you have already decided to buy, Deal Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! It is a no-brainer. Enable your browser extension, and have instantly added millions of checked Amazon coupons.

However, if the deal is out there you’re going to get it. That does not mean of course you can’t browse. They still have plenty to choose from on their platform, with the majority of offers ranging from 40 to 80 per cent off.


GMYLE is a company manufacturing electronics, devices and accessories. Via its Laboratory Program, it enables its consumers to test some of its goods by making them available on Amazon free of charge or discounted.

Amazon Review Sites

The website notes that members will be selected based on the history, location and appearance of their Amazon review on social media. First preference is granted to US applicants but other locations can be accepted.

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Since 2016 TestZon provides items for analysis. It is a very exciting platform with nearly every type of products available. Examples include swimming suits, video games, headphones, and more.

Some products are free and others will cost you only a couple of cents. Sellers will decide how many items they plan to offer before accepting the testing of your submission.

Please remember to use the coupon code they include when making the order.

Giveaway Service

Coupon Service for high-end goods worth at least $50. You need to have each seller agree before you can get the discount. Even they bring a lot of freebies.

You will compare deeply discounted rates on cameras and portable speakers. You can get free mobile phone cases too. Of the many different product categories listed on Amazon, products are eligible.

If you have a broad online following, this may be your best choice.

Elite Deal Club

This platform is keen to make sure everybody gets a shot at the 250 + deals they give every day. For this reason, from 10 a.m. Till 2 p.m. Eastern Time, members can choose to catch one contract. You are free to take as many as five, after that.

Even this site does not need a review to save. With many discounts on gadgets and phone accessories (usually between 50 percent and 100 percent) and the opportunity to win Amazon gift cards for shopping, Elite Deal Club sounds like … well, a pretty big deal.


Cashbackbase is a review platform that takes advantage of reward points to gain discounts and promotions. If you complete tasks and invite friends you will earn the reward points. One of those roles is to leave feedback.

When you enter, they will give your account 2000 points. That is the minimum amount redeemable. You will get ‘Freebies,’ which are offers off 100 per cent.

Most sales, however, range from 50 per cent to 80 per cent off.


EtekCity is a good place to start shopping if you want to check out new tech items. What is interesting about them is that they only sell goods that they manufacture under the brand name EtekCity.

You can get exclusive discounts and free giveaways by enrolling in the EtekCitizen program. EtekCitizen divides into four separate types of products: safe living, smart living, active living, and practical living.

A few of the products you can buy include scales, power strips, camping supplies, and other items that can be useful for DIY projects around the house.

Jump Send

At Jump Send, you could spend a lot of time scrolling through the offers. Games. Games. Cases involving smartphones.

Chairs to the Workplace. The list continues. The ability to search by category (there are 18), name, price, age, or discount allows the platform to navigate more efficiently than others.

In addition, you’re likely to find something you want at a price far below retail with discounts from 20 percent to 95 percent.

You do not have to be an influencer on having Amazon free things. And you’re sure to find a deal you’re excited about with the sheer number of places offering freebies and discounts.

Consider becoming an influencer by leaving positive, reliable feedback for the goods you purchase or test for in order to get improved offers. The rewards are abundant, and enjoying the spotlight can be an enjoyable challenge.

We hope this article was useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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