Amazon Prime Discount for EBT or Medicaid: Everything you should Know

Amazon Prime Discount for EBT or Medicaid: Everything you should Know.

Amazon Prime Discount for EBT or Medicaid: Amazon also provides Prime discounts to Medicaid licensed Americans. American Medicaid adults will now only have to pay $5.99 a month, down from the normal monthly cost of $12.99 (or $8.25 a month if you want the $99 annual option). There are currently around 35 million American adults enrolled in the low-income health insurance program.

Amazon Prime Discount for EBT or Medicaid

If you get EBT or Medicaid benefits right now, you can get Amazon Prime for just $5.99. That’s more than a $12.99 annual monthly price cut of 50 percent! We’ll show you how to sign up for the awesome deal in this article.

About Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) and Medicaid Cards

Temporary government assistance services also use an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card to disburse funds, equivalent to a debit or credit card. You can’t use your EBT card to pay for the membership. You can qualify for the discounted Prime offer if you currently have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) or Medicaid Card.

EBT cards

Temporary government assistance programs also disburse funds, similar to debit or credit card, using an Electronic Benefits Transfer Card. If you currently have a valid EBT card for any of the following services, your EBT card can not be used to pay for your Prime membership, but you can qualify for a discounted Prime:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • Other programs by state

Medicaid cards

Medicaid cards are given to eligible patients by state, and look different in each state. The discounted Prime deal is available only for valid Medicaid cards. Medicaid (Medi-Cal) variant for California is also approved. Beneficiaries of Medicare are not eligible for this bid.

What is Amazon Prime Discount for EBT and Medicaid?

Amazon aims to make it more affordable for low-income households to join Amazon Prime. Regular membership in Amazon Prime is $119 a year, or $12.99 a month. EBT cardholders & Medicaid cardholders can now claim prime at $5.99 a month, though. That’s more than a daily price discount of 50 per cent.

The table below illustrates how Amazon Prime’s EBT and Medicaid discounts align with other Amazon Prime memberships.

Amazon Prime Membership Price Full Prime benefits
Amazon Prime month-to-month $12.99/mo.
Amazon Prime annual $119/yr.
Prime Student (monthly) $6.49/mo.
Prime Student (annual) $59/yr.
Amazon Prime EBT/Medicaid cardholders $5.99/mo. (max. 4 yrs.)

Sign up for Amazon Prime Discount for EBT & Medicaid Cardholders

Sign up for Amazon Prime Discount for EBT & Medicaid Cardholders

Here’s how to sign up for Amazon Prime Discount for EBT and Medicaid:

Step 1 – Visit the Amazon Prime Discount Site

Visit the Amazon Prime Discount website and click on “Get Started”.

Step 2 – Upload EBT or Medicaid Card to Activate Discount

Next, if you don’t already have an account, you will be taken to a page where you will need to log in to your account or sign up for an account. To sign up, you need a valid, current Medicaid or EBT card. You qualify if you are currently receiving Food Stamps, WIC, TANF or General Assitance and you have an EBT Card.

If you’re an adult and are actually getting Medicaid, you ‘re still eligible. For this discount, you can not use a Medicaid Card for a child. Upon logging into your Amazon account, you’ll be taken to a page like the one below.

Once there, do the following functions with arrows as shown in the image below:

  1. Select “EBT” or “Medicaid” under “Choose how you want to qualify”
  2. If you have an EBT Card, enter your EBT Card Number
  3. Select your state under “Issuing State”
  4. Upload a picture of your EBT card or Medicaid Card (you can use your Smartphone to take a picture of your card and upload it.
  5. Check the box to confirm that your EBT card or Medicaid Card is current and valid.
  6. Once you enter the requested information, click the “Continue” button. The continue button will only show once you enter all the requested information.

Note: Every 12 months, you’ll have to verify you still have a current and valid EBT card or Medicaid Card. Congratulations!!!! At this point, you can enjoy your Amazon Prime EBT Discount for four years.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon Prime Benefits

If you’re talking to Amazon Prime owners, a lot of them love to brag about their Prime membership. Here are the primary reasons why:

Free one-day shipping

For many customers the main attraction is expedited delivery. Amazon Prime customers will now get millions of products in just one day, after offering two-day delivery for years. If you like shopping online and you care about quick delivery, Amazon Prime doesn’t get any better.

You can also select the various free delivery options:

  • Unlimited One-Day Delivery on millions of eligible items at no extra cost.
  • Unlimited Same-Day (Evening Delivery) on eligible items to eligible zip codes at no extra cost.
  • No-Rush Delivery provides 3-5 business day delivery with a promotional credit to use another time on Amazon. You can choose this if you don’t need your item fast.

You can get free shipping from Amazon without Prime membership, but you need to spend at least $25, and it has to be on qualifying products. That’s why signing up for Prime membership is a no brainer if you frequently order from Amazon and know that you don’t always meet the $25 free shipping minimum.

Twitch Prime

Amazon also provides benefits to gaming fans via Twitch, the leading video streaming site for gamers around the world. Twitch. TV users who connect up their Amazon Prime account get a monthly free subscription to the Twitch channel and exclusive access to free gaming content. Members also enjoy unique Pre-order gaming discounts. You may not be interested in video games but is there anyone in your household?

Amazon Prime Day

Then there is Prime Day at Amazon. That’s one of Amazon ‘s largest sales of the year. It’s named “Black Friday in July.” Prime Day is a day-to-customer appreciation sale — extending to 48 hours in 2019. During that time , Amazon provides some of the best promotions of the year for the company, with a rotating list of heavily discounted items and new flash sales every hour.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Prime members in selected regions get quick and FREE grocery delivery on a wide variety of groceries including meat , fish, vegetables, snacks and key household products, including choices for convenient one- and two-hour delivery periods in selected regions. Furthermore, Amazon has just begun accepting prepaid EBT Cards in New York and is planning on expanding the service nationally soon.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime members gain access to a increasing Amazon Originals award-winning library, a collection of famous movies and television shows, and a variety of live events. Amazon Prime also makes it easy to sign up for more than 100 affiliate networks, including HBO and Cinemax from Showtime and AT&T, IFC, Shudder from AMC Network, and Britbox-and watch them all in one place. Alone, membership in Prime Video is $8.99 a month. And with your Amazon Prime membership, you get it for FREE.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is offering Prime Music for music fans, providing unlimited ad-free access to more than 2 million popular songs and hundreds of Prime playlists. You can listen to your music online with Prime Music, using their app, on an ECHO and even create your own playlists of your favorite hits. Even, Amazon Prime members get discounts on Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers Prime customers more than 50 million tracks for $7.99 a month, a 20 percent discount off the regular price. You can also check out Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 for 4 months.

Amazon accepts EBT Online

SNAP EBT cards are also available on Amazon. This means that holders of food stamps will now use their benefits to purchase qualifying online grocery stores at Amazon. Now, only New York EBT cardholders are eligible for Amazon’s online use of their SNAP benefits, but Amazon is planning to extend the option nationally soon. That ensures that EBT cardholders in New York have FREE access to AmazonFresh and Prime Pantry. EBT cardholders can take advantage of their food stamp benefits to shop online at Amazon for home delivery for qualifying food and groceries.

Amazon Pantry

Amazon customers in select regions can shop in daily sizes for groceries and household products, shipped separately from Amazon for a $5.99 charge per order. Prime members receive $35 or more FREE delivery upon orders from Prime Pantry.

Amazon Prime FAQs

Who is eligible to use SNAP EBT benefits on Amazon?

Currently, only New York state EBT cardholders can use their SNAP benefits on Amazon. Over the coming months new states eligible to use Amazon’s SNAP EBT services will be added to the system.

When will Amazon accept EBT Cards online from other states?

Amazon is expected to accept SNAP EBT within the next few months in Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. Check back for updates as status is added to this page.

How do I verify my EBT or Medicaid card

To verify your EBT or Medicaid card:

After completing the verification process, you will be eligible to receive a discount on Amazon Prime, including all Prime benefits.



We hope this article about Amazon Prime Discount has been beneficial to you for EBT and Medicaid. If you have EBT or Medicaid questions about Amazon Prime, please let us know in the comments section below.

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