Is Opening an AIM Mail Centers Franchise Worth it? Considering Cost?

Mail delivery services have been identified as essential. Small businesses and individuals can ship items easily at these mail facilities without having to deal with the inconvenience.

aim mail

Mail centers have developed into useful locations to accomplish all kinds of administrative jobs and supplies like envelopes, stamps, and cards.

Because people ship goods back and forth owing to business orders or just simply sending out stuff to loved ones.

Check out AIM Mail Centers if you want to franchise a mail center to open one in your community.

They serve as a one-stop shop for everything related to shipping, including renting private mailboxes, moving, and parcels.

What is the price to start an AIM Mail Center? It’s possible to franchise AIM Mail Center. A minimum of $200,000 in net worth and $50,000 in cash resources are needed to get started.

This postal center’s typical investment falls between $167,800 and $247,850.

Financial Conditions and Costs

The information AIM Mail Center has provided on the financing requirements is:

Charges / CostsAmount of money
Lean Capital$500,000
Gross Value$500,000
Total Expenditure$600,000 to $750,000

The range of investments already includes the franchise fee. Regarding liquid capital, this might be cash, funds from retirement plans, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or other sources that are not financed by loans.

The AIM Mail Center charges 5% and 2% royalties, respectively, as additional costs. They give veterans who apply a 20% discount off the franchise price. The agreement to operate an AIM Mail Center has a 20-year term.

Average Annual Sales or Revenue

AIM Mail Center does not publicly disclose the amount of its yearly revenue. However, according to Zippia, the shipping company makes $1.1 million a year in income.

Gross sales for a packing and shipping center typically range between $550,000 and $600,000. Due to the cheap cost of items sold, many of these enterprises run at a gross profit margin of 90%.

But keep in mind that paying salaries and office space rent are the largest expenses related to operating this kind of business.

Facts about AIM Mail Centers Franchise

Overall Units45 (Based on their whereabouts tracker)
Organizational NameAim Mail Centers, Inc.
Franchise Since1989
IndustryServices for Shipping
SubsectorServices for Delivery

AIM Mail Center was established in Irvine, California, in 1985. They are a part of a group of packaging services owned by Annex Brands, Inc., together with PostalAnnex+, Sunshine Pack.

The ship, Pak Mail, Handle With Care Packaging Store, Parcel Plus, and Navis Pack and Ship. They manage 820 locations 45 of which are listed as AIM Mail Centers on its website.

The company offers many shipping services under one roof. They also supply consumers’ business demands. They offer the following goods and services:

  • Shipping
  • Private and professional mailboxes
  • Mailing Services
  • Packing Supplies
  • Printing
  • Providing copies
  • Fax transmission and reception
  • Shredding
  • Custom Rubber Stamp Design
  • Products for Promotion
  • Postcards and Greeting Cards
  • Key duplication and cutting
  • Services of a Professional Notary
  • Easy and quick passport pictures
  • Services for fingerprinting, such as LiveScan Fingerprinting Services
  • Data Upload
  • Scanning
  • Package Acceptance

More Facts about AIM Mail Centers Franchise

You ensure you meet the aforementioned financial conditions in order to franchise an AIM Mail Center.

The next step is to fill out this form to request a brochure. If you have questions about their franchising, you can reach them by dialing (866) 964-3142.

It’s time to complete their franchise application form, which may be found here, after reading the company brochure and having your questions addressed.

They’ll email you an updated version of their Franchise Disclosure Document whenever they get it (FDD).

This paper includes all the technical information, including fees and other terms to be aware of, that you need to know in order to franchise an AIM Mail Center.

You will begin collaborating with the development team Center after everything has been reviewed.

You will receive agreements to sign once all the terms have been agreed upon by both parties.

The staff will then work with you to find the best location for your AIM Mail center, plan its layout, oversee the building, and provide training and operational support.

Before Annex Brands, Inc. purchased and took control of AIM Mail Centers, Michael Sawitz served as their CEO and founder. Their corporate headquarters are in San Diego, California.

How Much Profit do AIM Mail Centers Make?

It does not disclose the amount of profit made by AIM Mail Center in any official statements. But as we already know, the pack and ship sector has a 90% gross margin (before the lease, taxes, and salary).

To keep the profit, several operators decide to run the pack and ship facilities themselves. After all, the business’s main annual investment will be the appointment of a few talented managers.

 You may manage a very successful business if you like working with people, forming connections, and making new acquaintances.

Benefits of Owning an AIM Mail Centers Franchise

Does franchising AIM Mail Centers provide any benefits? Yes, they do! Here is what to expect.

Comparisons of Prices

AIM Mail Centers may ship your mail or package via FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS as one of their services. To help you weigh your alternatives without visiting every location, AIM Mail Centers provide price comparisons.

Customers may feel confident they are receiving a good value on every box they send thanks to this.

There are alternatives for shipping the following day, overnight, the next day, and the third day.

You can easily determine the best pricing for you thanks to all of these alternatives without ever leaving the facility or contacting other providers to compare. This benefit also promotes customer loyalty.


After you purchase a franchise with AIM Mail Center, they will give you the necessary training to manage your shipping service center.

To assist you in becoming a knowledgeable franchisee, they provide learning modules, training programs, job aids, support manuals, and many other tools.

 You’ll receive the practical training you need to run this business.

After completing initial training in 10 business days, employees continue their education at regional gatherings, store visits, and national conferences.

For operations support, you will receive both in-person and online support. Remember that this franchise’s operations are simple compared to other franchises—for instance, a restaurant.


As an AIM Mail Centers franchisee, you may expect a variety of benefits, including financing. The Small Business Administration in their country is prepared to assist franchisees.

It also provided a list of national lenders and finance choices to assist you in buying your franchise.

All-in-one Place

AIM Mail Center already has everything a consumer needs to mail a package. There are plenty of packing supplies and even notary public help accessible.

 If you’re seeking such things, they also sell additional products like promotional items and rubber stamps.

Being able to operate an AIM Mail Center at your location gives your clients the choice to work only with you because you have everything they require on-site.

You are providing your community with a company service that is both stunning and practical.

A Low Cost of Startup

It’s not unusual for franchise business owners to invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 in their venture. However, depending on your region, you can start a mail center for far less money—between $167,800 and $247,850.

 You don’t require a ton of pricey equipment or inventory, which contributes to the lower initial costs.

Shelves, a cash register, a barcode scanner and printer, a computer, packaging materials, and shipping cardboard boxes are all needed for opening.

 You’ll also need eye-catching signs for the store’s exterior and interior.

You can see why the commercial aspects are so alluring when compared to a venture like a restaurant that causes seating, ovens, deep fryers, and an inventory that spoils quickly.

AIM Mail Centers Franchise Issues

There will always be difficulties for businesses. These are the Centers that you may expect, so be ready.


There are other one-stop shipping options available in the US than AIM Mail Center. The companies under Annex Brand Inc. also provided the services provided by AIM Mail Center.

If you’re the sole shipping provider in a particular area, AIM Mail Centers are an excellent business to have.

However, if another shipping company in the neighborhood offers the same service and goods as you do, it can impact your sales.

Once you become a franchisee with them, your territory will be secured. But you’ll also need to look into the other local rivals you have.

To find a list of nearby rivals, one method to get started is by typing “mail shipment centers near me” into Google.

Worldwide Presence

Most AIM Mail Centers are only found in the United States. We don’t know if they intend to expand in Canada or other nations other than the United States.

But we really hope they do, as the services they provide have the potential to establish them as a major brand in some regions.

Are you Fit for an AIM Mail Centers Franchise?

If there don’t seem to be any shipping service companies in your neighborhood, The AIM Mail Center seems like the best option.

People have a wide range of choices and services available to them in a single area.

Just read the company’s most recent Franchise Disclosure Document and address all of your worries with them before enrolling to ensure there are no loose ends.

What is Involved in a Different AIM Mail Center Franchise?

Check out The UPS Store if you’re looking for a different delivery option that is also regarded as a one-stop shop. They provide packaging and copying services besides shipping services.

If you want to open a UPS Store franchise, you’ll need between $75,000 and $125,000 in liquid capital and between $247,523 and $474,193 for a standard store.

Visit our whole guide here to learn more about The UPS Store and its funding requirements.


The demand for shipping services is growing as more people set up online enterprises and work from home. We hope this guide will help you decide whether to franchise an AIM Mail Center in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On an internet browser of your choosing, navigate to mail.aim.com.
  2. On the right side of your mail, locate and click on Sign In.
  3. When prompted to do so, type in your AIM screen name and the password for your AIM account. …
  4. Click on Sign In to sign in to your AIM account.

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