Advertiseonmycar.net Review 2021 Update: Scam or Legitimate?

This article has a complete review of all you need to know about advertiseonmycar.net. If you need extra cash for bills or for fun, side hustles are a common thing these days. One of the trends to make a little pocket change is letting companies use your car for advertising. 

Advertiseonmycar.net Reviews: Is it a Scam or Legit?

We all want to make a quick buck. Better yet, we’d love to make a little money without even thinking about it. That’s the logic used by drivers who elect to have their cars wrapped by advertisers.

Some companies promise drivers they can make hundreds of dollars each month doing little more than driving as usual. Unfortunately, while some car wrap advertising companies are legitimate, many are scams.

What is Advertiseonmycar.net?

Advertiseonmycar.net, also known as caradvertizing.com and Get Paid to Drive, is a company that promises drivers the chance to earn money by simply installing a perforated vinyl advertisement on their car’s rear window and then driving as usual.

They claim drivers can earn up to $400 a month by doing this.

According to Advertiseonmycar.net, the company has been operating since 2011 and has worked with more than 225,000 drivers. They claim to be the “No. 1 vehicle advertising company in the nation.”

Is Advertiseonmycar.net a Scam or Legitimate?

Beware! Advertiseonmycar.net is a scam and notorious for cheating individuals. Advertiseonmycar.net has 26 complaints on ReportScam.com and is mentioned in several complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, where it’s listed under the name “Get Paid to Drive.” The BBB has given this company an ‘F’ rating.

Here’s the scam: The company reportedly contacts people to put a decal on their back window and then scams them by never paying the promised commissions.

Additionally, they charge an upfront fee for the decal, which they promise to refund after the person’s first commission. Attempts to get this refund or the promised money fail.

They also sometimes charge the person’s credit card for further expenses, such as a yearly membership fee, which was not agreed upon initially.

How Car Wrap Scams Work and How to Avoid Them

How Car Wrap Scams Work and How to Avoid Them

In this section of our Advertiseonmycar.net review we will be looking at the two popular ways car wrap scams operate:


The company asks you to pay for the decal with a promise of future signing bonuses and commissions. The problem? They never pay the promised signing bonus or commission. In the end, only the car wrap company makes any money.

According to complaints, advertiseonmycar.net is one company that uses this scam model. Many users had errors when they logged into a website that was supposed to transfer commission funds, and others found that the website was completely gone when they tried to sign in and collect their money.


You enter into an agreement with the company that includes receiving a check for the amount of your ‘signing bonus,’ plus an additional amount (usually much larger), with instructions to immediately transfer the additional amount to pay the ‘graphic designer’ or other third parties to prepare and/or ship the decal.

You will have likely completed the transfer before finding out that check that was sent to you was fraudulent, leaving you without any commission or bonus and out of the money you sent to the mysterious third party.

However, to avoid these scams, keep an eye out for companies promising large signing bonuses, commissions, and delayed payment.

Beware if they ask you to buy the decal or pay the company any money upfront. Never engage with a company that reaches out by phone or text, unsolicited.

You should also be wary of any solicitations posted online in forums like Craigslist. Even if there are no obvious signs that the company is running a scam, check the BBB website to see if they’ve received complaints about the company.

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Legitimate Car Wrapping Companies

While there are many companies looking to scam you out of money, legitimate companies that pay you to wrap your car do exist. In this section of our Advertiseonmycar.net review, we’ve provided you with a few of those companies, including where they hire drivers and how much money you could earn.

While these companies appear to be legitimate, we strongly recommend doing your own research before engaging in any business with any car wrapping company.



Carvertise supports drivers and brands nationwide. Also, Carvertise advertises that you can make between $300-$650 per campaign. Driving campaigns typically last between three and six months, so expect to make about $100 per month.

Even more, they do not ask for any money upfront. All you need to do is fill out an online application. You can even choose which advertisement you want to be placed on your car.

According to Carvertise’s website: “We would never want you to display an advert that you are not comfortable or happy with. All our drivers have the right to refuse a particular brand or advertisement if you do not want it on your car.”

You can apply online to be a driver. Also for inquiries, drivers can email [email protected], and brands seeking to advertise can email [email protected]



Wrapify supports drivers and brands nationwide. With a full wrap, you can make an estimated $264-$452 a month; with a partial wrap, $196-$280; and with a panel advertisement, $84-$140. Exact earnings depend on how much you drive, as tracked by the app.

Some drivers might find this company convenient because it uses an app to track your driving and compensation. Download the Wrapify app from Google Play.

If you like the autonomy of using an app and the easy access to your information, this may be the choice for you. You can also choose the amount of car wrapping you want.

Furthermore, To get started download their app. After a period of driving with the app, the company will use your data to match you with an advertising campaign. Also for inquiries, email [email protected].

Finally, advertiseonmycar.net is just one of a long list of fraudulent companies promising impressive compensation in exchange for placing advertising decals on your car.

Beware of companies that ask you to pay upfront or send payments to third parties, and stay away from companies that contact you unsolicited. But legitimate car wrapping companies do exist.

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