Advance Financial Review 202: Are they Worth Trying?

Are you in need of a cash loan but want more time to pay? Don’t Panic! Advance Financial has a unique payday loan solution for borrowers – flex loans. You don’t have to repay the loan with your next check.

Not every financial setback can be solved with a payday loan. If you’re like most Americans, you may find it hard to pay back what you owe by your next check.

Advance Financial 24/7 has a different type of short-term loan. You’ll have access to your funds whenever you need it and you won’t have to pay everything back by your next payday.

But it’s only available in 11 states and like many short-term loan options, comes with triple-digit rates.

What is Advance Financial?

Advance Financial is an organization founded in 1996. It is family-owned and has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. It currently has more than 1000 staff in several US states providing electronic services to lenders.

The flex loan option is more of a line of credit with a quick repayment period, there than providing a payday loan in chunks. What’s the difference then?

What kind of service does it offer? So why is it that you should care? Advance Financial is basically the same-day loan service. This does add a twist to the loan option though.

For conventional payday loans, whether you want to use the money immediately or not you get the full loan after approval.

However, you have a loan sum authorize with a line of credit, and you borrow sums when the need arises. such a form of loan is suitable for small business owners, or when a major project is being undertaken.

Advantages of Advance Financial 

  • they specialize in flex lines that are more like a line of credit. A client takes as much money as he/she needs. It may be a big sum limited to the company’s rules or a small cash amount. You’ll only have to cover fees for the borrowed money;

  • there’re no fees for people who don’t return cash in time. It’s easier to return the borrowed money amount due to the absence of a strict date. But a consumer has to keep in mind the interest rate will depend on his balance;
  • land-based store services. People who live in Tennessee have the chance to use more services than just a flex loan. They can visit Advance Financial 24/7 and order a variety of other offers.

Disadvantages of Advance Financial 

  • their rates are higher than some other lenders offer. Some fees will be even larger than an average client could expect from a loan. Their APR rate varies from 240 % up to 360 %;
  • lack of information. They provide a FAQ but it’s not enough to explain some details about payments and fees. Explore their website and in case you can’t find the needed information, call their support managers;
  • it operates on a limited territory – only 11 states. There’s the need to search for another lender in case you don’t belong to these territories.

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How Advance Financial Works

Through Advance financial’s flex loan, you can pay for vehicle repair, household repair, college, a renovation project, and all other needs. based on the application you make, and the size of the loan, the credit line can be secured or unsecured.

Once you’re ready, apply for a loan online or at your nearest Advance Financial store. you will apply for a $25 – $4000 loan. the amount you are eligible for depends on your willingness to repay (this is determined by the request you are submitting).

The funds represent in your bank account within 24 hours of approval according to Advance Financial.

 To complete the application, you will provide a verifiable source of income, an active bank account and a photo ID.

Once the money hits your account, you start making payments immediately. Interest is charged for every day you keep the loan.

Because of this, Advance Financial recommends that you borrow amounts you can repay with ease and repay amounts higher than the minimum.

Paying the minimum amount means you’ll incur higher fees and interest.


Flex loans are just that – flexible. You have the option of making the minimum payment or return the full amount at any time before the due date.

To make it easier for you to repay the loan, the company aligns the due dates with your paydays.

In case you cannot make payments, call Advance Financial customer support and explain yourself. But even if you don’t, Advance Financial will initiate a conversation through phone, text message, or email.

When you repay your flex loan, you can take another loan. The maximum loan depends on your credit limit.

Now, assuming you have bad credit, will Advance Financial offer the line of credit? Well, Advance Financial isn’t forthcoming with whether they conduct a credit score check before approval.

You’ll have to get in touch with them just to be sure. But since they adhere to payday loans in the US, at the very least, they review your application status for loan affordability.


We are in the 21st century, and a majority of the population owns a smartphone of a tablet. These modern gadgets are the primary form of communication.

Their use and effects penetrate into the business world. Any serious business needs a mobile-friendly website to expand its market reach.

Advance Financial has a mobile-friendly website optimized for both one-time and regular borrowers. The available content is concise but still bears all vital information.

The site is clean and devoid of distractions making it easy for the customer to apply for a loan easily through their mobile device.


Eligibility Requirements

When you apply for a flex loan from Advance Financial 24/7, you need to meet these basic criteria:

  • Have a state-issued photo ID.
  • Have a verifiable source of income.
  • Have an open bank account.
  • Be the age of majority in your state.

How to Apply at Advance Financial 24/7

They have an easy application process that is conducted in a few minutes. Follow these steps to send your request:

  • enter the website of Advance Financial 24/7 and press the button Get Cash Now;
  • make your own account or sign in with any of the following platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Google;
  • provide the required data including your SSN;
  • send a request and wait for approval.

Customer Support 

Customer support is essential for the success of any business regardless of how good or mediocre the product is. Advance Financial understands this and therefore has a responsive customer support team.

The team is eager to improve your experience with the website.

You can get in touch with the company by phone (615 314-5900) or by email ([email protected]). They are willing to answer any questions not tackled in the FAQ section or their blog section.

When you often need short-term loans but don’t qualify for a credit card or other line of credit, the alternative may be a flex loan from Advanced Financial.

This helps you to borrow money when you need this, which, unlike a payday loan, gives you time to pay it back. The restricted reach of the state, therefore, means that you will not be eligible to establish an account with Advance Financial.

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