Adidas Predator Soccer Cleats Review – Which Edge in 2023?

Taking a look at Adidas predator soccer cleats, you might be wondering which of the edge is best for you. The predator edge’s style is one that cannot be ignored. Read through this review to understand why the edge retains its power as one of the best.

adidas predator soccer cleats

Every time a new Predator silo enters the market, a great deal of attention instantly turns to the kind of cutting-edge technology that Adidas has released to the market. 

This time, the Predator EDGE has caused controversy and confused some fans as to what they are truly looking at.

In contrast to the more recent hybrid power/control versions we have seen, this release is more in line with the earlier “pack a punch” Predator models. 

There is a lot to unpack with the Predator EDGE.1 as you will discover below, whether it is a nod from Adidas to the place where the silo started or whether they overemphasized a desire to reclaim the power category.

Predator Silo – Changing Dynamics

Adidas has changed the Predator’s direction over the last few years as it adapted to market changes.

The iconic silo was initially set to be retired around 2015, but they abruptly changed their minds and brought it back to the market in 2018.

The 2018 model had a layered dampening style structure across the forefoot rather than the real DNA of a Predator style release, which seemed to be lacking.

The Predator MUTATOR and FREAK, coupled with their upper DEMONSKIN, were truly what sparked a new wave of interest.

Adidas took things in a fresh approach with the Predator EDGE, imitating a prior model’s upper technology (Predator LZ) while introducing a next-generation fit.

What’s New with the Predator Edge?

The Zoneskin ridges are strategically positioned in place of the Demonskin rubber spikes.

Secondly, to make it simpler to stretch the opening and enter the foot, the collar’s height has been lowered, and a slit has been placed on the front.

Finally, the new Facetframe outsole is still split-soled but has fewer cut-outs, a  simpler triangular stud configuration, and a weighted “Power Facet” toe box piece designed to move the weight forward when striking the ball.

Even though the upper is still made of Primeknit, the reengineering mentioned above has altered the fit and feel.

Features of the Predator Edge

Features of the Predator Edge

Here are some of the features of the new predator edge:

PRIMEKNIT Mid-cut Collar

The mid-cut collar is cut in a really unique way. It is made of a two-piece, high-end PRIMEKNIT fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and designed for a secure lock down.

And we agree that it does a great job of achieving its purpose. They are among the best options for boots with a higher collar and are relatively simple shoes to slip your foot into.

And because of its stretch fit, it provides a soft and secure fit that really hugs the ankle. It transitions into an off-center set lacing technique, which also works really well. 

Traction and Soleplate

Adidas has changed the underfoot design by adding a new FACET FRAME. It is meant to offer traction that is both dynamic and stable.

A weighted forefoot piece in the brand-new soleplate structure redistributes weight toward the front of the boot to enhance power transfer when striking the ball.

The Predator EDGE weighs almost 9 oz, making it one of the heaviest boots currently on the market. This is one of the improvements that make the boot heavier overall.

How do they Fit?

These fit true to size when it comes to length. And width, they provide a forefoot cavity that is wide.

They actually rank among the better wide-fitting options available right now, in our opinion. But keep in mind that the interior structure won’t change or stretch over time.

So, what you experience upon initial wear is what you can expect throughout the boot’s lifetime.

Why Professional will Always Choose the Predator Edge

The Predator already is Adidas‘ longest-serving silo, and seen it all: from its classic power identity to its reshaping and refashioning as a masterful control boot.

Although some professionals will ponder ‘which among the leading speed boots should they choose?

But one thing you should know is that the Predator Edge is in a class of its own and it is no wonder that the popular predator players are always those who possess the ultimate technical skills and intelligence.

What New Soccer Cleats are Coming in 2023?

Another set of soccer cleats coming in 2023  is the “Blast” pack. It seems like the perfect name for the first Nike cleat collection for 2023. 

It features the brand-new Phantom GX alongside the Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV and Superfly IX adorned in a Baltic Blue and Icey White colorway with Pink Blast detailing.


When it comes to choosing boots for great performance, the predator edge becomes one of your best picks and not because of its price but the assurance you feel knowing you’ll get value for your money.

And for professional players, we advised you to choose a boot that will ensure you get the best experience on the field.

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