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Adidas Forum Low | What Type of Shoe is Adidas Forum Low?

You might have been hearing about the Adidas Forum Low but don’t know what the product really looks like. In this content, we will tell you about these shoes.

Adidas Forum Low | What Type of Shoe Is Adidas Forum Low?

About Adidas Forum Low

In 1984, the Adidas Forum made its debut and quickly acquired popularity in the music industry as well as on the hardwood.

The unique removable strap ankle design, explosive hardwood energy, and ’80s attitude of these vintage sneakers are all brought back in a low-top version made for the streets.

Why is Adidas Forum so Popular

Its street-style sneaker’s charm is that you may outfit it, however you please. The majority of color schemes can be either monochromatic or have small color accents.

Furthermore, Even celebrities adore the shoe and wear it with their casually fashionable off-duty attire.

Black Adidas Forum Lows are worn by Bella Hadid with long skirts and jacket pants, as well as Kendall Jenner with jorts and sweatshirts. What’s better than being able to keep it casual or dress it up? That is what adaptability is all about.

The Forum has always been present; in fact, it has even been remixed in well-known collaborations. The most prominent ones include a unique Forum Mid created in collaboration with Def Jam Records and released in 2009 to coincide with Def Jam’s 25th anniversary.

Most recently, Adidas and Disney collaborated to create two Marvel sneakers, one inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy and the other by the character Star-Lord, in the Forum Mid and Hi Heights.


Types of Adidas Forum Shoes

There are various types of Forum Lows in the sneakers market, see them through this list:

Forum Hi

The original Forum shape with a high ankle, lots of support, and a shock-absorbing sole are the Forum Hi, which was created for use in the Olympics.

Also, The shoe’s initial form and design can be found in the Forum Hi 84 (relative to its 1984 release).

Forum Low

In order to complement the high-tops, the Forum Lows were introduced in the 1990s. With a shorter ankle, these maintained the same snug, secure fit around the ball of the foot.

Forum Mid

The Mid is, unsurprisingly, located in the center. It features better ankle support than the Low while maintaining the Hi’s retro-modern style.

Forum Bold

The Bold is a feminine silhouette that has the appearance of a Forum but a platform outsole that is even chunkier.

To fit the distinctive look, these are frequently dropped in vivid, strong hues. You can walk comfortably on the streets while standing out with these sneakers.

The velcro strap across the top of the foot is another essential element of the Forum. It was included to provide extra ankle support while playing basketball.

Customers now wear the strap loosely or undone, and others choose to remove it totally. adidas has taken note of this trend and used it as inspiration for subsequent strapless models in the series.

The Forum’s attractiveness lies in its wide, supportive design, which is ideal for a shoe that won’t make you feel smothered.

It will stretch rather than stiffen and keep grip because of the leather upper and rubber outsole. On the court or the sidewalk, it works equally well. Style-specific pricing varies slightly, but the majority of pairs are reasonably priced at around $100.

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