Adidas Basketball Shoes: 2023 NBA Men and Women’s List

Adidas basketball shoes have proven to be one of the best in the market over the years. Now for the NBA season, fans are already anticipating new releases. Keep reading to see the great sneakers Adidas has in store for you.

adidas basketball shoes

The NBA season of 2021–2022 was fantastic. After COVID’s upset, the 82-game schedule was reinstated, giving basketball fans their first authentic taste of the NBA’s much-missed energy. 

We contend that the NBA’s 2021–2022 season featured the best basketball shoes in a number of years.

That is encouraging for the NBA season of 2022–2023. Large releases are anticipated across the board in the basketball shoe industry.

We’re eager to see how this year’s new releases from companies especially Adidas. Also, a growing selection of reasonably priced basketball shoes have recently entered the market and are worth checking out.

Adidas Basketball Shoes

Over the years, Adidas shoes have always been some of the best in the market. And the fact is, Adidas has been in the Basketball game for a very long time.

Since the 1970s, the three stripes have been slinging basketball shoes.

They have produced some of the most legendary sneakers to ever grace the hardwood, such as the Adidas Superstar with its iconic shell toe. 

Even after 70 years since the brand was established, we still have a wide selection of basketball shoes to choose from every year.

If you are a big fan of the very brand and basketball, then of course this list is for you.

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Men and Women

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes for Men and Women

Here is a list of some of the best releases from Adidas against the new NBA season:

Adidas Harden Vol.6

James Harden needs shoes that can accommodate all play styles since his aggressive, successful under-the-rim play matches his long-range game and Adidas has provided the perfect fit for him.

The Harden Vol.6’s Boost-based midsole makes it feel ultra-responsive and light, and bands on the forefoot and heel hold your foot firmly in place so there is no lag time between reaction and movement.

Adidas Trae Young 2

The star’s subsequent releases were held to a high standard by Trae Young’s debut shoe.

Without a doubt, the Adidas Trae Young 2.0 surpasses the original design.

The knitted upper of the Trae Young 2.0 replaces the low-top design with increased ankle support, keeping you in place without the need for laces.

Yet, if you want, laces allow you to customize your fit. Lightstrike midsole and Boost-cushioned heel combine to help you take off quickly without feeling heavy.

Adidas Dame 8

Currently, the majority of the top basketball shoes fall under the name of an NBA star.

Damian Lillard the portland star joins the cue and his Adidas Dame 8 debut hit the hardwood last year and replaced the Dame 7 as a fan favorite.

To reduce the usage of virgin materials, the shoe this time is made of production waste.

Dual-density Bounce Pro cushioning is used throughout to ensure that the Dame 8 maintains the lightweight, quick responsiveness that helped the Dame 7 become so popular.

Although the materials are simple with mesh and fuse overlays, they are breathable, which is good for comfort in the sun’s heat.

Durability shouldn’t be a problem because the layers that undergo the most stress during play are protected. The Dame line is renowned for having durable outsole tread. 

Adidas Harden Vol 7

The Harden Vol 7 is bringing the bounce back to Adidas basketball shoes.

It doesn’t offer Bounce cushioning but it features an extremely bouncy setup that blends Lightstrike in the forefoot with Boost in the heel. And that is the Boost that we all know and love.

In addition to having excellent cushioning, the shoe also has excellent traction, plenty of support, and an odd-looking upper that works well on the court.

Finally a well-cushioned Adidas basketball shoe. 

Adidas D Rose 1.5 Restomod

Many basketball players will recognize the Adidas D Rose 1.5 Restomod as the reincarnation of a shoe from the early 2010s.

The foam used here is Lighstrike, though still as thin as the basic EVA used in the original release. PureMotion is still intact for this model. Examine the entire review. 

Adidas Son of Chi 2

This is Derrick Rose’s latest signature shoe. Although it is not really obvious by the name. 

The features are quite excellent and in line with recent basketball sneakers. It has a fully synthetic build with mesh and fuse.

The outsole has a traction pattern similar to that of the Adidas D Rose 4. The midsole is made up of Bounce which is quite low to the ground, perfect for lighter guards who are fast on their feet.

Adidas Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. Issue 4

Donovan Mitchell left his impact on the basketball shoe market about as quickly as he did the NBA as a whole.

Every season, the rising star gets stronger, and his D.O.N. line keeps pace.

Issue 4 is the latest of the range and is expected to be the most popular thanks to Lightstrike cushioning working combined with abrasion-resistant TPU to the outsole, which provide the support and grip needed to rack up big numbers.


With the guide above, It’s safe to say Adidas has some interesting debut for the 2023 NBA season.

And for fans who would love to get this three-stripe logo in their collection, then it is advisable that settle for the best. The new releases for the season looks promising.

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